El Monte’s Brandon “Big Game” Martinez ready to show why he’s the area’s top quarterback

Area’s Top 5 Quarterbacks

61710-brandon martinez.JPG

1. Brandon Martinez, Sr. — Is he this year’s version of Arroyo’s Steven Rivera, who won area player of the year last season? He just might be. He’s Mr. Everything after throwing for 2,160 yards, 27 TDs and rushing for 793 yards and 8 TDS. In terms of numbers, he will likely lead everyone. Whether those numbers lead to the Mission Valley League title or a deep run in the Mid-Valley Division remain to be seen.

2. Matt Simko, Chino Hills, Sr.
If this were a draft and you were picking the best quarterback for the next level, Simko is it. He split time at Colony last year and still threw for 1,893 yards, 11 touchdowns and completed 60 percent of his passes. He’s exactly what Chino Hills needed and if the Huskies recapture the Sierra League title, Simko will be a big reason why.

3. Gage Pucci, Damien, Jr.
Toward the end of the season the sophomore’s confidence grew leaps and bounds. He finished with 1,325 yards and 15 TDs and everything I’ve heard about him this summer is he’s ready to take it to the next level. In the three games I watched last year he showed flashes of being something special. Damien needs a game-changer to turns things around and Pucci could be it.

4. Tanner Diebold, Bonita, Jr.
The Bearcats are one of my big surprises in this years rankings because of “Sunshine.” At a school that loves to spread you out, Diebold is the perfect fit that blends size, athleticism and a strong arm. He’s quite the athlete and after having an injury-plagued season under his belt, he’s a comeback player of the year candidate.

5. Ivan Vasquez, La Puente, Sr.
Few quarterbacks were as consistent as Vasquez last season, throwing 22 touchdowns against just two interceptions. He was extremely efficient and with a year under his belt, could be ready to finally help the Warriors unseat four-time defending league champion Azusa.

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  • Wow

    Pretty sad group. Definitely a down year for QB’s in the valley.

  • lol

    i think 2,3, and 4 are solid, real quarterbacks, but number one must be a joke… he’s definitely not the top qb

  • football fan

    I have heard that pucci has had a huge off- season….well thats what scout, and rivals has stated. We will see how he does and if that follows through.

  • fbfan

    Not to take away from these student/athletes that have worked hard all summer, but I would also have to say that this is a down year for QBs. The kids from Chino Hills and Damien better have much improved lines in front of them or else they will be in for long seasons. The kid from Bonita has improved, but it is hard to gauge how much when he does not have LBs coming after him to rip him a new one. Sad to say but none of these QBs are next level players, JC or D1-2 or 3. I wish them all the best. Now lets play some football.


    Damn, this is rough. Hopefully these guys can put on a show like the other QB’s from Last year did.

  • Junior

    Yorba Linda Rising;

    Give the kid a break at Bonita. Only a junior. One more year to percolate. Then he rolls. . Like Pendleton, he may learn how to run the spread, and destroy teams in the Southeast. One more year please…

  • Knows BO

    I spend a lot of time around Bonita and its clear the coaches aren’t as high on Tanner as you big guy. There is still a lot of work ahead for that youngster. He is a very immature kid on and off the field. But he does have some tools to work with. I hope he can live up to the hype because we need him.

  • reality

    This is exactly why this blog sucks. Mention a kid and he’s fair game for every idiot with an agenda before he throws one pass. If Bonita coaches are giving you inside dope on a kids maturity why would you choose to put negative information on the kid on the blog unless you have a personal agenda. You are the one that is immature not the young QB.

  • Chino Hills Line is Solid!

    What do you mean by “The kids from Chino Hills and Damien better have much improved lines in front of them or else they will be in for long seasons” ?
    Are you new to SGV football?. CH always has one of the best O-line units in the area. Last year, their linemen dominated the spots on the all league team and Nick Enriquez was all CIF 2 years straight. They do only have 2 returners coming back , but they will be solid once again. Damien on the otherhand has lots of skill guys but their linemen have been suspect. I would guess they will be improved this year.

  • Bonita Insider

    Knows Bo,
    What you are saying is very false. I’ve actually spoke with both Medrano and Podley (aka head coach and offensive coordinator) and both of them were very complimentary of Diebold and fired up for him

  • Sierra League Fan

    I Saw Matt Simko in Chino Hill’s intersquad scrimmage last Saturday. The kid is impressive. He is a big strong kid with a strong arm. He did a great job running the offense. He has 4 great weapons to throw to including Boise st bound Jack Austin. This offense looks much more explosive than the last couple of years. I am impressed with what Matt Bechtal has done in his short time there. Louie Napoles looked very quick and tough @ RB. The line is not that big, but this offense relies on them being quick and not pushing people around. Their Defense looks VERY good. They swarm to the ball and are very aggressive. Things are looking good for CH so far.

  • Knows BO

    Reality funny name when reality hurts you so badly. No bashed or harmed the kid he is immature. He will grow like thay all do but unfortunately for us we need him to grow faster.

    Bonita insider if you really are on the inside you would know theya re very concerned.

  • reality

    BO: Weakest comeback ever.You did not respond at all to my post. Not bashing? Calling a 16 year old kid immature? What 16 year old isn’t?That coaches are disappointed in him? I too have spoken to Podley and he is very high on the young qb so what coach gave you these negatives or are you just trying to promote your kid or yourself by manipulating the blog? If you want to talk crap bring some facts.

  • Knows BO

    Reality youre the one drawing the negative attention to the kid. As you said what 16 year old is not immature. Unfortunately for us we have 16 year QB who is NOT ready to lead this team. As I said before its not bashing or hating it just true. There isn’t a team in valley that doesn’t wish to have a mature 18 QB like a Travis Santiago. Tanner is no Santiago but has a shot to be when he is 18 if he has what it takes to with stand the heat. As for the coaches I talk to them ALL weekly and it is clear they are concerned and if you don’t know that youre on outside looking. So if that’s the case beat it. Besides this blog is for the big boys who can talk football openly without worrying about guyslike you getting your panties in a bunch.

  • reality

    Yeah BO: If you do talk to them ALL every week then you are a coach, parent or player or are you one of those weird sideline hangers on, which is it? You refuse to state any facts for your accusation that hes not ready. Apparently you really know zip but just wanna flap your hole and try and promote your kid.Take a hike!!!

  • Cmon’ Man

    This blog is embarassing! I know Tanner and Gage very well. Tanner is not immature, he is a good kid. Bo Knows, you should spend less time spreading negativity on this blog, and more time studying for social studies! If you are an adult you should be ashamed of yourself! Time for a new job or a girlfriend. Congrats to all 5 kids for the mention, and I wish you all healthy and successful seasons!

  • Cmon’ Man

    BO Knows, here is a little press written on La Verne online:

    Check it out: Medrano is quoted saying the complete opposite of your inside knowledge. You might want to get your facts straight there Tiger!

    Hes absolutely our quarterback, Medrano said, back in the coachs air-conditioned team room on the Bonita campus. Based on our scrimmage, he did a great job of being our field general. Hes an extra coach on the field right now. He gets our guys lined up. Hes very mature and is leaps and bounds ahead of where he was at this time last year. On top of that, he has tremendous zip on the ball.


  • Knows BO

    What a bunch of babies you guys are. Immature is not a bad think why you bring all the negative attention.

    But since you have OK

    Go to JPs and talk with the coaches they will tell you the truth.

    If you want to belive all that you read then you must believe this to


    We will see in Smugpot when Tanner pull the hurt back card agin

  • Cmon’ Man

    Oh I get it now! I am assuming by JPs to mean TPs or T-Phillips. It makes sense now, your that washed up drunk “has been” that prides himself on being a coach groupie! Nice! We are so lucky to have such a reliable source. Why don’t you go get a job and quit pointing out these kid’s weaknesses. Football was over for you in the 80’s! Maybe Robledo can give you a job as his personal insider to the Bonita coaches. Go have another! Loser.

  • Knows BO

    Easy Bobby no need to get all excited I’m sure your boys back will go out just at the right time.
    The truth will come out and we will see what the QB situation looks like at year end.

  • Cmon’ Man

    WOW! With guys like you as Bonita fans, I feel sorry for the program, and more importantly the kids. My son happens to be another quarterback in the area, and my son has worked out with Tanner at camps, its too bad that you let your dislike for Tanner’s dad, get you to a place where you wish injury on your own team’s quarterback. What can I say, I believe in the kid…as I believe in all kids. I am sorry to everyone that had to witness this vortex of negativity. Thank god Bonita has such awesome fans like you! Embarassing.

  • Conq fan

    Thread is crazy but you have to love Bohi’s fans passion for their team. I wish our folks had the same.