Diamond Bar Sophomore WR/DB Cordell Broadus, the son of rapper Snoop Dogg, received his first offer from UCLA

Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay: Diamond Bar coach Ryan Maine Tweeted that WR Cordell Broadus received his first offer from UCLA. Broadus, the son of rapper Snoop Dogg, is a 6-foot-2, 185-pound sophomore expected to play WR and DB for the Brahmas. Broadus could join Justin Combs, the son of rapper Sean “Diddy”Combs, who will be playing at UCLA in the fall. This is an exciting time in the Valley. USA Today already has picked up this story and the spotlight is only going to grow. I can’t ever recall covering a celebrity’s son or daughter of this magnitude in our own backyard.

Below: Looks like Snoop and Coach Maine are getting along just fine …

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  • reality

    Fer Shizzell!

  • SGV Football

    I’ve seen this kid at practice, and he looks ok. I think he can develop into a decent player as he matures, but there really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot there just yet. I’m very surprised at any offer at this point, as he has not really shown anything. Let’s be honest, if he were a good player, he would have stayed at Long Beach Poly, who is a perrenial powerhouse in football and they get much attention from all colleges. Instead he came to DB where their best sport is badmitton. And by the way, i’m not kidding, apparently they dominate in badmitton every year. I guess it always helps when your dad is a celebrity.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    This kid is going to be soph/6’3 about 195 lbs pretty good speed , strong hands, and wasn’t afraid. I saw him head up against D1 prospects a camp. He look like he had some potential. This is nothing more than an gut feeling offer. They may feel he is going to blossom, or they can develop him. Colleges do this all the time. You can get a offer from a work out. Some kids get full rides bc some coach saw them dunk a basketball or run track. Geesh, SGV people need more exposure to those type of things. The kid has 3 more years. Anything can happen. However, Darrick Holmes balled out as a freshman, received a offer and everyone questioned that. Let the scouts scout, and bloggers blog. I am sure these guys know what they are doing.

  • Juan Pollo

    Congrats to the young man!!! keep working hard… You have an opportunity now take it and take some of your teammates along for the ride. There is a lot of talent heading db way.

  • patrick


    I would think Mr Broadus knows his kid better than anybody else…i think its shallow to judge him when you dont know who he is or his work ethic! But im sure Mr Broadus would love to hear these same words you just posted on a computer screen in person!

  • Patrick

    DRanch, is there ANY limit as to how low you and your supporters will go just to get attention?? Maybe if you represented your school with “Class” you would get some attention! and to come on a message board and talk about a 16 yr old kid and his father is just gutterbutt to me and not to mention “Cowardly”! I just hope DR can take a punch as well as it likes to give them , because your days are coming soon enough!

  • Sierra League Fan

    Congrats to Chino Hill’s Jack Austin who committed to Boise St. He’s a great kid with a great future ahead of him. I think he deserves mention here.

  • DR Football

    It is still a far day from when DB will give us any competition. With or without baby snoop we will spank them this coming season. We will make a run for the title this year, and winning the Hacienda league wll be just a formality. WC will be our only competition, nd there days are pretty much over. I saw WC at a passing league and there isn’t a whole lot there. Diamond Ranch will be the top team this year. I doubt DB even makes the playoffs.

  • Drfootball

    Interesting considering everybody that has seen them is noticing DR is on the decline…But your crow is defrosting as i type this!! DR is nothing to write home about as a whole!

  • BigDog

    Diamond Ranch vs Diamond Bar 2-0

    2009-2010 41-0
    2010-2011 31-19

    Soon to be 3-0

  • Sgv baller

    I saw kordell play once against walnut only. He caught a short pass and fumbled it away when he started running . Cody lepp from walnut picked it up and then took it 30 yds to the 10 yd line.he will be a good player .i am sure he will get all the personal training he needs.no mention about snoops nephew Kenya who actually played the whole game at Db last year as a freshman .kenya is faster and a better overall player than kordell .he is not as big but big enough for a Db at 5 11 .i don’t think kordell left long beach because his skill .from what I here it was hard on him driving from diamond bar to lbc every morning.

  • patrick

    Who dwells on the past??? and that 2-0 was barely last yr!!But then again ,2-0 means nothing when you cant win the BIG one! Goodnight!

  • I am a DB DR Parent

    It is sad that I came on here to read about a player I had the pleasure of watching play baseball (Rio Ruiz) and see the comments that “DR” wrote. I don’t think it is a real DR parent because we really don’t post and Layton talked about the negatives of the Blog. It is either a promoter of “differences” or a parent who should not be posting. I am happy for Snoop’s son and hearing Layton speak over the years and knowing the effort he makes to make his players get an education I am sure he would be happy to hear it too. As for class I have seen a lot of football teams play and I feel in this society all teams play with some class and do somethings that are shady. Not opening the locker room is Shady. Saying you are going to “smack” a team is shady. Shaking hands after the game is class. It goes both ways for all schools not just DB and DR.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @ DR Football,

    “WC will be our only competition, nd there days are pretty much over. I saw WC at a passing league and there isn’t a whole lot there.”

    Our days are numbered? How so? Because last I checked, WC won league on all levels from Frosh to JV up to Varsity. We beat the Ranch 42-14, it was really 42-7 before Maggiore unleashed the bench against your starting offense and let you put up the feel good consolation TD.

    Each one of our teams have upwards to 100 + kids. You’re gonna need more than the Mayan Calendar to number our days!

    Estimating our team’s season by watching a passing league game gives you zero credibility. How did we look in passing league the last two years as we pounded DR on our way to back to back CIF Titles? West Covina went 3-1 in the Rancho tourney losing only to Rancho. We tied JW North and beat Dominguez last week. We are doing ok for “passing league”.

    Saying West Covina did not look great in passing league is like saying Michael Phelps did not look great competing in the long jump!

  • Bulldoggy

    @Sierra League Fan,

    There was something a few weeks ago about Jack Austin and Boise St. It had a highlight too. That kid is a man amongst boys. Saw him at the Rancho tournament. WOW!! That’s a great thing for him, Cordell Broadus, and any other kid who receives an offer. Keep up the good work boys. Proud to see the local talent blooming.

  • Panther Leader

    First off, you DBar parents are making it too easy for me so I decided not to take candy from babies and state the obvious. I will tell all of you, and especially the little puppy dogs over there in westco, that we are going 14-0 this year and don’t be the least surprised when we end up being the 1st team from the SGV to represent in the State Championship Game. Keep in mind that our 2014 class is the class of the Hacienda and we kicked the crap out of Westco as Freshmen and will do so again for the next 2 years at the varsity level.

  • Bulldoggy

    @I am a DB DR parent

    You give Layton too much credit. Run it up Roddy!!! That punk runs it up on all the lower teams, saw him going for 2 at the end of a blowout over Walnut last year. Yet he’s losing his mind when our 2nd and 3rd stringers score on his 1st string defense. Both those Diamond Bar schools suck, however Diamond Bar doesn’t run their mouths like Diamond Ranch does. Just look at all the DR people running it on this thread. I don’t mind the rest of the Hacienda League, I don’t cry when we lose to a better team, but kicking your teams ass, now thats a true pleasure. See you in league bitches!!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @ Kitty Litter (Panther leader),

    Did you not eat enough crow to last a lifetime after all that smack you talked last year? You got really quiet last year after WC put the smackdown on DR! Welcome back lol! You are banking on the 2014 class to save you? Did we not already take the stud playmaker from that squad? Anyways we will all have to wait and see what happens this year. DR does have some talent, I’ll give you that. But the tales of West Covina’s demise have been greatly exagerrated!

  • Juan Pollo

    Question for Patrick and sgv balla. It’s clear both of you are some how connected with DB. My question is how does the incoming freshman football team look. WesCo Dog DB people don’t even worry about the crow eating classless bunch from DR

  • Half right

    @Juan Pollo
    Patrick is a DB guy, but I’m pretty sure SGV Baller is a former Walnut guy that is now an Amat honk.

  • Dogtown

    @ DRanch Wow! what a statement. WC days are over. I understand the other blogger getting under your skin, but number one, the whole WORLD knows it including yourself WC is a running team, and a quick hitting defensive team. WC wins CHAMPIONSHIPS that way. So you saw them at passing league, and there wasn’t a whole lot there. Are you serious? You have been on these blogs for a while. I didn’t expect that ridicules statement from you. Need to come with something better than that to even make a case for DR beating WC.

  • Sgv baller

    @ half right.i am not Amat honk or a former walnut guy. I am just a guy who loves high school football and baseball.I have friends with kids and nephews that play at walnut,Db,Damien,west Covina,Nogales to name a few so I see a game a week. As for Amat I have seen them play over the years and am a fan .i live in the OC so I catch games out there also.I

  • patrick

    This is for DRanch…. Enjoy!

    PLAYED ON: 10/6/2011 3:30 PM
    The Diamond Bar Brahmas Freshman Football team won Thursday’s Conference game against the Diamond Ranch Panthers by a score of 27-14.Box Score

    Posted: Thu, Oct 06 2011

  • patrick

    Here is another terrible DB team you were talking trash about DRanch……
    3:15 PM
    @ Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA)
    Details: Diamond Ranch
    Preview GameBox Score
    14 – 13

  • patrick

    PantherLeader, below post are for you too! since you are so quick to try to pounce on WC!

  • Real talk

    I remember seeing this kid practice and play everyday at the Rowland Raiders he was a very soft kid he had very little interest in football he was always running laps for not paying attention. Now to see him being in the paper for football is like woow I guess some people bloom later in life I thought his brother would be the one that was in this role. Anyway congrats keep up the good work you have come a long way.