San Gabriel Valley Bombshell Breaking News: Bonita’s Justin Garza named to Baseball America’s All-America first-team

The awards just keep on coming for Bonita High School pitcher Justin Garza. Garza was named today a first-team All-American by one of the most respected publications in the business, Baseball America. To put that in perspective, Garza is one of only 16 players nationwide and three from California to make the prestigious first team list. Garza, who was 25-1 over the last two years, led the Bearcats to the Division 3 title in a 5-1 victory over Alhambra. This is why I stated earlier that Garza is the best high school pitcher I ever covered.

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  • way to go

    Congrats to this young man, but if this was a Bishop Amat kid, everyone would be complaining to the tribune about favortism. How many Garza posts have there been lately? Hey, well deserved.

  • Julie Magallanes

    Congrats to Justin, Linda and Charlie ! I can’t say enough kind words about this family. Justin rightly deserves all the praise he is getting. The Garza’s are good people who raised an outstanding son and not just on the field. I will truly miss all of the cheering with Linda next yr at our games but wish nothing but success to Justin as he moves on to college life.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Julie, you will be welcomed at the friendly confines of Kevin Costner, er, Goodwin Field in beautiful Fullerton.
    Nice props for a good kid. It will be neat to see Garza and Matthews on Fullerton’s weekend staff.

  • Not About Amat

    This is your time Justin. Congratulations! Sad to see first comment on here is a Amat homer congratulating the young man in one breath, and making this about Amat on the other. This is not the time for that. This is a huge accomplishment, Big day for Justin, his family and all of the SGV.

  • amat is always looking for coverage

    Amat Bloggers put a sock in it!!! Geesh…The kid is a all american from Bonita high!! Not Amat…Rio has had more coverage than anyone, and he is not the best player in the area…Justin Garza is…and No I am not a Bonita fan. Mtown lol.

  • Baseball watcher

    Rio who??

  • Old Guy

    Congratulations! Great job representing the valley.

  • Valley baseball

    Justin is a top player in the us.Congrats to him .lets not make this about who is the best in the valley.munoz at Los altos went in the third round in the draft.

  • Karma

    You Garza fans should be thankful that you haven’t had to endure half the BS that comes with a great HS athletes being recognized for their accomplishments in the SGV. Wait until the adults (?) who come on this board and talk smack, belittle, take cheap shots, pot shots and otherwise demean a student athlete start showing up. The adults who for some reason or another, maybe they don’t like Dad, Mom or the Kid because he gets more attention then their boy did, who knows? This is what Rio Ruiz had to deal with for four years! Maybe Justin is lucky that he is receiving the hot glare of the SGV spotlight so late in his brilliant career because otherwise, more people, like the idiots that continually bash Rio and his family, just like earlier posts here, may be coming out of the wood work and from under rocks to lob some shots at J.G. The point is, Lay off the kids! ALL THE KIDS! These young men deserve encouragement and praise, not insults.

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to Justin Garza on this fine accomplishment . Very well deserving and with the work ethic of this young man he will go far . Good luck in your future and I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg in the accolades you will be receiving . Can’t wait to see you help CSUF to another title .

  • Amat Hijacked another one!

    Yes, D Bags bash and talk smack on this blog and others like it, but almost as prevalent is the rampant hijacking of virtually every subject by Amat people! This topic is NOT about Amat or Rio, who I very much enjoyed watching and reading about over his career on the gridiron and the diamond, by the way, but damn, can’t someone else have a story all to themselves without some Amat honk making it about them and their players? I would like Aram or Fred to do a story on girls badminton at Diamond Bar, for example, so we can watch in awe as someone from Amat makes it about them and theirs for cry eye!