PrepXtra Football Preview Magazine in newstands on Aug. 23, read what coaches are saying

Mark Aug. 23 on your calendars, it’s not only the day San Dimas visits Bonita to open the 2012 football season in the Smudgepot, it’s also the debut of the third annual PrepXtra Football Preview issue. This is our best ever, close to a 100-page book that will include 67-team pages from the Whittier Daily News, Pasadena Star-News and San Gabriel Valley Tribune. We figured why split it all up, let’s share team previews for all our readers in one giant magazine. We’ve spent the month of July taking pictures, talking to coaches and writing previews. Here is a sneak preview of what coaches are saying …

“I don’t think any one game matters more than the other, but we scheduled these games because we think they will challenge us and help us get better. Charter Oak and Chino Hills will be fun for the folks around here, but that’s not the reason we scheduled each other. I think we all felt it was in our best interest to play each other to help improve. Those are two (Chino Hills and Charter Oak) two quality schools and I think it creates a playoff atmosphere with fans. So, it’s good for everyone.” Amat coach Steve Hagerty on facing Charter Oak and Chino Hills.

“I know the challenges,” Spathias said. “I know a couple coaches in the Valley who said don’t take it, it’s physical suicide. But the timing was right. Some of my kids have (graduated high school) and I have a freshman (daughter) at Bonita that said, ‘dad, go ahead and do it.'” Basset coach Hector Spathias on taking the job.

“The strength of our team is probably our skill people,” Gano said. “We’re going to do what I’ve always done. When I had the weapons at Los Altos, I used them. We’re not going to hold back.” –Damien coach Greg Gano on skill players.

“Chino Hills has got all the pieces. Damien is much improved, they have kids who are experienced now. Claremont looks better, we saw them in summer. And then Ayala and South Hills are just laying in the grass waiting for you.”Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar on the Sierra League.

“If Duarte kept all the players that should be here, they would be a power. But we have to give them a reason not to go, and that’s on the coaches to create an atmosphere so they don’t want to go somewhere else. I honestly feel that winning heals all. If we win it will be a lot easier to retain talent and make it harder for other schools to come to our city and take our players.” Duarte coach Jason Martin on keeping players at home.

“I’m not a big prediction guy. We’ll play, we’ll play hard and we’ll see where it gets us, that’s the only promise I’m making. I’m 26-years-old and new to coaching, but I’m not new to the game of life. We want to build high-character young men. For me, building great young people is more important than anything.”Pomona’s new coach Aaron Jamieson on expectations.

“Nogales is a school that hasn’t been in the playoff hunt for a long time. It comes down to belief and trying to get the school and community to believe we’re capable of winning. I believe the players are ready for it. There’s a confidence in them I didn’t see when I arrived. But they all still hear the doubters in the community who say, ‘you lost all these guys, you won’t be any good.'”That’s tough to hear when you’re a high school kid, but it’s also created a chip on their shoulder which is good. It gives them something to prove.”Nogales coach Sebastian Hernandez on the doubters.

“With our offense we see all kinds of variations of defense’s to try and keep us from doing what we’re doing. The most important part of our offense is how our offensive line adjusts to the different variations and how they block for our backs. They’re young and there will still be growing pains, but they’re ahead of the curve.” Sierra Vista coach Don Legro on experienced offensive line.

“We’re banking on a lot of experience this year. Excuses are out the door. Team execution and consistency in all aspects of the game are a priority. Returning 26 players from last year’s squad is huge. We have a lot of varsity experience on this year’s team. Experience should play a huge roll in close games and throughout the season.” Gladstone coach Albert Sanchez on expectations.

“Motivation, that’s the biggest thing. The last two years they’ve been getting their butts kicked. They’ve worked hard to be in the position they’re in . We’ve preached that hard work will pay off and I think they believe it.”Northview coach Marcel Perez on motivation

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  • Observantcat

    Oh Well, We know that Freddy’s back. I’m ready this season Freddy.

  • Coming up next week: Freddie gives away the rest of the preview issue.

  • jcaz

    Well it most certainly seems as if football season is finally upon us once again. With that in mind, I thought id sit down and share with all of you some of the things that gave me so much joy on this blog over the last few years.

    I guess I wanted to create a list of my top ten (even though there are more than ten items on this list) and wanted to see if any of these top ten, were some of the same things that you enjoyed reading about ovver the past few years as well.

    Even though many of these were my “favorites” there was also a realization that there were some, not so good things on here as well.

    So, while I will give to all of you my top “takes,” I also wanted to know if any of you out there could also share with us some of your thoughts and feelings as to your favorite likes or dislikes on here over the years. Maybe even your own top ten ?

    So here are some of mine…

    1. Charter Oak fan and Joe Amat going toe to toe with one another, and all the while showcasing to many of us on this blog, what two very insightful and extremely intelligent blogers sound like.

    2. Bloggers such as, Just asking, Aztec pride, Don, Dan, 73, the many renditions of FC, and yes, even Non-Sense. Yes, even that idiot is a big part of this blog.

    3.Another Azusa Montview championship

    4. Another Thanksgiving day practice for Charter oak

    5. Another West Covina Championship

    6. A Victory by Amat over Servite

    7. A victory by West Covina over Loyola

    8. South hills, Whiskey Pete once again roaming the sidelines with his camera

    9. Silly azz quotes from SGV Recruiting telling the Amat folks about the long bus ride home

    10. Seeing Fred and his cousin at the end of a Friday night game pounding away on their laptops trying to get the story in, long after everyone’s already left for home.

    11. The smirk on Abrams face, when Fred tells him that Amats the best football program in the SGV.

    12. The look on Abrams face, when Amat proves him right

    13. Finally, a second round win for Amat, or…..Humble pie once again ?


    What’s up JCAZ, and thanks for the plug! I can’t believe another FOOTBALL season is upon us and all the stuff that comes with it!Nothing like it in the world!

    Have fun this year watching and cheering your team!


  • AMAT 73

    Let’s start the season off on the right foot. His name is Aram not Abram . Get it right !!!!!! Now how about starting us off with a preseason joke .

  • Jefe


    Re: #6 & #7 on your list…….no & no.



  • Jefe


    I’m just being realistic. I don’t see how that’s hating. I have plenty of respect for BA’s program. It’s just not where it needs to be right now. It’s good for the SGV when Amat has a powerful program. What SGVer doesn’t want to see a SGV school go into the Pac-5 playoffs & make some noise?

  • jcaz

    73. I knew that, but that must have been one of those “auto correct” typos that Ya always seem to run into.

    Aztec pride, Thanks. BTW, just wondering. Whats your favorite thing about this blog, or, whats the thing you want to see most happen this season ?

    Anybody ??

  • AMAT 73

    Come on man , don’t you know that would just tear the hearts out of many SGV bloggers. That is so far from what this valley wants it’s pathetic . They can’t see the good side of that if it reared up and smacked them in the azz .
    I ‘ll take # 7 and the first part of number 13

  • 12th man






    5.CRESPI(ENCINO) 4-6

  • Jefe

    The Serra’s tough, any way you look at it. Hard to predict too. I still think Alemany’s the team to beat though.


    Amat 73/ JCAZ,

    I truley want Amat to beat Servite,CH and La Mirada so when we beat Amat the King will finally be crowned once and for all!

    Just getting you guys fired up a little, LOL.

    9/14/12 will be a sold out crowd and we finally get to play top tier Pac 5 quality team. (It’s been a while)

    It will be a great year for the SGV and the usual top teams will do well: CO, BA, WC, Damien.


  • 2012 SHOCKER

    Bassett! Coach Spathias has put together an all world staff led by former South El Monte OC and Fullerton College DB coach Jerry Urias. Many former pro players on the staff. Together with the districts motivation to win and brand new facilities, they’re going to shock a few people.

  • don’t look now

    Nogales High School 7-3, makes playoffs!

  • Real talk

    I would love to see Bassett get better. Good luck to them. I can’t wait for some Lancer football. Good luck to all the Sgv teams. Amat as the GREAT Walter Payton would say ” Go out there and kick some a$$ and leave it all on the field” Go Blue!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Yes that game will have a huge crowd . Can’t wait to wax that Charger azz . HA HA HA . By the way don’t let the Mtown honks hear you say that about AMAT . They’ll be on you like flies on shiat .

  • Not Since 1995

    jcaz – Nothing has changed at Amat for the 2012 season. How’s that my fault? I just report the Facts, ma’am…!

    I am on the record as having said that Chino Hills will beat Amat by a score of 28 – 14 as the Amat offense will not be able to stop Simko and the boys…!

    I have also predicted that Charter Oak will beat Amat by a score of 24 – 3. The CO defense will prove to be too much little Haynes and the rest of the ummpah lummpah lancers…!

    Looks like Hags agrees with my predictions…!

    It’s gonna be a long lancers season…!

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Yes football is back! The Action on the East Side is going to be Ridiculous.

    Amat- They Shut up the doubters, if they win at least 4 out 5 preseason games. Those games are going to be so good, People might question missing one of their own teams games just take part. The Serra is going to be very close. If Amat can steal a few games, they can get into the playoffs outright, and if they don’t draw SM maybe they upset someone.

    Chino Hills-The Sierra League is up for grabs! Who wants it the most? CH is the conversation. I wonder will Simko provide the leadership and poise needed to bring it home? They do have a shot at doing well in the inland. They always do.

    Damien-The Sparty’ feel they have the team this year to win league, and make some noise in Inland play. Will their line hold up long enough to get their stud skills the Ball? We will see. They received a lot of hype, some call it Damien Kool aid..if they beat CO…I’ll take a glass of that Ish too.

    West Covina- Where do you go from here? 2 titles,
    undisputed league champion in the Hacienda, and will has a target on their back. If they can upset Loyola, they may be considered for a state title bid if they can run the table in the southeast. Which by the way has been beefed up.

    St Pual- Everyone is so excited to what Assante can do with his acquired talent. Does he have the right ingredients to whip up a championship brew? He is known for at least 1 pac 5 upset. BA beware!!!

    South Hills-They are always a few points here and there away from a great season. They did lose some stars, however sometimes a “Team” does better than a few stars. The line is big and quick. Can their QB and skills keep their Defense off the field? If they can get consistency from their Skills, they could surprise everyone in the sierra

    San Dimas- Coach z has been very quiet. He is not letting the cat out the bag. With Monrovia ruling the Midvalley and the Additions of Sierra canyon and Paraclete, The Saints will be fighting for that last Semifinal spot.


    D-Bar- With Celebrity status, can the Bar make some noise in league. They have some talent over there lead by baby D-O double g. If he can have a break out season, that should open things up for others. Who’s the QB?

    D-Ranch- they have been quiet for the last few seasons, but they always have talent, and they have a monster O Lineman to get behind. After Muir romped them last year, they will be looking to release the demons.


    Northview- Can they take out Coach z? They made the Semis in the SGV Shootout, so they do have some talented skills. I wonder if their line is good. Could they be the new Covina in the VVL?

    Duarte-Young coach, New Division, talent tranfer, that’s about all I’ve seen. Coach Martin will sink or Swim.

    Azusa-They are in a Division they can win. Expect them to win the Mt View, and make it to Semis…I see Maranatha and Azusa locking horns in the Semis…


    Bonita-The Hacienda is going to be up hill battle. The Smudge Pot game will be a good test to see if they are ready for league.

    Los Altos-Crickets…

    Nevertheless, I can’t wait for two minute drills and Sat morning QB. I hope the west side coverage will not fall off with Miggy gone and all. I know it’s a lot of work for Aram and Fred. I like to see Aram as a middle man going back and forth rather than just doing the westside.

  • Lancer Blue

    Is this the same Green Cow Dumg that has been talking smack about Amat on Aram’s blog? You talking %#it over on Aram’s deal and you’re here wishing us well? Dude you’re crazy with that non sense!

    You and WesCo play nobody this year so enjoy your little league football in the Fish Bowl and us play Big Boy ball!!!

    Go Amat!!!

  • jcaz

    Not sense 1995.

    Not saying that any of that is your fault actually, because as a practical mater, yes, you are correct. Nothing wrong with stating the truth, especially when you re correct.

    However, the only problem that most people have with you in here, is that you only come out and talk that talk when you feel you can pile on.

    Your never evenhanded, and only seem to want to show contempt and stupidity with your words each and every time you blogg.

    But, believe it or not, personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with you and all your triads, if you were more even handed….. every now and then.

    The only problem with that however, is that over all these years, you have never once made an effort to have become anything close to that.

    When Amat went undefeated a couple of years ago (at the beginning of the season), you never came on this blog even one time. You could have, but you never did. Why ?

    Anyways, because of that, many bloggers started to call you out (which BTW was completely stupid because in the end, it was humble pie all over again, and there was really nothing they could say or do in here with you, once the roof fell in was there ?).

    Fact is, you only come out, once Amat starts to falter, and when they do, you start this “stupid act” all over again.

    My friend, it’s been years hasn’t it ? Time to change it up a bit, dont you think ?

  • The Pit

    @Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Can you apply at the Whittier Daily news please, you seem fair and Full of knowledge.
    You SGV are fricken spoiled…u have Aram and Fred, bottom line is they both give u enormous amount of info.

    We got PREP sports on the other side of the hill but u wouldn’t know it…we get enough info to barely survive…u bastard’s get 24 hrs update…and the best place to get a fricken taco…cmon mang.

    Im sorry steve but hire someone Please…

    @BraveDad…very impressive! The depth on ur skill players alone, Scary.

    But i was also proud of SP, real boost for their confidents. I think it was tied 6-6

  • Dan

    Lancer Blue,
    How in the world did West Co come up in your conversation with Green Pastures? A little sensitive over the success WC has had the past couple of seasons?
    West Co plays Chino Hills, and Loyola, both capable of beating your boys in Blue in any given year so if both those teams are nobodies would you also consider your boys in Blue in that same catagory?
    Just wondering.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Hell yea it’s me! That on other blog was some good good ol AMAT-MONROVIA BASHING! Really I just copied and pasted previous articles from the SGV tribune to show the “Lancer Fan” with 50 screen names…is that you? I did not wish you good luck here, Simply writing my personal opinion on what teams could hope for, or how they possibly could fair. I did not get into scholarship offers,Servite or none of that etc….Try to stay on topic instead chasing down the green cat…you will lose. Now,look over shoulder and make sure your supervisor doesn’t catch you blogging on the job and CAN your @$$. Capeesh?

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    The Pit,

    Thanks for the comp. Actually, the only thing I do is get out to the passing league games, Fred, Aram, and Miggy provided all the info. I read everything I can get my paws on. Even tennis! What a luxury. I’m sure reporting is more than hoping on the blog and going toe to toe with trolls. You can back as far as 2006 for research, and ammo, if needed. However, I like my job for the time being…But I enjoy practicing…my grammer is terrible though…man…


    @ Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte” I don’t know how you came up with your moniker and maybe you can explain what it actually means? Alright GATO,your probably the only person that has said or brought AZUSA up these past months, so i appreciate you placing some positive feed back! hahaha…. I see you’r battling the BIG BOYS, well good luck to you!

    By the way say HELLO to Coach Schuster for me, he was the head coach at AZUSA HIGH and Schuster was alright with me, and was good with the players! Good to see he’s with a winning program and has RINGS on his fingers and I don’t care what division they’re from because, Monrovia is a solid program and it’s been for years!


  • AMAT 73

    green cat,
    Your math is not all that sharp either. hahahaha

  • AMAT 73

    Lancer Blue,
    You call Loyola and St Francis nobody ???? Think before write my friend . With posts like that it’s no wonder bloggers jump allover our azz.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Yea, I hate math, I was so reaching…I almost pulled it off…hahah. However, I guess a Bishop Amat education is worth it’s weight in gold. I better check with Bryant or Walsh before, I send out math problems…

  • Real talK

    @Fred great article…… I think it is a very important season for the Lancers. We will know where the Lancers are when we play Co,CH,SP it will be a awsome atmosphere at each of these games I hope to see All the Amat faithful at the games. Before this turns to a Amat bashing and then Amat defending itself I want to say to all my fellow Amat fans to remember who we are to cunduct ourselfs with class and dignity. Let our boys do the talking on the field. win or lose we are Amat. I’m out….



  • Dan

    No worries Amat73, in spite of what I said to Lancer Blue I respect Amat and I think a lot of people on here have them pegged out wrong. You can say what you want on here, but on the field of play BA has consistantly proven to be a different animal when playing against the locals, Seen them enough times and not sure that this year will be any different.
    With what I’ve been reading about Charter Oak, Chino Hills and St. Paul on here it sounds like those schools will all be very good this year, La Mirada has a couple of players with D1 offers and I read somewhere else that their getting a few transfers in from the Lakewood/Long Beach area so who knows about them. This all makes these games vs Amat very interesting come this fall, I can’t wait, hope I can catch one of them.

  • Lancer Blue

    Shut up AMAT 73

    Its time to play ball and your old tired a%# gets no credit from the Amat Young Guns. We’re tired of your stupid comments on here trying to make nice with everybody. Its time to take this sh*t back from the valley.


    Don’t get it twisted hommy! Chino Hills and Loyola should be nice teams this year, but that doesn’t make you a team on their level. You play D7 ball. Nothing wrong with that but the bulldogs play nobody down in D7 and you know it. Why isn’t Amat on your schedule anymore? Why don’t you schedule Charter Oak? What? What? Exactly. You and Green Cow Dung can win your AYSO divisions then sit down and watch how we play Big Boys football in the PAC 5.

    Go Big Blue!!!

  • Dan

    Lancer Blue,
    Amat young guns??? You mean Amats loose cannons don’t you? Hey don’t hold your breath tiger, I don’t think 73 is sweating to much about his credit approval from you young guns, LOL.
    Now if you want to talk football, as for being at the level of Chino Hills or Loyola use common sense, it depends on the year. If WC beats them or comes within a TD wouldn’t that make us at their level? I agree year in and year out WC hasn’t been at that level, but I believe WC is rising, and in their good years they are capable of beating an average or mediocre Loyola or Chino Hills team, for example in 2010 WC was capable of beating Loyola and last years WC Team when they finally got healthy would have been favored over Chino Hills.
    Why isn’t Amat on our schedule?
    Here is what I understand happened.
    Both teams tried to keep the schedule in 2010 But due to the combination of Amat and WC’s schedule’s and the 2010 change in both the Serra and San Antonio leagues, the only open spot was the second week of September, it came down to a choice between Amat and South Hills. If you know anything about SGV football you know WC and South Hills have a pretty good rivalry going, those schools are just too close together, so WC kept South Hills on the schedule.
    As for Charter Oak, last season WC made calls to them, Loyola, Amat and St. Bonaventure for a week 1[9/09/11] game, Amat and St. Bonaventure already had games for that week, WC never got a return call from CO [and no, I’m not insinuating that CO was afraid to schedule WC], so Loyola it was.
    So as you see there has been effort on WC’s part to get both teams [Amat & CO] back on the schedule, with existing home and home contracts, league changes, and only a few open dates that line up for both sides, there is a little more that goes into scheduling these games than one might think.

  • keep 27


    WC tried to get Amat for a week 1 last year but Amat got back and told their AD they were going to take their shot at Servite. Can’t blame them and WC filled their only opening with Loyola. This year they renewed south hills and covina and replaced glendora with chino hills after glendora dropped them after going 0 and 4 against them. Can’t say I disagree with any of those decisions. They need to keep sh game going and both covina games were good games. Chino hills game will be tough game and will probably be best team they play all year. I would expect them to replace loyola with another pac 5 team. Was told they tried to get monrovia for covina but covina decided to renew after monrovia said no.

  • Green Pastures


    Did you get any details on why M-town ducked West Co?

  • Lancer Blue

    If this…if that… If we…! Blah, Blah, Blah!

    The fact is that if my aunt betsy had balls she’d be my uncle. You don’t belong in the Loyola conversation for the same reason we don’t play you guys anymore. We kicked your a#% up and down the field every time. Even in our “down years”. Loyola is gonna do the same. Chino Hills may actually beat you even worse!

    Enjoy your Fish Bowl rings cus you beat a nobody division.

  • Lets’s 86 Amat 73

    @ Lancer Blue
    Couldnt have said it better myself……Amat 73 has been running his mouth WAY to long on these blogs!

  • AMAT 73

    Lancer Blue,
    I kind of question you being part of the AMAT family. I only say this because you write ” it’s time to take this shiat back from the valley”.
    Well any Lancer worth his salt knows we haven’t lost anything to the valley as of yet . It’s on the line again this season with games against two top SGV teams but we still are the team to beat no matter how bad the haters paint the picture of AMAT . Show me where we’ve lost it on the field where it counts and not in the opinion of bloggers ????

  • Lancer Blue

    @ Dan

    Charter Oak didn’t return your calls in 2011? Really?

    Aren’t you glad Big Lou doesn’t return bulldog calls? Charter Oak beat Roosevelt 35 – 28 on 09/09 and Esperanza 54 – 28 the next week. WestCo would have undoubtedly been a victim of a similar result.

    Go Big Blue!!!

  • Lancer Blue

    @ AMAT73

    Don’t come on here questioning my loyalty to Big Blue!!!

    Our school motto is Education in Goodness Discipline and Knowledge! Our mission is to form a faith based community and provide a quality education to meet the needs of our culturally and academically diverse student body! Our last division 1 football championship was in 1995! What else do you want old?

    The problem with you old people is that you live in the past. If can’t recognize the fact that we’ve lost our place in the SGV, then you’re even more blind and dumber than what you demonstrate on these blogs every day. As in Penn State, it’s time for a cultural change. A mind set change at Amat. This has to come from the parents and the Alum. Nothing will change Amat unless we demand it. I’m tired of losing every year and nothing getting done about it! We as a program no longer dominate football and we can’t even admit it! Damn shame!

  • Psych Report

    @Lancer Blue, you sound like a leopard trying to disguise his spots. Anyone can find the info you posted on the amat web site. But keep posting because your true personality is slowly coming forth. I’ve read you on this blog before but under a different name sake. I will wait for you to make your mistake. Up your meds lest you make the mistake sooner rather than later. The couch is open and you’re next.

  • keep27

    Monrovia didn’t duck WC from story heard. From what I heard. Covina originally told WC no renew, then monrovia told WC no because that would make 3 wing t teams in preseason which wouldn’t help them get ready for later. Covina then came back and said ok to renew, then monrovia came back and wanted to play but WC already filled it. I think that is cut and dried without details.

  • Death and Taxes

    The two surer bet would be Mater Dei, Long Beach Poly, and Concord De LaSalle want to be loud mouth Bishop Amat and Monrovia fans talking crap on the blogs every day when both teams suck. Monrovia fans, please don’t come back with your back to back CIF division eleven championship bull. That crap is WEAK! I would much rather be BA playing in the PAC 5 and not win anything than pound my chest about winning a division eleven championship. That’s like being proud of winning the lingerie bowl instead of the Super Bowl.

  • Props to Lancer Blue…

    Amat shouldn’t care about the valley as much as trying to win league titles and competing in their division.

  • keep 27

    I heard same thing on Charter Oak calls. Not sure why they didn’t cal back. Maybe they filled opening. It is what it is.

  • AMAT 73

    Lancer Blue,
    Anyone can read our motto on the schools website. I will be the first to say we do not dominate football in the PAC-5 but where have you read other than on these blogs that we’ve lost our place in the SGV. What are you basing that theory on . The postings of this blog . Where else have you seen or read that ? Look at some of the writings of the long time bloggers who understand and write truths and not fantasies on football in the SGV. Although being number one in the SGV is not what we are in it for as we do want that PAC-5 title and that’s the end all quest . But being the top team in the SGV just might sway a player to come to AMAT instead of another school if it’s in their family’s budget so it does help and Hags knows it so hence the games with the top locals. Now how do you think Hags came back to AMAT ? The alums had a lot to do with getting it to happen . How do you suggest that cultural and mind set change go about ? Going the way of the slime and handing out free tuition to those who can run or throw a football . It’s there in the open that we all want to win a title or make a deep run in the playoffs ( I prefer a title but that’s my opinion ) and win now without a doubt . I would like to hear your thoughs on that . By the way when did you graduate from AMAT or are you a current student , as you do profess to be a young gun ? By the way , I did not question your loyalty , I questioned you being a Lancer and not an imposter trying to rally the haters against us .You know all arrogant and belittling postings you hear about us . Is your cultural or mind set change include putting down schools for their division . Maybe green cat did deserve your rath but there’s a better way to present yourself , but WC should have not come up in that conversation as their bloggers do not play that game , at least not the known bloggers from WC .

  • Dan

    Lancer[?] Blue, your words
    “Charter Oak beat Roosevelt 35 – 28 on 09/09 and Esperanza 54 – 28 the next week. WestCo would have undoubtedly been a victim of a similar result.”
    OK, you have your opinion, I just don’t know how you base it on the Roosevelt and Esparanza results. Both of those teams are shells of their former selves, CO gets by Roosevelt by a TD yet Norco rolled Roosevelt 42 to 7, do you think Norco would roll CO like that? I don’t. Esparanza squeaked by Santa Fe by two points,
    you see what I mean? Football is unpredictable.
    Teams change for the better or worse, if you saw WC in the last two years you would have seen a much improved team than the previous three years. If you base how good a team is by what you
    saw 3 or 4 years ago chances are you won’t even be close.
    You also wrote:
    “If can’t recognize the fact that we’ve lost our place in the SGV, then you’re even more blind and dumber than what you demonstrate on these blogs every day.”
    A familiar ring to that post, that sounds too much like the posters that have been on here, your definately not from Amat, I’m guessing CO or Monrovia.

  • Mean Machine, aka Stanford Dad

    Dan I appreciate your all out love for West Covina but isn’t South Hills a shell of it’s self and didn’t CO get moved out of the Division and didn’t DR have an off year after back to back visits?

    I was there when DR ran thru the playoffs and if memory serves me WC wasn’t what they are now.

    Is that because the division was gutted or because the team finally let go of it’s discipline issues?

    I’m all for WC doing what they do but…

  • Lets’s 86 Amat 73

    @lancer blue……again, well said

    As for what i have to say……Amat and their fans are so concerned with being “Top Dog” in the SGV but what does that really say? Year after year we here all these shoulda woulda coulda scenarios out of their mouths…….Arent you supposed to beat up on all these teams? Amat and their fanz need to focus on Pac-5 football……not SGV football! Haggerty has his head so far up his a** he will never do anything for this program! You WILL NOT win a championship….you WILL NOT ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING WORTH DISCUSSING FOR SOME TIME TO COME……GET USED TO IT!

  • Dan

    Frank, your words:
    -“Dan I appreciate your all out love for West Covina but isn’t South Hills a shell of it’s self and didn’t CO get moved out of the Division and didn’t DR have an off year after back to back visits?”
    I’ll answer those in order.
    1- A couple reasons South Hills is not as good as they used to be is first because more of West Covina’s talent is staying home. Hence WC is better, SH not as good. The other reason is they are in a tougher league without that extra talent they used to get from WC.
    2- Yes, CO along with SH were moved out of the division but at least for that particular year [2010] they were replaced by better teams in Mayfair[better than CO in 2010] and La Mirada[better than SH]. I will give you 2011, the division was weaker last year, but it still doesn’t discount the level of play that WC was playing at. The title still would have been between WC and CO. You got to look at teams in each year, not just look at their history and tradition. People don’t seem to realise that the Southeast division in 2010 overall may have been a tougher division than 08 and 09 when CO and Diamond Ranch were playing for the Southeast titles.
    3- I Don’t think Diamond Ranch had off years in 10 and 11, they just dropped back to their level of play. 2008 was their best team ever. Their 08 and 09 playoff run was their best years they have had with the exception of the 2004 semifinal team, which really was better than their 2009 team. Most years in this decade WC has been better.

    You also said:
    -“I was there when DR ran thru the playoffs and if memory serves me WC wasn’t what they are now.”
    True, WC wasn’t in 07-09 what they are now, you help make my point, they have definitely changed for the better.

    Your last point:
    -Is that because the division was gutted or because the team finally let go of it’s discipline issues?
    Niether, Its not rocket science that WC isn’t what they were then because they have improved in both coaching and talent.
    You came to a WC practice once in 2007, If you remember, Maggiore lost both his DC and OC in that year, plus a ton of talent to graduation. He had some good new coaches that came in who had a learning curve to go through, well they are still here and they have grown as coaches and mentors to the team. They are now an exceptional coaching staff and have two straight titles to show for it. Add to that WC is keeping more talent plus getting a few kids and I think those are the real reasons why WC is not what they were in 2007-2009.

  • just sayin’

    Also remember that CO won their two titles largly because leagues with teams that ended their seasons like El Dorado, Trabuco Hills, and Newport Harbor were moved out. We might not be talking about them at all if it wasn’t for CIF clearing the path for CO.


    I love how all these bloggers are still trying to compare CO to their teams and why their division was tougher without CO being there.

    Little by little I am starting to realize what the true AMAT fans have to deal with day in and day out in these blogs.




    Let’s get serious take 5 Amat guys and 5 CO players and put them on the front cover of the magazine and title it “Battle for King of the Valley”.


  • Anyone Remember

    That Hagerty and company where once called the best staff in the valley and they where the saviors of Amat. And now Hags is trying to plan his exit while trying to save face but looking for administration jobs.
    Heck there only claim to fame is they gave the Amat honks so much to be proud of the only thing they have to blog about is being in tne pac5. Where better than you because we are in a higher division…
    Ps the inland division had a winning record over pac 5 teams so amat honks maybe you should give it a try. You seem to enjoy the lower division in all your other sports.

  • Huskies in the House!


    Stupid is as stupid does. Your myopic, anemic rants continue to be nothing more than diatribe. That may be too many big words for you in one sentence but once upon a time a long time ago I spoke the truth about you and saved some of my barbs if necessary for the future and suddenly my friend you’re ever so creeping close again for me to go on the attack towards you.

    Now you and I both don’t want that so breathe. Take a step back and get a hold of yourself.

    Monrovia and West Covina are in the same context of the same conversation so stop with your could of, should of, would of, what if.


    Charter Oak and South Hills were placed into the Sierra League for their football success not your Bulldogs. You’re right the pendulum as swung in your favor as of recent and I won’t discount your legitimacy in winning a few C.I.F. Championships but the hypocrisy has to seize now.

    You used to criticize us for winning C.I.F. Championships after Los Altos and Charter Oak left our division we won our C.I.F. titles in before so what makes anything different now?

    Transfers used to flock to our school because they wanted to win even if at a lower level what is so different about West Covina or Monrovia now?

    The point is until you play in the Sierra League you haven’t lived yet. Yes, we have been beaten bad in the last few years and yes we haven’t been to the playoffs either but you cannot compare apples to oranges and playing in the SEC has been an awesome experience. Every week matters and every week is critical. The level of competition, pageantry, and tradition has been rewarding to witness and the rivalries are every week not every great once in a while.

    Do you really think anyone has any respect for what you did last year in the Finals? So you got upset and proved a point? For what, who, why?

    Do I respect West Covina’s success? Yes! Do I like to win? Yes! But to continue to come on here and discount and discredit what teams in the Serra League and Sierra League have to continue to go through every Friday night not maybe once or twice a year like your schedule makes you a fool!

    Get over yourself! You’re talking about West Covina Wing T football. Tell me how that translates to Saturday afternoons?

    I can’t wait for the Huskies to kick your A$$ this year! We’re just lying in the grass waiting for you so unless you want to pull the feathers out of your mouth keep it shut!

  • RosieGlasses

    This Dan guy cracks me up! Go ahead and enjoy your success Dan! LMFAO!!!

    You actually think that your southeast team of 2010 would have beaten Charter Oak that same year? You are talking 2010 correct? The same team that LOST to (of all people) the Covina Colts? That team. The bulldog team with the 4′ 11″ QB that got destroyed by the CO defense in ’09? That bulldog team? The same team that got the azz spanked by CO in ’09? That same bulldog team?

    Or maybe it was the bulldog team that won the CIF ring with an SOS of only 7.6 in 2010. Was it that team?

    Or maybe it was the bulldog team that played in a division that promoted CO and SH all the way up to D2? Was it that team?

    And you actually think that you had a chance against the CO 2011 team? That’s very funny Dan!

    Little advice Dan. Stop trying to tell us what “you could have” or “you would have” done! You’re making your bulldogs look like a fools when everyone in the SGV knows that your a nice team, but you bulldogs are No Charter Oak Chargers! You are just not at their level!

    Cheers and good luck in 2012!

  • Bulldogs have bite



    Same could be said about South Hills. But take out the meaningful and just leave it as EVER. 0-3 vs. CO since 2004. WC holds one win vs. CO in 2004 and is 1-5. You remember 2004 right? The year WC smacked that Husky tail back up the hill in the somewhat MEANINGFUL CIF CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

    “The point is until you play in the Sierra League you haven’t lived yet.”

    West Covina has more Inland Division 2 victories than South Hills since 2010 when the Huskies got moved up. (2-0 vs Glendora and 2-0 vs. South Hills) If we have not lived yet, what does that make your Huskies? Not conceived yet?

  • Bulldogs have bite


    The same Charter Oak team in 2010 that lost to Glendora 28-21? That West Covina beat a few weeks later?

    That same Charter Oak team that struggled to a 17-0 win over Santa Fe? That West Covina rolled 47-7?

    That same Charter Oak team that lost to Claremont? Who lost to Bonita 42-20? You know, the Bonita team we beat twice that year 55-21 and 37-33?

    That same Charter Oak team that struggled to beat South Hills 34-31. A team West Covina beat 42-27 and it would have been uglier if not for our bench playing the last half of the third quarter and all of the fourth?

    Maybe that’s why Farrar ducked our offer to play in 2010? Still waiting to hear back from ya guys!

  • Wing T Bulldog


    Your 4′ 11″ QB in 2009 was crying on the sidelines cus CO kicked his azz in that playoff game!! Ask his dad. He wanted to run onto the field and defend the boy. Maggiori had to hold him back and tossed the little man off the field. You remember that don’t you?

    Remember the 35 -10 azz kicking from Charter Oak in that playoff game? Oh…wait ! That “would have been” a lot closer but for the 7 dropped (errrrr fumbles) balls by your QB and those great RBs! LMFAO dumb azz! Remember Dupleasis running away from Muema in the 3rd qtr cus he didnt want none from Adam? My palms are rosie cus they were all over your mom this morning. Remember how you went home Crying? That’s the same team that your 4′ 11″ QB was going to face in 2010? Heh heheh heheh…

    Enjoy your rings Gummer Dog!

    Wait…wait…! Wait a damn minute! Your record is 5 LOSSES and 1 against Charter Oak and you come on here talking this sh*t? Seriously? Very funny Gummer Dog? Just HILARIOUS!

    Enjoy those exciting and challenging games against Rowland, DBar and Walnut!

    No crying…

  • Spartan 03


    “The point is until you play in the Sierra League you haven’t lived yet.”

    The West Covina Bulldogs came from the Sierra League. They were there long before before the Huskies and Chargers were there.

  • Wing T Football

    Who on this blog thinks that West Covina will be moved all the way up to the Inland Division after they win their 3rd Southeast Division ring?

    Heh heheh heheh…Nuff said! Heh heheh heheh…

    Was the Sierra in the Inland Division? Nice try little man.

    Heh heheh heheh…


    I say we let the West Co fans continue to think and dream of beating the mighty chargers in 2010 and 2011. Its like being being admired by your little brother.


  • Bulldogs have bite


    You guys graduated the whole farm in 2009. 2010 CO was vulnerable, and WC at the very least was on the same level as Charter Oak. West Covina has done nothing but improve. You say we play the “what if? woulda…coulda…shoulda” game, but are you not doing the same? I think CO is a great program and has been great for a wile now. But I don’t think anybody at West Covina feels like you guys are too far out of our league or out of our league at all. And why should we? WC has a completely different vibe. Just as Charter Oak used Southeast titles to spark it’s growth, so has WesCo. Success breeds success.

  • Spartan 03

    Sierra League was Division 2 and consisted of Damien, Ayala, Nogales, Diamond Bar, West Covina, and Rowland.

    Not trying to state they are going to be moved back up, just stating that is where they came from.

  • AMAT 73

    Man this is great . Keep it up guys I am enjoying this thread .

  • Spartan 03

    Sierra League was Division 2 and consisted of Damien, Ayala, Nogales, Diamond Bar, West Covina, and Rowland.

    Not trying to state they are going to be moved back up, just stating that is where they came from.

  • Wing T Football

    Wow…you’re right Spartan 03! I would rather see WingT Covina, Damien, Ayala, Nonalgas, and D-Bar in the Sierra League now! That would really be competitive!

    Heh heheh heheh…

    Any other idiot think that the Bulldogs will be in the Inland Division?

    Heh heheh heheh….

  • Dan

    Amat 73,
    Not a problem, I kind of like reading this stuff too.
    Huskies in the house,
    Get a hold of yourself hushpup, truth about Me? I’m an open book, nothing to hide in my life, so I’m curious lets hear it. In the meantime reread my post and tell me whats got your feelings hurt. Did I discredit or discount South Hills, CO, or the Sierra? No. Did I ever say WC was a better program than SH or CO or the rest of the Sierra? No.
    What I did was respond to some of this ignorance that WC only won their title because CO and SH were out of the division. You know… the knucklehead thinking that just because CO is CO or SH is SH, means an automatic win over WC… time to straighten out that kind of crooked thought process.
    Tell me, when did I ever critisize SH for their titles? Go find a quote from me where Ive done that. Instead you’ll find that I usually have respect for your Huskies or the Chargers until some numbnut like you comes on here and spouts off stupid stuff like you do. Oh and as for what happened in last years title game, WC played as basic as they could to keep the game from getting any worse, for starters, 2 passes for the entire game, the entire O-line substituted by mid third quarter. playing the entire bench, things like that. One other thing, WC knows what it’s like to play in the Sierra, they came from there.
    By the way thanks for your respect and not discounting our legitamacy, have a nice day pup.

    Hey Rosiepalms,
    Your cracking me up applecakes, tell me your not bitter at WC because you thought your Muir Mustangs were going to run the table when CIF made the changes in the Southeast. Quit hanging on CO’s jockstrap already, their getting tired of your dead weight. By the way, here is a tid bit of info for that smoke filled mind of yours, When West Co was in the Sierra the division was called Division 2, you had teams like Mission Viejo, San Clemente, Chino, Dominguez, and Upland in there. Those teams were the equivalent of todays Centennial’s and Vista Murrieta’s Teams like Ayala, Claremont, Damien, Rancho C. and Alta Loma were also powers in those days. The division was every bit as tough as it is today, thats why they called it Division 2 you dummie, now put that in your Bong and smoke it. Haaaaaaaa Ha Ha Ha Ha.
    By the way, in case this post was more offensive than usual to anybody, just want to say, I am in no way affilliated nor endorsed by the West Covina program. My views on here are strictly my own, just putting it out there.

  • Not So Rosie

    @Gummer Dog

    What happen? Now you’re not sure about your earlier gum flapping? Now you’re just good enough? Are you sure? So now you bulldogs are back peddling? What a pussy! Reminds me of his ’09 team. All bark and No Bite! Fumbling, Crying, Mumbling, and backing up into the end zone for 35 points!

    SGV FOOTBALL is right. You are the little brother west of South Hills!

    Cheers and good luck against LOS ALTOS…

  • Rosie Dog


    Oooooh…Tell me more Granpah!

    Way back in those days did you wear leather hats and bags full of saw dust too!

    Oooooh…and Alta Loma was a power too!

    Dan…you sound like an Amat Honk! But at least they still play in PAC 5.

    Go ‘Stangs

  • The law

    CO faithful please have a little more poise..we are something like 8-1 vs west Covina..including 2 playoff wins in there house..and please do not buy into co not wanting to play Wes co..we’re traveling all over the southern section from long beach to corona in our pre season, I’m sure the co staff would gladly entertain tht 5 min bus ride

  • Bulldogs have bite


    I don’t know what stance you say I am backpedalling from. Please point out where I said anything about being a superior program than CO. I have always stated that there is really not as much separation between WC and CO anymore. 2010 in particular. You keep bringing up 09, but offer nothing in defense of the scores I provided in 2010. A year after CO graduated a handful of great players! You seriously should look into taking a reading comprehension class at a local junior college or something. Have fun Jock riding another school wile your Alma mater Muir languishes in mediocre land.

    At The law,

    Don’t buy into past records much either. It’s a different time now. That’s why CIF changes leagues and divisions regularly now. Schools rise and fall so quickly. I think the last few years WC would be very corrective with CO or the rest of the Sierra league. It’s just my opinion, but I don’t think it’s an outrageous one like you guys make it out to be.

  • Huskies in the House!

    I agree some fantastic dialogue. No harm no foul. The only Bulldog fan that grotesques me is Dan. Bulldog have bite I like you because you keep the conversation real.

    I’ve never said I discount what West Covina has accomplished nor should anyone discredit our success in the past and heck for that matter West Covina has been a proven winner more so than us currently at your level but what has always bothered me is Dans subjectivity when we get into these kind of debates and truthfully much of what this is truly just banter.

    Dan you need to stop acting as if West Covina is superior and everyone else is inferior and have some objectivity because yes youve have some legit athletes but Bonita in the C.I.F. Finals seriously look at what Charter Oak and South Hills have done to both those teams in the past. Bonitas record is just the same as yours versus Charter Oak that means bad if not worse from what others have stated previously and we have also handled our business more often than not as well.

    West Covinas only meaningful step up games you have gotten beaten and justifiably nothing personal but watching our program going through step up games every week this pains me to say but were not even at Charter Oaks level yet. My point is stopping trying to project your team for being something theyre not and just accept them for who they really are and bottom line your argument currently is with Monrovia not anyone above you. Monrovias realistically a bottom feeder and West Covina is just equivalent to a guppy or minnow. Quit while youre ahead and stop thinking you can swim with the sharks because you would get eaten alive by real competition and you have in the past and especially now with even lesser talent.

    If you think about South Hills tenure with Bogan and Farrars credentials neither of them ran the wing t for a reason and both programs could throw the ball. Your program has traditionally never has been able to throw the ball and every year we have beaten you was because you havent stopped our pass. South Hills and the Sierra League play real football that could translate to Saturday afternoons not this other nonsense that yes smoking mirrors look good on Friday night but how many of your offenses or defenses in your league would translate to a winner versus a real formidable foe at the DIVISION I OR DIVISION II LEVEL?

    DAN YOU ARE A DIVISION VII TEAM. Facts are facts brother and sometimes where you think youre helping West Covinas argument your own people have said you hurt them on the blog. My beloved Huskies are back and if you dont believe me ask the Bruins because suddenly again like the blast of the past Bruins want to be Huskies again this fall not Bulldogs. Lets get it on!


    Bulldogs have bite,

    There is nothing wrong with you thinking you can hang with the Sierra and the CO Chargers.

    I’m glad your using competitive scoring to make your assumption on how West CO would beat CO in 2010 or that’s why Farrar ducked West Co’s phone call LOL.

    This will bite you in the a$$ because when CH sends the bulldogs into reality with the a$$ whooping they will hand to you. I will be right back in here using competitive scoring against you after we beat CH like we did last year!

    So make sure the game is at least competitive because if its not everyone will know that you West Co is not ready for the Sierra or CO!


  • Bulldogs have bite


    Actually the way things are set up this year with scheduling, we will probably have the clearest picture of what the pecking order is since there is a lot of head to head or common opponents between CO,WC,CH and BA.

    Wether we are ready for the Sierra league or not. We still are not afraid to put teams like CO on our schedule. If we can only get them to answer our phone calls. I guess we aimed too high with Charter Oak and had to settle for games with Loyola, Bishop Amat, Mater Dei, Rancho Cucamonga and Venice over the years.

    I try not to drag other programs down to elevate my own. I respect what other local schools are doing and think it’s great for the area as a whole when SGV teams do well. I find it odd that you handful of CO fans are so quick to stick your chests out and claim dominance over as you guys put it, “A DIVISION VII TEAM”. Then when somebody from Rancho or Upland comes onto this blog, you guys are as quiet as a church mouse. Maybe you guys are not as dumb as you sound after all?


    Bulldogs have bite,

    Choose your words wisely, never once have I said anything about your teams division. You want to take what one Blogger says and apply to all the CO fans that’s your problem not the true CO fans problem.

    Also what does being afraid have to do with anything?

    Just feel blessed at least you have the opportunity to win 3 back to back titles in the Southeast unlike CO teams probably don’t fear the bulldogs as much they feared CO.


  • Rosie Glasses

    Dan and Gummer Dog

    Did you see what “The Law” said to you? In the words of Shaq “Tell me how mt azz tastes”

    You think you is what you ain’t.

    Go ‘Stangs

  • Wing T Bulldogs

    This is great! It’s slamm the Bulldogs week!

    Wait…wait! It’s only getting worse for Wing Tvina football!

    Now we’re finding out that the bulldogs are something like 8 LOSSES and 1 against the Charter Oak Chargers? What the hell? And they still talking all that bull s#*t?

    Shut it down bulldogs. Believe me you guys look stupid on this blog.

    Just Hilarious! Heh heheh heheh…

  • Huskies in the House!

    Here’s another case in point I was thinking about at work. Damn, I will admit I am enjoying this back and forth and had to even check in on the blog at work. Not good!

    Let’s say for instance you are traveling which fortunately I get to do for business and pleasure often. Many times and places when the conversation at some point reverts back to high school for whatever particular reason and you mention I went to South Hills people OUTSIDE the SGV will say oh yeah I heard of your high school why because of the football and baseball tradition and if they haven’t I say we’re in West Covina and then they’ll say where’s that NEVER having heard or better yet even making reference of West Covina football.

    Now even worse SGV FOOTBALL pound your chest and AMAT 73 go ahead flex your muscles as well if and when I have traveled someplace and in the conversation we are discussing where I live and or the conversation pertains to sports notoriously the two reference points that are like landmarks or benchmarks whatever you want to call them two teams that are always synonymous with our area are Charter Oak and Bishop Amat only!


    When South Hills was traveling to the O.C. and Charter Oak was traveling to the I.E. this summer and won tournaments West Covina stayed home and beat Northview yes I said NORTHVIEW for the SGV Shootout. No one knows who West Covina is outside like everyone always says our fishbowl but yes definitely outside our area people know who South Hills, Bishop Amat, and Charter Oak are because of tradition and having won meaningful games outside the SGV.

    You know what’s sad is Los Altos always was and still is considered back in the day in the same conversation and could be argued as being even bigger in their day than the other schools mention but again NEVER west covina.

    Bottom line this debate may never even make the blog if South Hills and Charter Oak were never moved from the Southeast Division but I guess that comes as a consequence because our valley couldn’t handle them having too much success. Sad, because this conversation could of, would of, should of even been better than now.

  • Dan

    Husky in the house, your quote:
    “The only Bulldog fan that grotesques me is Dan.”
    Sorry you take things on here personal, it’s a blog, people have opinions, despite all the nonsense you spout on here,[and you do spout a lot of nonsense]if I met you in the real world I’d be willing to shake your hand and to give you the time of day. How about you kid would you do the same? I think it’s safe to say we all have a common bond on here, that is the love of Friday night football.
    Your quote:
    ” I’ve never said I discount what West Covina has accomplished nor should anyone discredit our success in the past.
    Actually I wasn’t being sarcastic when I thanked you for your respect and not discounting our legitimacy. I am still waiting for you to show me were I have discredited SH in the past. Instead you will find that I usually have good things to say about SH or CO.
    Your quote:
    “what has always bothered me is Dans subjectivity when we get into these kind of debates and truthfully much of what this is truly just banter.”
    I do banter a little on here but if you would pay attention, it’s usually a response to an instigation by someone else. As for my subjectivity, I don’t see much objectivity from
    you on this board. You keep repeating that West Co is just a D7 team. I’m ok with that, but if West Co is a D7 team wouldn’t that make South Hills a D7 team since they beat SH 3 out of the last 4 times?
    Wouldn’t that put the Sierra league at the D7 level since West Co is 8 & 1 vs the Sierra since 2004, beating the Sierra champion twice in the process? Where is your objectivity now pup?
    You discredit Bonita being in the CIF finals as if they were not a legit team in 2010. Again no objectivity on your part, as that was Bonita’s best team since the 90’s, you should know cause that was the same sophomore and junior heavy team that almost knocked your Huskies out of the playoffs the season before. In 2010 that team returned almost everybody and was loaded with studs, they would have battled Chino Hills for the Sierra title if they were in the Sierra. Also know that Bonita has a couple of wins each over both CO and Los Altos when LA was still a good team, they were usually in the hunt
    for the Mirmonte title with LA and CO.
    Your Quote:
    “My point is stopping trying to project your team for being something theyre not and just accept them for who they really are and bottom line your argument currently is with Monrovia not anyone above you.”
    Again where is your objectivity? Aren’t you projecting your team to be something they are not? Is South Hills not at the level of a good Southeast team? Your team is 1 and 1 against Monrovia these past two years, how are you above them?
    Your quote:
    “West Covinas only meaningful step up games you have gotten beaten”
    Can you name any team in the SGV that has won a real step up game?
    Besides Amat and Chino Hills I can’t think of any other team in the SGV that has, that includes your Huskies and CO.
    Your Quote:
    “Monrovias realistically a bottom feeder and West Covina is just equivalent to a guppy or minnow.”
    You see what I mean? Your still talking as if SH is at a higher level than WC or Monrovia.
    You don’t see me making claims of being superior to CO or SH. Geeze this is so easy, have a great day my puppy friend!

    As I said above, since 2004 West Covina is 8 and 1 vs the Sierra league with two of those wins over a Sierra Champion, no matter what happens with Chino Hills how can you say they wouldn’t be competitive in the Sierra.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    You must not travel out that far at all. West Covina and Bishop Amat have been putting it to teams and winning meaningful games outside the valley since the 50’s. People know of South Hills mostly because some dude on the Yankees went to school there and he died.

    I was talking HS football with a co-worker who lives in Anaheim a few weeks ago, when I mentioned West Covina he knew about us right away because we upset then #1 seed Canyon in the CIF playoffs some years ago. He also said “didn’t you guys put up a hundred points or something last year in a playoff game?”

    If you click onto preps, you will see West Covina as the lone representative of the SGV on their top 25 poll. Maybe the people you talk to don’t know much at all?

    And what does it matter about South Hills getting moved out of the Southeast Division? West Covina has beat you the last two years since then anyways. And it has been beat to death already, but there is enough supportive evidence already provided showing that the Southeast would have been no cakewalk for CO or SHills in 2010 especially. Please come up with more lame stories and non factual junk that does not support any of your claims.

    And Wing T Bulldogs,

    Your mocking of a Wing offense makes you look really dumb when you consider that Bellamine gave Santa Magarita all they could handle in the State Championship game running a double wing offense. It’s not the sexiest offensive set around, but it works great with physical teams who have great running backs.

  • Huskies in the House!

    danny boy,

    You’re so easily rattled that I worry about if you haven’t taken your blood pressure medicine today. Diet and exercise my friend diet and exercise. Another conversation another time.

    Anyways, how about if you had one team to take into an Inland Division or PAC-5 fight right now are you seriously saying you would rather bring you vaunted bulldogs before you brought South Hills, Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, or Chino Hills to the brawl. Why suddenly bring in Chino Hills to your argument anyways? You and I both know they’re technically in our world not a SGV team.

    How about you’re going to the prom. You’re telling me west covina is sexier than South Hills, Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, or now you included them Chino Hills?

    west covina is cute but seriously. Ok as far as entertainment value friends from out of town come to visit and want to see a local game and you would rather take them to a hacienda league game instead of a Sierra League game? southeast division playoff game instead of a Inland Division or PAC-5 playoff game?

    Come on danny boy west covina has been good but isn’t great in the real realm of high school football.

    Ah yes beautiful downtown west covina bulldog stadium such a beautiful sight to be seen. You don’t even get a feeling of mystique or pageantry when you walk into your stadium for a game. Now tell me how much you look forward to playing at district field? Notice I said district field and never even had to make any reference into particulars. Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, Chino Hills on a Friday night. A much better venue than west covina.

    I’d date you danny boy but never marry you. I’m in a whole other league than you son!

  • Bulldogs have bite


    LOL you seriously bragging about that patch of 100 year old dirt you call a stadium? I don’t feel mystique when I go there, I get ticked off that I have to wash my car the next day because you have to park on dirt to watch your team play on dirt!

    Thyberg Field is attached to our campus and we don’t have to share it or play Thursday games, has good size capacity for the visiting stands and is back dropped with Palm Trees lining all the way down Lark Ellen. We have brand new field turf that replaced field turf that was not even 6 years old. Oh yeah, forgot to mention this earlier. But I talked to the owner of Manny’s El Loco at the East/West All-Star game and he said Manny’s will be at all West Covina home games this year! Yum!

  • AMAT 73

    Huskies in the House,
    Here’s where the difference lies . No need for us to flex our muscles . As bad as the fishbowl makes out to be we know who we are and how we are looked at in the high school football world outside the SGV or as we say our beloved fishbowl. What you just did was confirm, maybe to yourself, something we already know .

  • Huskies in the House!

    AMAT 73,

    I have the utmost respect for the Lancers and have always agreed with those that say our one parochial and PAC-5 representative in the SGV needs to represent us and be great every year. No one can debate your tradition and success just unfortunately hasn’t been to any of our expectations including yours probably wouldn’t you agree? Bishop Amat should be king of not only our valley but was and should be of the Southern Section.

    Answer me this though AMAT 73. Why do teams like West Covina want to be in the same conversation with say Bishop Amat or Sierra league teams admittedly Charter Oak first and then us second in our valley? West Covina is not part of our upper echelon. No how, no way!

  • Wing T Bulldogs

    Wow…bulldogs getting destroyed on this blog.

    Hey Dan how can you be 8 – 1 against the Sierrra when we all know that Charter Oak has beaten you 8 times by themselves? What? Isn’t your record with CO 8 LOSSES – 1? So are lying to us? Ooooh s#*! Now you guys are losers and Mentirosos?

    Gummer Dog
    The Inland and the Sierra is all about Passing. You know spread formations and 4 wide, etc. Wait…Wait…you guys don’t have a QB or receivers do you? 3 yards and cloud of dust is what caused the 7 fumbles (errrrr dropped balls) against CO in ’09!

    You don’t belong. It’s like saying Amat is a legit Pac5 team. Give it up!

  • Dan

    There you go kid, when presented with facts or when pressed to back up what you say you head for the hills and change the subject. Keep bobbing and weaving.
    Why in the world would I want to go with another school to a Pac Five game, you’ve got me mixed up with Rosiepalms, you know he’ll be yanking the reins on the CO bandwagon hollering CeeeeeOhhhhhh when they play Amat since his Muirstains got nothing going. Win or lose, you know I’d rather see what our Bulldogs could do against the bigboys.
    And whats come over you with these gay inuendo’s in your last post, I’m worried about you kid, snap out of it this is a football blog don’t bring that sh_t on here. Your disappointing me son.

  • Dan

    Rosiepalms/Wing T
    All you gotta do is go on Cal preps
    and look up the San Antonio and Hacienda league
    under West Covina and you’ll find the facts. 8 & 1 vs the Sierra since 2004 Sir Stang! Ohhh I forgot, you can’t handle facts, when presented with them you just rehash the same ole CO kicked WC’s a– in 2009 diatribe, that’s right, hang on
    to CO since your real team hasn’t done squat since the 90’s, or was it the 80’s.
    How many names you gonna use on here anyway’s?



    Let’s be honest the new Sierra only goes through CO, CH and Damien. What is your record against those two teams since 2004?


  • Huskies in the House!


    Bottom line in the last few days I have exposed you for who you really are so never again come on this blog and portray yourself to be holier than thou and a class act good sportsman because you’re not and never were in the first place.

    You’re a defensive, sensitive, whining, complaining, full of excuses kind of guy and so goes the days of our lives and your representation of West Covina. Mirror image if you ask me. Both you can your school can’t pretend to be something you’re not and yet being delusional is ok with you because makes you feel better and look better.

    My advice check yourself in the mirror next time you walk by and tell your bulldogs to do the same because no one really cares about your southeast division vii championships outside your world and none of that seriously has had an impact or made a difference in the real world.

    Your preseason, league, and division precede you and your record versus the elite programs in the valley speaks volumes so until you’re right you are the best of the worst and middle of the road but hey whatever makes you feel good and look bad on this blog. Some nice guy you turned out to be. Yeah right!

  • Dan

    Sorry kid I don’t portray to be anything on here, I respect those on here who are respectful and if you come at me or my favorite team with some nonsense I’ll have a little fun with you. But unlike you I keep it fun.
    Go back and read my first post on just about any thread and you’ll find that is true. Also go back and look at the dialouge between you and I and tell me who comes with the personal attacks and name calling. You did both in your very first sentence. I have a little fun back but it’s always a responce. You go on to insult my intelect and when I come back with some logic you realize your in over your head and start grasping for straws and looking for other ways to lash out. Do you read what you write kid? How in this world do you get these ideas that you and South Hills are so superior to anybody?

  • Dan

    Touche’ on our record vs CO, I can’t argue with you there, as for the other two [Damien & CH.]we haven’t played them, but we did beat the league champ of their division twice since 04.
    Wuuuuu Ceeeeeee, just kidding.

    Have fun everybody, I,m out for about a week and a half, I may check in if they got a public computer up in Yellowstone.

    Husky, Rosie Palms, I know you’ll both dearly miss my presence on here but cheer up, you’ll both have a chance to gather some ammo while I’m gone.

  • AMAT 73

    WC Dan,
    Have a great vacation and I don’t think you will miss much on here with the direction the blogs are going these days . It seems the patients are running the asylum .

  • Wong T Bulldog


    Please do enjoy your Broke Back Mountain adventure!!!

    Wing Tvina football will be waiting for you! Don’t worry about Chino Hills or Loyola.

  • Greenie Pastures

    Hacienda and Southeast Champions + Below average Inland performance = Charter Oak in the Central.

    Some would say the CO is too good for the The Hacienda and the Southeast. I say you have to analyze The CO teams which won on the titles. These players were not from Covina. I have no problems with players playing out of district. However, without these players Charter Oak does not win those titles. Those championship teams had the talent to win in the Inland. The teams that CO has fielded since then, are not talented enough to do well in the inland. Even Last years team was filled with players from out of the area. With the talent that Charter Oak has without out of area players would make them a Southeast or Central Contender. That does not make them a lock to win the Southeast of Central. Now that West Covina is winning, Monrovia is winning, and Pasadena players are going to Alemany, the chances of Charter Oak dominating at in the Inland is a dream. I am not taking anything from the games CO won in the past. They were good then, and they are good now, but CO Fans have to be honest and know their dominance and success, was based upon the talent they add to their local talent Base. Which is fine, just factor that in. Charter Oak was not winning without these players, and has not won since. That to me has to be the determining factor. You Give Great Coaches like the Farrar’s talent like this and add it a already strong program, you are going to get a few titles. That is five division one players. Come on now…you can brag talk trash etc…but make sure you put an asterisk by your comment.

    Leon Young
    AJ Powell
    Dennis Rufus
    Adam Muema
    Brandon Golden


    Greenie Pastures,

    Thank you for brining the CO name to light! You have been doing a great job of that lately as long as people keep hearing our name its a beautiful thing…

    I just want to know what your going to say when your team stays in the Mid Valley next year along with West Co in the Southeast?

  • Lancer Blue

    Green P

    After losing…not one or 2…TEN Championships in row would Monrovia have won any of those games with these Monrovia/Pasadena/Duarte/Mexico/Germany/Africa players? I say…..Hell No!!!!!!

    They knew where the scholarships were at. That’s why they left your hood to begin with you dumb a%#. Thats why they didn’t come to Amat either!!!

    Dude you’re midvalley? Shiat…You’re still sitting at the Kids table!!!!! LMFAO!

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Lancer Blue, you are 100 percent correct. However, read what you are writing. They did go the Charter Oak for the scholarships. Now, they don’t have to do that anymore. They can stay at home play D11 ball and go Pac 12, BIG 10, MAC, WAC, or IVY League. I saw all these coaches at the town with my own eyes… Lined up against the wall. You would think we were at Servite or Upland or something. But nope, it was lil ‘ol Monrovia. I guess they like small time ball players playing with a chip on their shoulders because of how people few there level of football. Every Program needs those big time players, who come from small schools. They normally are down to earth.

    SGV Football, you are correct as well. Whether someone is praising or talking ‘ish, as long as they are talking, it’s all good. CO, Amat, West Covina, Monrovia stay in peoples mouths. Lancer blue works for me…shi@T. Like I said CO won, bottom line. However, If they want to win in the Inland, they are going to have to find a way to draw in more talent. That big time speed seemed to be coming from certain areas…where do the Chargers turn? That talent is staying local.

    Also, Monrovia won’t be in the midvalley when it’s time to change after 2014. The Town will be working on it’s 4 Midvalley title by then and 6th appearance in the finals. Monrovia has proved, they own that division. However, the South east will be a huge challenge for the cats. The Teams are better at the top, going through west co, would be tough. Plus 1st round games against D-ranch or, La Mirada would be tough for our school. However, if we improve the over the next couple of years and consistently work on our line, Monrovia will be a contender in the southeast as well.

  • ordinary football fan

    Yeah and don’t forget Scoby either.

  • reality

    I’ve always liked the instant replay. Thanks. There is one on April 1st you might consider.

  • Enough is enough

    Fred, please stop with the BA favoritism by posting Haggerty photos for your prep extra announcement. Can you please rotate other note worthy schools in the Valley. Im sure you have some pics on file that you can easily place into your blog. The Valley isnt all about BA! Spread the love.

  • GP-

    Let Bishop have the limelight. I would not want it if I was them.

  • la mirada guy

    I’m so embarrassed, the newspaper i subscribe to has taken the low road and is now re-publishing it’s old blogging posts. No football posts in a week, but re-posting old articles is considered journalism these days. The writer shall remain nameless, but the shame is unbearable.

  • Don

    Don’t worry la mirada guy, it’s gonna be really good. Really.

    I hear that the three amigos are taking these two months and spending 95% of their time on the extravaganza, well, at least that’s what they told the boss. Anyhow, it’s gonna have full bios of every kid from every school from everywhere along with pictures of them and the family pet. OH YEAH, and it’s gonna be in 3-D, (including those little cardboard glasses if you don’t have your own).

    Best news of all is they will all be delivered personally by Jessica Alba, in a bikini. Except for some areas yet unnamed, (I’m thinking Santa Fe Springs), where they will be using Joan Rivers on a scooter.

  • 12th man

    Amat Alimni 3B Rio Ruiz was promoted to Greenville Astros in Tennessee today. He will report tomorrow.

  • D-Mo

    Fred, you out there?
    Recycling is good for the environment but not for the Prep Sports blog.
    You still think CO doesn’t make the playoffs, Fred?
    Dang it’s hot.

  • Fred Mertz

    I assume you are talking to me as I am the only Fred on this blog. No I do not think Co makes the playoffs and furthermore will not win even one set all year in singles or doubles.

  • Fred Mertz

    I assume you are talking to me as I am the only Fred on this blog. No I do not think Co makes the playoffs and furthermore will not win even one set all year in singles or doubles.

  • Brahmas?

    I hear diamond bar got a stud sophomore running back transfer and is starting over Tyler brown this year . Would like to find out if it is true .

  • JMO


    Good luck DOUCHE BOY, You must have got your sorry ASS kicked to side in the past weakass!

  • Brahma Kong

    Both the new transfer and Brown look fantastic. You can bet that both will be seeing plenty of play time on both sides of the ball this year.

  • DB QB?

    Who is going to be DB’s QB? I heard the situation is baaaad

  • rough and tough

    just went to the bonita inter scrimmage and this kid verdugo who is only a sophmore is going to be the next superstar running back at bonita. bonita has holes to fill but they do look formidable. the QB looks to have huge arm this year. his arm strenght has improved tremendously. but you heard it here this kid verdugo has got it all speed and he can run inbetween the tackles. but hes only a sophmore.

  • La Mirada Guy

    Oh the shame and embarrassment continues, Its football season and the blogs are eerily silent. Except for a few dads promoting their kids, the 3 amigos as “Don” calls them are nowhere to be found.

  • rough and tough


  • Give it a rest

    Ok rough & tough, most of us here that can read got the jest of your post the first time. No need to scream it while repeating yourself. You sound like you have a personal stake in this kid. I would recommend that you get off his nut juice and let him earn his respect on his own.

  • who cares

    Hey 12th man who cares? This is about the upcoming HS football season not an alumni page.

  • 12th man

    Who cares,
    Obviously you can’t read!! I addressed “FRED” If I wanted you to read it I would have put “NUMBSKULL” you Jack Hammer!! I know it’s A football blog!! I’ve been hear for years..So unless you want me to rip you a new one..I suggest you stay out of the Koolaid & quit rubber necking “NUMBNUTS” lol..

  • Who cares

    12th man if you want to send Freddie little private love note about his pet then do it via email or text, not on the blog. Otherwise you will get called out. You rip me a good one? please. Now get back to your pumping job or whatever you do tough guy.

  • 12th man

    Who cares,
    Or should I call you Sandusky? Bottom line is no one made you king of the blogs Dipshit!~ Anyone can post whatever they want..I suggest you ignore my postings & quit making me your “Higher Power” since you clearly have no sense of anything educated or sports oriented to bring to the thread…Stay-Off my Tip,Ear Hustling Fool~ lol..”Vieja Metiche”