Your way-to-early-to-predict Spring Super 35 Pre-Summer, Pre-Season Football Poll

Spring is over, it’s time time to concentrate on High School Football. Based on last year and what’s coming back, here is my way-to-early Super 35 Tribune Football rankings. Unlike Aram, I’m seriously considering ranking teams based on who I think is the best, period, because I’ve grown tired of the best pound-for-pound nonsense. If Amat’s 3-7 and La Puente’s 9-1, you know IT DOES NOT MEAN La Puente is better, so why rank ’em that way. So here ya go.

Above: Amat’s next quarterback, Junior Koa Haynes

Tribune Super 35 Preseason Rankings
1. Bishop Amat — Go ahead and say what you wish, but the fact remains that Amat continually finishes the season with better wins on the resume than anyone else, against a tougher schedule than anyone else, and without a doubt, the best coaching staff in the Valley. Aram loves to point out how Amat has fewer D-1 kids than the Monrovia’s, Charter Oak’s and West Covina’s, so for them to do what they do only proves they have the best coaching staff in the Valley. And in terms of depth, Amat has more than anyone else, which makes up for its lack of game-changers. I’ll change my tune when a Valley team beats Amat, so to Charter Oak and Chino Hills, it’s your turn, you’re up next on the schedule in 2012.
2. West Covina — The Bulldogs are what Charter Oak, South Hills and Los Altos were from the late 90s until Gano left Los Altos and Charter Oak and South Hills were moved to the Sierra — Totally Dominant. Maggiore has won three titles and deserves to be mentioned with the greats in Valley history. And what I love about West Covina is unlike some other public schools, they take their shots at D-1 competition. They’ve played and lost to Mater Dei and Amat in recent years and will get a second shot at Loyola this fall at home. West Covina has more playmakers than anyone in the Valley, but I’m waiting for the Bulldogs’ signature win against a super power and beating Loyola would be just that. If Noodles is as great as they say he is, West Covina will add its third-straight Southeast Trophy.
3. Chino Hills — QB Matt Simko going from Colony to Chino Hills changes everything. He’s arguably and probably the best quarterback in the Valley in 2012 and this team always has depth, numbers, athletes and great coaching. Quarterbacks are game-changers in high school football so there is probably no better time for Chino Hills to take on Amat than right now. But I’ll still take Amat.
4. Charter Oak — No Travis Santiago? No Kurt Scoby? That’s not a good recipe for the type of schedule they’re about to play, so hopefully RB Donovan Washington is everything he’s advertised to be. Charter Oak has athletes, they always do, and Farrar and Co., are a great coaching staff. To win consistently with the type of schedule they face, however, you need a monster defense and a great quarterback, and those are question marks. But based on history, just like Amat, there is nobody on the list ranked below I would take over Charter Oak in a head-to-head game. Based on reputation, just like Amat, you have to give them that.
5. Damien — This SHOULD be Gano’s finest hour with the Spartans. Of all the Sierra League teams, they have the most returning, best depth and I love how much Gage Pucci grew at quarterback last year. Next to Simko, Pucci might be the Valley’s second best.
6. Bonita – This might be a surprise to a lot of you, but I love Bonita and QB Tanner Diebold in this spot. Bonita will be great with Medrano taking over and Podley still there to mentor him. They have a lot returning and if you look at last year, injuries derailed their season more than talent. I think this is their bounce-back year. Seriously, who ranked below should beat them?
7. South Hills — You’ve probably heard by now how solid their offensive and defensive lines are and regardless of recent years records, South Hills continually beats the teams ranked below head-to-head. Heck, they even beat Mid-Valley monster Monrovia. I guess Ayala and Claremont have proved their capable, but I still like the Huskies.
8. Diamond Bar — Sorry Diamond Ranch, now that the Diamond Bar coaching staff has a year under its belt, this is the year they take another step forward. Heard nothing but good things about their program and Snoop Doggs son Cordell Broadus, a sophomore, is supposedly something special. I know I wrote this last year about them, but this HAS to be their time.
9. San Dimas — I don’t care who Zernickow plugs in the Wing T, he consistently has his team chasing a Valle Vista and Mid-Valley title. San Dimas is sort of like Amat in that Zernickow and Co., get the most with what they have and often beat teams more talented on paper.
10. El Monte — I’m going with what I think is the third best quarterback in the Valley in El Monte’s Brandon Martinez. The Lions have a lot returning and a lot of upside after last year’s historic run as far as El Monte football is concerned. B-Mart’s senior year should look a lot like Arroyo All-Everything Steven Rivera’s senior year. I can envision BMart in the player of the year debate. He is that good. Okay, so maybe ranking El Monte this high is a bit of a stretch in terms getting away from the pound-for-pound argument, but this is their year! I’ll stay on course with the remaining choices.
The Rest: 11. Ayala, 12. Claremont, 13. Diamond Ranch, 14. Glendora, 15. Covina, 16. Los Altos, 17. Azusa, 18. La Puente, 19. Arroyo, 20. Rosemead, 21. Duarte, 22. Northview, 23. South El Monte, 24. Pomona, 25. Rowland, 26. Walnut, 27. Sierra Vista, 28. Nogales, 29. Baldwin Park, 30. Mountain View, 31. Workman, 32. Gladstone, 33. Wilson, 34. Ganesha, 35. Bassett

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  • Don’t Bogart

    Damn Fred, you need to walk away from the keyboard. You are seriously too high to be writing right now.

  • Business as usual

    Fred you have every reason to start BA as #1. Your reasons are spot on! However, you are not doing them any favors by starting them at #1. This may be the smallest line they have ever had up there. The SGV always goes in circles, regarding this issue. Normally Bishop has studs in the down years. However this year looks to be not so good for the lancers. After week 3 we will know just what they have along with everyone else. Right now I see it

    1. Chino Hills- Best QB on eastside
    2. Weso- great Line core
    3. Charte Oak- Still has talent, QB ???
    4. BA- Just don’t see how Blue is going to tear it up with that line against any teams they play. Schedule is really going to beat these guys up. No Wr’s for haynes to throw to.
    5.Damien -Sleeper team…
    6. San Dimas- I think They win the Smdugepot
    7. Bonita- QB has one more year under belt
    8.South Hills- They lost alot, still have great line
    9.Daimond bar- hype could be true
    10. Ayala- NO way El Monte beats 11-15 ranked below them.

  • Fred Robledo

    Smaller compared to Pac-5, but not as much compared to the Valley and given how well Amat coaches them up, the Lancers get the edge. Chino Hills will be a great test, teams with great QBs have given Amat trouble in the past. And look, if Amat beats Chino Hills and Charter Oak, they are clearly No. 1 unless West Covina beats Loyola. As far as Westside Monrovia, I can’t believe Aram has them No. 2 in his all encompassing – they’ve done nothing to deserve being ranked ahead of West Covina, sorry. Plus, I’m still waiting for Monrovia to schedule the Big Boys, like Charter Oak, South Hills, West Covina and Chino Hills.

  • “Unlike Aram, I’m seriously considering ranking teams based on who I think is the best, period, because I’ve grown tired of the best pound-for-pound nonsense. If Amat’s 3-7 and La Puente’s 9-1, you know IT DOES NOT MEAN La Puente is better, so why rank ’em that way. So here ya go.”

    That could be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said, especially with El Monte ranked No. 10. Maybe that’s proof that you can’t do it based solely on “who I think is better.” It’s a formula, Fred. You should know that by now.

    And if you do it the way you’re planning, then every season Amat will start and finish at No. 1 whether its record is 4-6 or 6-4 or 9-2. How’s that gonna look?

    In years in which Amat doesn’t play the other top teams in the area, i.e. last year with West Covina and Charter Oak, you’re gonna make Amat No. 1 because the ’04 team beat Charter Oak?

    Man, you better re-think all this garbage. Do yourself a favor, I know I’m in your head to the point that you’re a nervous wreck making these Top 10s, but don’t think about trying to argue with me the next time you make one.

  • Fred Robledo

    Maybe you didn’t read my El Monte comment Big Boy, I said ranking them that high was a stretch, more than anything else, I wanted to mention BMart, one of my favorite QBs. I stayed on track with everything else. You should try reading the entire comment before complaining. You sound like one of the regular posters.

    Answering your last comment, yes, Amat should be ahead of a La Puente when Amat is 3-7 and La Puente 9-1 .. But would I rank Amat at 3-7 ahead of an 8-2 West Covina? No way and if those records panned out, ranking West Covina ahead would be reasonable and with a belief they would beat Amat. Like I wrote, I’ll change my tune when a Valley team BEATS Amat. During my tenure at the Star-News and Tribune, haven’t seen it yet.

    In my head? What’s bigger, your ego or you? The fact you can have Monrovia ahead of West Covina is silly. Let them beat South Hills, first.

  • OK, Little Man. So you’re already waffling and making exceptions to the rule.

    To answer your question about Monrovia and West Covina. I’m basing my rankings on THIS YEAR. Not the PAST. West Covina doesn’t look as good to me as it did last year and Monrovia looks even better.

    I realize that you haven’t actually seen any of the teams, so all you can go on is the past. But trying dealing in the present, Fred. It will help you avoid pitfalls like your steadfast belief that an under-performing Amat should be No. 1 because the 1992 team won the Reebok Bowl.

  • Fred Robledo

    I made one exception and explained it before your ridiculous complaint for the reasons I stated. Man, what did you eat this morning? Maybe I haven’t seen any of the teams because ITS SPRING 2012, nobody has seen what anyone looks like in pads and a line. I forgot, you’re an expert for going to a few spring passing league tournaments, like that means a whole heck of a lot. BTW, remember, when asked last year who he thought was better between Bishop Amat and Charter Oak, Damien coach Greg Gano, WHO COACHED and lost to both, said Amat. It’s not all about the ’92 Reebok Bowl pal.

  • Fred Robledo

    I love when Aram’s fired up for football season .. I wish he would argue with me like this during soccer.

  • Mo betta

    The real top 15:

    1. Chino Hills – Too much for everyone else
    2. Charter Oak – No Fred, this is the best coaching staff in the valley
    3. Amat – More talent then what their head coach wants you to think, he just doesn’t want people to know that he does less with more
    4. WestCo – Always a lot of talent, consistency at coaching, but the hype might be a little too much on Noodles
    5. Damien – QB? not so much, the rest of the gang should carry this team to their best season in 5+ years
    6. Ayala – This is my surprise team of the year, don’t kid yourself, they have plenty of talent
    7. Glendora – They have some talent, unfortunately for them they play in the best league of anyone in the valley, and that includes Amat and the Serra
    8. South Hills – I hear the O-line is looking great but their in a little bit over their heads in the Sierra
    9. Bonita – Better this year then last and the QB should be better with 1 year of varsity under his belt
    10. Diamond Ranch – Probably not much better then last year but should contend for the 3rd playoff spot in the Hacienda
    11. Diamond Bar – Hard to replace the QB and WR from last years team but with Snoop in Co. they should be a little better then last years team
    12. Claremont – I hear they have some nice pieces coming back from last years team but the word is that they should be about equal to last years record
    13. San Dimas – The system works at the Mid Valley level
    14. Los Altos – Lost a lot of starters from last years team, probably won’t do as well this year
    15. Covina – Too many kids graduated off from last years senior heavy team

  • Realityczech

    Mo Betta – since they fly under the radar tell us about the Charter Oak staff that you say is the best in the valley. Tell us about the assistant coaches and why you think they’re better than Amat’s stable of former Head Coaches, Coordinators as position coaches, with former NFL and D1 players to boot

  • jcaz

    The passion here….WOW like it!!

    Anyways, you realize of course, that this is the very first year that you have actually embraced this philosophy Fred. In years past, lots, and I mean lots of bloggers, would have raked you over the coal’s because you were always using the “won loss” formula to make your case for the best team in the valley, regardless of whom their opponents have happened to have been.

    With that in mind, I do want say that with this new argument of yours, that your doing Charter Oak a big disservice here.

    Look, just because Charter Oak lost more games, last year, and didn’t get a championship (because they were placed in a higher division), it didnt mean that they couldn’t beat all the other teams on your list here (except you know who) right ?

    Heck, if I were a gambling man, which I am BTW, I’d still wager that Charter Oak would beat West Covina and Chino Hills hands down. Sorry, thats just my take.

    You cant lower the significance of a team just because of a won-loss record, and that they lost more games than the other guys did last year.

    BTW, the argument about West Covina possibly being better than Amat, “if” they had a better record at the end of the year is interesting, because, what if West Covina loses to Loyola, and Amat beats them ? Is West Covian still the better team because they had a better record ?


    Now your back the the old, won loss is better formula there eh Fred ?

    One more thing….Aram, whats with this “little man” comment ? Thats something that “FC,” or “My pal Joey” would say. If he said something like that to you, man, you’d be all in his nut sack by now dude ! I mean, YIKES !

  • jcaz,

    When you want to call me “Big Boy” as Fred did, then be prepared to be called “Little Man” in return.

    And that’s gonna kinda be the theme for me this season, at least on my blog. This soft stuff isn’t gonna fly, and I don’t care which of you ladies get hurt feelings because of it.

  • Mo betta

    At Amat Asst Coach… er reality

    If someone were to put the 2 most recent former head coaches from Wilson and the 2 most recent former head coaches from Los Altos on the same coaching staff, would that make that coaching staff the best in the valley? Probably a lot of Hacienda people blowing water out threw their noses right now after reading that sentence. The valley is full of former D1 coaches that can’t coach a lick and there are many former NFL guys that don’t know shit beyond the one and only position they played and it’s certainly not a given that those guys are capable of conveying what they know to high school kids. It’s always a hit and miss when you bring guys with impressive player resumes onto your staff, some can coach, some can’t.

  • Steve Ramirez

    I have to side with Fred on this one. Amat is the safe pick at No. 1. When I first got into this business and was freelancing for Cal-Hi Sports, editor Mark Tennis, who I believe is still with Cal-Hi, he always told me to lean on the traditonal powers when it came to preseason rankings. In this case, it’s the right call for two reasons. If Amat lives up to the hype, and beats the team on its schedule, it’s a pretty easy call to keep that at No. 1. If they don’t, and say West Covina is running the table, it’s pretty easy to leapfrog West Covina over Amat if West Covina starts out 5-0, regardless who it plays, and Amat is 2-3, regardless who it plays. Where you would run into trouble is if Amat is ranked say No. 2 and starts off 5-0, getting three wins from three top Pac-5 teams, while West Covina starts off 5-0 against lower-level teams. Under that scenario, you couldn’t just leapfrog Amat over West Covina under that scenario, because you can’t penalize the top-ranked team for doing what they should – in West Covina’s case, beating teams it should beat, but impressive fashion. You can’t penalize them for doing what was asked of them. That’s why you go with the traditonal power over the team that is up-and-coming, especially at the high school level were schedules are not close to being similar.

  • Fred Robledo

    JCAZ, if I were using this last year, I would have taken Charter Oak with Santiago over West Covina in a title game, no doubt. In fact, my final top five in believing who I think would beat who in 2011 would have looked like this…Based purely on last year, I don’t know who wins between Amat and Charter Oak. When both are completely healthy, I lean toward Amat. The way they competed against Santa Margarita in the playoffs was the best I’ve seen them against a beast of a football team. But Charter Oak was so darn explosive that I don’t know….I ranked them 1-T … I still haven’t decided whether I’ll rank teams this way or blend the more traditional pound-for-pound equation … but we’ll see. Also, Aram can call me “Little Man” all he wants …I’m a little man, what’s the big deal? Those things don’t bother us.

    1T Charter Oak
    1T. Bishop Amat
    3. West Covina
    4. Covina

  • sgv scouting

    Aram — So you want the hard stuff… how about this one? How about updating your gambling blog?.. Seems like it’s been very quiet for a month and a half.

    Seems like you update with the frequency of you cashing a bet… once in a great while…

    Dealing with facts “big boy.”

  • sgv scouting,

    that ain’t hard stuff, but nice try. that blog will explode this fall. just wait and see what i’ve got coming for it.

    and by the way, run thru what’s on there. nothing but winners were handed out.

    don’t equate your gambling experience with mine. i assure you i’ve got plenty more wins.

    Read the Super Bowl column.
    Read the NCAA tourney column and tell me the record of the four picks I gave out.
    Read the MLB column about betting the stolen base total.

    You haven’t seen anything yet.

  • Fred Robledo

    Aram even cashed on Bradley if you can believe that. If I would have taken Aram’s advice I would have felt sick up until the moment the Judges robbed Manny.

  • Realityczech

    Mo Betta – I noticed you did nothing to back up your argument by providing absolutely any information on ChOak Asst Coaches and what has prepared them to be “the best staff in the valley”! Give it a try.
    The Amat former HC’s happened to be Area Coaches of the Year at other stops, former coosrdinators were on successful teams, NFL players and former D1 players provide a wealth of info they’ve learned from multiple coaches – not just stickin around to coach for your old high school coach…or Dad.

  • 12th man

    Steve R.
    I disagree with your strategy about if both teams go 5-0 that one team can’t jump the other in rankings..Because what if “ONE” of those wins for Amat is vs a Nationally ranked team or the #1 team in the Country (Servite for example) Then you almost have to jump them..This is how it’s done in the Sports World at any level..

  • Fred Robledo

    12th man, that’s why Stevie would have Amat No. 1 in the first place.

  • Double Dutch Rutter

    Both of Bonita’s returning stars Ryan Ramirez and Nick Todorovich tore there ACL’s and will not play this season. They both were the only returning 1st team all leaque players.

  • Discruntle blogger

    Steve, u got time to comment on the Midget (fred) blog, but no time for yours…wtf man get on the ball, u haven’t wrote one thing on the Whittier Area football, if it wasn’t for Aram, whittier would be in the dark…no one cares about softball or baseball. Where’s campa.

  • La Puente

    Let’s cool it with the LP bashing. They earned that 9-1 last year, no need to knock them by comparing them to Bishop Amat. LP has better a team coming back then they had last year and will be playing a tougher schedule. Plus they have the best young head coach in the valley with some real good assistant coaches. Hopefully that means they can put it all together this year and win league and win a couple playoff games. LP knocks off Azusa this year! And they beat Covina in week 1.

  • Fred Robledo

    Stevie, don’t answer disgruntled blogger, there were more topics on the whittier blog than ever this past year.

  • Fred Robledo

    It’s not a knock on La Puente, they’re my frontrunners for the Montview with Azusa. I had to use a school to make my point and used La Puente.

  • La Puente

    Well good. I’m glad we got that settled. LOL!

  • sgv scouting

    Aram — As the great Jack Karlik would say, “Whatever you say…. sid!”



  • Amat fan #1

    I hate to say it but Mo Betta is right again. The Charter Oak coaching staff is Far Far Superior to the Amat staff. And if rings are the measure for greatness (see little Fred’s comment on Maggiore), then Aram and Mo Betta are correct. 5 CIF RINGS is greater than the NFL burn-outs and recycled chewing-gum coaches we have at Amat.

    When will hagerty get fired?

  • Mo betta

    Amat coach…. er reality

    I don’t think you want to start comparing championship numbers between the two staffs because you’ll lose. As far a NFL/D1 guys coaching at the high school level, there’s no correlation between playing at a high level and being able to teach at the high school level. It’s always hit and miss with these former high level players. Sometimes these guys can’t convey what they know, and sometimes these guys never bothered to learn anything beyond the one position that they played.

    How’s that reality? are you still butt hurt that not everyone buys the bullshit that your selling? and just so know, I’m not a Charter Oak guy, I just call it like I see it. Maybe people would have more respect for your coaching staff if they would start picking up the phone and start helping your kids get to the next level. Maybe filling out a nomination roster for an allstar game every know and then would be nice. You guys had only 2 kids get hooked up from last years team and from what I understand the 2 kids dads had to do all the work to get them a look.



  • BigDog

    All the money that snoop has why is he keeping his kid in a public school? Grades? you would think he would put him at Damien,Servite or Mater dei if he was that good to get exposure.

  • DRanchhhh

    Here we go with these bogus rankings again!!

  • dick

    I know that NO school like damien,Servite and yes the player/coaching whores at Mater Dei, want anything to do with calvin broadus, (snoop) just too much headache, very bad publicity, hey, didn’t the kid go to LBP as a freshman? all those schools mentioned, love the checkbook daddys, but they, have a limit….and the dogg is way past anything they’ll take on

  • cmon

    Wow La Puente, id be shocked if you guys ever win a league title, watched azusa practice and they are nearly as good as last year, the school has lost so much powerhouse! Losing 5 first team winners on offense and 5 on defense and loosing 2 all valley players doesn’t look to good, you guys have a positive attitude but attitude only get you so far on the feild, Lp goes 6-4 and first round beat down by paraclete, This time 75-0 !

  • lancer receivers

    @business as usual.amat does have receivers to throw to.andrews,cook,velasquez and blue.the line is not any smaller than last year so that wont be a problem .went to the dana hills passing tournament.alemany won the tournament against mater dei.mater dei beat santa margarita 36-13 in semi final. mater dei also beat mission viejo.alemany looked small but had very good passing game.dont see alemany beating any of the top oc teams when the pads come on.alemany beat upland in the semi finals.

  • you got it wrong

    I think Charter Oak was ranked too low, # 4 really? I ranked CO at #1 because they have a Monster Defense, CO still has a lot of talented playmakers, and the best coaching staff in the SGV. That being said, I ranked WC #2, Amat #3, and Chino Hills at # 4.

  • realityczech

    Mo Betta – still have not supplied any answers. That tells me there are none. As I thought – Just a grudge against one staff as opposed to any knowledge of another. As I thought

  • Truth

    Not sure Mo Beta even knows who the CO coaches are!

  • Open your eyes

    La Puente earned that 9-1 record?

    You guys beat a 1-9 Wilson by what one touchdown and you should have lost that game. You have a coach that pads his record with a soft non-league and league schedule. The only quality team you play is in the first round of the playoffs and you loss that game.

    Now Fred, come on Covina and Los Altos won’t even make the playoffs. Both teams senior loaded and no quality underclassmen.

  • Open your eyes

    La Puente earned that 9-1 record?

    You guys beat a 1-9 Wilson by what one touchdown and you should have lost that game. You have a coach that pads his record with a soft non-league and league schedule. The only quality team you play is in the first round of the playoffs and you loss that game.

    Now Fred, come on Covina and Los Altos won’t even make the playoffs. Both teams senior loaded and no quality underclassmen.

  • La Puente

    Lighten up all you Delta Bravos. If things never changed then Bladwin Park would still be a football force the SGV. LP has only gotten better every year since Coach Rohrer took over which bodes well for this year. It will be sad to see coach leave next year when the better programs come knocking, but until then LP has him and their best group of kids yet. As far as non-league went last year Wilson should have been better they had some good athletes, but had terrible coaching and LP beat El Monte last year, a team ranked here in the top 10, but that’s all in the past. So cool your jets, enjoy another meaningless/proves nothing passing league season, and leave the past where it belongs.

  • Dylan Williams

    Aaron Parham from La Habra goes to South Hills, he brings such great size to the team. Does anyone know if this is true First Team all Sierra League basketball stud Jeriko Santos is playing football for the huskies? If he does.. Santos, Farias, and Parham will be a great combo at te receivers.

  • Mo betta

    Amat staff…. err Realityczech
    I’m so sorry for voicing my opinion about who is the best coaching staff in the valley. If I had known how much this was going to hurt your little feelings I never would have said anything so hurtful. You have convinced me of just how wrong I was. I promise, from this day forward, I will only think of you and the rest of the Amat staff as the greatest coaches to ever walk the sidelines in the history of SGV. From now on I will just ignore all of those CIF Championships that the guys at Charter Oak have won. I just hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

  • Amat all day and night

    Mo Betta, if Charter Oak has such a great coaching staff, name a team they beat in the last 10 years that nobody thought they could beat? Fred and Aram talk about step-up wins, name one? That’s the mark of a great staff. Amat, under Hagerty and Co., have beaten several teams that so-called experts picked them to lose to. Can Charter Oak say that, or is over-achieving not in their vocabulary?

  • realityczech

    Mo Betta – i wasn’t sticking up for anyone particularly I was just hoping you had some insight into your choice of “the best staff in the valley” – but as stated below, apparently you don’t even know their names and your opinion is based on some innuendo, or bias rather than a specific fact.
    BTW, Amat has coaches who have CiF championships too. Hagerty has 3 as a head coach and one as a coordinator, Difiori has one as a coordinator, Salter has a championship at Amat and some at Culver City, and others have them as players.
    I think what you should do, rather than forgetting “all those ChOak championships” is thank Newport Harbor, El Dorado, and Trabuco Hills for moving out of the division. Otherwise we’d be talking about a really long drought for the Chargers too now – wouldn’t we?

  • truth

    Amat all day
    You would actually have to SCHEDULE someone good in order to beat someone good. CO just hasn’t done that until they were forced to.
    But they did TIE Rancho!


    Okay ALPHA COMPANY so now we should lighten up and ease up on our comments on LP??? Come on LP, you came in here firing away on how LP will knock off AZUSA, Covina TYPICAL LP fan and when the truth came out, now we should all cool your jets. El MONTE, top ten???, they didnt even win their league and loss to ARROYO again! So you think passing leagues prove nothing, well last year AZUSA wins the Gladstone passing league tournament against Monrovia in the beginning of last season and at THE END OF THE SEASON, is two games away from playing Monrovia in the CIF championship game. So in my honest opinion, passing leagues are a great measuring stick and if anything you find out who can catch the Football on the team and who maybe not throw to. Well to the PAST La Puente, I leave you with this COACH???, AZUSA is the four time LEAGUE CHAMPION and is something any team from the Montview league has not done in a LONG TIME!


  • Mo betta

    Amat coach/realityczech

    Wow, you sound very upset, even more so than I thought earlier. Is this a contract year or did what I posted yesterday keep you up all night long? I already apologized for my insensitive remarks from yesterday, are you still holding a grudge? Look, I’m doing everything I can to make sure you and the boys are back next year to coach these kids up to a championship level. I mean, what more do you want from me? I’m already on record as to retract my initial post and I admitted that you guys are the greatest ever. So from here on out it’s going to have to be your NFL caliber of coaching that takes all of these “against all the odds” kind of kids to the promise land.

  • Mo betta

    Amat coach/realityczech

    Wow, you sound very upset, even more so than I thought earlier. Is this a contract year or did what I posted yesterday keep you up all night long? I already apologized for my insensitive remarks from yesterday, are you still holding a grudge? Look, I’m doing everything I can to make sure you and the boys are back next year to coach these kids up to a championship level. I mean, what more do you want from me? I’m already on record as to retract my initial post and I admitted that you guys are the greatest ever. So from here on out it’s going to have to be your NFL caliber of coaching that takes all of these “against all the odds” kind of kids to the promise land.

  • The Mentalist

    Breaking News***

    Bishop Amat Lancers finishes the 2012 season as expected: 2 – 8 after almost losing their only two wins to La Mirada and St. Paul.

    The Lancers misses the playoffs, again! And fires the underperforming NFL staff and all world D12 head coach.

    This is the Headline before Thanksgiving weekend!

  • Keep Tryin’

    Mentalist – I had to check the link. I thought I may have hit a preseason post from anyone of the last 4 seasons

  • ‘splain to me

    I do find it funny that in one post someone can say the Lancers are short on talent compared to other teams in the SGV, in another post someone(or Fred)lists the wins on their resume being better than anyone in the SGV – yet the coaching staff is underperforming?
    How can all those things be true?

  • Fred Robledo

    Because people don’t get it. I don’t know if another team in the area could have played Amat’s schedule the past four years (Hagerty era) and had a winning record. Hagerty has had a winning record every season AND made the playoffs every season. Not bad for a coaching staff without the D-1 talent of say, Charter Oak and Monrovia …

  • AMAT 73

    It depends on what type of glasses you wear and where you get your lens prescription filled. The better question is , why are bloggers still talking about AMAT when we are considered washed up in the SGV by the majority of bloggers ???????????? I thought we were irrelevent in the scope of SGV football ?????? Even mo betta who is blasting our coaching staff has at number 3 , go figure ????

  • Lance Homer

    MentalMidgetist, when did the lancers not make the play-off’s “again”? When was the last Lancer losing season that the underachieving coaches coached in?

  • Speaking of coaches

    Mo Betta still hasn’t filled us in on the best coaching staff in the valley at Charter Oak. Who are they? What is their background? Where have they recieved their football education? Have they had other experiences? What are their strengths? Do they have any weaknesses? Any rising asssitants taht would be prospective head coaching candidates?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    I think when you look at the coaching of the top 10 teams, they are all good. However some have to coach better because of who they play. BA,CO,Wesco,Mtown, and Chino Hills have exceptional coaches, but they have exceptional talent as well. Some coaches have to coach better because of the talent they have. Koffler, Arroyo’s coach, Scherf, pull out miracles with their talent or lack of. It’s true, that no one plays Bishop Amat’s schedule. However Bishop Amat has not been winning. It’s really hard to gauge how good a team is when they are losing. However, BA is so used to playing better teams, they do extremely well against teams that are as good as they are. I do believe that, CO, Wesco, Chino Hills, Damien and Monrovia are as good as BA, but don’t play consistent competition 10 weeks straight. Bishop Amat on the other hand even if they don’t have the studs, they still can use their big game experience to win against SGV Elite. However this year is a little different. They Normally play one SGV Team per year, Instead they have Charter Oak, Chino Hills, St Pual and a improved La Mirada. Some would say that’s no problem, but it is. You Don’t want to play a Rivalry game every week. Well that’s what they have this year… 4 rivalry games after playing a team that beat them horribly last year(Servite). Then Serra league and possible pac 5 playoffs. I Find that the SGV teams smell blood and want to take bishop out once and for all. I think the pressure in these SGV games are going to be bigger than expected. BA Prides itself in being the elite team in this area. If they lose a few in a row to SGV teams their confidence may shaken. On flip side, if amat can win all 4 sgv games, no one would be able to say anything again. This year would be one the weaker teams at BA, and for them to dominant and beat 4 of the SGV’s top ten teams in one season, would have me sold forever…well until Mtown trys to play them. Nevertheless, Their is no where to hide. WesCo can’t lose to Chino Hills head up, or it’s going to be hard to rank them ahead of them. Monrovia, can not lose any games, and CO is going to have to get pass Simko/Austin and Chino hills. When it’s time to rank, everything will be on the table come league for some, and come playoffs for others. There will be no excuses this year

  • Homer Lance

    Greener, you’re talking out of both sides of your head. It’s like you want to give Amat credit for being an, “elite” SGV team, but then again, you want to make sure that you point out that they aren’t what they used to be, but then again, they are good so IF THEY GET BEAT by a local team, the win should still be counted as HUGE because Amat has always been an SGV powerhouse right? You can’t have it both ways Gato Verde, call your shot holmes. Is Amat ELITE or not?

  • BraveDad

    I’ll tell you what I find interesting: the fact that this publication and some of you folks posting consider St. Paul and La Mirada SGV teams! Neither one is near the SGV! Can someone explain this to me? And Fred don’t give me the usual, “their in our catchment are crud.” Who decides on the area you cover? How do you draw those lines? Not far from La Mirada and Santa Fe Springs is Downey. Not far from Downey is Bellflower. Not far from Bellflower is Lakewood, then LB. What about Cerritos? You see my point here? How do the lines get drawn? How do you know where to stop? If we were talking politics this would be considered gerrymandering LOL!

    And no, Im not asking because I want the WDN to cover Bosco (even though you did cover games recently when we smoked LHHS and SP two years in a row, and SF last season man I wish there was a way we could get SF off our schedule in 2012; what a joke they turned out to be). We get plenty of ink from the LA Times, Press Telegram, and Maxpreps, etc (and OC.Varsity once league starts). I’m just curious.

    As always, thanks for the entertainment.

  • Mo betta

    It sounds like someones insecurities are coming to the forefront. Perhaps all of that exuding arrogance is really a sign of the lack of confidence that the staff has in themselves.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Amat is not Elite in their league or division. They are Elite in the SGV, But the status as the best team, will be challenged this year, and the fact they play so many top SGV teams creates more pressure. If you read correctly, I said Bishop could silence the neysayers once in for all by beating 4 top SGV teams in the same year…If they lose more than 1 off those games, I would say it’s a new era. For years BA Fans flaunt their record against SGV lower level teams…now your whole preseason is SGV teams. You all finally get your pipe dream. Homer lance what a Classic Bishop Amat Blogger Dancing on the fence as usual. Does amat nation think BA will go 4-0 vs SGV elites? We know they will lose to servite, and Alemany for sure. Then rest of serra league play is a ??? What’s the prospectus? I am not talking out of both sides of my mouth, it’s just BA has finally reached the cross roads…there is no way bishop can lose more than one game against lower level sgv teams and still say they are the best. If they do, then I will bow down…Holy Bishop Amat will reign forever…on tha’ death…Mike tyson…im out!

  • Spartan Dad

    I like Damien’s chances this year. They have a good group of guys and I am starting to see some size on the offensive line. Last year, the lines on both sides seemed a bit small. Not sure about the D-backs, if Gano is gonna go with that same group, im a bit nervous. but the line, the running game, and the passing game are looking promising.

    Gano seems to have done it with minimal transfers.

    Go 2013 Spartans!!

  • Lance Homer

    Dancing on the fence? As to what? I asked you a simple question, WHICH YOU FAILED TO ANSWER, and I’m now dancing on the fence? YOU Answer my question.

    and here you go again:
    “If they lose more than 1 off those games, I would say it’s a new era. For years BA Fans flaunt their record against SGV lower level teams…now your whole preseason is SGV teams.”

    Setting it up nicely I see….Amat loses ONE GAME against an SGV team and they are not/CANNOT be considered SGV Elite! Why, because for the past 20 years they have OWNED the local SGV schools? Are the SGV teams REALLY THAT BAD that one win would destroy Amat’s legitamacy? You monrovia guys are a joke. If ONE local teams pulss a “W” out of their ass against Amat…Amat is no more. HAAAAAA! HAAAAA! HAAAAAA!!!!
    Now that is funny.

  • Born and Raised in El Monte

    So. El Monte EAGLES will be a crowned MVL CHAMPS

    I said it today!!!! Mark my words!!!

  • 12th man

    All these comparisons are foolish! Until I see another SGV team jump to the Pac5 lets stop comparing apples to oranges..Let’s stop using Servite & Alemany as a measuring stick..The fact of the matter is no one in the SGV has a chance of beating these teams..But if I had to choose one? my money would be on BA…Year after year I hear how Amat has no chance in the Playoffs & how their opponent is going to kill them & much to everyone’s surprise they seem to pull a rabbit out of a hat & play competitive football regardless of their size & strength they seem to play at another level..Do I think BA has a chance of winning the Pac5? At this point I would have to say no..& that’s only because a lot of these private powerhouses in the OC know how to utilize all of their resources when it comes to recruiting or Influencing transfers..Bottom line “Money Talks” & Scholarships go a long way even in High School Football when it comes to tuition & Choosing a school

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    wow lance you can tango. If they lose more than one of the games vs sgv elite, they will not be considered the best. What is false about that statement? No one said Bishop was not elite. Did you graduate from Bishop…if so you don’t read well. No one is saying Amat is going to close their doors. HOwever you amat fans are the ones who said Amat would never lose to any teams in the sgv. Well we are going to see. That’s all I am saying. Nothing More nothing less. Fred normally says Amat’s #1 position is based on their schedule, and fact that no one has beat them in a really long time. Amat should go 4-0 against lower level Sgv schools right? Any one can have a bad game, any team can lose. That’s why I say if they lose more than one against lower level SGV schools, then it’s a new era. Don’t back pedal lance. I am sure… all last year you were one of the bloggers who said Amat couldn’t and wouldn’t lose to anyone in the SGV…Don’t lie everyone knows this. You Bishop Fans are something…you can get your heads bashed in by your own level of competition; like Servite, SM, Alemany etc.. but you all are so proud and brag about beating 1 or 2 lower level SGV school per season. No in front of the SGV, you will have a chance to show your dominance. I just don’t get how Bishop Bloggers think losing in the pac 5 is a accomplishment? What’s so hard about getting beat ? So you are saying that SGV teams can’t line up and beat by 40 pts by servite, or SM? the only thing BA can hang over SGV teams heads is head to head wins. Other than that, any one can line up and lose in any division.

    12th man…stop it

    Servite 24 La Habra 16.(

    See I think BA fans are more delusional Than anyone. Chino Hills has a better chance beating you this year, than you do in beating Servite or SM. Those are teams in your division, this is what your score is supposed to look like, Not a D6 teams score. And La habra had more d1 signees than Bishop. Come on now.

  • Sgv baller

    I have to agree with green pastures.amat has scheduled 4 teams that are local and want to beat amat is a lot harder to beat 4 teams when u have a target on your one knows how good amat or the other teams are going to be, I think amat should of scheduled teams out of the area and only one local powerhouse .

  • Not. Even. Close.

    Greener pastures – So lets forget those multiple “lower level” SGV wins the last 4 yrs over Weat Covina, Damien, Diamond Ranch, Muir, La Mirada, or St Paul and instead take a look at the wins over Orange Lutheran, Mater Dei, st Francis, Chaminade, Alemany, Loyola, Crespi, Notre Dame and St Bonaventure. Anyone else “elite” around here have anything close to those?
    Amat lost to Alemany by 5. Is that “getting your head kicked in? Amat won the league in ’09 and in ’10 face Alemany last game of the season when both were undefeated. Last year was a hiccup that still ended in the playoffs, and still the only Serra League team to be in the Pac 5 playoffs the past 4 years
    Since you went there, comparative scores are tricky. Try theses…
    La Habra 28 La Mirada 19
    Bishop Amat 48 La Mirada 13 (and it wasn’t even that close.)
    what does that one tell you?
    Quote of the night: “We just got overwhelmed,” said La Mirada coach Mike Moschetti, whose team opened with losses to St. Paul (24-7) on Sept. 2 and La Habra (28-19) last week. “Those two teams (St. Paul and La Habra) aren’t Bishop Amat. It’s not even close.”

    Not. Even. Close.

  • Clan DaD

    Not. Even. Close. said:

    Servite 49 Amat14
    Servite 24 La Habra 16

    So by ur theory La habra is a better team…thank you,
    we all ready knew that.

    Just face it in a couple of yrs …u’ll just be like ST.Paul.

  • Not. Even. Close.

    CiuDad- thats the score greeney brought up. Follow along would ya? Was pointing out can’t play that comparative game all the time because of that very reason. Does La Mirada prove Amat is 20 pts better than La Habra (in additin to Moschettis quote) or does Servite prove La Habra is 27 pts better than Amat. Or is the reality that, rivalries being what they are, Servite got more “up” for Amat as La Mirada may have been more “up for La Habra? Or that La Habra saw Servite/Amat and Amat saw La Mirada/La Habra and both developed game plans accordingly?
    Either way – You keep hoping.

  • green pastures….

    Oh Uh…

    But Wait Servite is pac 5 and La Habra is D6. Thats a lower Level championship team going head up with the defending Pac 5 champs. That game was a dog fight. The Servite vs Amat game was a sad sight. Amat is a Pac 5 Elite punching bag.

    Amat is D1 and La Mirada is D7. So shouldn’t Amat Blow out La Mirada? La Habra and La Mirada are much closer in competition. So their Score makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is your score in a prime time game vs Servite, some one your own size and level. You lost to Alemany by 5, but they lose to JW North, and Dorsey, Which come from weaker divisions.

    I read the sad thread about the BA safety out for the year. I am sorry to hear that, but that’s another big blow. Especially with Simko and Austin, coming up.

    Not even close , how close is Bishop Amat to SM or Servite? How about Upland or VM? How close to a title? How close to losing to St Pual?

    No one is hoping…we are going to be watching…I don’t hear anyone talking about going 4-0 vs SGV teams…who is going to be the first lancer blogger to say it? Amat 73, Not even close guy. After that Servite game it’s show time in La Puente.

    You know these local players and Coaches have been waiting their lives to take it to Bishop Amat. For some this will be a life time memory. The crowds will be huge, people from all over will come back just to see their school beat you. All of the pressure will be on your players. The other teams will be loose, they have nothing to lose. They are not suppose to win right? If Bishop wins all four, they can say whatever they want.

    Yeah your the measuring stick alright, 2012 all things will be revealed…isn’t Ironic…Amat doesn’t get the 4 SGV games in row, when the program is a contender. They would have went dominated that easily. This just so happened to come together now, when Bishop is arguably at a low point.

  • laughs,

    Are you kidding me,I don’t see one muscle in this photo LMAO

  • sgv

    Oh no here is Aztic pride running his mouth about azusa winning league four year in a row come on bro get over yourself you have even won a CIF ring yet buddy and most teams that win league around the valley wins CIF or even a second place team but azusa hasnt won a CIF tittle so stop blowing your horn. get over yourself and win that CIF tittle then start talking. the montview is not a strong league and you know it so if you guys win your 5th tittle but will not win that CIF ring once again. players in that league is getting smaller as well and most people that live around Lp ends up going to wilson or Los Altos. So go win the CIF ring buddy then talk.Tha practualy the only mens sports you guys do have success in so i give you props on that. Go luck this year and lets see if you guys to CIF finals and win it.

  • Joe Amat

    green pastures,

    i’m not sure if you’re relatively new to the blog or just a re-invention of some previous character, but contrary to conventional thinking, the Amat people you’re mentioning don’t ever come on here and spout off about running the table, 15-0, Bowl championships (like some others we’ve come to know and laugh at). i dare you to find some. Really. In fact, I’ve said numerous times for years, we can lose any game we schedule. If not – why schedule them? That certainly doesn’t make you better. Now sometimes things happen between the time you schedule and the time you play(like Cathedrals D1 QB going down and being hit with injuries that made them a huge underdog). But That’s been my complaint with sandbaggers in the valley that have cherry picked preleague wins in the past to snow peoople into thinking they’re “elite”.

    Amat has had a target on their back in the SGV for decades so that is nothing new. You write,”You know these local players and Coaches have been waiting their lives to take it to Bishop Amat. For some this will be a life time memory. The crowds will be huge, people from all over will come back just to see their school beat you. All of the pressure will be on your players. The other teams will be loose, they have nothing to lose. They are not suppose to win right? If Bishop wins all four, they can say whatever they want.”

    Big surprise?. Not a bit. And this isn’t the first time Amat’s played multiple SGV school in a year. In 04 whan Amat was a .500 team, they beat Glendora, Damien and Charter Oak by a combined score of 90-30. And we were a .500 team. The next year Amat did not make the playoffs yeat beat St Paul, and those same 3 top SGV teams (with Charter Oak as the Tribs preseason #1 team) 126-31. And we didn’t make the playoffs.

    Charter Oak “opted out” of the last year of the contract and Amat replaced them with Rancho Cucamonga and swept them during the two worst football years in Amat history (Rancho turned around and won a CIF title the next year) they also beat St Francis and St Paul during those years – and the Swordsman won the Western Division championship – in our worst year ever!

    Follow that up with a season sweep of West Covina, Damien, Diamond Ranch (who went to the CIF finals vs CO) and St Francis by a combined score of 134-49 in Hagerty’s first year. Replace St Paul with St Francis the next year but with a similar sweep of 139-46. Do you think those teams didn’t think they could get Amat after the Lancers 3-7 in 07?

    You’re not talking about anything that Amat has not seen many times before.So maybe come up with a different take than this is the year, target on their back, they’re down and we’re better. That’s getting old and, though it could happen someday, we’ll believe it when we see it. Given recent, and not so recent, history – no reason to believe that time is now.

    If you were to read the off season/preseason blog comments during those years (and before blogs in the pizza places, bars, donut shops, and barber shops) everything is the same. Graduatioin, players lost, unproven replacements, no defense, no size, everyone else is getting better and Amat is becoming irrelevant, how are you going to repace a RB like Moore? Or Anderson? Gaise? Wagner? Gaise? McBride/Wells?(LOL) Fletcher? Cornell? Wagner? (yes two of each) McCleskey? Brown? McCutcheon? Sermons? Fields? Royster? Bieniemy? Tanner? Fields?(yes-two of them too) Taylor?

    Do you get the picture?

  • Lance Homer

    @Green with Amat envy, You know why you can blog about Amat’s loss to Servite and Santa Margarita or even Alemany?????
    The Wild Pussy Kats of monrovia don’t have the kat balls to schedule teams of that caliber. Also, “If Bishop wins all four, they can say whatever they want.”
    here’s a bit of info for ya….We (AMAT) ALREADY DO SAY WHATEVER WE WANT because we have the History to back it up! We also know what it’s like to play w/a bullseye on your back because we always have one and we always play that way! C’mon Green machine! WE ARE AMAT!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    greener cat,
    Been reading your posts on here . Can’t tell if your a fan or your just getting some excuses ready when we run the table on the SGV teams we face this season . I suggest if you are going to come on here as a mouth piece on either the greatness of AMAT in the SGV or the downfall of AMAT , I really can’t tell by your many posts on here , you should bone up on AMAT’s football history. Going back to the 04 season we have played at least 2-4 SGV teams each year with the exception of 07 when the slime was are only local game . Don’t need to tell you the out come of all those games because I know you know that fact. 04 , Glendora , CO , Damien . 05, the slime , Glendora , CO ,Damien . 06 , the slime , St Francis , I know you’ve heard of them and will soon find out just how good they are . 07 as I said only the slime . 08, Diamond Ranch , the slime , West Covina . 09, WC , Damien , DR , the slime . 10 , Muir , Damien . 11 La Mirada , Damien , which brings us to 12 and more SGV teams . As you can see we have been playing SGV teams every year and in some years up to 4 and in those years with 1 or 2 the other were IE teams such as Rancho and Los Osos. By the way what makes you an expert on playing tough schedules when your toughest game to date is SH and we know the outcome of that one don’t we .When you boys decide to step it up then you can join in although St Francis is a step in the right direction but you will soon find out if it’s the right direction for you or should you stay on the path you now travel on to continue your dominance and eliteness in the SGV. Also the news about Alcantera was known long ago with regard to his impending surgery . But as my earlier post mentione , why are you still talking about AMAT ????? Aren’t we irrelevent in football in the SGV. What’s really funny is your 6th paragraph of your last post. You really think those teams will be loose and nothing to lose ????? If those are your thoughts you are a bigger fool than you lead us to believe by your posts. You write that this will be the biggest game in their lives and a memory for a lifetime and also huge crowds to see their school beat the LANCERS, and the pressure is on AMAT ??? We know who we are and what we bring to the field of play because as you wrote we have been there before many times and games of this nature are not new to AMAT . So keep posting and trying to convince yourself of whatever it is you are trying to say ,is AMAT a has been or is AMAT still the team to beat , which is it ????????? Does that answer you question on the first LANCER to say it since you did call me out ????

  • Lancelot

    AMAT runs the local pre-season table 4-0! Now it’s on the record.

  • Final Score

    When you try to compare scores you can’t just look at the final – you have to look at how the game was played. Different strategies define how the score is going to play out. Some teams get ahead and “grind it out” to ensure a win by a couple scores while other teams pour it on. I remember when Amat ran out the clock by taking a knee four times in the final minute inside Diamond Ranches 10 rather than scoring, but on the other side of the coin teams like Santa Margarita keep on scoring. Amat was up huge to Diamond Ranch, the second time, and La Mirada at halftime and coulda won by 60 – but chose to ground and pound while the clock kept running with backups n the game – while Lakewood throws deep in the final minute to tack another one on.
    Not that either one is right and either one is wrong – a win is a win and a loss is a loss, but the final score doesn’t always tell the whole story.

  • AMAT 73

    Sorry Joe but I just had to do it . Normally no as you wrote but this cat is all over the board on AMAT this and AMAT that so , yes I wrote it . After all as you wrote due to recent and not so recent history no reason to think different then all the previous years. What I can’t figure is why is these games are so huge to those schools in the eyes of greener cat . Maybe now he will comeback with some sort of reasoning seeing as he’s had 4 AMAT honks reply. HHHuuummm 4-0 , 4 replies from AMAT and 0 replies from him , kind of interesting .

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    uh I woke up the Amat heads… 4-0 it’s been documented. Is it wrong that I would like to see a new power in the SGV, or that I am routing for the underdog? Looking back to pre-2004 BA does not help the outlook on this season. Every year, we say this is the year for BA…Well I am saying it again this year. I think that, this year BA is ripe for the picking. What I have laid out on the is very conceivable. With BA opening with Servite, then playing four really good SGV programs, I just don’t think BA can win all 4 games. If you factor in your best lineman going to Charter Oak, he is going to have his fellow linemen pump. You figure with Alcantara out…Simko will find a few wholes in that secondary which already was struggling in Passing league. If you factor in St paul with Scoby and other great transfers, they are going to be a tough out, and you know Assante beats at least 1 pac 5 team every year. If You factor new players at QB and RB, I know Cook is a big target, but not much on speed side. The defense will work hard, but not much size. See how BA fans are…you are not entitled to automatically being “Crowned” the best SGV. This year you will have to earn it. All of the SGV teams will have to earn it this year, since are so many big games. Don’t get all butt hurt because there are a few people out there who think you are going to lose a few of those games. Remember Bloggers don’t play. So what anyone says on here has no effect on what the outcomes will be. It’s going to be alot of hurt in Lancerville, then you will start talking about it’s only 1 year, and we should revert back to your remarkable history. You know deep in your hearts, your not 4-1 going into Serra league play. The reason why say it’s different this season, is because no matter who Is the better team in rivalry games, they are going to be hard, and close. The SGV is small compared to most areas, so things are more close knit. Your games vs SGV teams are going to be the talk of the town. Hope the lights aren’t too bright.

  • same ole same ole

    Out to pasture – did you not read anything Joe Amat wrote. They’ve been down, worse than now, and still creamed the SGV crop. Not squeaked by – creamed. And every year those teams get up for Amat – biggest game on their schedule. Yet they’ve earned it year after year, by beating 2/3/4 of the valleys best. By a lot. Even in years when Charter Oak was the #1 team in the valley and Amat was “average”. It’s amazing, really, that they continue to sweep the valley after needing to replace the backs listed at the bottom of his post. That might make the odds good for Dionza Blue to just be the next on the list. Alcantara missed much of last season too – so, unfortunately, they’ve already moved on from that. You also seem to forget the losses Charter Oak has had. How do you replace Santiago and Scoby and Gilcrest? They could be in trouble on offense too. Don’t count on the lineman making any motivational speeches that will make a difference. The valley rosters are filled with guys that couldn’t handle Amat for one reason or the other (his reason was the other).
    So you can keep saying it again, year after year, rooting for the underdog, thinking Amat is ripe for the picking, and hoping for a new power but there is just not anymore reason to think that may happen this year as opposed to any other.

  • AMAT 73

    greener cat,
    Have you forgotten what you wrote so quickly. We have played these types of games before so the lighting will be nothing new to AMAT . As a matter fact those same lights are the ones your boys will be under when facing St Francis . Your theory of losing Hauser is already almost a year old . Alcantera was a known issue from way back . You are not in touch with our program as you think you are. Seems you spew much of what was and is written and reported on these blogs as if you are finding these things out recently . Nobody is looking back before 04 , I only started there to show you we have played on a steady basis teams from the SGV which you reported we don’t .This is about now and the current schedule of facing 4 SGV teams. Now as far as that automatically crowned the best in the SGV ,that’s Fred’s choice not ours , we will deal with that this season on the field but even then we cannot play all the teams so there will be bloggers who will come on here and say , well you didn’t beat so and so or that team , you get the picture as I am sure you will lead that pack . You need to look at that crowning a little more closely as Monrovia still needs to earn that crown Aram put on them at seasons beginning , which by the way he has already put on Chino Hills head. See you lost it just as quick as you got it , and you know why , no games against elite competition that you have won . So my friend when speaking of pressure , I believe Monrovia is under way more than AMAT as you need to back all that bull you’ve been slinging on here all summer . By the way there is no way we go 4-1 in the Serra , maybe 4-0 but 4-1 not gonna happen in a 5 team league. Man you better start having someone proof read your posts as you keep shooting yourself in that foot you keep shoving down your mouth with your vast knowledge of AMAT football .

  • Walnut alum

    Was checking out walnuts practice yesterday. A new running back started yesterday who transferred in.asked a couple parents about him and know one knew anything about him,kid looked good .cody lepp looks good.good receiver and prospect .probably going to be one if the top in both positions .freshman team has a kid that wanted to go to amat or south hills but just stayed at walnut .kid is over 6 feet tall and weighs at least 225.first year playing football and looks like he is going to be good.good baseball player and never played pop Warner because he concentrated on baseball.he is going to play tight end and defensive line.

  • Covinaa94

    Covina will beat San Dimas and win VVL!

    QB Darren Torres
    WR Evan Stretton
    DB David Gonzalez

  • haha

    Covina doesn’t have to worry about being embaressed by Monrovia again, you won’t even make the playoffs this year.

  • Sgv baller

    Saw the freshman running back at covina play last season .kid was good.l see him making some noise ,maybe next season .snoops nephew Kenya bell is also going to mAke some noise at diamond bar.played really well as a freshman on the varsity team last season.going to be seeing more of him returning punts, kickoffs and playing Db .

  • Undertaker

    RIP amat

    We’ll miss you.

  • Undertaker

    RIP amat

    We’ll miss you

  • AMAT 73

    dumbo the underfaker,
    FYI AMAT was built in 1957 . If you’re going to knock us , at least get your dates correct idiot . And not once but twice . So I guess that makes you a two time loser .

  • Defenseless Lancers

    Why does Hags hire errr recruit errr bring on baseball players to our football team? All those guys do is create problems for our team. Am I wrong?

    Now we have Alcantara quitting the team also? WTF!

    He was our best player on defense and now he’s gone too!

    Our entire team is in big trouble! We will not recover from all these losses. What’s worse is that it’s only June!

    Defenseless in La Puente…

  • Web or

    Amat 73

    So, basically nothing has changed? Hahahaha!

  • Lancer Less

    Joe Amat, Amat 73, and all the lancer blowhards are so very proud of the “victories” against powerhouses errrr cupcakes likes Garfield, Venice, and Cathedral! The fact is that you needed those cupcakes in order to prop up your record. Not this year Jose! This year you’re gonna be 1 – 5 before the weak azz Serra teams take you out. Final 2012 record will be 2 – 8.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • AMAT 73

    Who will that one win your giving AMAT be against ????

  • Sgv baller

    Alemany from the weak ass Serra league .just won the Dana hills passing tournament which included mater dei ,Santa margarita , upland to name a few. Not bad for a weak Serra team .

  • AMAT 73

    Hey less,
    Still trying to figure out who the win is against ? Your on the clock pea brain . Let me help you , it’s evident you’re an SGV honk so let’s rule out the 3 SGV teams we face . Now surely you don’t think we will beat Servite , do you ???? You can reply now .

  • AMAT fans are a joke

    all the amat fans need to get a life!!!!!!!!! Get of the blogs for five minutes ahahha. You guys are gonna suck this year get over it…. now get off the blogs!

  • Stable keeper

    I don’t know but Amat just doesn’t have the horses. Blue is great, but who else? When you play in the pac 5 you must have players. Amat doesn’t have any. That’s the reason they are not winning in the Pac 5. If they had horses, like they did in 80’s , 90’s and early 2000’s, they would be going deep in the playoffs. The SGV is small but very talent rich. If they were getting the best players like they use to they would be a power house. Amat’s coaching, tradition, discipline, and year round work ethic, gives them the edge in games vs sgv teams who’s program consistency and strength fluctuate. So they normally win those games. However this season Amat’s program is not strong; Too many personnel losses, not enough recruiting, not enough talent, and size or speed.
    They will not make a dent in this years serra or pac 5 div. This may not have been the best season to challenge the best local team. Their is a lot at risk. if they don’t win those games, it’s going to be hard to convince parents to send their kids there. I know the education is good, however football is just as important. If I was going to spend all that money, I want to win. I would want to win in league, Playoffs and win against the local public schools. The prestige attract people . If BA is 1-5 going to league, that’s going to be bad for business. Every great coach says you must have players. Right now the best athletes in the SGV are no where near La puente. I remember back in the day , when you walked over to La Puente, you saw weight room studs, now you don’t see too many triceps or pecks over there. You can’t win like that.

  • Lancelot

    Stable Boy, We don’t “convince” parents to send their kids to Amat. They CHOOSE to send their kids there. And I bet ALL of these Amat Doomsday posts are coming from the same CLOWN at the same circus.

  • Dates are real important

    Amat 73 NO YOU ARE WRONG! School was built in 56 opened in 57 who’s the idiot now.

  • Joe Amat

    “Bishop Amat High School as built by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 1957 to serve the Catholic Families of the San Gabriel Valley. Funded through the Cardinal McIntyre Youth Education Fund, Bishop Amat was founded as a co-instructional high school. The school opened in the classrooms of St. Christophers School (boys) and St. Johns School (girls) in September 1957. On December 16, 1957 the present campus site was opened. His eminence, James Cardinal McIntyre formally dedicated the campus in October, 1959.”

    Any questions?

  • AMAT 73

    Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there in blogland , hope you all have a very nice day .

    Thanks Joe,
    I was wondering why we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2007 , for a minute there I thought we goofed on all the shirts and celebrations we had for the occasion .

    dates are,
    You were saying something about someone being an idiot now ???????

  • Thaddeus Amaty Brusi

    Construction started in 1956 – 1957 this is when school was ( built ) School was founded, and opened it’s doors in 1957. Archives Gentleman!!



  • SGV Fan

    Monrovia is not in the SGV, are you kidding me! What are the Mountains call that they are on the base of. Oh yea. The West San Gabriel Hills!

  • SGV(N)

    SGV Fan – that says TRIBUNE rankings….Monrovia is in the Star News area. Go there for MHS info