Valle Vista All League Baseball and Softball; Erik Gonzales and Janell Wheaton earn MVPs

Valle Vista League
Most Valuable Player: Erik Gonzales
First Team
Pitchers: Niko Cataneda (Northview), Bernardo Flores (Baldwin Park), Caleb Rudusky (Nogales), Landon Moore (San Dimas).
Infielders: Adrian Guzman (Nogales), Eddie Gutierrez (Baldwin Park), Anthony Moreno (Covina), Alec Montanez (San Dimas).
Outfielders: Shawn Kennedy (San Dimas), Vinny Venegas (Covina), Albert Lemus (Nogales), Jake Grijalva (Northview).
Catchers: Gabe Rojo (Northview), Jimmy Lambert (San Dimas).
Utility: Nick Hynes (Covina).
Second Team
Pitchers: Joe Wills (Covina)
Infielders: Michael Carlos (Northview), Anthony Guardado (Nogales), Craig Boyett (Wilson), Andrew Carrillo (Covina), Ethan Shultz (San Dimas).
Outfielders: Robert Velasquez (Baldwin Park), Andrew Espinosa (San Dimas), NIck Simons (Covina).

Most Valuable Player: Janell Wheaton (San Dimas)
First Team
Pitchers: Ana Mejia (Northview), Elizabeth Celaya (San Dimas)
Infielders: Molly Ross (Covina), Megan Troutman (Covina), Erinn Jaramillo (Northview), Sarina Jaramillo (Northview), Suzie Ortega (Northview), Ashley Vinsonhaler (San Dimas), Brianna Quintana (San Dimas)
Outfielders: Candice Orozco (Covina), Jocelyn Marquez (Northview), Ashley Gauthier (San Dimas), Karissa Conner (San Dimas).
Catcher: Marissa Recillas (Nogales), Tillie Ramirez (Wilson).
Utility: Kaili Now (San Dimas).

Second Team
Pitchers: Princess Nava (Covina), Anita Lievanos (Wilson)
Infielders: Cindy Vargas (Baldwin Park), Amanda Matthews (Covina), Armida Ordorica (Nogales), Briana Vasquez (Nogales), Julia Lupericio (San Dimas), Renelle Calderon (Wilson).
Outfield: Brianna Trejo (Baldwin Park), Taylor Provenzano (Covina), Taylor Jaurique (Wilson).
Catchers: Melina Martinez (Covina), Emily Lewison (Northview).
Utility: Serena Meehan (Wilson).

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  • All league Schedule

    Fred, is there a schedule for all league(s), all valley and all CIF teams?

  • Baseball Fever

    Hey Fred – Will you also post a list the All League selections & CIF for Sierra League as well as another list for the Inland Valley All Star game held at Quakes Stadium this Friday?

    It would be great to recognize the Sierra League players for their hard work. Especially since some coaches have done a terrible job doing that for the players. It seems some coaches demand kids to be accountable but then aren’t accountable themselves. It’s really a shame…


  • Walnut pony

    Congrats to former walnut pony players Adrian guzman,Albert lemus and Anthony guardado .adrian and Albert played on the 2006 bronco 12 year old world series final in Monterey where they lost to Tampa. Guardado played on the 2009 world series team that took the whole thing.