Bishop Amat’s Rio Ruiz expected to sign with the Houston Astros on Monday for approximately $1.85 million, according to sources

Bishop Amat’s Rio Ruiz has agreed to terms with the Houston Astros and is expected to ink a deal for approximately $1.85 million according to sources and other published reports. Ruiz, a fourth-round draft choice in this month’s Major League Baseball draft, was a projected first-round pick but missed most of his senior season due to a blood clot near his right shoulder area. He was recently cleared by family doctors and is on his way to Houston to take a physical before signing on Monday, according to sources. Ruiz’s family said all along the USC commit would attend college unless they received an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Baseball America is also reporting that Ruiz has agreed to terms with the Astros: That’s ($1.85 million) the biggest bonus compared to assigned pick value thus far in the 2012 draft, coming in at $1,489,800 over the $360,200 allocated for the 129th overall pick. Ruiz beats the standard set by fellow Astros draftee Lance McCullers Jr., who signed for $2.5 million as the 41st overall pick.

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  • 12th man

    I guess my inside source isn’t so foolish after all..Still waiting for my dose of common sense lol..Fred this is old news! I reported the offer the day after the draft, maybe I should apply for a position at the Tribune~

  • Fred Robledo

    It’s not old news because they agreed TODAY.

  • 12th man

    Oh! K!!! It was just a coincidence that it’s the same amount I reported on June 6th comment #37

  • Curious

    So is the 1.85 cash he gets right now up front as in bonus or is it paid over a period of years?

  • congrats said

    Congrats and best of luck in your career. Use your money wisely, lock it into a trust and have a back up plan. Your hard work your whole life is paying off so take this gift and make it last. life is all about curve balls so plan ahead!

  • Joe Amat

    The $1.85M is a signing bonus equivelant to the slot for the 20th pick in the entire draft. So defnitely first round money.

    As of 2009 the pay scale for most players is as follows: All wages are based on first year participation. Each additional year of service at each level adds $100 a month.
    Rookie $1,100/mo
    Short Season A $1,100/mo
    Low A $1,200/mo
    High A $1,300/mo
    Double A $1,700/mo
    Triple A $2,300/mo
    The incentives include: $500 bonus after 60 days in Double A time.
    $1000 bonus after 60 days Triple A time.
    $5000 bonus after 60 days Big League time.
    All minor league players recieve $20 meal money per day that the team is away from home. Not including the off season.
    Minor League money is not very lucrative – making use of that signing bonus that much more important
    Obviously, if you make the 40 man MLB roster it goes up by leaps and bounds.

  • Stanford Dad

    After four lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng years of Rio bashing, hating and second guessing I started to wonder what former Glendora great Tracy Murray would have endured “IF” the blog existed when he was making his legend felt across the Valley, and the country.

    In fact, it’s arguable that Rio has the potential to be a bigger talent than Murray was in his chosen profession. Yes I know it’s early but Rio, without his injury, would have been a Top 10 pick. Without question Murray was a beast and had a better high school career but still one has to wonder what life for the Murrays would have been with a blog bashing them for four years.

    The SGV will always have a great “some one” maybe it’s time to appreciate our athletes rather than tear them down.

    Just saying.

  • NobleFan76

    Words of wisdom. Don’t buy Mamma a house, don’t buy Papa a truck, don’t lend or give money to relatives, friends and long lost cousins. Invest it for your future no matter what happens.

  • A word of caution


    When you get a few dollars together all you find out is who you’ve associated with, except never saw that side of them. Trust me when I say this. Few if any of his friends or family haven’t thought about his money and what that means to them, hey it’s human nature. Not bashing any one, as I know none of them, but have had this experience personally.

    The best Rio can do is what he’s done so far, lean on a Higher Power for strength and guidance.

    Just the other day former Boston pitching great and lonnnnnnnnng time media darling came out and said he’s “tapped out”…in other words..B.R.O.K.E ! That’s $112,000,000 GONE !!!! PLUS endorsements and investments and what not…almost 150 million over a 18 year MLB career all gone. 50 million into a video gaming investment “that would produce jobs and be a longstanding profitable venture”… worth ZERO !!!!

    Money needs to make money…or else it’s vaporizes.

    Best of luck kid.


    As I expected. I thought Huston could get him for 1 mil to 1.3 mil. I guess Scott Boras is not a fluke after all. Good for Rio!

    maybe Justin Garza should hire Boras on his junior year, see what happens….

  • JMO

    Hard to turn down the cabbage but college life was a blast that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Good luck Rio.

  • MLB Man

    Rio has officially passed his physical with the Astros.

  • Mlbdraft

    This deal was available because the 1st round pick agreed to $3m + below slot, which means Houston could spend elsewhere within the first 10 rounds. Under the new agreement, each team has a “slotted” salary cap… it’s not so much Scott Boras as it’s the Astros who played it smart. Had the 1st pick signed for “slot” $, then Rio’s chance at that type of payday would probably not been available.

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