Steve Nash is joining the Lakers, Happy Fourth of July

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  • Fakers

    I thought the Lakers got rid of D Fish so they could get YOUNGER? Now they get Nash? Hmmmm…

  • Laker fan

    How are they going to beat the thunder with no speed and a weak defense .

  • just askin’

    During which Championship year would you consider defense being the Lakers strong suiit?

  • Steve Ramirez

    It’s a Kings’ town now! 🙂

  • Title Time

    Nash has a way of making everyone better, not just on the offensive side, but in all facets of the game. The other guys see him working so hard and being such a team guy and, like his college coach said “it’s contagious.”

    If Nash is too old, why did New York and Toronto show such interest? And don’t worry about how he’ll get along with Kobe; Mr. Bryant deferred to Ramon Sessions this season, so he knows how to handle this arrangement.

  • Cong ’76

    Just Askin’

    Any championship year that Michael Cooper contributed to!

  • just sayin’

    So that means they’ve won 5 championships since then primarily on their offense

  • http://rgd2626 rgd2626

    just askin – just saying sticks his foot in his mouth again.Have you not learned yet to quit being the blog smart ass?

  • just sayin’

    Little Ricky – that wife-beater hasn’t played for the Lakers since the DeSpain era when Los Altos was actually good. The Lakers have won 5 championships in the Kobe era since because of their offense – not their defense. Now take that foot outta your azz and move along and try to find a coaching gig for you or your boy

  • Defense

    Lakers had a good defense when shaq was there .they also where easily the best team those Kobe years with no other team as good as them. The problem now is they are not the better team anymore so they will need defense to slow teams like the thunder and heat .

  • Discruntle blogger

    Really steve…always got time for the midget’s blog…what about urs mang…pass the torch.



  • Cong ’76

    Fact is, no team wins an NBA Championship unless it plays some pretty tenacious “D”…



    This Blog Sucks. I’m going to the MVN sight.

  • http://rgd2626 rgd2626

    hey 76,

    he doesn’t get it.You didn’t say no other team had good (d) just any team with Coop had good (d). He is always on here throwing out a few lines trying to be a know it all.just like he thinks i am Godinez from LA, he couldnt be further from the truth. and then i guess LA;s teams from 99-2003 were not any good.So don’t put much thought into what he says.

  • Cong ’76

    Hey rgd2626, yeah some guys just like poking the hornets nest to see how much trouble they can stir up, sometimes it can even be fun.

    I graduated with Rick’s wife Sue, and sat with her for a few games a couple of years. We had a fun class…