BREAKING RECRUITING NEWS: Charter Oak WR Bryce Bobo has committed to Colorado

Rivals broke the news….

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  • Anonymous

    Congrats BOBO im pretty sure your family is proud of you including your brother continue to stride toward your dreams

  • thats great news

    Congrats BoBo your parents must be proud. Thats great that another Charter Oak player is going to a D 1 School. Good luck and GOD bless.

  • Huskies in the house!

    No I’m not a hater so no one come on here and put me on blast for one question but is serious one question. Rival schools were having a healthy debate last night and really bothered me not like I was upset I’m happy for the young men but frustrated at the same time with our school and the Valley why is that someplace like Charter Oak every damn year can get guys out D-1, D-2, D-3 and places as far as like

    Florida Atlantic, Gilchrist, Mt. Union Avila, Chadron State Perri, Corey Gibas Texas A & M, Tanner Gibas Kansas, Utah State Austin, Washington State Golden, Powell Portland State, Northern Arizona Brian Hunter, Smith San Jose State, Muema San Diego State, Rogers and Clement Cal Lutheran, Carreon and Brown Redlands look at how many different guys at different levels in different conferences throughout the U.S.

    not to mention how many guys in the past and I know I am probably forgetting guys still playing now at other places that he rambled on about last night and of course I don’t want to give C.O. too much more props but why can’t places like my own South Hills and other schools regardless of athletic ability find a home for our guys?

    For instance, A.P.U. is right in our own backyard and would be perfect for some of our guys like the five that are supposedly going there from Charter Oak this year. How hard is it? Can’t be that hard. And congrats to Bobo but suddenly they can get a guy to go PAC-12 within a few months of everyone else going someplace else throughout the country and we can’t make more than one or two announcements.

    Yes, talent has much to do with this but we’ve had some good high school football players definitely not D-1 but guys that could get their education number one and continue to play the game they love number two if only I think we knew how better and schools around the Valley knew better and no one come on here and give the guru credit either. Hell no! but what gives? I want to hear someplace other than Charter Oak and Monrovia sending guys to the next level. And oh congrats again to Bobo. Way to represent your boys. Guys that you probably don’t even know but alumni that follow you were sure happy for you last night rubbing it in. Go get it!

  • Coaching that cares

    I agree toom many schools are not producing the players. There is talent in the area and plenty of schools to go to. Even The University of Laverne does not have many local schools. Hags tell his players it is not his job to get a player a scholarship. WC wins two back to back CIF Titles and they produce one player? And to Reno (not big time football compared to where other players are going). Monrovia is definitely getting the players and finding a way to get them out. CO has done a great job finding schools for their players. I would throw Diamond Ranch in the same group for finding a way to get their players out. I would think as teachers the coaches would make an effort to get there players into college. I have seen APU play and I think some of the local talent can play. Too many of our players are attending Citrus and Mt. Sac or no school at all. I am happy for BoBo and great job Lou.

  • Year in year out


    I have been around schools in the East San Gabriel Valley for the past seven years and I see and hear it every single year.
    It doesn’t have to be D1, the scholar ship is the most important thing.

    Hope all Head Coaches are hearing this.

  • It can be D 1

    Every prep player would love to play at the highest level, which is D1A. There are plenty of D1 schools which are located in state which don’t have a ton of talent. Coaches rarely reach out to coaches to inform them they have a player. Recruiting is a two way street. Colleges don’t list their coaching for no reason. There is absolutely no reason why a coach can’t make a phone call, or upload a video and email it to a coach In the Sunbelt or Mac conference. These schools, most likely don’t recruit nationally , however would be very interested in SGV players like(Jamie Canada, Jalen Moore, Jimmy Frazier, Travis Santiago, Jonathon Thropay, Meaders, Barnett, Luke williams, Marquise Bias, Victoria, Horrine, and more could not be playing for someone on the D1 level). High school coaches should pattern their work ethic after the great JC coaches we have in the state. A JC coach will call any and every school in the country to get players out. That’s because it is their job to get players out, just as much as winning games. It May not be a high school coaches job to get players out, but it’s in his best interested. Otherwise, parents will go elsewhere. Especially when they feel their kid has the potential to go D1. I’ve read some statements regarding Hag’s at Bishop. I can’t believe he said it was not his job, and he does not nominate players for all star games. If this is true, that might be exactly why BA is struggling. However, once you get past the D1A level, and drop down to the D1AA level, D2 and NAIA, there are hundreds of schools. I just won’t believe that our All area players can’t play on the D2 and D3 levels. Some parents and kids, opt out on offers from schools that don’t give full rides to play JC. There is risk and reward with that. Some players don’t pick up offers after Jc Ball, and end up worse off then they were if they would have took that D2 package. Moreover, I just feel coaches should work hard to get their players into college.

    On a side note, I think their should be official JR year All Star games.

  • FBFan

    You guys make it seem like if it is easy to receive a division I scholarship. Just to let you know, 5 percent of high school football players throughout the nation go onto play at the college level and less than 1 percent receive a division 1 college scholarship so if the SGV produces a few guys that get a D-I scholarship, then that is great. A lot of factors are involved in this process. Grades, athletic ability, player’s desire, attitude, etc.

    A place like APU is great, but even they don’t want their team to be filled with nothing but kids from the SGV although they do have a few. Schools such as the University of La Verne are Division II and do not offer athletic scholarships so kids don’t want to make the sacrifice that it takes to play college football when there is zero financial award and very little publicity.

  • FBFan

    Excuse me University of La Verne is D III

  • Anthony

    I think I know why CO is getting more players to the next level. They TALK to a lot of coaches at the next level- to pick their brain about what offense or defense that they run. Along the way they have had some pretty talented athletics and have been a winning program for many years (how long has Big Lou been there?)Over the years they have created a bond with many of these D1 coaches. If someone ask about a player they tell them the truth about their talents. So even if they haven’t played a very tough schedule (I guess it doesn’t matter)the talent has been there and someone on this staff of getting these kids names out their.These kids are getting a college TO PAY FOR THEIR EDUCATION and that’s the bottom line.The last game of last season they got whacked 50-0 and a player stood out- Brice Bobo. This kid is getting a free ride for FOUR years.Do you think his family cares now that they lost 50-zero ? I want to thank who ever is at this school and got Bobo’s name out their. Thank You !By getting Bobo scholarship-a player who’s name was not in the press very much, you have just made it easier for player to want to go CO. Congrats Bobo,you earned it.

  • easy?? huskies??

    I remember this time last year at the San L Ob football summer camp, the head coach said up front that he had 16 football scholarships to give out, there were over 300 high school ‘seniors to be’ there listening //

    point is: SLO is not a national or regional power in D1A but the average team only has around 20 to give each year// it is that way in D1 and D1A

    so it really does take great effort, and not just on the field, it isnt easy

    we were fortuneate, my son didnt go to SLO but did get a D1A scholarship at another school

  • tommykiss

    I was on business trip a few weeks ago and met an asst coach from San Jose St and he told me their recruiting areas are pretty large and he relied on coaches recommendations. He also said it helped that there is a trend for Kids to have their highlights and profiles on Youtube, because it was easy to have the link emailed to him and from there they can see if a player was worth a visit or watching in person. Parents you can be proactive in this regards, because it is not difficult to film or get you sons/daughter on youtube and then get that info to coaches. There are many schools out there that have scholarships and creative financing to help. The goal should be to use a players athletic ability to get into school and earn a degree, because if you think the odds of getting a scholarship are low, they are even lower to becoming a pro in any sport.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @Coaching that cares,

    “WC wins two back to back CIF Titles and they produce one player? And to Reno (not big time football compared to where other players are going).”

    Just shows that there is great coaching over at WC! We have been doing it for the most part with home grown talent and don’t need a whole bunch of talent tranfering in. In 2010 and 2011, not one transfer made much of an impact, it was all district kids. And what’s wrong with Nevada? Nevada plays Oregon next year! That’s a program at least trying to play up. Solomon had offers to play Pac-12 ball but went with Nevada because they gave him the oppurtunity to play RB! Where are these other players going? Are they also playing RB? Not bad considering how many kids get a chance to play RB at a D1 school. Not that race should matter, but not manny Latino atheletes even get a look to play RB in college! West Covina has produced a handful of D1 talent in the last few years, including one NFL player.

    Talent comes and goes in cycles at public schools. The only constant for winning programs is solid coaching! Congratulations to Bobo! I hope he has a spectacular and injury free season this year!

  • JMO


    Do you have any impact “transfers” playing for you this year?

  • Bulldogs have bite


    I would say Hornsby who came from Rancho Verde last year but was forced to sit out last season will definately be an impact player! Picked up a Linebacker from Chino named Niko Johnson. I don’t know much about him, so not sure what impact he will have. I heard the varsity squad has about 80-100 players so far this year which is one of the highest turnouts in years. Who knows what hidden gems may emerge?

  • keep27

    Coaching that cares
    Dude, you’re a joke. did you ever think that some kids go to Citrus or Mt sac because of their grades and not their ability. You sound like the clowns that ran Randle out North. “You have all this talent to win championships, but where are the scholarships?” Have they won a title since? Most of these head coaches teach class during the day and then go to practice. JC coaches get to, guess what, coach and recruit. The programs I am around do a great job of getting their kids names out, but the coaches can’t go to class for them and get them to pass the tests for them or do all the projects for them. They can set them up for it and give them the opportunity to do it, but they can’t do it for them. Or maybe you live in the world where they do all the work for them.
    Off the WC team from last year
    nobody talks about the non football layers going to college. Nobody talks about the qb who is going to West Point. he played qb on a CIF championship team. By your logic, he should be getting D I offers. How about the 2 lineman who were All CIF and are going to JCs to get their education and not play football because they aren’t 6′ 3″.
    Coaching that cares, why don’t you ask Mike Maggiore why he went to Mt Sac instead of Div I right away. He will tell you he wasn’t ready to go Div I then, it had nothing to do with how much his high schools coaches cared. He ended up going to oregon St after Mt sac. Some kids aren’t ready and develop physically and emotionally after they graduate from HS. Use your brain.

  • A ride is a ride is a ride

    A ride, is a ride, is a ride regardless if it’s a partial or a full scholly. They are being recognized for their efforts/potential to a program.

    It is NOT the Coach’s responsibility to pimp their players though they often do. It is the player’s responsibility to get exposure. Camps, Combines, doing well during the season, doing well in the classroom, registering with the clearing house, you know, stuff like that. Those kids that don’t get rides, could it be they are not motivated to get seen? Could that be a possibility? That their parents bought into the “it’s the coach’s responsibility” line of thinking?

    Work hard in the classroom, get out there, get motivated, get seen, and don’t let some High School “coach” decide when your playing career is over.

  • Hustle and Flow

    I think it’s the opposite. I think a coach is pimping if he is not making phone calls to help his players get exposure. I agree parents should take the initiative; by sending kids to combines, and camps, but If a coach feels a player is good enough, has grades and aptitude to do well in school, then he should make some calls, and email a couple of video’s for his jrs. I hate linear thinking. Like the famous lion king song “Circle of life”…getting kids to go to college help create a experienced and educated Alumni base, which can come back and give back valuable College Experience to the younger guys. If a coach does not help his players follow their dreams, some will be reluctant to come back and give their time.

  • Dan

    Great points being made on here, there is more effort to being recruted than some people realize, West Covina coaches along with many other schools do care about their kids and make efforts to getting them out to colleges but other factors such as lack of grades,[more often in the early years] work ethic, or other things often prevent kids from attaining scholarships.
    We’ve even had a few kids turn down D2 scholarships because they would rather take the JC route and hopefully get a D1 as they develope and get more experience. That would kind of hurt if my son did that, as a father I would be jumpimg for joy if he was offered a free education at a D2 school. Bulldogs have bite also had a great point in that West Covina gets a lot of kids that are good highschool football players but not necessarily D1 or D1AA talent, You don’t see the caliber of Muema or Rufus or McCarthy, or Scoby over here at WC, Solomon may prove out to be at that level but most years you don’t see that kind of talent over here, yet WC has been very successful these past few years as the coaching staff has grown in knowlege and gained more experience and the kids have bought in and are well coached and play good hard team ball.

  • I’m purely speculating, but West Covina may also have had some guys who are D-1, but are non-qualifiers. Maybe after JUCO ball you will see that.

    Also, let’t not forget that since 2004 West Covina has sent:

    Walter Thurmond to Oregon
    William Wallace to Oregon
    Albert Cid to UCLA
    Chris Solomon to Nevada

  • Dan

    Aram your right, every once in a while we get an Albert Cid, or Will Wallace, or Chris Solomon, or Walter Thurmond, but its usually one at a time and a couple of years in between those types of athletes, although I would say that in 2010 we had a couple D1 players in Joseph Gibson and Solomon who was a junior at the time. I’m waiting for the season that we have 3 or 4 of these D1 type of athletes running around on the same team like CO had in 08 and 09 or like Monrovia is said to have now, could be just a matter of time now that we are keeping more of our kids home. By the way I heard our kicker from last season is going to one of the New Mexico schools on a scholarship in addition to Solomon going to Nevada, and our quarterback, Callabero who is going to West Point.

  • Owls

    Citrus sent Albert Cid to UCLA, NOT West Covina.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    And Citrus was glad to have him via West Covina!

  • Mr. Owl

    It didn’t hurt that the UCLA O Coordinator knows Maggiore well and came by recruiting him. It also speaks well that Cid is at WCHS once a week. I think both Citrus and WCHS had a hand in his development. Why get into a pissing match over who got him there? Maybe, just maybe, the kid had a bigger hand in it.

  • AMAT 73

    Great hear all the signings by our SGV players to various colleges. On the Cid issue , glad to see he is on to UCLA and maybe it will show a few knuckleheads around here that the JC route is not that bad as some think . Here’s a kid who had all the basics in size and strenght but needed the couple of years in JC to get the edge needed in D-1 . Congrats to all the signees. If Bryce continues how he left off in the Upland game which was outstanding he has a great career ahead of him . One of the top if not the top receiver in the SGV this season.