We got the green light to start working on our Third PrepXtra Football Preview Magazine, any thoughts on the cover?

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  • NobleFan76

    Alphabetical list of all the schools in the SGV. No more less no less.

  • Just saying

    My son because he is the best. I know this because his youth coach told me.

  • fox

    action shot

  • Please don’t

    Anything but Tolegian’s mug on the cover works for me. Actually…what about something regarding Rovia with the title ‘Cat Power



    You got to cover the best defense in the valley for 2012-2013. This is the freshman class that everyone was raving about at CO three years ago.


  • SGVfan

    Amats defense!!! Particularly Velasquez, Blue, Lopez, Andrews, and Daniels

  • Not Since 1995


    Put the Amat Defense on the cover…

    Can you say…Bulls Eye?

    Not in 2012 either…

  • What

    Alphabetical sounds good, but all SGV helmets that will be covered sounds better in alpha order of course

  • What

    Alphabetical sounds good, but all SGV helmets that will be covered sounds better in alpha order of course

  • Guppy

    “Changing of the Guard”
    With all the guys stepping into huge holes left by starters departure/graduation?

  • AMAT!!!

    Give it to the “new” starters who may make a big impact on games.. The kids who played last year and made some great plays with the possibility of being game changers this coming football season! 🙂

  • Fish Bowl Originator ( yes it’s me and no it’s not anonymous if you know it’s me right?)

    How about a picture of a Fish Bowl with the caption:

    “Who’s the new King Fish?”

    The “Big Fish” would be Bishop of course and the “fishermen” would be all the other schools.

    Trust me…this would kill and fly off the news stands.

  • I want to see

    I want to see a full page detailed coverage on Charter Oak Monster defense players of the 2012 season.

  • http://They're just sayin’

    ChOak is gonna need to play some defense because they aren’t scoring many pts with the loss of Santiago, Scoby and Glichrest

  • SGV fan

    Damien skill players on offense…..explosive

  • Amat #1 Fan

    How bout that Amat Stud Defensive Line?

    The really big boys…the ones that gonna shut down Servite, Chino Hills, Charter Oak, et al!

  • Lance Bishop

    Put the RETURNING AMAT D-LINE on the cover….The same D-LINE that gave Santa Margarita all they could handle. They are a year older, a year stronger and technically a year better. Yeah, that D-Line, one and the same. An Arsehole by any other name is still an Arsehole and it must be that time of year because the scum is rising to the top of the porta-potty. I would say welcome back but we all know you never left.

  • Fan


  • Fan

    RHP Oline!!!!

  • Sgvsports

    You asked for cover ideas. There are tons of HS and adult artist and
    prep sports fanatics that would paint or draw something cool for your 2012 prep football cover.
    Just a thought.