I’m so embarrassed a website in this town named La Mirada preseason No. 1 over West Covina that I can’t convince myself to mention them

Competing websites, if that’s what you want to call them, will go any length for publicity. How else can you explain ANYONE touting La Mirada No. 1 in the Southeast and West Covina No. 2. Absolutely ridiculous. I’m not saying La Mirada’s not good, there’s just no justification for ranking them ahead of West Covina. NONE. The Bulldogs’ semifinal and final in last year’s Southeast playoffs was the most dominating performance over divisional rivals I’ve ever seen. After blasting La Mirada 63-34 in the semis, they mercied La Serna 84-21 in the championship. Sure, there might be some slippage, but West Covina’s second unit could have won last year’s title. What’s probably even more shocking on the Southeast poll mentioned by a certain website I refuse to mention is that Compton Dominguez isn’t ranked in the Top Ten. COMPTON DOMINGUEZ! May God rest his soul, but you know you can hear Big Bob saying, “Cmon Man.”

Okay, here is what a Top Ten Southeast Poll should look like ..

1. West Covina — Absolutely and without question.

2. La Mirada — Out of respect for Mike Moschetti, one of my favorite players of all time and coach of the Matadores, this is the spot they should occupy. Like I mentioned, they’re not bad, just not as good or talented as West Covina.

3. Compton Dominguez — Look, they play big-boy football. They went 2-1 against three Pac-5 teams in nonleague. The Southeast is a step down for them. Two of their four losses were to Crespi and Redlands East Valley. Athlete for athlete, they could be scary.

4. La Serna — Despite how bad they looked in the title loss to West Covina, they were absolutely playing their best toward the end of the season, beating Mayfair, Los Altos and Muir to reach the title game, and they have several players back.

5. Paramont — Played Monrovia and St. Francis tough last year and is another dangerous team from the San Gabriel Valley League that is use to playing higher-division opponents.

6. Bonita — I’m sold on QB Tanner Diebold having a sensational year. I thought injuries hurt the ‘Cats more than anything last year. Two years removed from reaching a title game, they’ll bounce back.

7. Diamond Ranch — Aram has the Ranch ahead of Bonita in his all-encompassing poll, but I’ll take a wait and see approach.

8. Muir — On talent alone (although its dwindling), Muir’s a top ten in this division even if they play bad.

9. Mayfair — Was certain they would do better in last year’s playoffs. Doubt they will be that disappointing again.

10.T — Bellflower — Finished in a three-way tie for the Suburban with La Mirada and Mayfair, but they were consistently inconsistent. Maybe they improve, but certainly capable.

10T. Arcadia –– Way too many question marks in the post Dimalante era. Without the deepest talent pool to pull from, wondering how they replace so many skilled players from last year. But historically, the Apaches are always in the mix.

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  • The Boxer

    Like ole Paul Simon said in the song “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    I saw that..lol, I was thinking the same thing too. They have Paramount at #3 also. That might be a good spot for them. Dominguez should be in the top 5. It should be

    1. West Co
    2. La Mirada
    3. Paramount
    4. Dominguez
    5. La Serna
    6. Mayfair
    7. Bellflower
    8. Arcadia
    9. Ghar
    10.D Ranch

    Others Muir, Sante Fe, Burroughs, Pioneer,Diamond Bar, Pasadana, Crescenta Valley

    West Co has earned the right to be number one. However the new teams coming down to Div 7 are going to be big up front and tough. However West Co plays at a Mid to High Central Division level, so they should be in the Semi or better. This years south east is still open for a new champion. But when everyone’s record is 0-0, West Co is Number 1.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    LM has a handful of D1 recruits, so they are not to be overlooked. But last I checked, they were there last season and not one of them could catch our skill players once they broke into the open field. We had at least a dozen plays of 20 or more yards against them in the semi’s last season! Solomon and Frazier are gone, and that hurts. But Salgado, Franklin, Love, Best, Jones, Henderson and Ojala return. Throw in Hull and Najera into the mix and the slowest player on that list may be faster than LM’s fastest player!

    They say speed kills, and we did just that against them. LM has experienced and talented QB’s returning, and a stud TE to go with D1 O-linemen, but their backs and wideouts will not escape our defensive speed.

  • Nice, Fred. A conversation that could have been had elsewhere is now taking place here. You, my friend, are a blogging genius the likes of which haven’t been seen since, well, myself.

    Anyway, I’ve got no problem if somebody wants to wiseguy it and rank La Mirada No. 1. They have some really nice players and a good coaching staff over there.

    Leaving Compton Dominguez out is just plain absurd. That program has won the San Gabriel Valley League six of the last eight years, including the last two. They are technically “getting relief” and many outside this area think they’re gonna use the Southeast Division to play their way back up division ladder.

    These same guys left Ellis McCarthy off their all-area team last year, so glaring omissions like this should come as no surprise.

  • TITANic

    Is that PIONEER I saw in this moronic list as one of the ‘also-good’ teams? You can give La Serna a top-ten spot because they made it to the finals, you can even massage Santa Fe because you like them personally, but putting the Pioneer Titans anywhere near a ‘best’ list is criminal, or perhaps means the writer is good friends with their new coach.

  • Fred Robledo

    Titanic, now you know why I refuse to EVER mention this website by name again. I didn’t think it was possible to be that clueless.

  • Steve Ramirez

    What? Is that true, Aram? They left Ellis McCarthy, the most dominant football player in the East and West SGV and Whittier Area in the previous 10 years off their all-area team?

  • Losing Credibility

    What a sad day when you stoop to posting crap like this. I don’t agree with MVS but dude…we already have one resident douche bag in Aram. I thought you were above stuff like this.

  • green pastures


    I am very interested in the Southeast this season. Fred I have some questions

    1. West Covina — No questions, they are the best still.

    2. La Mirada — Speed is a factor, How will they deal with the more speed teams added to the div?

    3. Compton Dominguez — They lost a ton of seniors and their returning line is somewhat small…were they demoted for a reason?

    4. La Serna — Their QB is very good, but who is he going to hand off to, and throw it to OJ Medina was legit.

    5. Paramont –I know them well big on Size and speed, but low on coaching and discipline. Played St Francis well without Starting RB..you will see him this season.

    6. Bonita –They Have the Offense, but is their D good?

    7. Diamond Ranch — Sleeper, Sleeper,Sleeper.

    8. Muir –They lost their two best players(D1)they have talent, but they need those guys. Who else is over there

    9. Mayfair — They were pounded any time they played a good southeast team…what makes you think they will do better?

    10.T — Bellflower — p

    10T. Arcadia — They need to name a starting qb…Should be good.

    Bonus question: If Arcadia is #10 this season, after losing so much, and Paramount is #5, returning a lot. Where would place Monrovia, which is loaded, if they were in the Southeast this season.

  • Not sure I’m buying how far most people have Arcadia falling. I think the Apaches are gonna be just fine. Run game is excellent. I also think that with Pacific League wide open and last year’s team only making the second round of the playoffs, this year’s team could easily equal those tangible results.

  • LA Conq


    I know we graduated a couple studs from last year’s miracle team, but don’t sleep on the Conquerors! Our line is going to dominate games and our running game is going to PUNISH people! I’m predicting a 3rd place finish for the Conqs this year slightly behind Bonita. We’ll get pounded once again by WC, but who won’t?

  • Fred Robledo

    Green Pastures, I would place Monrovia at No. 2

  • whittier area sports fan

    Fred- one team you should have mentioned around 9 or 10 is CALIFORNIA- if you dont know they beat La Serna last year and finished above them (2nd) in league play- they play good defenxe and are well coached- also yiou should have mentioned Santa Fe- both those teams are just as good as La Serna.

  • Southeast Fan

    “Muir’s a top ten in this division even if they play bad.” NOT. Last year they played bad and they lost to the likes of Burbank and Crescenta Valley and they had the two D1 talents too. Playing bad will not win them games this year.

  • BraveDad

    Question: is this poll for public schools only?

  • Jefe

    I know what BraveDad’s thinking.

  • I’m a Los Altos alumn and homer, but I’d be suprised if they won 4 games.

  • LA Fan

    Los Altos this year has many holes to fill by graduation, however, been to some of their passing league and practices and they will do just fine. The quarterback position will be important but he looks good enough to carry the team. Their defensive line is returning and their o line is extremely big. They got lots of talented sophomores that have shown great promise. If LA stays injury free and plays their game they have a great chance of continuing their success from last season.

  • BraveDad

    I don’t even need to say it right Jefe? I mean really?

  • Pasadenian

    Remember i said it first Muir will def be to the semis at the least this year. Yes they lost a lot of talent in Holmes, Samuels and Talifero but dont forget this is Pasadena and the talent is still there watch out for Andreece Brown im telling you now this kid is GOOD. And returner J. washington and a load of talented young players that stepped in a few Varsity games last year. And dont forget about 6’3 190 DE Lamar Mcdaniels who is also very fast, Muir will be a solid team you watch and see.

    Southeat fan

    Yeah Muir lost to CV and burbank but that league play not Southeast play dont forget they did pop d.ranch and Santa fe only to be embarrassed by a much less talented but well coached La Serna team. Dont knock the Stangs they will be alright you watch and see.

  • Arcadia?

    It’s a shame. With Arcadia’s resources and over 4,000 student body, if they ever get serious about the football program, they will dominate D7. It all starts with hiring the right head coach. The Apaches will struggle big time this year:

    1) I don’t know a single person except Arcadia AD who is sold on Chris Long being the head coach.
    2) They run a spread but have below average receivers.
    3) The two QB competing for the position one is average the other below average.
    4) The two times I was at their practice they have a total of three coaches on the field.
    5) Average OL.
    6) Below average defense.
    7) Poor organization.
    8) Poor practice structure.

    I predict Rio Hondo Prep, a school with a student body of 100, will spank Arcadia August 24th.

  • Football Fan

    Have any of you media types actually gone out and watched any practices this spring/summer? I think not….

  • Wow Fred, I almost missed the old Roger Murray “tie” for 10th. Classic. Way to get 11 teams in your Top 10.

  • Football Fan

    Are you ranking Dominquez #3 just based on who they are or who they have coming back? Do you know how much they lost from last year? I don’t think so because that would require actual research.

  • Football Fan,

    Don’t know Fred’s thinking, but I think when a program wins a league six out of eight years, you tend to worry less about their ability to reload. Dominguez annually has athletes. Don’t see why this year will be any different.

  • Don

    Dominguez is a shadow of those teams from mid decade and yeah, in 2011 they beat two Pac-5 schools, Jordan and Compton, the worst D1 schools from the worst D1 league. They managed two field goals against Crespi and couldn’t do anything against REV. Then they finished tied for 2nd in the SGV League and got cracked by Ventura in the first round of the D4 playoffs. Different Donerson means different Dons. Geez, even Jaime should know that.

  • Aaron

    In regards to my cats…losing Ramirez and Todorovic a ways back stinks, but many of us knew that it did and many of the players behind them have worked hard to bring the same contribution.

    After losing so many great players from the 2009 and 2010 teams was I expecting much last year? Honestly I don’t think Burgett should have been allowed to throw…his option game was off the charts though, he could pitch it for sure. But as soon as Sunshine was healthy he should have been put back in to accelerate his growth and the growth of the team…the BoCats still made the playoffs though. With an All State Kicker anything can happen.

  • Don

    Fred’s declaration that the Bulldog’s second unit could have beaten La Serna may not go untested this year. Meadors, Vilchis, Hernandez, Turner, Solomon, and on and on . . . about 2/3 of the defense, all gone. And this year’s defense looks to be the better of the two units, at least as the season begins. On offense Solomon, Frazier, and Sandavol will be hard to replace; about 3/4 of the team’s rushing yardage came from Seniors last year as did about 2/3 of the TD’s.

    La Mirada on the other hand is returning guys who accounted for better than 80% of their production offensively plus those D1 guys. Am I saying LM will beat WC? No way. Am I saying they’ll have to play the game to find out? Guaranteed.

  • Apach-E

    To Arcadia

    Everyone in and around the apache organization is behind coach Long I can’t for te rio hondo game so u can come back on this blog and say Arcadia got lucky when the beat rio hondo. The two qb are better than a lot of the qb in the area.

  • Frankton

    Let’s look back to August 2009 when you called West Covina one of the favorites to win the division after reaching the semis in 08. West Covina returned some great skill players and I clearly remember them getting taken to the woodshed in week 0 that year…

  • La Mirada Guy

    Fuax embarrassment? Those at the Midvalley sports have no trouble telling the readers to check out this website about a different opinion.
    Really Fred , “embarrassed”. A little over the top?

  • Arcadia?

    Really? With all the coaches Arcadia could have hired you think Chris Long is the best choice? Regarding your QBs, one is average the other below average, your offense will struggle big time this year. You have two RBs COMBINED for only 1,600 yards last season behind a much better OL, with a D1 QB and WR. All three are missing this season. Unless you beat RHP by 50, it is nothing to be proud of consider Arcadia’s 4,000 student body to RHP’s 100. Nonetheless, I predict RHP will win this game out right. It is going to be a long season.

  • Apach-E

    Ya it sounds like you really know what your talkin about! (sarcasm)
    Who would you have hired! Yourself!!?
    Demagraphics of Arcadia is changing constantly….unfortunately moving away from athletes and looking to stay on top of public schools academicly

  • SaintsR4real




  • Dan

    I have to say it’s not unreasonable that the MVN has us any where in the top 4 or 5. Each year is different, with teams from the San Gabriel Valley league coming in and La Mirada kids getting offers and the losses that West Co has from graduation anything can happen. By playoff time last year Solomon, Fraizer and Salgado were the best backfield in the SGV and almost scoring at will, the offensive line was firing on all cylinders and the defense was swarming like a hive of African killer bee’s. This year Solomon and Fraizer along with several studs on defense have graduated and for the third straight year we will replace our whole offensive line except for one returner. Just that in itself could make a big difference.
    WC has a lot of skill, speed, and talent coming up in the ranks to be tested at the varsity level, in my opinion I think WC will be on or close to the level of last year, maybe even better on defense, but you really don’t know until the pads come on and the games start. Injuries and eligibility issues are other factors that could come into play.
    I agree with you that Dominguez should be on that list.
    Sorry, I did a little cutting and pasting on this post.

  • LancerBlue


    I’m ok with Dan’s opinion as long as he’s only talking about the Southeast Div 7.

    We all know these guys would be back ups at Amat, right?

    Just Sayin’

    Go Big Blue!!!

  • LancerBlue,

    You’re kidding me, right?

    You got a buncha transfer from South Hills two years ago and they were all immediately starters on defense. Same South Hills that West Covina has beaten the past few years.

    Sal Velasquez played at Los Altos as a frosh and now he’s arguably your best defensive player.

    If anything, you guys could use more Division 7 (Southeast) talent over there at Amat.

  • AMAT 73

    Come on Aram , you of all people are going to take this fool for an AMAT honk. You should know who he is , I’ll give you a hint , waterrrrrrr. Just look at some of his work on your blog . Everyone on here and your blog knows he has nothing to do with AMAT .

  • LancerBlue


    Shut up old man! I told you before and I’ll say it again!!! It’s people like you “Old” Amat people that are keeping our football program from being more competitive. It’s people like you, the administration, and our out dated coachIng staff. We have talent at Amat but our problem is the leadership and the “Penn State like” Amat honks and bloggers!!!

    AMAT 73 grow some balls and defend the Lancers like we young guns are trying to do!!! Be part of the solution or get the hell out the way.

    Aram, those guys at West Covina were running against Division 7 competition. Lets be real. What has West Covina done against the Lancers? You see where I’m going with this? They would be back ups. No doubt in my mind!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Come on Quasi I see the hot weather really has you spinning . HA HA HA , get it spinning , like when you’re strapped to the whipping wheel . Go get a drink of cool waterrrrrr and calm down youngster .And if you’re the solution we are in bigger trouble then the blog has ever imagined . Solutions like you are meant to be poured in the toilet bowl. Ah !!! a new name for you , Tide Bowl Man .

  • GP-

    List of players who would start at Amat

    Brandon Cox-Pasadena
    Kurt Scoby-St Paul
    Bryce Bobo-Charter oak
    Aaron Vaughns- Charter Oak
    South Hills best 3 lineman
    Honrsby- West Co
    Love-West Co
    West Covina best 3 lineman
    Jack Austin-Chino Hills
    Matt Simko-Chino Hills

    In 2012 Only Andrews, Blue, Salgado, Daniels, and the TE would hold their spots…

    Now everyone would say, why can’t any beat Bishop Amat, if their players are not good….The Answer…last year was the the last trace of talent at BA. Now the cupboard is officially bare


    Lancer Blue….For how much and how often????

  • Dan

    GP, in case you didin’t notice…
    LancerBlue = NotSince 1995
    His quote:
    “It’s people like you, the administration, and our out dated coachIng staff.”
    Classic “Not Since” writing style, doing anything he can to discount everything Amat.

    “We have talent at Amat but our problem is the leadership and the “Penn State like” Amat honks and bloggers!!!”
    The Penn State reference is typical “Not Since” humor.

    “Aram, those guys at West Covina were running against Division 7 competition. Lets be real. What has West Covina done against the Lancers? You see where I’m going with this? They would be back ups. No doubt in my mind!!!”

    Trying to stir the pot between West Co and Amat.

    Not Since, as repetitive as it is, I don’t really get bothered by your writing style but at least come on here with your real handle, plenty enough posers on here already.

  • AMAT 73

    First they would have to meet requirements and apply and pass the entrance exam , make the grades , and afford tuition or qualify for assistance . Then they could try out for the team and see where they wind up . Not putting anyone of these players down but it is just not that simple as you think . As far as our cupboard being bare we will see this season . Also put me down for one of the ones who doesn’t think Scoby could beat out Blue at RB. You will see this kid light it up this season . But there are 3 or 4 I can easily see in a Lancer uniform and would love to have them .

  • Arcadia?

    Yes, I for one will do a better job than the current coach. Also, others in the area that comes to mind, Jude Oliva of San Gabriel HS, Jerry Urias, the former OC at SEM and DB coach at Fullerton College, or Armando Gonzalez, the current DC at South Pasadena HS and coached at Harvard-Westlake and St. Francis. All three of these coaches can for sure bring Arcadia into prominence and maybe even a CIF title but of course the district itself has to be serious about football.

  • GP-aka you know the deal….

    Amat 73,

    Yeah,, but I think all you need is a 2.0 to play and graduate at Bishop right? I think Bishop will admit really good players who are eligible, then work on getting them up to BA standards. I know some of these kids on this list are Ivy league students, and or 3.0 gpa. Especially the Mtown kids. It’s not a point of whether Scoby could beat out Blue, if scoby was their Blue goes to wide out point blank. Blue is a versatile player, his skill set would allow him to make a transition if another really good running back showed up on Campus. I don’t know if Bishops line will give blue the space he needs. I think he will be elusive, but I can’t see him breaking a lot of tackles and punishing opposing tacklers. He is not small, but not a bruiser. I think BA needs a 1,2 punch at RB. I change of pace guy, who can get you the tough 2 yards up the middle. With everyone going both ways…their are going to be some very tired legs come 4th quarter. that May attribute to BA and most teams being close in the 3rd, and giving up 3 scores in the 4th. Especially on the Pac 5, and inland level. Most teams have 3 or 4 guys they can throw at you in many different ways.

  • AMAT 73

    GP ,
    Lot of I think and if’s in your reply. I can say you do not know much about the players or the depth we have at AMAT . Your point of if Scoby was there Blue goes to wide out . It doesn’t work that way . Blue has paid his dues and now it’s his turn , he is a fine back and will surprise you . We had a very good chance at getting Scoby but passed, no knock on him but that was done for some reason . At AMAT no one just steps in on rep , you must earn it , period. On that change of pace guy , he’s there and there’s more than one, you just don’t see him because how often do you go to AMAT to see the practices ??? Also everyone does not go both ways , yes some do but not all and the ones that do, get spelled enough to be ready in the 4th. Really these are young well conditioned kids. The cupboard is not as bare as you think at AMAT as you have not really looked in it to see.

  • GP-

    Amat 73

    I have seen Blue play defense, But no one has seen him play RB. I think Kurt Scoby is a proven back, who can run between the tackles and is the best back in the SGV. That’s just my opinion. However, Blue does go both ways. Plus I saw him up close and personal at a passing league tourney. At 5’10 l/2 175, I wouldn’t think he was a pounding type RB. However, Malik Felton of Servite was the same size as Blue, so it can be done. However their line is bigger and better than Amat’s line at the moment. They create some big holes. Whoplen is 200lbs, Jaylen Moore was 200lbs and think that size helped them break tackles of 220 lbs pac 5 LB’s. Most schools have 2 backs. I have not seen Bishop Amat’s 2nd back surface yet. I am sure they have someone. It’s hard for a small back to go both ways, and be expected to get those tough yards in the 4th. Plus factoring the QB situation, BA is going to be running a lot this season in addition to their run heavy offense. That was the point I was making. If scoby showed up, they would be making some changes, I promise he would not be sitting on the bench or behind Blue. Blue would bounce over to WR because he can play it, and Share the RB Duties, since he is already a starter on D, which Scoby does not play… come on now…break it down.

  • AMAT 73

    Maybe see you haven’t seen him at RB but I have and so have others so maybe that’s why we are comfortable with him carrying the rock for us .If you remember nobody in the SGV knew of Jalen Moore because when JA dropped football to concentrate on academics and baseball all thought we were sunk . Well Moore shows up and bingo all league 1st team 2 years in a row. I am in no way saying Scoby wouldn’t see action at RB but since he is junior he would have the spotlight all to himself next season ,but yes he would have been a good addition just not sure if his supposed baggage is worth it . As I have said before I wish him the best and hope he finds what he’s looking for at the slime but I have a feeling he will be carrying the ball for someone else next season . But that’s my opinion .

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Amat 73,

    Actually, A lot of people knew about Jalen moore; he was a Junior all american star at Baldwin Park wearing the #2. He probably would have transferred, if he was not starting his jr year, but that is just speculation. He was no secret to the people who follow SGV down to the lowest level, like me. That’s what I am talking about. You did have two backs, you lost one, and had another step in. That’s why I asked who’s the number two over there, and is he good? I am going to give Scoby the benefit of the doubt. Haters are banking on this kid failing. He is not a dum kid. He can do well with good coaches and people behing him. I don’t know lou personally but, maybe he was not behind this kid. I hope he stays put at SP. But yea, if he came to BA, he starts and blue contributes at WR/RB. It would make bishop a much better team with a two deep threats.