Bishop Amat’s Adam Alcantara out for the season

It was widely speculated and now official, Bishop Amat safety Adam Alcantara, arguably the Lancers’ best defensive player, will not play his senior year of football because of knee surgery. Alcantara earned Division 4 first-team honors in baseball despite playing on an injured knee, opting to delay the surgery until the season was finished. He hopes to fully recover in time for the 2013 baseball season.

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  • Lancelot

    This is what we in Lancerland had been hearing for awhile now and that’s a big loss for the Lancer defense. Hag’s and crew have no doubt been preparing to fill that void. Good luck and best of wishes to AJ in his baseball career and a speedy recovery!

  • Old News

    C’mon, this is super old information. It was well known right before baseball season started that Alcantara was not going to play football his senior year. If he was going to play football, he would have had to get knee surgery back then, but it would have ended his baseball year. And because he has a good shot at getting an offer as a baseball player next year, he chose to skip the surgery and play out his junior baseball year. He will now have the surgery and recover in time for next year’s baseball season, but will not play football. This was the smartest thing for him to do for his future, and his dad is smart enough to realize that.

    As for football, this is a loss, but we knew it, and we are more than prepared. We have Blue, Dj Daniels, and Gonzalez that are more than capable of filling in the spot. Again, this is old news, and a waste of reporting.

  • What

    Gonzalez will be a good replacement, good head on his shoulders and can flt out hit!

  • Amat 75 lol

    The Weak gets weaker:
    Sorry to hear the news but the kid made a decision that he was gong to play on a competitive school team (baseball) instead of getting his head banged up “(because running backs will be in the secondary all night every game)” and losing night in and night out and taking a chance of missing out on competing and winning. The Lancer football team is DONE but i do admire the fan support and how they keep pushing everyone to believe that they are better than last year which really isnt saying much but hey good luck Lancer nation your going to need a lot of that.

    Sincerely, pac5 Dan

  • SGV Football

    To pac5 Dan,

    You are a stupid ass.


    Whoa whoa whoa, take it easy SGV Football. At least pick a name that isnt taken already.

    Ceee Ohooo