Ganesha coach Darrick Rice ain’t playing

While we’re all working on football previews for the Prep Preview Football magazine and sifting through all our quotes from coaches on the expectations for 2012, this is one of my favorites from Ganesha coach Darrick Rice. I love when coaches speak their mind and sound genuinely passionate about the job they have to do. Ganesha finished 2-8 last year, just a couple years removed from the 49-game losing streak from 2003-09.

“Last year I got the position so late I had to coach with the same guys left over from the previous year. This year I brought in guys with a higher (football) I.Q. and a want and need to help change some of the bad techniques, teaching and overall culture that had been embedded here from years of not changing with the times.
“We have to remember this is not the 70’s, 80’s, or even the 90’s. The rules have changed and so has the area especially with other schools (in the area) stealing our resources right out of our backyards. Our mission is to first establish something special to keep our talent home, win one game at a time in all areas and learn from our mistakes. We want to show that Ganesha High school can move into the 21st century and actually play four quarters of football and not be everyone’s homecoming game.” — Coach Darrick Rice.

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  • Big Dog

    I love the way you think coach,the kids will buy into the vision, if the coach believes it and lives it!!!!!

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    legendary quote!

  • no-step

    I like his attitude. That sounds like a Rockne half time speech.

  • Heard it b-4

    Let’s hope this Rice doesn’t talk as much as another coach named Rice from the P-Town area. Actions speak waaay louder than words coaches.

  • Duuhhhh

    Good luck getting “your” players with “their” crazy azz parents.

  • reality

    Thanks for your candor coach. I caution you not to be flattered when Fred says he loves coaches like you that speak their mind. It works out well for the trib but not so good for the coaches as you can see by the responces already to your brief remarks. No need to toot your horn on these mine fields that are the trib sports reporters. As Tolegian so aptly put it on his blog, all he cares about is hits and I’m not talking about on the football field.

  • Drive by

    Just drove by the new stadium at San Dimas and its awesome! What a Football Facility! Can’t wait to see a game there.


    Fred, thanks for placing the article for (US)”LOWER CLASS LEVEL FOOTBALL FOLLOWERS”.HAHAHAHA…. Matter of Fact I was at that game when Ganesha BROKE the losing streak against Gladstone Gladiators and i’m sure that’s a night they would like to forget about.

    The only thing ARAM had for us “LOWER LEVEL FOOTBALL FOLLOWERS” was the MIGHTY AZUSA, Gladstone BRAWL!”BRAWLING”??? hahah…

    Welcome back Fred, and hope you had a good vacation and FRED… please don’t forget about us!hahahahaha… Did you catch any Fish??? No pictures???


  • 02Giants

    This guy is full of shit! Football IQ? This is the last guy to talk about football IQ . I personally had conversations with him about techniques and schemes and he didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. It amazes me how he talks about his staff from the previous season when half of them left his staff for other programs (1 coaches at Los Osos, 1 is at Rancho and 1 at Pomona) so they obviously had some knowledge of the game. I am appalled that he would blame the season on his staff instead of being a MAN and relate it to the fact it was a new system the kids never ran before so there’s a learning curve. As an alumni of Ganesha and ex coach, I can’t believe he is still the coach for my Giants. If you don’t believe me go watch a practice and you’ll witness how there’s no fundamental drills present…

  • Whats going on

    Hey Fred why are certain comments not going through? I know of at least 2 posters that commented on this and were not posted? Whats the deal?

  • STG 54

    This guy is a clown!
    He had a full offseason last yr and is simply crying to the Trib & looking for sum attention! nothing but excuses for his shortcomings after coming from a school where he claims to have led the nation in offense. Not only was he not late but he began well before spring practice. Only 3 coaches remained from the previous staff, 1 which was a Freshman coach so what is he talking about “he had to coach with the same guys as the yr prior” You hired 5 other guys! & another coach that was hired left in the beginning of spring practice because he knew the type of HC he was.

    You call hiring a flag football coach from the local middle school across the street as bringing in guys with a “higher football IQ”? LMAO!!

    No one is stealing any kids from Ganesha’s backyard, simply put parents dont want their kids going to a school where academics are not a standard and where the football program has had 6 different HC’s in the past 12 yrs!! Add the addition of DR in the SouthWest area of Pomona and of course the enrollment will take a hit.

    The only good thing about him is that he love love loves to fundraise.. wonder where all that money is going…

    Ganesha had a quality HC in David Fleming before Rice, but a lack of suopport from the Administration and Staff and the horrendous lack of equipment drove him away after just 3 years in which the program was going uphill, competing & was in many close games. Most importantly, the culture was beginning to change and opposing teams knew that this was no longer the Ganesha of the loosing streak. Instead its all going back downhill.


    STG 54, what’s going on and it’s always good to see old bloggers still with some GOOD STORIES…

  • Grunt 68

    Aztec I think your the biggest azzzz here! Real LOSER.

    You guys go 7-0 in league and rank 400 in Ca. and 6000 in the nation….should tell you something right there.

    AZTEC division 6…enough said…. u need to stfu gilligan.

  • sgv

    to aztec pride you are always on here running your mouth about azusa football. get a hold of yourself where is your CIF ring huh. how many time you won league but how many times you guys made to the finals? 0. you guys havent even got to the semi finals at all as well. so come on dude give it a break. you say that the montview league is weak but you guys cant even get a CIF ring or at least make it to the final. dawm the truth comes out. sorry to rain on your little parade. Good luck this year

  • Oh boy

    Hey stg 54….

    Shut up Art, don’t talk about things you don’t know about. If you were so good you’d the head coach, OC,dc or something. You make me sick. Fleming did nothing for the kids, did he get them looks anywhere from going to combines and stuff like that. Send film? Do anything right? He is at DR and the coaches don’t even talk to him and give him crap….

    Rice got the job in April and yah he had spring football. He has had to turn a sinking ship into the wind. I saw every game last year…they were poorly coached and the kids didn’t either follow instruction or just didnt care. Gues the F what, there kids care and has some good coaches that work hard this season.

    Look at yourself, then talk sh. It

  • Keepin It Real

    STG 54 – Obviously sounds like a guy that either got passed over for a coaching job or a good friend of the previous coach and took offense to the comments made by the new coach. The bottom line is there are a number of obstacles that Ganesha High must overcome to be a solid program again. Through the years of consecutive losing seasons, a negative attitude toward the school, administration, and program seems to have evolved. At what point do people stop making excuses and just get the job done? Instead of complaining and mocking the program, why don’t people start stepping up and help make a difference for those kids and the school? I’m just going out on a limb here, but I’m willing to bet its because so many people around Ganesha got used to losing and never did anything to break the cycle and take the first steps to be a winner. Including STG 54.

    A “loser” does not want to see the people around them accomplish anything because it keeps everyone on their level of “losing”. How can someone come on a blog and take cheap shots at any coach trying to make a difference and turn the school into a “winner”? Let’s face it, no coach has been able to come in and do it yet. David Fleming must be given credit for guiding Ganesha to a 4-10 record in 2010. It’s the best season Ganesha had since their notorious losing streak. At the same time, he didn’t do much better than any other coach during his first two seasons with just 3 total wins. As far as being in close games…what games are you talking about?

    If you do some research, Fleming’s 2008 team won 2 games and got outscored 139-304. That team lost by scores of 40-13, 27-0, 27-7, 34-13, 38-7, and 62-19.

    In 2009, Ganesha led by Fleming won just a single game and got outscored 82-377. That team lost by scores of 37-14, 35-6, 20-7, 20-6, 56-7, 63-0, 47-0, 49-14, and 33-12.

    The 2010 was much better as they went 4-10 but still got blown out by scores of 48-7, 35-0, 54-20, and 51-7.

    Those are the marks of a quality coach? I’m sure David Fleming did the best job he could when he took over the program and had the same passion about turning the program around as the new coach does.

    Good luck to Ganesha!


    Grunt whats UP with the HARCORE name calling and do you have a problem? One thing I do in here is try to be respectful and keep the comments in a blog manner, but when you call people ASS and loser, well thats another level and its not FOOTBALL TALK no more! Believe this Grunt , AZTEC PRIDE is far from being a ASS and a Loser. Real easy to hit the KEY BOARD in the comfort of home, so remember act like a MAN, and not some snotty brat boy!
    I ve enjoyed watching AZUSA Football for quiet sometime now, and not you or anybody else on here will change what I think about the program and what it has accomplished!


    By the way GRUNT 68, who are YOU??? and your not Ginger or Maryann, and I got you being Mrs. HOWELL, with saggy… well you know THURSTON. Come on, let’s see how good your at on GILLIGAN’S TRIVIA.



    sgv, small lettering??? Come on be BOLD and PROUD of SAN GABRIEL FOOTBALL! By the way at-least know what your talking about! YES… AZUSA has played in the SEMI’S against SAN DIMAS and that’s the year they beat Monrovia in the RAIN! Remember that and do a little research before you, well never mind! First I run my MOUTH because I LOVE THE GAME, secondly I reside in AZUSA, Hell there’s alot of teams in the SGV that haven’t won a RING, but i’ll say this about AZUSA, they were getting real close compared to the other teams in the Montview League… GOOD LUCK at the end??? First your hating and then wish us LUCK?

    SON, your confuse and go see if you can get your MTV back on DIRECT T.V.


  • Grunt 68

    @ Aztec
    Nobody calls me Lovey !!! its on gilligan.

    I only call you gilligan cuz ur the skipper’s (AMAT) little biatch. Ok maybe i didn’t take my meds last time i blogged, i was a little harsh, but like u said man, u run ur mouth way toooo much. I respect that ur loyal to ur team, but u do talk trash man, and thats cool, but not the AZTEC,,, their aaalright ( D-6) not enough for u to pound ur chest all the time. there’s team that go 3-7 and rank better than you…WHY is that????

    Now go eat ur coconut cream pie.

  • Aaron

    Oh Boy…you said they looked poorly coached last year…well Flemming was gone last year. Darrick Rice was the HC at Ganesha this past season.

  • STG 54

    Hey Oh boy…

    Who the hell is Art? Cuz that sure isnt my name, so whoever it is that you think I am your sadly mistaken!! & if im talking about something its because i know what im talking about! All i pointed out were the untrue statements that Rice made to the paper!! So please if the statements that I made are not true please point them out cuz i would love to hear this!!

    As far as Fleming goes how do you know what he did? & how the hell do the coaches at DR not talking to him bring any relevance to this post?

    “I saw every game last year…they were poorly coached and the kids didn’t either follow instruction or just didnt care”

    Doesn’t that fall on the HC (Rice)? Rice was the HC, OC & DC because thats how he wanted it! he had a coaching staff that was more than competent and knows the game. Its not like he was running anything difficult!

    Look at myself & then talk?? get outta here with your lame remarks.

  • 12th man

    Football: Edison goes 6-0 to win summer tournament title

    Quarterback Alek Torgersen got hot and spread the ball to lots of receivers in helping Huntington Beach Edison win its own seven-on-seven summer tournament championship on Saturday with a victory over Santa Ana Mater Dei in the final.

    “Our no-name Chargers,” Coach Dave White said.

    Edison went 6-0 on the day. Receiver Trevor Borkowski made major contributions. Edison’s lineman also won a competition at Santa Margarita.

    Mater Dei ends the summer with lots of optimism. In years past, even during the days of quarterback Matt Barkley, the Monarchs were usually effective in early June summer tournaments, only to fade away as the summer ended.

    So what to make of the Monarchs advancing to the final on Saturday at Edison?

    It’s a sign Mater Dei has better depth in the skill-position players, with Coach Bruce Rollinson also using some young players off last season’s unbeaten freshman team who are fresh and trying to make an impression. The Monarchs defeated Santa Margarita and St. John Bosco on Saturday.

    The summer standouts have been receiver Thomas Duarte and defensive back Jonathan Lockett, among others. Quarterback Ryan McMahon has been solid.

    Mater Dei didn’t make the playoffs last season but did own a victory over Pac-5 champion Santa Margarita. It’s still going to be important for the Monarchs to come up with a successful rushing attack in the fall.

    What’s surprising is how Santa Margarita hasn’t been able to sustain success in the seven-on-seven competitions. Yes, the Eagles will be overpowering teams in the fall because of their huge, experienced offensive line, but their defensive breakdowns are a warning sign that nothing’s going to come easy, especially when you’re everybody’s No. 1 team to start the season and opponents are extremely motivated.

    Valencia made it to the semifinals, and Harbor City Narbonne won the consolation title over Los Alamitos.

    Covina Charter Oak won the Claremont tournament championship. Playa del Rey St. Bernard won a tournament at Chadwick.

    Ventura St. Bonaventure went 5-0 in the Rio Mesa tournament, and Valencia won the lineman competition. Birmingham won the Antelope Valley tournament.

    — Eric Sondheimer

  • 12th man

    Khalfani Muhammad is named state athlete of the year

    Khalfani Muhammad from Sherman Oaks Notre Dame has been selected the state athlete of the year by Cal-Hi Sports. Muhammad is a track-football standout.

  • 12th man

    Baseball: Lucas Giolito signs with Washington Nationals

    Former Harvard-Westlake pitcher Lucas Giolito signed with the Washington Nationals for $2,925,000 just before Friday’s signing deadline.

    “It’s pretty funny,” Giolito said. “There was 30 seconds to go.”

    Giolito was the No. 16 pick for the Nationals. He injured his right elbow last March, spraining a ligament not long after he was clocked throwing a 100 mph fastball during the opening days of the season at Harvard-Westlake.

    A healthy Giolito would have led to him being taken in the top three picks of the draft. His teammate at Harvard-Westlake, Max Fried, was taken at No. 7 by the San Diego Padres and signed last month for $3 million.

    “The Nationals and I are really happy,” Giolito said. “My arm feels great. I’m looking forward to pitching. I’m ready to be a professional.”

    Giolito still doesn’t have an exact day when he will return to the mound. He continues to rehab his arm.

    Both Giolito and Fried had signed with UCLA.

    “I’m happy for Lucas and his family,” UCLA coach John Savage said. “But I couldn’t be any happier with the guys we got.”

    Turning down pro contracts were pitchers Hunter Virant, Cody Poteet and James Kaprielian, plus outfielder Ty Moore. Also, pitcher Felipe Perez is headed to Westwood.

    USC will get third-round Athletics pick Kyle Twomey, who decided not to sign.

    Eric Sondheimer

  • STG 54

    Keepin It Real:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but I in no way got passed over for a coaching job, but yes I am a friend of the previous coach & your damn right i took offense because this isnt the 1st time that Rice has taken a shot at him in the paper and to other coaches!

    You hit it right on the nail though, when will people stop making excuses? All I was pointing out was the untrue statements & EXCUSES that Rice told the Trib. I am not complaining nor mocking the program at all! How am I taking cheap shots? Because Im calling out his lies & pointing out whats not true, you call that cheap shots?

    what games am I talking about?

    If you do some research, (as in watching film) you would see that in 2/3 seasons under Fleming many games were lost in the 4th qtr where their record could have been 6-4 twice! dont believe me, do the research! Ask any of the opposing coaching staffs if their was any difference in the team under Fleming & find out on your own!

  • STG 54


    Not much, I dont come on here as much like be4 other than to read headlines. How are things? Ill be attending some Citrus games this upcoming yr, my nephew that just graduated & played in the Hall of Fame game will be doning an Owl uni!!

  • Keepin It Real

    STG 45 – It’s fair enough to defend a fellow colleague. But I didn’t read anything that mentioned Fleming directly. What I got from the quote is that the new coach (Rice) didn’t think the guys he kept on staff were very experienced. That goes with any coaching staff. A great coach on one staff may not work well in another.

    Let’s take a minute to face the music here. Every coach since Sturgeon has absolutely sucked at Ganesha. 9 wins in 9 seasons in inexcusable. Rice needs to start winning some games or he will be judged accordingly.

    A head coach is judged on their records. Plain and simple. I don’t see any asterisks in Fleming’s season record saying;

    *The game was much closer than the final score*


    *Ganesha was in it till the 4th quarter.*

    The bottom line is they lost…again! And most bad teams don’t deliver when the game is on the line. The 4th quarter is where champions deliver. If Fleming was in that many close games as you say, then Fleming was not quality. He couldn’t deliver when it counted.

    As for Rice, we’ll have to wait and see if he can deliver. One thing is for sure, after the comments he made he can only blame himself for further defeats.

  • Keepin It Real

    I meant to say that every coach including Sturgeon so far has sucked at Ganesha. At least that’s what their record shows.

    By the way, does anyone know the last time Ganesha made the playoffs?

  • AMAT 73

    And who’s your team grunt. You come on here bashing AZTEC PRIDE ( my little buddy , you know the skipper insert you wrote ) but fail to say where you plant it on Friday nights. To be fair who’s your team ???????

  • Grunt 68

    @ Amat73

    Here’s a hint oldtimer…
    I believe it was 1970, right before I was drafted.
    It was a basketball game, I was there to watch my cousin play, then a fight broke out…turn in to a riot. Haden called out for his mommy…I got a few licks on him. Good times.

    I have nothing but respect for Bishop Amat.


    Thanks AMAT73! You and I know FOOTBALL Blogs can be brutal and when you come in here, well you better have some thick skin and its not for the faint of heart! I can handle the cat calls about the team you root for, but come on, Ive never even met GRUNT 00, (GRUMPY OLDMAN), and to come out BLASTING with obscenities, well thats not COOL and its no longer FOOTBAL TALK! He states I run my mouth??? Well hell, I havent even been on here for the last several months talking about AZUSA. Obliviously GRUNTLESS 00, is going by another name, because the first time I see this fools name on here!

    Now (Grunt less )is hanging around like an OLD BUZZARD waiting to see the next messages from MR.AZTEC PRIDE,LOL but as soon as I seen his last message about not taking his MEDS and the rest of his pathetic message, well I just left it alone, so you could see how truly what a FORREST GUMP he really is!
    Okay professor!

    AZUSA FOOTBALL and proud to be a FAN!!!

  • 12th man

    Football: Monrovia isn’t done with its winning ways
    July 16, 2012 | 8:00 am

    Monrovia has won back-to-back Southern Section Mid-Valley Division championships, and the Wildcats still have plenty of talent for Coach Ryan Maddox.

    Linebacker George Frazier has committed to Colorado. Linebacker Brett Walsh has a 4.33 grade-point average and has an offer from Northwestern.

    Quarterback Blake Heyworth was the co-Rio Hondo League MVP who had 25 touchdown passes last season.

    Those are three players to build another championship team around.

    — Eric Sondheimer

  • 12th man

    Venice’s Alexander Diamont knows how to stay cool in the spotlight

    The junior quarterback finished with 2,213 yards passing and 14 touchdowns with seven interceptions as a sophomore. Diamont also is a model and son of soap opera star Don Diamont.

    By Eric Sondheimer

    July 15, 2012

    When it comes to star power, junior quarterback Alexander Diamont of Venice can more than hold his own.

    Whether directing the Gondoliers’ offense or posing on a beach for a modeling assignment, Diamont knows how to stay cool, calm and focused.

    As a sophomore last season, he finished with 2,213 yards passing and 14 touchdowns with seven interceptions. The potential he displayed has Coach Angelo Gasca excited about what he might accomplish this fall.

    “He’s tough and he’s serious and has a good feel for the game and really loves it,” Gasca said. “He wants to get better and really cares. Those are essential to take the next step.”

    The 6-foot-1, 165-pound Diamont feels much more comfortable and prepared to deal with his many responsibilities.

    “I have a stronger grip on the offense,” he said. “I matured a lot. I’ve been trying to get bigger, stronger, faster, smarter. Last season I’d be sure some plays, not so sure others. It would change week to week. Now I feel I have total control of the offense.”

    With the official start of City Section football practice Monday, Diamont is going to have to put his modeling career on hold, but it won’t prevent teammates from having fun.

    “I get made fun of a lot, but that’s how guys are,” he said.

    There could be some jealousy involved, considering Diamont got to hang out at the beach with some girls in bikinis for a soft-drink commercial.

    “I enjoy doing it,” he said.

    Modeling and acting are part of the family experience. His father, Don, spent 22 years on the TV series “The Young and the Restless,” and now appears on the soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” He’s also the videographer for Alexander and his younger brother, Luca, 11, another quarterback in the making.

    “My dad teaches me more than anyone,” Diamont said. “He’s taught me to be confident but not cocky.”

    Diamont learned early on last season that one game doesn’t make a season. In his varsity debut, he completed nine of 12 passes for 219 yards against Studio City Harvard-Westlake.

    “My first game was one of my best, so I started on this high point,” he said. “It’s not easy to maintain that. You can’t believe the hype. You have to maintain a level head throughout the season.”

    One of Diamont’s strengths is the ability to improvise.

    “It’s one of my favorite parts of the game,” he said. “When everything is breaking down, you’re the one staying calm and making something happen.”

    The 2012 season should be good for Diamont, though Gasca teases, “I’ve told him, ‘Don’t be posing on the sideline.'”

  • reality

    @12th man. Do you have any stories you can forward from the San Diego area? Maybe about singers or dancers that by the way play football? Great, thanks.

  • 12th man

    No stories from SD Smart ASS!! Just thought I would give the readers something to read while the Tribune takes a break~

  • 12th man
  • AMAT 73

    Grunt 68,
    Holy cow dung , if it’s not an old slimesman. I was at that very game myself and needless to say I dropped a couple of good ones on a few of your slime pals . Are you sure you weren’t hearing the wallows of your st slime buddies doing all the crying . Since it was so long ago you might have cloudly memories of the incident . All kidding aside , AZTEC PRIDE is one of the old time bloggers on here and I have never seen him jump on any kid or really any team unless they face his beloved AZUSA AZTECS . He knows their place in the scheme of things and no need to down a person just because they play in a lower division.An added plus is he is an old die hard RAMS fan so he’s ok in my book. Either way its’s going to be nice to smack the slimesmen around again . See you at the game . By the way the respect is mutual my friend. And yes they were good times.

  • SAVE US!!!!!

    WHAT’S GOING ON?????


    UPDATE THE BLOG!!!!!!!!

  • littledude

    did anybody see the brawl that broke out at the bonita-ganesha 11 man scrimmage last thursday. it was real ugly

  • Beautiful

    Today was a great day, sunny and warm, only 5 weeks and it’s game time

  • 12th man

    City Section teams officially began football practice on Monday, so it’s a good time to start taking a look at players to watch for the 2012 season, beginning at the quarterback position.

    No. 1 is Troy Williams of Narbonne, the returning City Section player of the year who’s committed to Washington. Williams is the standard for the new breed of quarterbacks, being able to run or pass. He passed for 3,247 yards and 34 touchdowns and ran for 587 yards and 11 touchdowns.

    Reginald Bell of Dorsey is committed to Tulane. He appears to be faster and stronger after winning the City Section hurdles championship. He had outstanding receivers last season, so it will be interesting to see who develops to catch balls for the Dons.

    Jonathan Santos of South East is a true gunslinger, having passed for 2,967 yards and 35 touchdowns. And he has a talented receiver coming back in Ramone Smith.

    Alexander Diamont of Venice passed for more than 2,000 yards as a sophomore. There’s no Gabe Marks to catch his passes, though. Trae Smith of Birmingham, a former receiver, is 6-foot-3, athletic and rapidly learning the position.

    Gilbert Herrera of Roosevelt will be a three-year starter. That kind of varsity experience is invaluable. Sylmar has high hopes for the versatile James Austin. Alhambra transfer Joshua Mendoza could help Garfield. Ajene Harris, a transfer from Animo South Los Angeles, will take over at Crenshaw. Mark Powell of Verdugo Hills passed for 1,356 yards as a sophomore.

    Photo: Narbonne quarterback Troy Williams. Credit: Eric Sondheimer

    — Eric Sondheimer

  • 12th man

    Missions Redfield commits to USC

    Mission Viejo receiver/defensive back Max Redfield, left, confirmed today he has committed to USC.

    Redfield was All-Orange County first team defense last season as a junior. He had 91 tackles and three interceptions, and 22 receptions for 415 yards and 22 touchdowns. Redfield, listed last year as 6-foot-3 and 195 pounds, also is a standout in basketball and track.

    USC and Oregon were his favorite potential college destinations. They were not the only schools that offered Redfield a scholarship. Every other college football program that thought it had a chance at Redfield offered, too, and Redfield had narrowed his list of possibilities to Cal, LSU, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, USC and Washington.

    Redfield said USC had much to offer.

    The education and coaching are unmatched, he said. And the talent theyre bringing in with my class is the best in the nation.

    Although he has made the decision, Redfield said he still plans on taking most or all of the five official recruiting visits he is allowed. Oregon and Notre Dame for sure, said Redfield of the recruiting visits. And maybe Cal or Oklahoma or even USC.

    (Steve Fryer)

  • 12th man


    1. Su’a Cravens (Vista Murrieta 83 S Undecided
    2. Max Redfield (Mission Viejo) 82 ATH Undecided
    3. Chris Hawkins (Rancho Cucamonga) 82 CB USC
    4. Demorea Stringfelllow (Rancho Verde) 81 WR Undecided
    5. Kylie Fitts (Redlands East Valley) 81 DE USC
    6. Joe Mathis (Upland) 80 DE Undecided
    7. Marcus Baugh (J.W. North) 80 TE Ohio State
    8. Tahaan Goodman (Rancho Cucamonga) 80 S Undecided
    9. Steven Mitchell (Alemany) 80 WR Undecided
    10. Dashon Hunt (Westlake) 80 CB UCLA
    11. Sebastian Larue (Santa Monica) 80 WR Undecided
    12. Hayden Rettig (Cathedral) 80 QB Undecided
    13. Francis Owusu (Oaks Christian) 80 WR Undecided
    14. Chad Kanoff (Harvard-Westlake) 80 QB Undecided
    15. Johnny Stanton (Santa Margarita) 80 OLB Undecided
    16. Troy Williams (Narbonne) 80 QB Undecided
    17. John Lopez (Orange Lutheran) 80 OG Undecided

  • ganeshafootball

    It’s funny how people take their time to talk about other football programs. Every season is different. There is a lot of changes in this upcoming seasons players attitude . Instead of arguing people should come support. Grow up.