San Gabriel Valley Tribune’s 2012 Week-by-Week High School Football Schedule

Robledo’s projected best Friday Night Games throughout the season
Week 0: Servite at Bishop Amat, Aug. 22
Week 1: Loyola at West Covina, Aug. 31
Week 2: West Covina vs. South HIlls, Sept. 7
Week 3: Bishop Amat at Charter Oak, Sept. 14
Week 4: West Covina at Diamond Ranch, Sept. 21
Week 5: Baldwin Park at San Dimas, Sept. 28
Week 6: Arroyo at El Monte, Oct. 5
Week 7: South Hills at Charter Oak, Oct. 12
Week 8: Crespi at Bishop Amat, Oct. 19
Week 9: Diamond Bar at West Covina, Oct. 26
Week 10: Charter Oak at Damien, Nov. 2

Thursday, August 23

San Dimas at Bonita, 7:00pm
Friday, August 24
Servite at Bishop Amat, 7:00pm
Alhambra at Mountain View, 7:00pm
Arlington at Chino Hills, 7:00pm
Arroyo at Los Altos, 7:00pm
Ayala at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm
Baldwin Park at El Monte, 7:00pm
Bassett at Keppel, 7:00pm
Diamond Ranch vs. Chino at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Duarte at Marshall, 4:00pm
Ganesha at Montclair, 7:00pm
Garey at Pomona, 7:00pm
Great Oak at Claremont, 7:00pm
Northview vs. Ontario at Chaffey, 7:00pm
Notre Dame vs. Workman at La Puente, 7:00pm
Rowland at Nogales, 7:00pm
Salesian at Sierra Vista, 7:00pm
Walnut at Don Lugo, 7:00pm
West Covina vs. Covina at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Wilson at Bosco Tech, 7:00pm

Thursday, August 30

Covina at La Puente, 7:00pm
Rosemead at Irvine, 7:00pm
Friday, August 31
Arroyo at Temple City, 7:00pm
Azusa at San Dimas, 7:00pm
Bishop Amat at Chino Hills, 7:00pm
Charter Oak at Roosevelt, 7:00pm
Claremont vs. Glendora at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Diamond Ranch at El Rancho, 7:00pm
Duarte at Cerritos Valley Christian, 7:00pm
Garey at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Keppel vs. Workman at La Puente, 7:00pm
Los Altos at Salesian, 7:00pm
Loyola at West Covina, 7:00pm
Lutheran at Damien, 7:00pm
Monrovia at Ayala, 7:00pm
Mountain View at Bassett, 7:00pm
Northview vs. Gladstone at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Norwalk vs. Diamond Bar at Excelsior Adult Schoo, 7:00pm
Ontario Christian at El Monte, 7:00pm
Pomona at Chino, 7:00pm
Rowland at Wilson, 7:00pm
South El Monte at Nogales, 7:00pm
South Hills at Bonita, 7:00pm
Troy at Walnut, 7:00pm
Baldwin Park at La Costa Canyon, 7:00pm

Thursday, September 6

Duarte at Montclair, 7:00pm
El Monte vs. Covina at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Elsinore vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Friday, September 3
Azusa vs. Maranatha at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Bishop Amat at La Mirada, 7:00pm
Bonita vs. La Serna at California, 7:00pm
Cerritos at Gahr, 7:00pm
Damien at Palm Desert, 7:00pm
Don Lugo at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm
Gladstone at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm
Glendora at Colony, 7:00pm
La Puente at Arroyo, 7:00pm
Los Alamitos vs. Charter Oak at Veterans Stadium, 7:00pm
Montebello at South El Monte, 7:00pm
Mountain View at Sierra Vista, 7:00pm
Northview at Rowland, 7:00pm
San Gabriel at San Dimas, 7:00pm
West Covina vs. South Hills at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Wilson at Los Altos, 7:00pm
Workman at Salesian, 7:00pm
Ayala at Cheyenne, North Las Vegas, 7:00pm

Thursday, September 13

Azusa vs. Don Lugo at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Friday, September 14
Baldwin Park at San Gabriel, 7:00pm
Bishop Amat at Charter Oak, 7:00pm
Bonita at Claremont, 7:00pm
Brea Olinda at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm
Chino Hills at West Covina, 7:00pm
Covina at Walnut, 7:00pm
Diamond Ranch at Schurr, 7:00pm
Gladstone vs. El Monte at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Glendora at Ayala, 7:00pm
La Puente at Wilson, 7:00pm
Los Altos at Chino, 7:00pm
Monrovia at San Dimas, 7:00pm
Nogales at San Marino, 7:00pm
Northview vs. South El Monte at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Pioneer at Mountain View, 7:00pm
Rancho Alamitos vs. Ganesha at Garden Grove, 7:00pm
Rowland at Arroyo, 7:00pm
Sierra Vista at Keppel, 7:00pm
St. Bernard at Damien, 7:00pm
Sultana at Pomona, 7:00pm

Thursday, September 20

Duarte at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Charter Oak vs. Glendora at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Monrovia vs. South Hills at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Friday, September 21
Los Altos at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm
Rowland at Bonita, 7:00pm
West Covina vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Azusa vs. Bassett at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Gladstone at La Puente, 7:00pm
Workman at Sierra Vista, 7:00pm
Covina vs. Northview at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Nogales at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm
San Dimas at Wilson, 7:00pm
Chino Hills at Great Oak, 7:00pm
Maranatha at South El Monte, 7:00pm
Northwood vs. Claremont at Irvine, 7:00pm
San Gabriel at Rosemead, 7:00pm
St. Paul at Bishop Amat, 7:00pm
Temescal Canyon at Damien, 7:00pm
Saturday, September 22
St. Monica vs. Webb at Damien, 7:00pm

Thursday, September 27

Gladstone vs. Sierra Vista at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Friday, September 28
Diamond Bar at Rowland, 7:00pm
Los Altos at West Covina, 7:00pm
Walnut at Bonita, 7:00pm
Ganesha at La Puente, 7:00pm
Workman at Bassett, 7:00pm
Baldwin Park at San Dimas, 7:00pm
Covina vs. Wilson at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Northview at Pomona, 7:00pm
Bell Gardens at El Monte, 7:00pm
Charter Oak at Los Osos, 7:00pm
Culver City at Bishop Amat, 7:00pm
Kaiser at Ayala, 7:00pm
La Canada at Arroyo, 7:00pm
Los Alamitos vs. Damien at Veterans Stadium, 7:00pm
Mountain View vs. Lynwood at Lynwood Middle School, 7:00pm
Rosemead at Temple City, 7:00pm
San Marino at South El Monte, 7:00pm
South Hills vs. Glendora at Citrus College, 7:00pm

Thursday, October 4

Bassett vs. Gladstone at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Covina vs. Baldwin Park at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Friday, October 5
Glendora vs. Alta Loma at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Los Altos at Rowland, 7:00pm
West Covina at Walnut, 7:00pm
Arroyo at El Monte, 7:00pm
Gabrielino at Mountain View, 7:00pm
South El Monte at Rosemead, 7:00pm
Azusa at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Duarte vs. Workman at La Puente, 7:00pm
La Puente at Sierra Vista, 7:00pm
Chino Hills at Charter Oak, 7:00pm
Damien at Ayala, 7:00pm
South Hills vs. Claremont at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
San Dimas at Nogales, 7:00pm
Wilson at Pomona, 7:00pm
Saturday, October 6
Diamond Bar vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha, 7:00pm

Friday, October 12

Glendora at Upland, 7:00pm
Bonita at West Covina, 7:00pm
Diamond Ranch at Los Altos, 7:00pm
Rowland at Walnut, 7:00pm
El Monte at Rosemead, 7:00pm
Gabrielino at South El Monte, 7:00pm
Mountain View at Arroyo, 7:00pm
Azusa vs. Workman at La Puente, 7:00pm
Duarte vs. Gladstone at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Ganesha at Sierra Vista, 7:00pm
La Puente at Bassett, 7:00pm
Bishop Amat at Alemany, 7:00pm
Ayala at Chino Hills, 7:00pm
Claremont at Damien, 7:00pm
South Hills at Charter Oak, 7:00pm
Covina at Nogales, 7:00pm
Northview at Wilson, 7:00pm
Pomona at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm

Thursday, October 18

Rancho Cucamonga vs. Glendora at Citrus College, 7:00pm
South Hills vs. Damien at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Friday, October 19
Bonita at Los Altos, 7:00pm
Rowland vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Walnut at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm
Arroyo at South El Monte, 7:00pm
Gabrielino at Rosemead , 7:00pm
Mountain View at El Monte, 7:00pm
Duarte at La Puente, 7:00pm
Gladstone vs. Azusa at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Sierra Vista at Bassett, 7:00pm
Crespi at Bishop Amat, 7:00pm
Charter Oak at Ayala, 7:00pm
Chino Hills at Claremont, 7:00pm
Baldwin Park vs. Northview at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Covina at San Dimas, 7:00pm
Pomona at Nogales, 7:00pm
Saturday, October 20
Workman at Ganesha, 7:00pm

Thursday, October 25

Nogales vs. Northview at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Friday, October 26
Glendora vs. Etiwanda at Colony, 7:00pm
Diamond Bar at West Covina, 7:00pm
Diamond Ranch at Bonita, 7:00pm
Walnut at Los Altos, 7:00pm
El Monte at Gabrielino, 7:00pm
Rosemead at Arroyo, 7:00pm
South El Monte at Mountain View, 7:00pm
Azusa at La Puente, 7:00pm
Ganesha at Bassett, 7:00pm
Azusa at Duarte, 7:00pm
Sierra Vista at Duarte, 7:00pm
Workman vs. Gladstone at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Bishop Amat vs. Loyola at Los Angeles Valley College, 7:00pm
Ayala vs. South Hills at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Claremont at Charter Oak, 7:00pm
Damien at Chino Hills, 7:00pm
San Dimas at Pomona, 7:00pm
Wilson at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm

Thursday, November 1

Bonita at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm
Diamond Ranch at Walnut, 7:00pm
West Covina at Rowland, 7:00pm
Rosemead at Mountain View, 7:00pm
South El Monte at El Monte, 7:00pm
Friday, November 2
Glendora at Los Osos, 7:00pm
Arroyo at Gabrielino, 7:00pm
Bassett at Duarte, 7:00pm
Gladstone at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Sierra Vista vs. Azusa at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Workman at La Puente, 7:00pm
Notre Dame at Bishop Amat, 7:00pm
Ayala at Claremont, 7:00pm
Charter Oak at Damien, 7:00pm
South Hills at Chino Hills, 7:00pm
Nogales at Wilson, 7:00pm
Northview at San Dimas, 7:00pm
Pomona vs. Covina at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm

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    AZUSA can we get past by SAN DIMAS this YEAR??? Were 0-3 AGAINST THEM and I believe we can DO IT! It’s going to be another tough preseason! AZUSA, how about going 3-0 IN PRESEASON and after that it’s smooth sailing! LOL…

    AZTEC PRIDE,2012…


    AUG 30!!! COVINA vs LA PUENTE!!! Now were talking … Lets find out if LP will be for real!

  • jcaz


  • The Pit

    I can’t believe ST.Paul VS Amat didn’t make the list.

    What do you have against SP u little midget?

  • Fred Robledo

    Sticks and stones pal, sticks and stones …

  • The Pit

    Yeah, I got ur stick n stone right here willow.
    I can see servite and amat, that’s big time, but u ask any amat alum who would they rather play at home…sp. crespi, or oak…cmon mang.



  • Amat Dad


    We know you are trying to be politically correct, but let’s be honest. We finally see CH, CO, and SP playing Amat in the same season, and everyone wants to see what happens. Those three games should be on this list with no questions. The Servite game is big, but I actually think these three games surpass the Servite game because of what these three games mean to the SGV.

  • The Pit


    Stick and stones….

  • Fred Robledo

    I think Loyola at West Covina is as big as any game this year. Servite at Amat is a must-see in Week 0 — by far the best game that night. The following week I don’t want Amat on the cover again, especially with a West Covina-Loyola game the same night … Amat-St. Paul, not much of a game, Amat always beats the little engine that can’t. Maybe it’s a better game of the week for the Whittier Daily News…

  • The Pit

    WOW Fred…just loss all respect for u as a sports writer. I musta hurt u w/ that midget comment for u to make that statement…but what do i expect from somebody who never played in game between SP and amat. U just don’t get it. It will always be epic between SP and Amat…

  • Fred Robledo

    You called me a midget before saying you lost respect for me…Figure that one out. It’s laughable the way some anonymous commenters throw around words like respect after hurling insult after insult .. c’mon now.

  • gralx

    Wow, CO’s schedule is brutal! After that preseason, they could end up 2-8 if they get beat up like some of those other teams could do to them. Or…. they will be plenty ready by the time league rolls around. Did DRanch make the schedule for them this year? LOL

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    strictly speaking on SEMHS schedule:

    WEEK 3

    Northview vs. South El Monte at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm*

    * Northview’s 2011 record was 2-8 + the opportunity to play at CDF that isn’t a playoff game 😉

    WEEK 4

    Maranatha at South El Monte, 7:00pm*

    * Maranatha’s 2011 record was 8-3

    WEEK 5

    San Marino at South El Monte, 7:00pm*

    *San Marino’s 2011 record was 7-4

    and the games against Rosemead, Arroyo, and El Monte will always be great games.

  • Green Pride

    C’mon Fred, you gonna tell me that you do not have the best team in the valley on your list. In week 1, we all know Loyola will destroy WC again. Our game against Ayala will be a good match, and should be the game of the week. I hear Ayala is much improved, and everyone in valley knows we are the best overall team this year. Stop kissing the WC and Amat asses. I agree Amat plays a tougher schedule and I don’t mind seeing them a few times on the list, but you have WC 4 times, and 2 of those games against south hills and DB are a joke of a game. You need to spread the love Fred and get real with your picks.

  • Fred Robledo

    That’s why these are PROJECTED games, subject to change…I’m listening, I love to hear arguments for other games.

  • Cowards

    Green pride, Thank god you didnt your day job to become a journalist! or do you even have a job???



    You need to change week one to BA vs CH.


    Week six to CH to CO.

    At the end of the year there will be no doubt who the best team in the valley is.

    CO plays Amat, Westco plays CH, Monrovia vs Ayala, CO vs CH.

    Either way you look at it the SGV is going to mix it up for the next two years and there will be a clear #1 in the Valley.

    Top 5 teams are CO, BA, Damien, Westco and Monrovia*

    * denotes Monrovia will never beat the four teams mentioned prior.

    I’m still confused as to why Aram ranked St. Paul and Monrovia so high. At the end of the year those teams will be lucky if they made the top 5!


  • Wildcats Football

    To Cowards said & Fred:

    Maybe calling any match a joke is a little too much, but let’s be real, Green Pride called it right. You can’t claim to highlight the best games of the week and not include MHS. I don’t want to call our team the best just yet, as I feel we have to prove it on the field. But I know that along with a few others like Amat, CO, and WC, we are right there. Fred, you have to include the Wildcats if you want your list to have credibility.

  • Cowards

    Its very obvious that Monrovia is a solid team!, so what i dont understand is the fact that supporters have to resort to juvenile means to prop up their own team…the old, i have to knock you down , so i can rise routine! He could easily state the case for his own team without singling out others. I also think it assanine to dog out teams who dont typically do such things to others.

  • No Crying In Football

    To Cowards said,

    You are a whiny bitch. You must be from one of those weak ass teams that always gets beat up all season. No wonder your son gets beat up all the time.

  • Real Men play Football

    Wow, I think you made this dude cry. I’m curious to know what school this person represents. Football is a contact, beat you up, head knocking sport. If you can’t take some verbal jabbing, you shouldn’t be on here. Go teach your boy to dance ballet.

  • Spartan 4 Life

    Had a chance to see Damien practice today. All I’ll say is Watch Out!!!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @green pride,

    For starters, when will some of you mhs honks realize that Fred’s blog is for the Tribune coverage area and not Star news? So put down the baby rattles and stop crying.

    Also, if West Covina gets beat by Loyola again. It will still garner more respect than any win on the billycats baby ball schedule! Beat South Hills, Glendora, Ayala and any other middle of the pack IE team before trying to talk about another team’s schedule.

    When the mildkittens lost to South Hills we had to put up with all the excuses you guys made. WC had plenty of excuses to use when Loyola beat us, but none were made. We lost to a PAC-5 payoff team and that’s that.

  • LA Conq

    Green Pride…

    Neither Monrovia or Ayala are in the Tribune area (I don’t care what anyone says…CH is NOT in the Trib area!!!) so that game ain’t gettin covered yo! Ask the Star News or Daily Bulletin to cover it! Leave the SGV alone please!


    I’m thinking week 6 BONUS COVERAGE of the Saturday DB v. DR game is a must here brother! This is always an epic battle and there’s bound to be some classic quotes leading up to the game with Roddy!!

  • Servite Black Friars #1

    Week 0 game is only big for you guys, Fred!

    We expect to have this game in the bag by half time. I predict 28 – 0 Friars at half time, and 49 – 3 as a final score. The Black Friars will use the Lancers for game time practice and nothing more. In fact we’re bringing the JV squad so they can get some PT in the 2nd half!

    Sorry to bust your Lancer bubble, Fred!!!

  • DR

    Ask Aram where DR finished at WC lineman comp. They were not top 15 and looked every bit that part of not very good. Not sure they merit being talked about as even a playoff team. I think WC B team finished 11th and was far ahead of DR.

  • AMAT 73

    pit aka slimesman,
    Where do you get off insulting Aztec Pride . Keep your slimy azz over the hill and far away where you belong.Seems all that cow dung and contaminated fields have your brain confused as to which blog you belong on . Like Fred said go get some love from Steve because you’re not getting any here .
    Great games this up coming season . Many teams of the SGV are putting it all out there this preseason . Glad to see it . I know my friend Sparta is beeming with his Mustangs taking on 3 SGV teams out the gate. On the games of the week I would maybe change week 0 even though AMAT vs Servite is a top game I think to the SGV, WC vs Covina is a bigger rivalry game . Change out WC vs Loyola to AMAT vs CH in week 1 because that is game all are waiting on . Week 4 even though it’s a Thursday game has to be SH vs Monrovia ( not selling SD vs Monrovia short , but this is a big one ) , East meets West and if Monrovia talks the talk as they have been doing all summer and you know there is more to come they have to walk the walk in this one and walk away with a W if they want to be taken seriously on this side of town . After that to early to tell as many start league and by the wins and losses the importance of some of those games will change as to deserving GOTW and Fred will have a tough job on his hands to sort them out . Good luck to all the teams of the SGV this season and wish all solid and injury free seasons .
    Hey Pride ,
    Think 8 in the box and roll the dice and make SD beat you thru the air .

  • Servite Black Friars #1

    You see, Fred? Even your Amat supporters like AMAT 73 know that they’re gonna get their azzez handed to them in Week 0! Amat wants as little attention to this game because they already know that they’re gonna lose badly in this game time practice for the Friars. Amat has no chance and they know it! You’re welcome Chino Hills, St Paul and Charter Oak. We’ll tenderize the Lancer meat for you guys to finish your meals! We start it. You finish it, damm it!

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Well, I would go as far as saying that Monrovia couldn’t beat any of the top 5 teams. What our problem is, we historically have not been prepared and not playing at a high level during preseason. As the season progresses, Mtown tends to make adjustments with play calling, and personnel. This has always been area of concern when it comes to step up games. In order to beat a Chino Hills or CO, or a ST Francis. Monrovia will have to have their ish together going into week 0. Our “identity” needs to be in place. If you going to go 15-0, your start is extremely important. The top upper division schools always come out the gate rolling. To beat those type teams, we would have to play our very best, and they would have to just play well. I say that only because, in the Inland or Pac 5 there are 20 Monrovia’s and in the Midvalley, there are only 4 teams…Mtown, Sierra, Paraclete, and SD. This lack of depth in the division, has our top teams somewhat complacent. They have all the time world to improve because they are so dominant in their league. They all know you can pencil them in for deep playoffs runs. In tne upper divisions, nothing is promised. Every week is a playoff atmosphere. But for example CO does not prepare well for their division. Playing Rancho is on good game, but they need at 3 losable games to get th ready for inland play. Once again, they have not step it up. You can expect the same results come playoff time. Mtown’s game vs Ayala is big game for us and the SGV. If Mtown can beat or even blow out Ayala, that would be a quality win, if Ayala can have a decent year. Also South Hills is a big game for us. Hopefully they can win some games as well. When it’s all said and done we know we are top team. Where we land in the top 10 will be up to the kids…They can go to state, lose early and win Cif or they can lose get put out in semi’s. We will see, but this years finals won’t be a blow out.

  • AMAT 73

    You can tell it’s summer . Someone is getting thirsty . Waterrrrrrrrrrrr ,cool off Quasi I only posted that because logically speaking of which your cupboard is bare , WC vs Covina is a bigger game to the SGV, but you are more than welcome to come out to AMAT to see the game along with the thousand other people who will be in attendance .So no need to work up a lather or get your chonies in a wad ( that one’s for you Jcaz ) because regardless many of the SGV honks will be at AMAT . By the way just how many names will you be posting under this season ???? I say stick with Quasi, it a perfect fit, as in The Village Idiot . Also I don’t think your friars are number 1 anymore , it’s now SM . Shiat you could’nt even get past Tesoro who you knocked AMAT for losing to , member you member.

  • Nobody is saying that Chino Hills is in the SGV (technically), but they are in a league with ALL SGV teams and you can get the Tribune on racks and in stores all over Chino Hills. In fact, when I was out there I asked the clerk at a 7/11 if he sold the Tribune and he told me he was all sold out and that they sell out almost everyday. When I told him that I work for the Tribune, he told me to tell whoever I need to that he needs more papers delivered each day.

    But none of that really matters, because we are a website more than a newspaper and whether you’re in Chino Hills or smack dab in West Covina, physical delivery and physical possession of the newspaper does not matter. Chino Hills is more relevant to the SGV Tribune than it is to any other newspaper. It’s in an SGV league and beyond that its nonleague schedule features games against two traditional SGV football powers in Amat and West Covina.

    The coaches and athletes at Chino Hills have been a pleasure to work with. They appreciate the coverage and participate in it well. They send their athletes to whatever we need without fail, i.e. photos at the Tribune, PrepXtra Live at the Tribune and two years ago they sent Ifo Ekpre-Olomu and Nate Harris all the way to the Rose Bowl to be part of our Signing Day photo.

  • Jefe

    I have to admit I’m gonna skip the SJB week 0 game to catch Servite-Amat.

    Atmosphere should be great between the fans of those two schools.

  • Real talk

    @Fred is the Amat vs Servite game at Amat or are they going to play at a different place. I have a feeling they will play the it cant fit all the fans card.

  • AMAT 73

    Exactly my point . We will get a huge crowd anyway but to the SGV in my opinion WC vs Covina will be a huge game also . And my thinking is AMAT vs CH is much bigger to the SGV so swapping week zero for week one is fair and no one gets their feelings hurt by AMAT having two GOTW in a row . Who does SJB play in week zero ?

  • Lancelot

    @real talk-Noway Amat moves that game. Get there early and make the rounds, it’s a great football atmosphere. Go in early unless you don’t mind standing because this will be a packed house!!!

  • Jefe

    AMAT 73, Compton Dominguez.

    So you see it wasn’t a real difficult decision to make LOL.

    They’ll have their hands full with the ‘wood the following week though.

  • BraveDad

    Amat 73,

    Bosco has Dominguez week zero at home. Jefe can go to the Servite vs. Amat game – more burritos for everyone else. Seriously though, the Servite vs. Amat game will be a great one to watch. I have to go support the kid and the rest of our team so I’ll be at Bosco. If Amat can pull off the upset it would be sweat. Sorry friends at Servite – I can’t help but enjoy it when you lose.

  • BraveDad

    @ Jefe,

    I understand that you have no current affiliation with Bosco so you are able to go to other games when you feel those other games present a better match up, e.g., Servite vs. Amat. But dont be an a$$ kisser or ignorant. Dominguez is no slouch and I guarantee you we will not approach the game with your mentality. We have one of the toughest schedules around and all games, except Santa Fe, pose a threat. LOL my a$$. You can stay away from all our games if youd like no worries.

  • The better list

    My top 11 would look like this:

    0. SD vs Bonita – 2 SGV district rivals
    1. BA vs CH – The SGV has been waiting for this one
    2. WC vs SH – Always a good rival game
    3. BA vs CO – Wish this one happened last year when both teams were loaded
    4. Glendora vs CO – Best rival game of the week
    5. SHills vs Glendora – Revival of the old Sierra League from the 70’s
    6. CH vs CO – The newest rival in the Sierra
    7. Bonita vs Westco – For the Hacienda Ship?
    8. Walnut vs Dbar – Best rival game of the week
    9. Damien vs CH – Had to fit Damien in here somewhere
    10. CO vs Damien – The last 2 weeks in the Sierra will determine who takes the Ship. Damien? CH? CO?

  • AMAT 73

    oh oh , trouble in Bravestown . I got you, support the kids exactly as it should be . Dominguez is a lot tougher that people think . No slouch at all . Good luck to the Braves this season and maybe we see each other in the playoffs . Not as far fetched as people in the SGV seem to think . I am also pretty damn sure the game will be played at AMAT . Can’t see Msngr giving any of the gate money away if it’s up to him.
    green cat,
    Your post seems to be taking away some of the shine on those CIF trophies Monrovia just won . Since Paraclete and Sierra are new to the Mid Valley , that only leaves SD and Monrovia as the talent when you won . That is exactly the point of the SGV . Who have you beat outside your part of the world ? Even you admit that Monrovia can’t beat the top 5 teams in the SGV and you’re one of the biggest Monrovia honks on here lately . I don’t put much stock in the Ayala game but SH and St Francis is where you will make your bones to the SGV East . If you knock them off then say schedule either CO , AMAT , CH , next season and continue in that direction it just won’t be talking the talk but also walking the walk . Who knows , maybe you schedule ND or Loyola as Workman and WC have . What I find interesting about your post is your mind set on Monrovia . You say that for preseason they are not prepared and not playing at a high level. In the preseason is where they usually face better than league competition so maybe that’s the reason for ill preparedness and the losses, not used to facing teams of that caliber . Also you say they make the adjustments as the season goes on . What adjustments do they really have to make . It seems they look better because competition is weaker as the season progresses if I read you right and not as strong as those teams they lose to in preseason. Now having said that I do agree that Monrovia has a good thing going and are getting players on to college which in the long run is great for those who play for Monrovia .

  • Jefe


    My son doesn’t even go to Bosco anymore and I still donate to the school.

    Don’t ever question my allegiance again.

  • Jefe

    Oh & as far as Dominguez goes, the program has improved slightly but let’s not kid ourselves, Bosco should & WILL win that game by at least 4 TD’s.

  • BraveDad

    @ Jefe,

    Good, keep the money coming, it’s what keeps the machine working on all cylinders. As far as your loyalty, relax killer. If you show non-loyalty, you will get treated like a non-loyal person; how’s that for a LOL!

    SEMPER FORTIS! If not 100% SEMPER FORTIS then go to a few more Servite games. And by the way, there’s no more room on the plane to Utah – again, LOL!

  • 12th man

    I would have to agree with Amat73..West Covina vs Covina would be the best bet for the SGV followers!

    As far as Servite vs Amat..Well! let’s just say it sounds better than it really is & all the hype should pump the game up..

    The reality of the situation is that Amat normally doesn’t start off to strong every year..They usually start running on all cylinders around league time or the 8th week!

    I would love to see Amat face Servite or any other powerhouse in week 10..But for those of you who are planning on going to the game..You’re in for a real treat..

    Watching Servite warm up & the way they walk onto the field is very intimidating..They also bring a huge following with an intense atmosphere..

    My only concern is that Amat wont be able to match the intensity level as far as cheering goes..I went to every BA home game last season & it was like sitting in the 1st row at the Lakers game (No Energy)..& for some reason the crowds weren’t as big as previous seasons..

    Anyways good luck to BA~ but I just don’t see the upset happening..Final 35-7 (Only because Servite has the edge mentally & physically

  • Sgv baller

    @the better list.totally agree on your list .good choices with some big rival games and amat vs the sgv games.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    I’m going to have to disagree with those who think WC vs. Covina is a better game for the SGV than Amat vs. Servite. As a fan of the SGV, I want to see our local schools play against the best programs in the state, not just the local flavor.

    I want to see Amat at home play Servite. A place where Amat has chopped down many giants before. I want to see WC play Loyola at home also. It will be interesting to see the Bulldogs get another shot at the perennial Pac5 powerhouse with hopefully a healthy roster this time around.

    Really WC/Covina is not the same caliber game as it was the last couple of seasons as Covina graduated quite a bit of players. And we will see Amat/CH next season as the second game of their series. But who knows if Amat and Servite renew, so this might be the last chance the SGV may get to see one of the top programs in the country in our own backyard.

    Just my two cents.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    The BA vs Servite game leaves mixed feelings for the SGV fans and BA nation. On one hand everyone loves to see one of the top programs in the country play your team. On the other hand, it really hurts to see your team get worked like Bishop Amat would work a lower division school. If you can stomach the pain of watching BA getting worked, I say go. There is a slim chance, that BA could pull of the biggest upsets in some time. If that happens, those who choose to go to that game would be in for one of the biggest treats in some time time. All of the games are “Games of the Week” it just depends on what school you follow. Let’s not downplay any of the games…People will go where the want or need to be. However take advantage of the Thursday games…great chance to get a double dose of high school football in one week.

  • green pastures,

    Trouble is, when Amat and Servite play each other, there’s no lower division team on the field. They’re both PAC-5.

    Same with Upland vs. CO. I’m sorry, but I don’t see two Inland teams when those two play.

    And I don’t see two PAC-5 teams when Amat plays Servite.

  • AMAT 73

    Aram ,
    Do you consider any of the Serra or Sierra teams as PAC-5 and Inland teams ???

  • Lance Bishop

    Hey Joe Amat you probably know this off the top of your head but just out of curiosity, what is Amat’s overall record vs. Servite and scores of last 5 meetings? Other than last meeting aren’t these teams “historically” good match-ups?

  • Cong ’76

    Los Altos has week 10 off and a chance to strengthen up and heal for a long play-off run!

    Well, that’s what I would like to see! 🙂

  • AMAT 73

    Lance Bishop,
    I beleive it’s something like 17 – 15 in Servite’s favor. One of the few teams that has the edge on us head to head.

  • green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”


    Aram, you can read between the lines. Those were my feelings as I went down to Cerittos college to watch last years match. Actually I was shocked at what I saw. Amat was no where near Pac 5 level nor elite Inland level. Now when Amat beat Mater Dei, and lost to Tesoro at home in playoffs. I felt like those Amat teams were Pac 5 level. They just lost close ones. I know talk ish about Amat, however…it’s not hating any more Everyone can see that Amat is more on St Francis/Damien level verses a Servite, SM or STJB level. The are one of mid level Catholic Schools on the West Coast. Especially when you start talking De La Salle, Servite, Bishop Gorman, and schools like that. So Personally, I may check out another game. I am not going to rush over there to stand in line, fight parking, and sit next to Homer Lancer Joe, talking about 1992-1995.

  • King James

    All I want to know is, where does a guy gotta go to see some hardcore Division 11 football? When I think good football on a Friday night, I immediately think Divison 11 Baby!!! Where do these behemoths of the grid iron bang it out on Friday Nights? Pac-5 Football, BAHAAA! Inland Football, don’t waste my time! I want to see some back to back champion, Division not 1, not 2, not 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or Ten but ELEVEN BABY!!!

  • AMAT 73

    green cat ,
    So on what level does Monrovia fit in the scheme things or who are their peers on the football field. Not talking about D-1 prospects or getting players to college but on the field of play.

  • AMAT 73

    Addendum , green cat,
    And I don’t mean after 10 games into the season to prepare as you wrote on Aram’s blog .

  • Cong ’76

    Hey King James, way to ridicule young men looking to create a few high school memories! You are truly a magnanimous and benevolnet ruler! Gotta hand it to guys like you who find joy belittling the efforts of high school football players.

    Your words serve to tell the rest of us far more about you, than they do to degrade the efforts of Div. 11 footballers.

    My suggestion is you attempt to find a life removed from the keyboard and focus more on pulling the wings off flies. They won’t mind since their existence is as about as important that of a Div. 11 high school football player.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Amat Blowhards

    I can take all constructive criticism or negative opinions regarding the cats. Don’t try to frame what I am saying, then attack the Cats regarding being in D11. Here is a exert…

    “Let’s not downplay any of the games…People will go where the want or need to be. However take advantage of the Thursday games…great chance to get a double dose of high school football in one week.”

    To Monrovian’s Our game vs St Francis is big to us… our back to back Division 11 titles are big to us…our 5-6 D1 prospects, 3 with early offers and 1 committed to Pac 12 is big to us…they don’t have to mean a lot to you.

    That does not change what’s going to happen opening week vs Servite. That does not change the fact that you can’t win in your league or Division. That has nothing to do with Monrovia or any other school. Monrovia, is a overachieving small public school of 1700 students,who went from losing titles to winning them, and a strong candidate to move up a few Divisions. That means we are improving and build. Where does BA fit into the scheme of things. You are a program digressing every year, no longer winning titles(league or Division), No longer the leader in sending out D1 prospects, and losing by 3 TD’s regularly against your divisions elite. Did I miss anything? Aram wrote that BA doesn’t look like or play like a pac 5 team…is that true or false. I just happen to agree with him. I did drive down to support Amat vs Servite last year. I had my SGV hat on, and it was crushed by the Black Friars. I had a 2 hr conversation with a few SM coaches scouting by the entrance to the stands. I won’t repeat what I heard, but none of them were impressed with lancers, and they ask me being from the SGV and non BA fan, “What Happened to Amat”. They Did say Freakin’ Rio Ruiz was Amat’s best player/Athlete…what a shame. I did my best to attempt to Save face on behave on SGV football. There was not much I could say. I just choose not to waste my Friday, on what is going to be a non-competitive game. It does not matter what division is playing as long is the game is competitive. I’ll watch Rio Hondo prep play, if they game is going to be good. I like high school football that much. I’ll go watch 6 year flag just to see the kids play. You on the other only go to PAC 5/Inland games right? Amat Blowhards are really looking insecure on the blogs these days. If any says anything subversive against the lancers…you start trying to discredit everyone’s division, games, and talent. Like I said, I don’t want to waste my Friday watching the Lancers take one up the kazoo. You can because you are amat blowhard. Just bring some tums, and make sure you have “shot of Demoral and some clean sheets” when you get home.

  • King James

    What???? Is it something I said? I happen to like D-11 football. Why is everybody so touchy? You guys are like “Amat blowhards” getting all sensitive for nothing….sheesh! Conq, if anyones program is swirling around the bottom of the bowl, it’s los altos. Don’t you guys have your own troubles to worry about, empathy, demographics, coaching, etc, etc…..? I’m just sick of reading this monrovia guys gas all spring about big bad, play nobody, monrovia. When does monrovia or los altos for that matter play Servite? Mater Dei? Santa Margarita? How about Alemany, Crespi, Loyola or Sherman Oaks Notre Dame? That road to the playoff’s, and THE CHAMPIONSHIP is a lot easier when you don’t have to go through those parts of town.

  • AMAT 73

    green cat ,
    No need to get huffy. I just asked a simple question about where you put Monrovia in the scheme of things. Also by some of your recent posts as I wrote earlier you seem to be taking some of that shine off the CIF trophies. Hey I agree Monrovia has a pretty good program going and if they continue they are bound to be moved up but even you posted they can’t seem to get thru the tough part ( early / preseason ) of their schedule . I’m just going by your posts and what you wrote. Another point is you put Servite in the class of DLS who whacked them just as bad as Servite whacked us last season , so how can you write that . What is your basis for that statement ? No need to start dissing AMAT because for all you know king james could be a CO , SH , or some other honk . I mainly go to AMAT’s home games unless we play a local then I’m there also , but the travel to our away games in the SFV is a bear so I will take in a WC or CO game ocassionally . Go back and read my posts as I rarely put any team ( except maybe the slime ) and defintely never a player on blast . I respect all the teams of the SGV and especially the kids playing because if it wasn’t for them we would have nothing to bitch to each other about.

  • Valley fan

    @Aram.Amat is not an elite PAC 5 team but just because they are not elite it does not mean they don’t belong .they still make the playoffs and compete well in cif even if they lose .i would put them in the middle of the PAC 5.same as charter oak.they are not of the level of the top 5 teams but also belongs in there division.there is a whole lot of teams on the inland that charter is better than.they made it to second round last year.i don’t think amat has ever sent out more than 2 division 1 players in the same year.the 83 team was probably the most loaded team with randy tanner , derek Taylor ,Tim Garcia ,mike fisher and Dirk Adams who all got scholarships

  • King James

    For the record, I didn’t “blast” on any kid. Me singling out Division 11 is no different from you Pinheads going on and on about how Amat doesn’t have the “talent” to compete this year…Amat football is in decline….Amat doesn’t have or get the athletes it used to…What is that saying about the Amat athlete (Conq76?)How does this not blast the Amat player who reads it? How are those comments any less inflamatory then the ones in my post about Div-11????

  • Cong ’76

    King James, I sincerely apologize if I misread your posts as slighting Div.11 footballers.

    My larger point is, we ALL can take pride in our alma maters but we as adults should ALWAYS keep in mind that we are referencing for the most part, still maturing kids. Extra-curricular activity should, for the most part, be fun for all including fans as well as participants.

    Amat takes a tremendous beating on these boards and I always try and remind myself that the kids are reading these boards as well.

  • AMAT 73

    Any thoughts on my question to you of which teams of the Serra and Sierra do you consider PAC-5 or Inland teams . Or does a question like this not warrant an answer from you ? Remember the pot shot comment you took to heart by me . Well this kind of looks like you pulled the trigger again and this time you threw in CO for good measure and they were the Sierra League champs last season and made it to the second round .

  • Amat Fan #1

    @Queen Jamee

    It’s not the SGV’s fault that Amat has sucked in the PAC 5 for last 17 years! If your Chaclas fit, little man…You know what your prison inmate tells you!

    Amat has no defensive line, no offensive line, no QB, no linebackers…hell they don’t even have a good kicker! What’s there to compliment?

  • Tienes Miedo…?

    @ AMAT 73

    You shouldn’t poke a sleeping pit bull. Let me put it to you this way. CO has been in the Inland for 2 years. Both years in the playoffs including league champs last season. They’re going to get a pass from the SGV for a few more years. As long as they keep improving. The problem for Amat is that you guys hit your ceiling about 10 years ago and it’s been down hill since. I know it hurts, but its the truth and somebody has to say it. There is absolutely no sign that the Lancers are ever going to be any better than what they are. And that is the truth. Aram, you got anything to add? Western Division…?

  • King James

    @#1Fan-Suck Rocks little man with the big keyboard. You’re a loser and even you know it. Don’t waste my time douche bag.

  • AMAT 73

    Quasi or should I say # 1 fan or not since or whatever you’re going by now ,
    Let me help your ignorant azz out here. And I quote Aram, “Same with Upland vs CO .I’m sorry but I don’t see two Inland teams when those two play ” , now I don’t think he was speaking about Upland since they did whack CO in that game and he used the very same logic about AMAT and Servite so squeeze that pea brain of yours to figure out he does see both AMAT nor CO as teams belonging in their respective divisions .
    Now get your head out of Aram’s azz for a minute and listen , that means he does not consider CO an Inland team so where is it that he is giving CO a pass . If you took off the AMAT hater glasses maybe just maybe you could think straight but maybe I am giving you too much credit by saying you can think . Now go back and ask Aram if he wants to add anything to your next reply to this post, waterboy .

  • ???????

    Just let me be REAL why is there so much hate on Amat? I have talked to people and they simply say a lot of it is from not being able to afford to send their child to Amat. What young athlete doesn’t want to play on the highest level pac 5. “Mom Dad I want to go to Amat” what??? You know how much Amat is?ummm no. Then here comes the Amat is not all that. if Amat was free to attend you would have a line outside of the school. Is this somewhat true?

  • Private school smug

    Your right everyone wants to go there. Especially this year. I Amat has all the SGV studs wanting to go there. If you are not a stud, Amat will turn you into one. With all those players who are dying to put on a lancer uniform, they should be in the hunt for the pac 5 title soon! Not this season, not next season, but the season after that. I send my kid to Amat in a second. There is no other school where you can receive a good education, play competitive football, and possible earn a scholarship. If your kid does not attend Amat, it is because you are a poor, and your family does not know what’s best for you. Why would not send a child some place where they are guaranteed to become successful. If you are not at Bishop Amat, you should leave your school now. Transfer to Bishop Amat located in La Puente, CA

  • Private school smug

    I should have went to Amat. I can’t spell. 🙁

  • ??????

    I never said Amat is a better education or you will be successful
    If you go to that school. What I was asking is that if you are a so call stud wouldn’t you want to test your skills against Servite, Santa margarita, long beach poly, MD, and the list goes on of top teams that Amat plays. You I’ll always wonder ya I’m good but am I PAC 5 good? You can win 10 lower Div championship in a row, but can you win one in the PAC 5 where not even a Team as good as Servite couldn’t win it this year.

  • Sgv baller

    Dont know if this is a rumor but my nephew and his friends where telling me that snoop recruited some players from texas and other areas and should be showing up at diamond bar in a couple weeks.they said that they are getting 2 stud linebackers and 2 receivers.if this is true things are going to get interesting.

  • Real talk

    @sgvballer I believe it. Thats what snoop does he takes all the good kids from other schools. We call him the Pied Piper of football he just whistles his little flute and the kids follow, lol he can’t have his son on a losing team come on man that’s snoop. That dude will have USC couches there telling them their plays. I’ve seen it at Rowland Raiders.

  • just sayin’

    Tienes Miedo…? – you. Said ChOak “…CO has been in the Inland for 2 years. Both years in the playoffs including league champs last season. …”

    Hasn’t Amat made the Pac 5 playoffs the last FOUR years and a Serra League Championship a couple years ago then played for one (while undefeated) the last game of the year the next year?

    The “fall” is not nearly what you make it out to be

  • patrick

    SgvBaller, why would be bring in 2 recievers if he is trying to get playing time for his own son at same position? Does that really makes sense to you?? Plus Texas is a football powerhouse, nobody here is shipping their kid from Texas to California to play football at DB! TRUST me on this one , if the kids were any good in Texas , i would know about it already. If DB was getting anybody else at this point in time ,they would be their already!!

  • Amat73,

    Where to start?

    The Sierra League is viewed by many as the weakest link in the Inland Division. And I agree with that sentiment. Last year’s playoffs are a perfect example. Am I an Inland Division expert? No. I know the Sierra League well and I somewhat know the Baseline. CO (Sierra) was waxed by Upland (Baseline), which was taken out by Vista (Southwestern).

    Charter Oak is a fantastic football program that is totally misplaced in its division. Charter Oak and South Hills are the only two Inland Division teams with 626 area codes. It makes no sense. They were placed in the Sierra and the Inland because of their success. CIF goes about “punishing” success in two ways. They either beef up your division, i.e. Monrovia and WestCo, or they ship you out (CO and South Hills).

    This whole “Charter Oak has made the playoffs the past two years” thing means nothing to me. Same with when people say Amat has made the playoffs however many straight years in the PAC-5. You guys do know that by rule a certain number of Sierra and Serra League teams HAVE TO go to the playoffs each year, right? Two years ago, CO making the playoffs basically meant they were better than Claremont, South Hills (barely) and Ayala. Congrats.

    Last year, I do believe that CO was clearly one of the top eight teams in the Inland and that’s how it shook out. But the gap between the top two or three and CO was vast.

    What you saw last year was one of the best CO teams in history. And against Rancho and Upland, they couldn’t hang in the trenches.

    CO is a very prideful and well-coached program, just like Amat, and although out-manned at times will always be up for a fight.

    I look at CO and see a great Southeast Division team/program. Two years ago, I don’t think CO beats either Bonita or West Covina. Last year, I think CO beats West Covina and pretty easily.

    I look at Monrovia and see a Southeast team. I look at Glendora and see a Southeast team.

    I look at Amat and see a Western Division team. A team that fits better with that division than it does the PAC-5.

    I could care less if people think any of my opinions mean that I am biased toward or against any school. It’s not the case, but people will always believe any media member is biased, so whatever. I will always tell how it is, like it or not.

  • Sgv ballet

    @patrick.i said the same thing to my nephew and his friends . They play at walnut and heard it from there coach yesterday. They went to middle school with kordell and Kenya . One of the kids said he also heard it from kordell . This kid I don’t really believe. My nephew I do believe he heard it from his coach. It is not to late for a transfer. Kordell and Kenya started at db in September .

  • CO Fan

    The way I see it, Charter Oak will dominate Amat, CH, and Damien.

  • Db???

    Snoop better bring in a qb first…. Saw db throw other day and that is a sore spot

  • socalfootball fan

    The new transfer rule will make bring about an early demise of high school football. Looking at the calhi rivals board the amount of players transferring is getting out of hand. Tesoro will be bringing in a lot of Corona players and Upland is loading up their team with transfers from Alemany,Norco,and other schools. Corona Centennial is loading up again and the average high school team will never win a cifss title. Teams like Westlake,Mission Viejo,Corona Centennial,LB Poly,Tesoro,Upland,and a host of private catholic schools will dominate the scene. If you are a coach and don’t go out looking for players you will be a losing team.

  • Not Since 1995

    @ Mrs Doubt Fire 73

    Western Division….

    Nuff said Lancer Loser!

    Oh wait….Not In 2012 either Granny 73…!

  • Not since I had Gnads in 1995

    Not since I had Gnads in 1995;
    -Have I been able to stop thinging about The Lancers….
    -Have I been able to maker a post w/out mentioning the Lancers….
    -Have I been able to not respond to any Bishop Amat post…..
    -Have I been able to not be a racist….
    -Have I been able to pee standing up…..
    -Have I been able to fit into my size 18 dresses….
    -Have I been able to JUST LET IT GO……

  • AMAT 73

    First of all thanks for the reply. On CO how can you consider placing CO back in the Southeast. If they were still there they would be working on a 5-PEAT. Not a good fit at all unless you like seeing total domination of a division somewhat like you see WC and Monrovia doing now . As far as moving AMAT to the Western I can see the same thing happening . Yes titles are great but when they come easy what’s the point. I don’t think either move would be a good fit for the schools but as you say that is one’s opinion . What gets me is you say making the playoffs by the two means nothing to you . How can you say that when that means they are either at the top or near the top of their league which led to my question of which teams of each league do you feel don’t belong. As far as the Sierra , I guess based on your feelings of CO you feel none of them belong in the Inland unless you think CH or Damien are a good fit but how can you if CO just took league. As far as AMAT, seeing as we got in on a coin flip last season maybe just us but then again there were 3 of teams in the Serra involved in that coin flip so you tell me , if you care to elaborate further .

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    The transfer rule will not destroy High School football. Parents have complained for years about being forced or lock down at schools. No CIF has loosened up the noose, people are complaining. This rule can be revised at a later date, if it does not work. I’ve had my ear on the streets, I don’t hear too many coaches are players complaining. Let’s see how it works, before we make claims about the destruction of high school football. It’s impossible to impress parents. They are going whine on both ends. Either they want the freedom to leave, or they don’t the good players on their kids team to leave, or they are mad some transfers taking their kids spot, or they are mad because their kid is not good enough to pick choose schools like other talent preps in the area. I like the rule, I want to see what happens.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Aram playing a little catch up…

    Last year’s CO team was not better than the teams that won the south east a few times. I do believe last years team would have won the South east too, but you have to look at what happened against Rancho…

    The only reason why I say that is because that team tied Rancho, and Barley Lost to them they year before. They also beat Etiwanda twice in 08-09 and 09-10 seasons, which Etiwanda barely loss to Los Osos by 7, Rancho by 3 and Upland by 7 last year. I honestly don’t think last years team would have beat Etiwanda nor los Ojos and we know they were dismantled by Upland. They would have been the 5th place team in the baseline only beating Alta loma. That means No playoffs.

    Plus I think that team’s defense was stronger and bigger w/ Keith Smith, Leon Young Blood, Brandon Golden, AJ Powell, and williams

    The Offensive line was bigger, also with Eric Brooks at TE. They had Mueme, who was bigger than Scooby, and Golden, and powell, who were very versatile. I would say Allen was good but Santiago was better.

    I just feel that team would have faired much better in the inland, more that what chater oak has now. Their players are still talented, just smaller. The Uplands and Rancho’s are just too big for The Chargers at the moment. The reason why I know so much, is because CO Has had a lot of Duarte Hawks/Pasadena players.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Amat 73:

    As to Charter Oak being misplaced in the Inland Division based on the winning the Sierra League in 2011, I have this observation. Winning league once does not necessarily imply that they are the dominant force in the league. Chino Hills has a far better track record then Charter Oak. When Charter Oak is able to take the league they are in more than once, then I would be more open to the possibility that they are the dominant team in the Sierra League. I believe it was Aram who expressed that the team that Charter Oak had during the 2011 season was one of the best if not the best they have had in many years. Across the Sierra League in all sports, I think that Chino Hills has made a strong case for historically being the dominant school in the league.

  • YoungMan In Charter Oak

    To OldMan

    Do you not remember what we did to you in your house last year? We’re going to the same dam thing to you puppies again this year! It’s a new world and we own Sierra League Football. We don’t care about swimming or tennis. It’s all about Football!

  • AMAT 73

    Oldman in Chino,
    I think you missread my post. I did not write that CO was the dominate team in the Sierra. I wrote putting them back in the Southeast would not be a good fit unless you like seeing a total domination of a divison by one team . Now as far as the Sierra League , I realize last year was their first in winning league but I never said they were the dominate team . What I did write is that since they did take league and I believe came in second to CH the uear before they are at or near the top of the league . But since Aram feels he does not see an Inland division team in CO , then maybe he does not see one in CH either. How do you feel about that or any other CH or CO fan for that matter ? How about you YoungMan in CO. Do you feel CO is not an Inland team ?

    green cat,
    Any catching up on the posts I addressed to you .Just want to hear your take on it without the downgrading of AMAT as I never said anything bad about Monrovia and only listed items that you had listed in your posts about Monrovia.

  • Amat 73,

    In my opinion, CO does not win the Southeast in 2010. They probably don’t even play in the title game depending on the draw. I believe that would have been the year you saw Bonita or West Covina beat CO. And last yaer, CO would have probably played WestCo for the title and in my opinion would have won that game relatively easily.

    I do believe Chino Hills is a legit Inland team. In 2010, they’re in the semis vs. Centennial and made that a game for a while. Last year, it was a down CH team and they lost 39-38 in the first round vs. Rancho.

    In most year, it seems to me that CH is better equipped to bang with the Baseline’s elite than CO is.

    I would prefer that CH was moved to the Baseline and that CO and the rest of the Sierra + Glendora played in the Southeast. You could even put South Hills in the Hacienda and WestCo in the Sierra.

    Oh yeah, and add Monrovia to the Pacific, which makes them Southeast also, and you’ve got something.

    As good as CO is, I don’t think they’d be an annual lock in a division that would include the rest of the Sierra, Glendora, West Covina, Monrovia and Compton Dominguez.

  • hey Aram

    You say CO and South Hills are the only 626 teams in Inland. So what’s Glendora? I believe 626. Come on now.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Amat 73:
    I concur with your observation that last year Charter Oak took league that they were the best team in that league in 2011. I do agree that the Sierra League is misplaced in the Inland Division and I am lucid enough to look honestly at the state of the Sierra League. I would agree that Chino Hills might be able to compete in the Baseline League. In the past, they have been able to hold their own come play-off time when they play Baseline League schools (Upland, Rancho, and Los Osos). Charter Oak took league last year and were humbled by the dominant team from the Baseline league; despite Chino Hills being dominated by Charter Oak last season they gave Rancho Cucamonga all they could handle last season losing by 1 point (38-39) on a desperation Hail Mary pass in the final seconds of the game . If my memory serves me right, Charter Oak had a rough time with them losing 21-13. Chino Hills football since their inclusion in the Inland Division has scheduled a tough pre-league schedule to prepare them for the rigors of the Inland Division play-offs. I hope that Charter Oak has learned from their humiliation at the hands of Upland that was witnessed by the TV viewing public (Fox Prep Sports Game of the Week) that winning the Sierra League in and of itself does not prepare you adequately to compete in the Inland Division. I have always admired how Amat schedules step-up games to prepare for the rigors of playing in the PAC 5 Division.
    As to Young Man in Charter Oak are you implying that Charter Oak is a one-trick pony and that their only claim to fame is one league championship in football? Chino Hills has shown that they belong in the Sierra League and can compete in all sports, not just football. Placement in the Inland Division is a rough division and schools from Riverside County are the dominant teams in that division. It is very short-sighted of you to “put all your eggs in one basket (football).

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Amat 73,

    When you are at the top or considered to be one of the best in your area, people are going to take shots at you. I take shots at BA fans. Now that Monrovia has had 5 years of consistent success, people are starting to take shots at us. It’s actually a good feeling, that people would even consider taking the time to. Amat’s been good for so long, that at the first sign of trouble people want to take shots. I dish it, but I can take it as well. I was the first to say that Amat could silence the haters, with victories over Charter Oak, Chino Hills, La Mirada and ST Paul. I would consider the past few years to rank among some of the worst years for a Staple program in the SGV. What could anyone say if Amat was 4-1 going into the seirra. I would eat crow for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and like it. For a program that has had the best coaches, players, and support, traditionally, the expectations are higher. With so much visibility, you can’t help but to notice how things are changing over there. When people trash Amat, if you get past the BS, they can’t say too much. But, You can say what I’ve said, and that is they still have the top “Program” Meaning, coaches, play calling, and execution. But they don’t have the top Talent or athletes like they have in the past. With the top Talent and the program intact, they were winning D1 Titles. You take away the athletes, and what you are seeing now is what happens. If you look at the Servite and SM game, the coaching kept them in the game. They made some great calls to have the little success they had. It was close for a a half, but the lack of size and speed did the lancers in. You must have the horse to win in Pac5 or any division. Amat is still good enough to beat the Majority of teams in the valley by 2-3 scores. However, it think that verses teams like CO,CH,ST Paul,WESCO and MTown, the gap could be much closer with a possible upset. No one believes that mtown would win against the other top 5 teams because we do start of terribly slow and practically haven’t scheduled any. That’s on our coaching staff. This season, I think they have the best chance of going 14-0, just because they have Next level seniors running the team. They also understand their a few teams in the Division who can beat them. So they are more focused than the past few years. With a Quality win over St Francis and Sierra Canyon in the finals, we might be able to get those big games, to prove everyone wrong. However, we have to win the ones we have first. I cant argue with those who say this. I just say we have 5-6 D1 guys in defense. However, they have to play together, and we still need more work in the weight room up front. That’s my honest opinion on the matter.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”


    You were right on. regarding Beefing up the South east, but that would only be for geographical reasons. I think the Sierra and Hacienda would fair well in the central. Rancho Verde has beaten their playoff field by 21 + points last year, Including Don Lugo by 44. I am sorry, but the Mt Baldy league is terrible with exception of Colony and Chino. With Mostly Ontario schools, The SGV is not to far to drive. Speaking of the south east…watch out for the San Gabriel Valley Ghar, Dominguez and Paramount are going to make some noise.

  • Stanford Dad


    ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME !?!?!?!!?!?!?




    Aside from the obvious Frank “hates” Morrison BS…this is freaking incredible.

    For all those you say I know nothing and shouldn’t talk football well guess what…”IT’S ALL COMING TRUE”!!!

    A few years ago I said the Fishbowl should schedule Salesian, Cathedral and Roosevelt/Garfield and guess what. I was talking about Azusa, Baldwin Park or San Dimas not Bishop Amat and Los Altos. This is too funny as all the haters will have crow to eat…LOL

    Azusa should have scheduled Salesian when they had the chance but Los Altos and Workman it is.

    Doesn’t matter if any of these teams win the fact remains the same, any one …. any where!!!!

    Still waiting for someone to schedule Serra.

    Roddy Hiatt is doing a great job at Salesian. Seen Salesian lose to Effers and Maranatha twice on last second back and forth games teh past two years so these games are going to be fun.

    Maybe that’s why I love Gano so much at Damien. WHo’s he schedule..J Serra, Orange Lutheran and Los Alamitos…plus I hear teh Spartans are scrimmaging Mater Dei? Any one know if that’s true.

    Geez …Morrison @ Salesian..WOW!!! Well I’ll tell you this Workman will get what every team gets, our best effort and win or lose…we’ll shake hands and say, “Good game”. No hate here as things worked out even better than I could have hoped for, LOL. God is good.

  • Dan

    Amat 73,
    Extremely doubtful CO would have a 5 peat in the South East, like Aram said both Bonita and WC most likely would have beat CO in 2010, and rather easily at that. Both of those teams had the size skill and speed to get the job done.

    OK Aram since you’ve brought this up twice,
    here is my opinion.
    Wrong on CO winning easily if they played West Co. for the title last year. You saw WC early in the season when 4/5ths of their line were brand new to varsity Oline play along with their QB being brand new to varsity competitiion. There was also Solomon, Franklin and at times Fraizer being injured. There was definately a learning curve going on with WC with lots of turnovers and missed blocking assignments and 4th qtr defensive breakdowns being the norm in weeks 0 to 5.
    By wk 7 Solomon was around 90% healthy and turning it up while Fraizer had already been at full health and going ballistic in the backfield. By weeks 9 thru 14 Solomon was a beast with him, Fraizer, and Salgado breaking long TD runs several times in each game, the O-line was ridiculous in the way they moved opposing defenses around, didn’t matter who lined up in front of them, La Mirada was big and thick across the defensive line, averaged 6’1″ /6’3″ plus around 260/ 280, these boys were big but not around the belly, but it didn’t matter, WC still moved them out of the way and scored touchdowns on 9 out of 10 offensive series. The reason the game seemed competitive at times was because of some terrible refereeing and ball spotting that kept some drives alive for the Matadors, in my opinion they benefited two scores from this.
    By this time our QB had learned to manage a good game and wasn’t throwing the picks that he was earlier on. [In games 2 to 5 he was getting a couple of picks a game, after that he certainly got better. On top of that the defense was a swarm of fast discipline players who rarely were out of position like earlier in the year.
    WC was a different level of play late in the season and playoffs, I saw CO and they were extremely good but by wk 14 West Covina was also playing extremely good. La Mirada had just beaten a pretty good Arcadia team who you thought all season would give WC a challenge or even beat WC for the title. La Serna had just beaten a Muir team who had destroyed Santa Fe and Diamond Ranch by scores of 39 to 7 and 48 to 0 respectively, La Serna had also beaten Mayfair during their playoff run, along with a Los Altos team who had had a great turn around season.
    For West Co to destroy both LS and LM the way they did was astonishing, it was comparable to what CO was doing too teams like Esperanza, Santiago, and C Hills in their games. I have trouble believing that the C Oak “D” would have put a stop to the offense that WC had going in weeks 9 to 14, the WC offense was just too physical, it would have been a game that would have came to the wire with probably the last team to have the ball winning the game, and with WC’s ball control my money would have been on them. I never liked that CO and SH were moved out of the Southeast. I think the 10 and 11 WC teams would have been CO’s toughest challenge in a title game since the Los Altos teams of late 90’s and early 2000’s. Anyways thats my humble opinion and I’m sticking with it. LOL.

  • Green Pastures AKA lovin it !

    No one is invincible. Some times it’s not how good your team is, it’s how well you are playing at the moment. You have to play well on that night to win the game. It does not matter who you beat during preseason and league. If you are one of the teams who qualify for the playoffs, you need to bring it. I will say out of all the top teams in the valley, Charter Oak, had the worst worst playoff performance vs Upland. I know Upland is very good, and may have had something to do with it, but CO was a much better team, then they showed that night. They were flat, not inspired, and did not execute.Similar to their victory vs Glendora. They Just outclassed them. But that was preseason. They picked the absolute worst time to play like that. Being a Monrovia honk, Ive seen that from the Cats, so I know what it looks like. If they played like that against any of the top teams ie…Wesco, Bishop Amat, Chino Hills(they did not play flat in the league game)even lil ol Monrovia might have a shot. La Habra is closes thing to total dominance in a division. However they purge themselves every preseason. I think If Co would have played a much tougher preseason with last years squad, they would have been much more prepared. I think the Glendora, and Esperanza games were a waste. You throw in BA and Loyola into their mix, they would have been more battle tested. Playing in the inland no joke. You don’t have all year to manicure your game like in the lower divisions. You need to know what you have early and fix. Rancho did show them, but due to the success they had for the other 10 weeks, they did not revert back to that game and change some things. Like Maybe bumping Thropay up to LB, and blitzing him. Running the Wild cat with Vaughns and Scoby. Something, anything. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. However it did not work against Rancho, which is the caliber of Upland. CO Didn’t explore their weaknesses and it ended up being too late. Their Line! Santiago got the ball out quick, but needed a little more time, due the Athleticism of Uplands LB’s and DB’s who could cover. I don’t think Co Ever had to go to their 2nd options. I think their players were always open all year until that night. Just my 2 cents. I did say they were better than they play Co, so don’t call me a hater. lol

  • AztecStarter

    throw in an azusa game, and you’re all set.


    @AztecStarter said:
    “throw in an azusa game, and you’re all set”. RIGHT ON!!! AZUSA vs San Dimas should be a great game and AZUSA continues to get that W!!!

    Thisis becoming a Classic between the two cities!

    AMAT73 what’s going on and Football Season is in the AIR!!!

  • AMAT 73

    I hear you load and clear. Football , the best time of the year. Looking forward to both AMAT and the RAMS especially with Fisher at the helm. Looks like the Lancers will have a solid team and just might surprise a lot of doubters in the SGV. Also a damn good chance I will be at the Bears game in Chicago this year . Good luck to your Aztecs this season and thinking of taking in the Don Lugo game . If I do I will be the other guy with a RAMS jacket in the stands.

  • 12th man

    New topic please!!! It’s been 3 days already??? I know you’re trying to generate more hits! “But Seriously” lol…

  • OOP


    We are in July 2012 and the Tribune has a topic on the main blog page that hasn’t been updated or REMOVED since April 2009. We are talking over three years and the main blog page hasn’t been updated, that is a joke.

    “Prep Stars: Where are you now?”

  • AztecStarter

    AZTEC PRIDE and AMAT 73-
    thanks for all the support. as you probably know, no one gives enough credit. maybe a 5th league title will mean SOMETHING. and I got you mr. AMAT! I will definitely point to you when I get a sack in the Don Lugo game!! definitely think we will take san dimas by surprise this year. don’t doubt us. we’re putting in work like no other school in the valley. believe me. enough coming up short. we got this year! much love to our fans.

  • SGV Athlete

    Every time I read a “Not Since 1995” post I can’t help but think this blogger is either one of two things…either 1. its someone that was cut from an AMAT team and couldn’t just let it go so they take their frustrations out on the internet…aka the “Palace of Moronic Arguments”…or 2. its a hardcore AMAT fan/coach that just likes stirring the pot in order to light a fire under the AMAT faithful and players butts…either way, as an AMAT grad, I somewhat enjoy this debauchery.

  • Bulldog4Life

    a little off topic, but after looking at the games week by week, i think we can actually say who the number one team will b in the SGV after looking at the result of the games vs Chino Hills. West Co, Amat, and Charter Oak are for the most part at the top every year and their fans including myself dont agree with the rankings. this year all 3 of them play chino hills and i truly believe we can tell who the number one team is depending on the Chino Hills outcome.


  • 12th man

    WRONG!! You wont be able to set a measuring stick just because all 3 teams play Chino Hills..The fact of the matter is BA will be at a disadvantage playing CH in week one no team in any division will be able to execute or run on all cylinders in the first week..

    Week one is almost like scrimmaging & all the coaches are running new plays & testing different players to see what works..Now if all three teams were playing CH after week 5 like Charter Oak then I would say lets do comparative scoring to see where each team stacks up..

    Bottom line is..Charter Oak, West Covina, & Bishop Amat are all teams that excel half way through the season or right before league starts..You know what I’m talking about..didn’t you see the Bulldogs steamrolling teams towards the end of the season right before the playoffs?

  • What you talking about Willis?

    @12th man
    What kind of nonsense are you talking about? The CH vs Amat game will be the 2nd game of the year for both teams, how exactly is Amat at any more of a disadvantage then CH? All games count towards your record. Teams trying to make it to a State Championship game know that each and every game counts. FYI – Amat went 1-4 for the last 5 games of their season last year, so how is it that you say they play their best at the end of the season? Your starting to sound like the Monrovia honks.

  • 12th man

    The only reason why I say that BA would be at Disadvantage if you want to do comparative scoring is that these other teams that play CH weeks after.. Would have already scouted the Amat game & could prepare their team accordingly..Actually many factors could come into play..The only way to find out who the “best” team from the SGV is??..They would have to ALL play each other head to head to determine a true Champion!! Funny you don’t think a High School team is much more competitive & defensively more sound in week six rather than week one!! You might have to do some research to actually find a Coach who will honestly admit that his team is playing at the same level as it did in week one lol…If you do? Let me know! I would like to meet this team of Cyborgs lol..

  • Not Since 1995

    The Lanceritos of 2012 are not prepared for what’s gonna happen to them this season…! The Amat Blowhards just aren’t mentally able to accept the fact they are no longer the bad arrogant azzez that they were way back in the ’80s when Jimmy Carter and Reagan were Preaidents…! Pero…La Verdad es La Verdad hommie!

    We have too much talent spread out over the SGV and none of those guus wants to go a team that perpetually loses every year! That is a fact in the last 17 years of the CIF record books…! Seven17teen years…!

    I have since January predicted a 2 – 8 record for the 2012 Lanceritos. Not because I hate the elitism, arrogance, or even for the ignorance! No…it’s simply that they are too small, too weak, and competition is too great for their untapented team! I know it must hurt to hear the truth…but it’s simply the truth!

    Amat has become the Bassett or the Glastone of the PAC 5, the Serra and of the elite teams in the SGV. C’mon…tell me I’m wrong and prove it…!

    Not In 2012 Either…

  • Not since I had Gnads in 1995

    Not since I lost my Gnads in 1995;
    -Have I been able to stop thinging about The Lancers….
    -Have I been able to maker a post w/out mentioning the Lancers….
    -Have I been able to not respond to any Bishop Amat post…..
    -Have I not be a racist….
    -Have I been able to pee standing up…..

    Oh, well……..not in 2012 either!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Slow down waterboy , have a drink of some cool waterrrrrrrrrrr . Too many typos in your last post .You must be spinning a little too much on the wheel these days. It seems you are overly excited this season when posting on your favorite team , AMAT . Tell you what , let it rest ,we will see this season just what the story is on football in the SGV . Just let it play out on the field . Let’s just wait and see what all your SGV teams do against the Lancers this season .

  • La Verdad Es La Verdad…


    Looks like JennaJameson73 and the Amat Blowhards can’t swallow the truth…! Looks like have run out of reasons (errrrr….Excuses!) to explain why The UMMPAH LUUUMPAHS of La Puente are going get their azzez handed to them by the best teams in the SGV…! Start praying you “Ron Jeremy tramp!” That’s all you got left!

    And as far as my spelling is concerned…Fkuc You…73! Spell check that biaaaatch!

    No En 2012…

  • Not Since 1995

    Let’s go Amat Blowhards…! Tell us what Elite SGV Teams can the 2011 Lanceritos beat?

    And with all due respect do not include La Puente, Rio Hondo or Covina!

    You know who we are…! Let’s go..speak up losers (errrrr lancers)!

    Chino Hills…? Nope!
    Charter Oak…? Nope x 2!
    St Paul…? Hahahah…gonna be embarrassing!

    No Garfield, No Venice, No Cathedral = No Victories for Amat…!

    West Covina?

    No en 2012…!


    Glad to see that the JOKE of a coach at Amat is gonna get his rear end handed to him……can u say no playoffs AGAIN????????

  • Not since I had Gnads in 1995

    Not since I had Gnads in 1995;
    -Have I been able to stop thinking about The Lancers….
    -Have I been able to make a post w/out mentioning the Bishop Amat Lancers….
    -Have I been able to not respond to any Bishop Amat post…..
    -Have I not been a racist in my posts….
    -Have I been able to pee standing up…..

    When will I grow some Gnads…not in 2012 either!!!!

    Wow, douche bag, three separate posts under different names??? You don’t need to work so hard at being a Douche Bag, Douche Bag….you ARE “El Supremo Douche Bago”

  • Not Since 1995

    You’re 100% correct…!

    Bishop Amat Blowhards haven’t had Nads, Balls or Huevos Since 1995…!


    You won’t grow any in 2012 either…!


  • I Haven’t had Gnads since 1995

    That’s for sure because I should know!!!!

    I Don’r have Gnads in 2012 either!!!!

  • Not Since Birth ( it’s me but I like this clever play on words )

    Okay I’ll say it because I know every one is thinking the same thing but can’t seem to confront this reality.

    “IF” Bishop Amat beats Chino Hills and Charter Oak and La Mirada and St. Paul what then?

    Bishop Amat will have done this without Rio and without what some say is “the best of the best SGV talent” that historically wanted to become Lancers, what then?

    In fact for all of NOT SINCE’s constant blubberings the truth, and in indisputable facts, is ONLY ONE TEAM…and ONLY ONE TIME…in the past 20 years has ANY FISHBOWL TEAM BEATEN THE LANCERS.


    I mean what kind of stupid does it take to pick on some one who “OWNS” the San Gabriel Valley Fish Bowl in such dominating fashion?

    So IF Bishop Amat lays wood, or wins by 1 point, what would the Lancers have accomplished? NOTHING THEY HAVEN’T DONE FOR 20 STRAIGHT YEARS…if not more !

    Every single year it’s mandatory that some want to be comic and frustrated never was come could have been jock commandeer the blog with a one joke rehashing.

    Congratulations NOT SINCE you’ve managed to accomplished the impossible, you’re eclipsed every star athlete, positive program and “feel good” story to become what you could never accomplish in real life, you’re a star!

    Let’s all give NOT SINCE his due…..yawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn.

  • Not Since 1995

    Amat Blowhards…is it not a FACT that youuuuu have been a LOSER for the last 17 years…?

    Is it my fault that youuuuu can’t Win…?

    I am just here to remind you of your perpetual failure…! That’s all!

    Well…that and to be your conscience! Over the last 5 years I have humbled your Arrogance, your Elitism, and your Ignorance…! I have single handedly made it very very cool, on this blog, to slap you around and remind you of your failures. Others have come and gone…but I am the voice of the SGV. Our talent no longer needs to go to Hags to try to get a scholly! In FACT our kids know that they have a much better chance at Charter Oak, DRanch, Monrovia, West Covina, and others, than they actually do at Amat. The numbers from these schools confirm it every year. In Fact it is well known that Hags doesn’t help the Amat kids with College recruiting! Tell me I’m wrong…!

    You are no longer the best in the SGV…! BUT…I’ll make you a deal! You beat our Elite SGV teams and I’ll go away. Hahahahah…! BUT…we all know that ain’t gonna happen in 2012…!

    Last FACT…Amat will NOT win a CIF CHAMPIONSHIP in 2012 Either…

  • U GOT PUNKED…bowwwooww.

    @Not Since 1995 said…im starting to like this guy….

  • One Trick Pony aka Paul Simon aka (dot dot dot) aka AKA (funny stuff)

    Not Since

    LMAO, boy I had you pegged right on the money ! So this is your shining moment in life ? How stupid and pathetic is that? Cue up the band !!!

    Dude, you’re a winner for sure !

    So you “single handedly humbled” who? what? Talk about an over inflated EGO….dude you’re a joke …and the joke’s on you now! A bit full of yourself aren’t you? So who’s really the loser if it’s not you?

    So tell me true do you really believe the sht you just wrote, “you made it cool”…oh was that you ?????

    I’ve always been of the opinion that these “amat basher” personas were just Aram dusting off his writing skills and creating blog “buzz” because these “personas” never bag on the blog moderators but that’s just me.

    Either way it’s nice to know you’re a loser thru and thru, “the voice of the SGV” notwithstanding, you’re still a ….L.O.S.E.R. and have been all your life… LMAO


    Paul Simon

  • AMAT FAN #1

    Oh god does it hurt to be insulted by Not Since 1995.

    But it’s all true. He is saying what we’re all afraid to say. We suck and so does our team and coaches.

    Nuff Said

  • Joe Amat

    For all of the “Amat doesn’t produce kids, they don’t matter anymore, kids can go anywhere” contingent…well…there is this

  • Oh man, that’s sweet. Good for Darien. Got to meet him when he was working out with Jason David over at CO. He’s doing some good things at NMSU.



    That’s great to see. When did Rolando graduate from Amat? Let us know.

  • Not since I had Gnads in 1995

    #1 Fan and Not since I had Gnads in 1995,
    Why take the time to post and then answer yourself? Just like an oil stick and a DIPSTICK are basically the same thing so are you,
    “Not since I had Gnads in 1995 was I the #1 Fan”
    Nice self-proclaimation…..I think YOU are your own #1 Fan! What a an ass.
    Keep it coming man, HAAA, HAAA, HAAA!!! You are pathetically hilarious!!!

    No Gnads in 2012 either!!!!!

  • Not Since 1995

    Looks like a have an admirer. An Amat Blowhard no doubt.

    By the looks of things the Gnadless Lancer has quickly run out of material.

    Perhaps it’s because IT know that I’m 100% correct about his football team…!

    Is it my fault that I’m right!

    Why don’t you Win and shut me up?

    Nope…Not In 2012…


  • GoAmat

    Because of the 2012 football schedule all this nonsense came about? Keep up the awsome work DJ and Rio! Remember your rep who else but good old Amat!

  • The Truth Does Hurt

    @Not Since 1995-The only “Truth” in your posts is when you say “Amat Blowhard” because You certainly do Blow Amat Hard…..Every chance you get….since 1995!

    and it will be any different in 2012 either!!!

  • Lindy’s

    @Joe Amat,
    That is an obvious photoshop job.

    If you don’t believe me, try buying that magazine from Lindy’s website… it doesn’t exist.