Euro Quarters are set: Czech Republic vs. Portugal, Germany vs Greece, Spain vs. France, Italy vs. England .. Predicting Germany-Spain final, Germany wins it

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  • **crickets**

  • Fred Robledo

    Don’t fool yourself Lou, this isn’t soccer in America 20 years ago, Americans are watching this like never before.

  • Guess I was right Fred.

  • LA Futbol


    As much as I want to talk smack to you for picking the two favorites, I gotta say you’re right. These are clearly the two best sides. The only other team that could make some noise would be Portugal.

    Agree with your pick though. I think Spain is getting old and has shown signs of weakness in the backline. They’re still beautiful to watch play, but Germany will find a way to exploit their defense.

    Lou P…stop being a typical American soccer hater. ESPN seems to think soccer’s on the rise!

  • Yes and ESPN shows poker non-stop as a sport also.

  • From ESPN

    From ESPN

    Euro 2012, the European soccer championships underway in Poland and Ukraine, shows soccer can be a U.S. TV draw when it’s a big event.

    Consider that ESPN’s first-round Spain-Italy game Sunday drew a 1.7 overnight rating, translating to 1.7% of households in the 56 urban markets measured for overnights.

    By comparison to 2008, when the event was last held and was staged in Switzerland and Austria, only one of the 32 Euro games carried by ESPN/ABC managed to top a 1.7 overnight — ABC’s Spain-Germany final, which drew a 2.3 overnight.

    And in 2008, no first-round game drew an overnight higher than 0.9. But in addition to Spain-Italy, ESPN’s first-round action that topped 0.9 included Netherlands-Denmark (1.2), Germany-Portugal (1.3) and Ireland-Croatia (1.2).

    Those soccer ratings are comparable to CBS’ PGA Tour third-round action Saturday, which drew a 1.4 overnight, and ESPN’s Detroit Tigers-Cincinnati Reds MLB game Sunday night (1.6).