Bonita High’s Justin Garza selected in 26th round by Cleveland, Amat’s Daniel Zamora in 27th round by Toronto, South Hills CJ Saylor in 33rd by Dodgers and former Amat pitcher Paul Paez taken in 18th round by the New York Mets on final day of MLB draft

Major League Baseball’s amateur draft concluded its three-day festival Wednesday, but not before Bonita High School pitcher Justin Garza, Bishop Amat’s Daniel Zamora, South Hills’ C.J. Saylor and former Amat and current Rio Hondo College pitcher Paul Paez got their names called.

ON GARZA: Love the Scouting Note on Garza from MLB. Scouts obviously believed he was going to Cal State Fullerton, otherwise he would have been selected much earlier…“Garza isn’t your prototypical power pitcher, in terms of size. The righty, however, consistently throws his fastball between 91-94 mph. Garza complements the fastball with a changeup that he has a good feel for, a sharp curveball that he consistently keeps near the knees and a hard slider. Garza’s pure stuff is what will get him drafted in the early rounds.”

FRED’S THOUGHT: For what it’s worth, I’ve covered Monrovia’s Eddie McKiernan, Pasadena Poly’s Robbie Rasmussen, Temple City’s Ryan Tucker, Bishop Amat’s Paul Paez, Glendora’s Adam Plutko, Covina’s Tyler Pill, Diamond Bar’s Kenny Mathews and a handful of others, but none of them had the dominant two-year run we witnessed from Garza. On a pure high school level, he’s the best I ever covered.

ON ZAMORA: His mother Shannon works in our office and when I delivered the news a minute ago that Daniel was selected by Toronto her reaction was priceless. That’s what it’s all about.

ALSO: Alta Loma High and Cal Poly Pomona’s Geoff Broussard was selected in the 23rd round by the Philadelphia Phillies

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  • Bonita

    Congrats to Justin on getting drafted. It is an honor. I think your stuff is already “top few round stuff” so I hope you decide to go to CSF, keep improving, and turn yourself into a first rounder!!

  • Amat Alumni and Parent

    Garza could very well have been drafted earlier. The draft happens so fast and MLB wants an answer right then and there when they call you. If you say you are undecided they will skip you and go on to the next person they want to draft.

  • SGV Fan

    Congrats on being drafted Mr Garza, but the Titans await your arrival. Secure your education first, then fulfill your baseball dreams after. So much more is ahead of you. Enjoy it and keep working hard. The sky is the limit for you.

  • Sgv baller

    What type of money would Justin be getting being pick in this round?if he doesn’t sign does he re enter the draft or does the team who draft him now get him?

  • Lancelot

    I’m sorry Fred but I must take issue with your statement regarding Garza’s dominant run. Paul Paez ran the gauntlet with Bishop Amat and faced a lot more, higher ranked teams and as a result, better overall talent in one of his seasons with Bishop Amat than Garza faced in two. I don’t want to get into a kid bashing sesh here because I also believe that Garza is a great pitcher and huge talent but I disagree with your statement. Just my opinion.

  • SGV Baseball Fan

    Congratulations Justin! Your earned it with your superb performance over the past two years. Its been great reading about your tireless work ethic and baseball development both on and off the field. This kid hasnt even begun to peak. As a CSUF alum Ill be sad if you go pro, but back you 100% whatever your decision may be. Fred I take back everything I said about you with the bias towards the blue team after those kind and accurate words about Garza’s performance! Watch this kid, he is the real deal and not a flash in the pan!

  • reality

    Watching Justin for several years I think he has a good sense of self. Keeping high expectations in check and knowing at his size he will have to earn everything he gets. A ride to play ball at Cal State Fullerton aint to shabby. I believe he will be successful in whatever venture he puts his efforts in.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Remember it’s all about sign-ability. Players who already have a D-I scholarship in their pocket have leverage, which scares teams away, so the drop. The exception is the kids who are first round talent, who might drop a bit, but some teams will take a chance on them. Also remember that one of the components of Moneyball is to draft college players over high school players. The general consensus being that while a high-school player with top-10 talent might have a higher ceiling, but is a bigger risk because the college player has done it against a more-talented pool. But for every Phil Nevin there’s Derek Jeter.
    SGV Baller: Players who don’t sign by an August date, go in the 2013 draft pool, unless they enroll in a four-year university, which wouldn’t make them eligible to be drafted until 2015. They could also enroll at a junior college and be eligible in 2013.

  • SGV Baseball Fan

    Lancelot your such a poor sport and an attention wh@*#. Geez the minute your team doesn’t get a full page spread, and extra coverage by Fred you break down and whine. Bonita won their division this year, you didn’t. Now comes the Amat faithful to your rescue and we all have to hear from Amat73, LanceR, amuntalimni and parent, and the rest of you guys talking about the good old days. Do something today and let the rest of the SGV get some well deserved air-time for their great accomplishments. This blog is about Garza not you.

  • Lancelot

    Oh I’m sorry, I must have missed the fine print where it says that ONLY AGREEING posts are to be put up here? I was responding to Fred anyway so why don’t you mind your own business. I’m sure that J. Garza doesn’t need you to come on here and champion his cause. His body of work speaks for itself. My opinion is what Blogs are for jerkwad! If you want to get stupid, I can drop all decorum and go a few rounds with you BUT I really don’t want to subject the rest of the blog Nation with that childish banter. If you have an adult opinion on the matter….put it forth; otherwise, just walk away from the computer because this is where the adults trade OPINIONS!

  • Amat Alumni and Parent

    Ok sgv baseball fan. Calm down. I happen to agree with Fred. Garza is about as dominating as they come. I say congratulations to all the kids that have been drafted or have scholarships waiting for them. It is a special time for all of us.

  • Fred Robledo

    Lancelot, I hear you, all of these players were special, ALL OF THEM, that’s why I mentioned the names I did. My statement wasn’t about who I thought was better or had a better future, it was about who these eyes thought had the best two-year run ever. Garza was as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen and if Bonita scores a couple more runs for him against South Hills, he goes undefeated in back-to-back years for the first time since arguably the greatest SGV pitcher ever, Mike Pill from the 70s Edgewood teams. When I think of Garza’s ridiculous ERA and the times he got himself out of jams, I thought for two years, I’ve never seen anyone more consistent. Everyone has an opinion, but look, I’ve been fortunate to cover them all and they’re all GREAT.

  • Here is some info on the NEW Collective Bargaining Agreement that affects this years draft… give some insight into signing Bonus’s….

    The most prominent change is a quasi cap on signing bonuses, which punishes a big-league club through the form of a tax, and potentially the loss of premium draft picks, if it exceeds a specified bonus threshold.

    Every slot through the first 10 rounds has now been assigned a specific and mandated bonus amount, in descending order from $7.2 million for the first overall pick to $125,000 for the last selection, and teams are penalized if they spend more than the allowable amount in their so-called Signing Bonus Pooleffectively, the cumulative total available to a club to sign all its drafts picks in the top 10 rounds.

    If a team pays out a bonus in the first 10 rounds that is less than the designated slot amount (most likely to a college senior, who typically has less bargaining leverage), it can apply the differential to another pick in the first 10 rounds. For instance, if the Astros elect to spend only $6 million on the No. 1 overall pick, it can then apply the $1.2 million shortfall to the bonuses of other picks in the first 10 rounds. However, the new CBA specifies that if a team does not sign one of its picks in the first 10 rounds, that money vanishes from its Signing Bonus Pool and the club is prohibited from applying it to other draft selections.

    A Signing Bonus Value of $100,000 has been attributed to any draft pick after the 10th round and any non-drafted free agent signed. The SBV, however, will not be included in a clubs Signing Bonus Pool and clubs may exceed the value for any selections after the 10th round if they have money left over in their Signing Bonus Pool. They can apply any difference without being subject to penalty.

    As for the penalties for exceeding the Signing Bonus Pool, teams that overspend:

    by up to five percent, will be subject to a tax of 75 percent of the pool overage;

    by 5 to 10 percent, will be subject to a tax of 75 percent of the pool overage and the loss of a first-round pick in the next succeeding draft;

    by 10 to 15 percent, will be subject to a tax of 100 percent of the pool overage and the loss of first-round and second-round picks in the next succeeding draft;


    Justin’s starting Bonus figure will be $100k. Now if there is money left over in Cleveland’s Pool for Rounds 1-10, they could effectively offer Justin more $$$…..

    Given Clevelands first 10 round picks only had 2 College SR’s with no leverage, chances are there will be very little money left over for the later rounds….. my bet…. CSUF bound !

  • By the way, the signing deadline this year has changed…. it is July 21st….

  • Ooops, signing deadline is July 13th 5pm EST

  • Lancelot

    I gotcha Fred! Those were some pretty good pitchers that you mentioned and in that perspective I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately not everyone got to see J.G. pitch during some of his finest moments. As I stated, not trying to take away from Justin’s accomplishments and accolades, those are done, set in stone so to speak; not to mention, well deserved. Just had a different view of your statement is all. Keep up the good work.

  • SGV Baseball Fan

    Lancelot that’s your feeble attempt at a beat down? Please. I’m impressed that your BA education taught you such great vocabulary skills as “Decorum” and you even tried the childish compliment and pulled the adult card! Wow your a real genius. You should be a trail lawyer with that comeback. To “Amat Alumni and Parent” sorry to include you in this banter, your a class act in your response and praise for someone other than your team.

  • CbaseballFan

    Add Cameron Saylor to the LA Dodgers!

  • just sayin

    thanks teach, good post, but q? can the team use unsigned money in first ten rounds to go to another guy in the top ten rounds??

    To the players:

    Getting drafted is the ultimate honor and recognition by the guys that get paid to evaluate you. The other stuff about which round then gets tricky as there seems to be a few pieces to the pie that determine what round you go in and it is not just about ability or your scout rating.

    That said,
    First congrats to the fine young men that were selected and congrats to those that did not for whatever reasons, because you still are holding the cards with a college future. Understand that decisions in life can be very fickle, however they usually always come back to one thing and one thing only, money!!

    If I am the guy writing the checks and you come to me and say lets draft so and so in the 8th round for a bargain but he is not the cookie cutter kind of guy, I say go for it. Why, because that guy will ALWAYS have a chip on his shoulder because they were told they can not do this or that.

    As for the size issue I do not agree even though the numbers are powerful. I believe that many teams would not have wasted their scouts and crosscheckers time if they did not see top talent. What happened was simple, they believe they could not get the player at a fair price given the new parameters of the draft. In other words, a player became overpriced and therefore the buyers were scared off and went to where they could get a value for their pick. Simple as that. Also, just like word gets out when a kid verbals to college and the calls stop cold, so does word get out amongst the teams.

  • Anonymous

    SGV FAN, becareful with LANCELOT, because the Guy just might be all of those other AMAT bloggers you mentioned, he’s known for using other names on here.

    LANCY SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Your actually going to make that statement on Garza’s 15 minutes of fame, and bring up a past pitcher from AMAT??? DUDE COME ON,STUPID!

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to all the fine young men from the SGV who were fortunate enough to be drafted . I do hope they make the right decision for themselves and have much success whether they choose to go to the majors or continue their education by using the scholarships they have been offered.
    sgv baseball fan,
    First off don’t lump me into your list of AMAT to the rescue bloggers. If you care to read my post on Bonita winning the title and writing that I thought Garza’s performance in the final was one of, if not the best by a senior in their last game played at the high school level in all facets of the game.The kid is top notch and would have loved to see him an AMAT uniform . Besides it’s been a couple of hours since your post and no sign of the rescue squad yet that you speak of . Do you just flap your lips for the sake of it or do you need that much attention ????? Lancelot stands on his own two feet and if that’s his opinion so be it ,don’t make it out to be an AMAT thing as it seems you are trying to do .

  • SGV Baseball Fan

    My Apologies Amat73 for lumping you into the Lancelot category of dimwits. I can see you will give compliments for great performance regardless of the uniform.

  • Lancelot

    Anonymous, whatever my friend, the name said Lancelot, not sure what else that means to you but to those of average intelligence, that means the post came from Lancelot?….Nice try “guy” we know who you “can be” too. And just to address a point, Garza’s 15 minutes??? Yeah, right! Garza is well on his way to a full hour prime time variety special level. Get over yourself. Give a shout out, voice a relevant opinion or go back outside and keep playing in the sprinklers.

  • Lancelot

    SGV Baseball Fan, Really? I didn’t compliment the youngman? Maybe you should read the comments and not just take what other “dimwits” say as truth. I had an opinion on WHAT FRED SAID, nothing more, nothing less. You are obviously an AMAT Hater and whenever someone mentions Amat or an Amat player it is an affront to you. Unruffle your knickers cubbie and let other people voice their ideas and opinions. As before, this is where adults trade OPINIONS, you should probably go back to your XBOX now.

  • 12th man

    We should all be honored to have witnessed an amazing High School career by one of the SGV’s best Justin Garza~(POY)It’s not every year we get the privilege to watch a young man transform into a Major League type caliber player who will excel at the next level..Hats off to all those who played a role(Parents,Coaches,Teachers,Family & Friends)This kid is the real deal or like Shaq would say he is the “TRUTH” It just goes to show with a lot of hard work,dedication,& the will never to give up..You can beat all the odds & live your dream~ Good Luck JG!! & to all the rest of SGV young men that were taken in the draft & to those who weren’t keep putting in the work..Your day will come..

  • FYI

    Congratulations to Bonitas JUSTIN GARZA for being drafted in the 26th round by the Cleveland Indians. But of course, hell never sign with them. I think everybody knows that after the top 2-3 rounds, theres no real financial reason to go pro, especially if you have a scholarship at a top baseball school waiting for you. GARZA can now focus on Cal State Fullerton and doing what hes done his whole life; throw BBs and getting hitters out. Theres talk about his size at only 5 10. Perhaps the pros feel GARZA is committed to Fullerton, but this is where baseball transitions for a young man from a sport he loves into a business also. If GARZA was drafted in the first round, he would probably sign, just as ex-Bearcat JIOVANNI MIER did in 2009 forgoing USC for over a million Houston Astro bucks. Another ex-Bearcat, JEFF GELALICH was drafted in the 40th round (thereabouts) out of Bonita that same year, chose UCLA instead. Three years later, hes upped his stock, going from pick # 1300 to pick # 57 by Cincinnati. GARZA will do the same thing. He will have 3 good years at CSF and on a June day in 2015, some General Manager will kick himself for not taking him when he had the chance; that is if he still has his GM job. At least GARZA doesnt have to wrestle with any tough decisions. Congratulations also to Cal State Fullerton; you just got the best high school pitcher in SoCal

  • @ Lancelot why is everyone that disagrees with you an Amat Hater? WHAT! has Amat Done in the last 15 years that we in the SGV Should be envious of? Can’t even see you guys on the blip screen anymore. Not a Amat hater at all, just keeping it real you should do the same. BTW Saw Bohi, and Amat play this year. Bohi was the better well rounded team this year. So do us all a favor, forget about we played these teams Bohi played these teams so therefor dadada..WEAK!! Congrats to all SGV players on the draft.

  • Try this

    Jesse G – since this is a baseball thread, how about 6 CIF titles and 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.
    You’re up Garcia!

  • Steve Ramirez

    Try this: Good one, you beat me to it. Those 2001, 2002 teams were still my favorite teams I’ve covered, nothing against the others since. I just like their approach, both on the mound and at the plate.
    On another note, a congrats to former Glendora star Wes Roemer, whose independent contract was recently purchased by the Dodgers. Roemer, a former national pitcher of the year while at Cal State Fullerton, had been pitching in the Independent League for the St. Paul Saints. He was assigned to Double-A Chattanooga.

  • a father’s memories

    Congrats to C J Saylor, Justin Garza, and Joe Munoz. My son has played with and against all of you and I can say it has been a real treat. When you reach the next level many supporters will be following you and wishing you well. Whichever path you choose remember to savior and take advantage of these opportunities because you guys are really blessed.

    The special memories I have of you:

    Saylor, since that home run when you were 10 to win a game in sectionals, to the bomb off the kid in East Cobb you have just wowed me. And lets not forget the squeeze play against Bonita and Gio Mier fielding it and you beating the tag at home.

    Garza, the backdoor 94 mph fastball that broke back in on the outside corner of the plate for called strike 3 , I could only say that was an MLB pitch, or the gem you pitched at Dodger stadium and you amping up the velo in the last inning after pitching many innings that week!!!

    Munoz, playing his senior season and swinging wood, hitting bombs, and fielding the position as smooth as silk, that was special. And then a top pick, oh my.

    And more memories of seasons past:

    -CIF championship runs Glendora, Amat, San Dimas, Northview, Charter Oak,
    -Plutko vs Mathews pitching matchup
    -Ruiz Home Run at Dodger stadium
    -Northview Vs Amat at Glendora
    -Calderado (Bonita) no hitter
    -Paez warming up to pitch against San Dimas only not to be put in (playoff game).
    -Leyland (San Dimas), Alexander (Glendora), Bridgewater (Bridgewater) 400 foot bombs.
    -The pitcher we only got to see his soph year, Travis Santiago, would have loved to see him vs Garza.
    -Standing room pre-season crowds at Mt. Sac for Valley feature games. We need more of those.
    -Gio Mier Home Run vs South Hills (playoffs).
    -Goodwin’s Home Run vs San Dimas (playoffs)
    -Gary Brown the human single into a triple machine.
    -non BBCOR bats, give me the old days.

  • Real talk

    Congrats to all the player that got drafted. Hard work and dedication will pay off. I wish all of the best keep your eye on the prize.

  • lets not forget


    Joel Licon (Diamond Ranch 2009) was selected by the Twins in the 25th round. He had a great season at Orange Coast College and is projected as a middle infielder. He played SS for OCC junior college after going to Loyola.

  • Any 1st Round Picks?

    Congrats to all of the players who were drafted! That’s a great honor!

    Did we have anyone drafted in the 1st round?

    I heard so many rumors that several players in the area were going to be first round picks, but I didn’t see it here.

    I thought for sure we would have one or two based on what I heard.

  • socalbaseball fan

    CSF needs a lot of help next year as the talent level is low with only one player drafted this year jr P Dylan Floro. Of the recruits coming in only 2 were taken in the top 10 rounds, the highest being Tyrone Taylor from Torrance hs. 3 pitchers are probably set for next year’s rotation with redshirt soph G. Weist,soph Kenny Mathews,and either sophs to be Koby Guana or JD Davis. There is a huge jump from pitching in the Hacienda league to facing #1 Florida which Kenny Mathews did this year in his first college start. Hopefully Coach Hooky can use both Mathews and Garza’s bat this year. CSF really lacked clutch hitting and with the small ball theory you are giving up an out and inning.

  • Real talk

    I think Rio should go to school raise his stock again. Plus he should be a Dodger anyways just saying.

  • Good job locals

    Good luck to every kid starting there next journey. All the pitchers listed by Fred where great.Just 2 years ago everyone was using different bats so it’s hard to compare the pitchers seasons before and after bbcore bats.

  • 12th man

    Inside source tells me Rio is being offered 1.8 mill. to walk away from SC~

  • GO


    WALK… Signing pool just got reduced LOL

  • God I love all this Blog banter.. but let’s have some fun with one of them….

    Mr 12th man….. so for your inside source to be correct and Rio is getting offered $1.8M, here is how that would have to play out…..

    ASTROS Singing Bonus Pool Alottments
    11 $11,177,700 (ALL Top 10 Picks)
    1 $7,200,000
    41 $1,258,700
    61 $844,100
    96 $495,200
    129 $360,200 (Rio’s Draft Spot)

    So let’s do a little math…. to give Rio $1.8M, that would be $1.5M ABOVE his slot. They would have to find that money from shortchanging the slots above Rio. Ther slots below him don’t generate that much coin. And see my other post, not signing someone DOES NOT allow that money to be re-allocated. First logical choice is that the money comes from the #1 Pick. I’m not so sure that will happen, but it could, chances are slim that the #1 Pick in the Draft is going to “settle” for one dime less than his slot, but maybe that is why he went #1 cuz he agreed to less than slot (FOOLISH, but OK). So I would find it real hard to believe that 1 day after the draft, ALL the slots in place above Rio have been hammered out and deals struck already, in order to as you say “have offered” Rio 1.8M …

    now I am not saying that this is not what Boras is asking, although, technically, Boras can not negotiatie on behalf of him, ergo amateur standing is bye bye… but he does have his big daddy in the mix….with Boras advising.

    So it would be highly unusual to have an “offer” already that far above slot…. so there is your dose of common sense…. although, common sense does not always play out in this game, but this year is a very new game.

    By the way…. I hope Rio does get $1.8M, cuz I know where he BETTER place a little donation !

  • just sayin

    very interesting points,

    so what pops out to me, is negotiate before the draft with a guy willing to take way less than the #1 slot money, draft him, sign him and then walla, the team has lots of money to spend on the rest of the ten rounds thereby securing 10 guys.

    The first guy gets shortchanged but oh well, he agreed and maybe that guy was a 2nd round or third round guy…….

    The theory now plays out , invest in many guys for the hopes of a few sticking because the first rounders are crapshoot many times anyway.

    wow, this is powerful,

    whatcha think teach game

  • Lancelot

    Jesse Garcia, READING is fundamental!I didn’t call the Blogger a Hater because he diagreed with me. I put forth the theory that MAYBE, just because Amat was inferred in my screen name and my question TO FRED ROBLEDO was about an Amat player, thus drawing this bloggers ridiculous criticisms, that maybe, just maybe, the blogger in question had a problem with Amat in general and was possibly just an Amat Hater? Don’t be one of “those bloggers” Mr. Garcia…..”READ” the posts before you respond, even better, “READ” the thread to see what may cause the conversation to change. Then formulate your own OPINION. Because if after reading the initial post and then reading the assertions by the other clowns it really is a non-issue.

  • Hey Lance-not

    There goes lance-not trying to get some airtime on someones else’s fame. Can you do the rest of us bloggers a favor and chime in with something intelligent like Teachdgame, some decent sportsmanship comments like from your fellow alumni Amat73 or amat alumni or parent? Get back to your job sweeping the warehouse! I read the chain of emails and you popped off, got called out on it, retracted and now here you go again. Take the day off we are all done with you.

  • Lancelot

    HAAA,HAAA,HAAAA!!!! Okay, Okay, now all the worms come up from the ground….”trying to get some airtime on someones else’s fame.”
    The fact that you even see it like that is hilarious!!!! What an idiot.

    And this is rich too, “do the rest of us bloggers a favor and chime in with something intelligent like Teachdgame,” especially after you make an “Intelligent Post” like the one YOU put up so, lofty and froth with knowledge, HA,HA,HA!!!

    “I also believe that Garza is a great pitcher and huge talent but I disagree with your (Fred’s) statement.” It’s called having an opinion, You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to agree with it but I did and do believe J.G. is a very talented young man. So deal with it because unless you can come take my key board, I’m here to stay!!!!!

  • G

    Multi Sport – or single sport.
    Does anyone know out there – other than Ruiz – are any of the boys who got drafted playing multiple sports? What other sports are they playing? I am asking so when my son’s time comes we can be more informed.

  • mental game

    It’s high school ball and high school players guys. If these guys were as good as you thought, they would have gone in the top 2 – 3 rounds, college scholarship or not. For that clown with the ” insiders” comment, 1.8 million is the signing bonus for some teams entire draft lineup so you’re being fed a bunch of BS. That’s laughable. It’s probably more like $18,000, if that, so your “insider” had his zeros mixed up. Dude has a blood clot in his throwing arm numbnuts. Blood clots can be chronic. College is where many unsought players rise and mature and where many high school stars fall off the map. Also, all the exaggerated speed ratings listed by this guy or that guy are now done and those guys you think, or are said, to be throwing 91 – 94 consistently now throw 87 – 89 in college. Isn’t that always the case, every single year. Good luck to all and let us move on from these guys and start looking towards next year.

  • mental game

    Fred, you went to West Covina High during an era where the valley had 20 – 30 guys drafted every year, not just a few, and you’re going to tell me Garza’s the best you’ve seen on a “pure high school level?” Man, come on! Just a couple 2-year runs on the mound I’ve ever seen and I go back to your time: Joey Eischen from West Covina averaged 11 strikeouts a game for 2 years and dominated every single team he pitched against while Chris Castro from Baldwin Park High had like 130 K’s his junior and senior year and never lost in the old Sierra League. Be careful throwing around those best ever statements unless you’re looking beyond the past few years.

  • get out

    mental game seems a tad bit bitter — these guys are the right now so how ’bout you move on dude. Your mijo will get his 15 minutes next year.

  • COChargerfan

    Freddie, I watched both Garza and McKiernan pitch a few times and other than they are similiar in size there’s no comparison…McKiernan has way better stuff and he actually throws 93-94 with an explosive fastball while Garza is a very polished control pitcher that is more like in the 88 mph range. At the pro level, McKiernan’s fastball means he projects much better than Garza and actually he is now doing quite well in Triple A ball.

    Good luck to Garza at CSF and I look forward to seeing him pitch for the,

  • Amen Mental Game

    Mental game you are right on about unsung heroes in High School progressing in college. Just look at Fred’s article on Berg and what he has done at UCLA. Let’s hope that #5 wasnt a flash in the pan and peaked in his Junior year of High School. Life extends far beyond high school

  • SGV Fan

    Lol at all the experts on here.
    What a bunch of idiot has beens or never were’s.
    You all WISH you had half of Garzas talent or even one drop of heart that he has.
    If you did, you wouldn’t be such idiots.

  • Lancelot

    At the very least these kids will get a good education. The money is good IF you get enough, otherwise, take the college offer enjoy your youth and get prepared for the future. Not everyone can be a Big Leaguer, so enjoy what you have in front of you. Good Luck to all no matter where you decide to go or what you decide to do!The best part is….you get the opportunity to make a CHOICE! Awesome!

  • Fred Robledo

    Chargers fan, Garza’s fastball is not in the “88” range, he was consistently clocked in the low to mid 90s….Amen mental game, the only thing that slowed #5 was a fluke blood clot that forced him to shut it down. To say he “peaked” as a junior is just silly. If he peaked as a junior he wouldn’t of been selected in the fourth round.

  • wormseyeview

    Lancelot said:
    HAAA,HAAA,HAAAA!!!! Okay, Okay, now all the worms come up from the ground….

    Hey! Leave me out of this!

  • Lancelot

    @wormseyeview-Ha,Ha, Sorry, no offense.

  • Oh Please

    Co Fan

    You have NO clue what you are talking about. Garza stop throwing at 86/88 last year. I’m sure you weren’t most games when 15+ scouts had the gun on him this year!

    Better yet, check the scouting report. Just another CO who doesn’t know crap about BB.

  • COChargerfan

    The question is Freddie’s assertion that Garza is better than McKiernan so Oh Please…time will tell….time will tell. Right now, it looks like McKiernan is going to get a shot at the bigs…wil Garza ever get that far?????

  • Fred Robledo

    Co fan, that is not my assertion, never said I was predicting who would be better in college or pros. I wrote that garza is the best High school pitcher I ever covered with the best two year run I’ve ever seen

  • TeachDGame

    Signing updates… so as of today 2 of the picks ahead of Rio have signed including #1 for $4.2M (which free’s up $3.0M) for Rio and others. Looks like they already gave 3rd guy drafted over slot as right now Astros have $2.4M of Bonus available to be reallocated.

    So #1 had a pre draft prepackaged deal, so now looks very probable that Rio will get the $1.8M to $2.0M being discussed.

    Good for him.

  • 12th man

    Still waiting for my dose of common sense? I guess my inside source isn’t so foolish after all? LMAO~