Get ready for a Blog Makeover ..

I’ve been hearing for nearly a year our Blogs are moving from Moveable Type to Word Press and it appears we’re finally ready to make the switch. I received an email today explaining that sometime over the next two to three weeks that our blogs will be unavailable for at least a day, and possibly longer, while the blogs are moved from Moveable Type to World Press. When I receive a firm date on exactly when it will happen, I will pass it on. This will happen to all our blogs at the SGVN, not just this one. From what I understand, everything on the current blogs, including the archives, will be moved to the new blogs, a huge plus in keeping our history on file. One of the biggest questions for all of us is how the comments will work. I’m still not sure, but looking at other word press blogs, there appears to be three options, through Facebook, Twitter or by creating a sign-name through word press, similar to what we already have. This will allow commenters who wish to stay anonymous, stay anonymous, which should make a lot of you extremely happy. From what I understand, Word Press is the best and fastest blog server around, but I don’t know much beyond that, nor do I know how the new blogs will look. I’ll wait in anticipation like the rest..

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