It’s official, Bishop Amat’s Rio Ruiz $igns with the Houston Astros for $1.85 million, then belts a couple homers at Minute Maid Park

Story: Former Bishop Amat High School baseball slugger Rio Ruiz said it was going to take a lot to get him to bypass his dream of playing baseball at USC for an early chance at a professional career. On Monday, the Houston Astros gave Ruiz nearly two million reasons why he should do just that.

After the Big River inked a deal for $1.85 million with the Houston Astors, the fourth round draft pick took batting practice and belted two home runs at Houston’s Minute Maid Park, according to his father, Rudy Ruiz. We’ll have a story on Rio’s signing in tomorrow’s paper. It’s been a wild ride covering Ruiz, starting with our first blog post before he arrived in high school, titled, “The Next Great One at Bishop Amat.” He won a CIF title with the Lancers, was a CIF player of the year and this newspaper’s player of the year, and today’s signing shows he was everything he was advertised to be.

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  • lol

    Fred what’s your cut in this signing? You’ve been on both the Ruizs jock strap since day one! Is this a man afair or what? Didn’t he belt a homer about month and half ago?

  • Fred Robledo

    Hey, when you’re good you’re good and he’s been good since day one, so there’s your answer. Whether it was posting interviews on YouTube, stories on the blog or tweeting his name, the hits and numbers showed time and time again that Rio was by far the most popular athlete in the area, so I continued catering to the audience, simple supply and demand. I give him a lot of credit, there were a lot of expectation’s and blog banter from day one. He dealt with it and was humble and genuine in interviews, and impressive to watch when healthy. Signing today for almost $ 2 million proved he wasn’t just some over-hyped player that we created, he deserved everything he got because he worked for it.

  • AMAT!!!

    Fred, no need to waste your time “defending” what you talk about. It’s clear that he is an exceptional athlete, how else would he have signed for 1.85 million. Come on people they just don’t hand these out to the just anyone. We should be happy and proud for him, he doing something that only we get to dream about. Way to go Rio!

  • Bulldog4Life

    haha someone’s jelous cuz theyre kid isnt as good as Rio. Good job Rio. Keep up the hard work man and you will get to the bigs soon.

  • Og


    Thank you for covering all the athletes in the sgv. I agree with you, rio has been a class act for the whole ride. I encourage my son to watch and learn from a great kid and big time player in rio. Let’s hope he represents the sgv for years to come. Good luck mr. Ruiz

  • Stanford Dad, yup “that” Stanford.

    What kind of miserable life does one have to live to take the time and dump on Fred, and by extension the Ruiz Family, while one of our own makes it to the “world stage”. Just an incredible lack of dignity and character on the part of “lol”. Congratulations imbecile you’ve move to the front of the dip sht class.

    I’ll say it again, with so many “uber stars” in our Valley who take high school athletics soooooooooooooooo seriously they forget what really matters in life, an education, character and family. I know Rudy must be beside himself knowing his son fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional athlete.

    Listen douchebag when your kid “makes it” it’s not about baseball caps, bragging rights or gloating. It’s about acknowledging “your” son’s accomplishments and realizing “they” are on their way. Well done Rio. Major respect to the Ruiz Family for raising an outstanding young man mature beyond his years.

    I don’t go to Dodger Stadium often, I’m an Angels Fan but for Rio, it would be an honor. Maybe if I’m real lucky I’ll get to hear douchebag “LOL” brag about “watching Rio play Freshmen Football at Bishop Amat and knowing he’d make it”.

    ‘LOL”, is just frustrated he’s never had that joy in his own life. Must suck being you.

  • Stanford Dad

    Fred I mentioned this before but have you ever thought of interviewing Tracy Murray to ask him what his thoughts would be if the blog was up and running during his stellar basketball career, along with that of his brother?

  • I’l say it again

    I am not from BA.

    Rio is a once in decade athlete. Your lucky if you see a kid with his skills every 10 yers or so.

    It has been fun following him.

  • Frank

    Congratulations to Rio and family. May you have continued success.

  • Bonita

    Congrats Rio. Very happy your dreams have started to come true. This is just another step along the journey that, hopefully, will end in a major league uniform.

  • Hey Stanford Dad:

    Typical Angels fan. Doesn’t even realize that the Astros are moving to the American League in 2013.

  • Stanford Dad

    I’m an Angels fan because a Mexican owns the team. I’m 52 so going to Angels Stadium for Dodger or Rams games back in the day was brutal to say the least … but not any more since it became Casa Moreno (no pun intended ) I’m a Dodgers Fan because I love and admire Lasorda. Not much into Baseball as the Little League thing was as ridiculous as anything I’ve ever seen or wanted to be a part of since I was a kid growing up.

    Football is the sport I love but now that Magic owns part of the Dodgers I’m back in “his” corner as I always have been. Lakers are for life! NFL is for life. Baseball?….yaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnn.

    Just heard something about the Brewers moving as well right, lol….or was that years ago?

    Now is that a “typical” Angels Fan? Nothing “typical” about me my friend. I mean how many bloggers have Stanford kids?

  • Cong ’76

    Gonna’ enjoy seeing him at Anaheim Stadium in a couple years, congratulations Mr. Rio!

  • Lol @ Stanford Dad

    Stanford dad I’m giving Fred a hard time joking around. If I’m here be a “douchebag” like you said what does that make you? Your doing the samething idiot. Obviously you didn’t go to Stanford huh? Trust me Stanford, I enjoy my life and you can only dream of having mine.

  • GoAmat

    First of all congrats mijo!! Guess guys will hate on you all the way to Pro baseball. Not just any KID can hit homeruns out of Minute Maid Park! It was such a pleasure to meet and to be part of you highschool football and baseball games at BISHOP AMAT. Stay humble mijo and always thank the good man up above for all you gifts. Also. Thank you for being another GREAT to come out of AMAT!!! We appreciate everything that you did at AMAT. ESP the homerun in the CIF CHAMPIONSHIP!!! We love you Rio!! Good job on covering and defending Rio all his highschool years Fred.

  • GoAmat

    P.S. You look better in BLUE Rio. Go Dodger BLUE!!

  • Hold on everyone

    Everyone, yes it’s a huge accomplishment what Rio has done and where he is at, but to put all this pressure on him telling him ” I will see you in Anahiem” soon is crazy! Do you know how many ” Rios” are out there? Not just in this country but every where! ” rookie ball” is just that. He’s just starting out people!! I have about four friends that made it to the minors that had just as much talent and I know one of them had more but they never made it no further than the minors. You guys have to realize that it has to work out perfectly for Rio to get to the majors. The team has to be in need of that position at the time they need him up in the “bigs”. Yes he’s done encredible things and it’s not to say that he’s not going to continue but let’s what a while. Typically this takes a few years. He is not no Bryce Harper now.

  • Right……

    to LOL: Nice try. No one believes you were joking around for one minute. My guess is you are a bitter jealous broken man who cannot stand the fact that Rio is getting paid. Go away man!

  • lol

    @ right, believe me Right, I’m diffently not jeoulous or broken. Just stating facts. If you or anyone else can’t handle that then maybe you should play with barbies.

  • GoAmat

    GoAmat said
    Hold On Everyone
    We all know that!! We are not stupid!! One thing that we know for sure is that Rio is 2 million richer then most KIDS. Even you kid! Maybe since you have extra time on your hands read the link above “the next GREAT KID out of AMAT”. You might realize that he is really really good and you will realize how far back people. have hated on the KID. So only time will tell how long before Rio goes pro. It won’t be very long either. Bet when you read this article you are one of the thousands that were happy when he got hurt, wished he would of stood hurt and wished he wouldn’t make it this far. WELL HE DID!! So keep looking for Rio because you will read and hear a lot about him.

  • Hold on Everyone

    @GoAmat, I never said anyone was stupid all I said don’t put so pressure on the kid. Go back and read my post carefully dude. I gave him credit actually. You Amat people are so touchy! Be realistic, not many kids make the majors. It’s an honor just to make it as far as he has. Just putting this extra pressure on a kid can be devastating just ask the Todd Marinivoch! You guys need to get your thongs out of your arses and loosen up. Man, lol…

  • Go SGV Baseball

    Stanford Dad your prejudice. “I’m an Angels fan because a Mexican owns the team.” Thats bananas! I can clearly see that your not a Stanford Grad and probably not even a community college. Thankfully if what you say is true your kid is going there and wont have your shallow prejudice opinions.

  • lol

    Angels fan your a fraud!! Lol…. Go visit Arizona. I dare you!!! The only typical thing about you is your just a typical lier!

  • b fan

    This is unreal what players are paid these days. And then owners wonder why more fans can’t attend games.Drs and Lawyers and teachers don’t even get paid that kind of money. No wonder why the US economy is in the awful state it is in. Ruiz is a good ballplayer but way too much payola.

  • Cong ’76

    The economy of sports is somewhat of an enigma but, comparing what ahthelets earn to what teachers or even doctors and lawyers make is a false equivalency. Baseball attendance has fluctuated somewhat over the last decade, but it is historically strong. Owners understand that the one sure-fire way to increase revenue, (and by default attendance and richer TV contracts), is to field winning teams. And of course the only way to field winning teams in the most competive arena on earth is to invest in players.

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to Rio on this accomplishment. It’s nice to see someone’s childhood dream pan out plus the added bonus of making a few bucks doing what you love best , playing baseball . Truely one of the good solid baseball players in a long line of many to have walked the halls of AMAT . Good luck to you in the future and much success in the majors.

  • Lancer Law

    Amat 73,

    How is Alcantara doing since his surgery? What is the time table for his return?

  • AMAT 73

    Lancer Law ,
    Haven’t had a chance to talk to his Dad lately so I really can’t say . Don’t think it was anything major and with his work ethic I am sure he will be 100% by baseball season . He was a big loss to the football team but as you know there is always someone waiting in the wings .

  • Lancer Fan

    @Lancer Law-Haven’t seen his dad around the football field lately, but I hear from some of the baseball guys that he is doing well and recovering nicely. Should be up and runnig by the start of Winter Baseball. I hope all goes well for him, the kid is a two time All-CIF Baseball Player with one year to go! Gonna miss him on the football field but wish him all the best in his Senior year of Baseball. Amat 73, maybe you know? Is he committed anywhere yet for baseball?

  • http://wow caught

    caught with teacher in chapel covered up nice

  • http://pussy wow

    fred you are a pussy

  • LOL

    Rio now has 1.85 MILLION reasons NOT to give a RATS ASS about what either of you two dipschitz thinks!!! HAAA,HAAAAAA,HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  • It never ends

    Wow & Caught:

    More than likely you are the same person, and it is obvious as you both know nothing about this kids character. Worry about your own lives, and stop trying to destroy others by making false accusations. You are trying to destroy a young mans reputation here, and have been trying to for quite some time. But the truth of the matter is, he has carried himself with much respect and class, and will continue to do so throughout his life. Rio has worked hard to get where he is at, and his accomplishments are well deserved. Stop trying to create rumors about this kid, and take a good look at yourself, and what can you do to become a better person. If you really knew Rio, you wouldnt be writing this information. And if you do know Rio, than youre just another jealous hater, who is fooling no one but yourself.