Ready or not, Servite coming to town on Aug. 24; Amat hoping to scrimmage at Harvard-Westlake Friday after Upland pulled out

“Who knows. I’m not a big prediction guy and I don’t think it’s the kind of game that sets the tone, but we do know we’re playing a team that sets the standard for high school football in Southern California. For us to play them gives us an idea of where we’re at and how much better we have to be. We’re not playing them wondering how good they’ll be, we know they’re good and will be well prepared.”Amat coach Steve Hagerty on season home opener against Servite on Aug. 24.

Below: RB Dionza Blue was sensational in the recent Blue-Gold scrimmage.

By Fred J. Robledo, staff writer
Bishop Amat and many others will have played two football games prior to Labor Day weekend – a new twist to a season that could last 15 weeks because of extended playoffs for state bowl games after the CIF-Southern Section championship games are played.

That meant two-a-days started in early August for the Lancers, who open the season against perennial Southern Section power Servite at home on Aug. 24 at 7 p.m.

There have been triple-digit temperatures in Southern California since last week, making practice conditions brutal.

“We got through it,” said Lancers coach Steve Hagerty, sounding under the weather on Tuesday. “I don’t think anyone likes the weather being that hot, but everyone has to deal with it.

“I thought our guys handled it well. They worked hard and regardless of the circumstances, they did what we asked and ultimately we’ll be better for it.”

Bishop Amat was scheduled to scrimmage Upland on Friday in preparation for Servite, but the scrimmage was canceled because Upland had a conflict with the number of practice dates allowed before its season opener against Muir next week.

Amat is hoping to replace Upland with a scrimmage at North Hollywood’s Harvard-Westlake on Friday instead.

“We’re trying to work out the details with them (Harvard-Westlake),” Hagerty said. “It would be nice to get something in before our first game. But if we don’t, we just don’t, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Bishop Amat’s season and home opener against Servite is expected to pack Kiefer Stadium. But will the Lancers be more competitive than last year’s 49-14 blowout loss to Servite?

“Who knows,” Hagerty said. “I’m not a big prediction guy and I don’t think it’s the kind of game that sets the tone, but we do know we’re playing a team that sets the standard for high school football in Southern California. For us to play them gives us an idea of where we’re at and how much better we have to be.

“We’re not playing them wondering how good they’ll be, we know they’re good and will be well prepared.”

On a side note, John McKay Jr., a 1971 Amat alum, will be the guest speaker at Friday’s Amat TD Club kickoff dinner at Via Verde Country Club in San Dimas at 6:30 p.m.

For more information, call 909-971-0052.

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  • QB Coach

    I watched Servite several times this summer and they still have a lot of unanswered questions at the QB spot. They have a soild returning back and will be able to run the run but this could be a year where they have not been as balance as the past.
    With that being said Coach H and staff are really efective at scheming against one demonstional teams. Where BA struggles most is trying to to take away both pass and run because they haven’t been deep enough to do it efffectively against top tier teams.
    Excpet this to be a better game than last year and dont be surprise if Coach M can hold Servite down long enough to pull an upset.

  • 238

    Sounds like Upland might have some problems. The question is weather or not they have too few practicies to scrimmage, or too many. If it is too many they are screwed anyway. Friday counts as a practice opportunity weather or not they practice or scrimmage.



  • GP-

    Servite- Was not the most dangerous passing team to begin with. Cody Pitman was able to make a few throws off of play action. However, he was very dangerous and moved the chains with his legs. He would extend plays, and roll out, moving the coverage, and hit Hunt or a back on a wheel route. This years QB may not be as elusive as Pitman (which is a good thing), but he is 6’4, so he should be able to see down field. Expect Physical play up front from Servite. Since BA’s best players are their two corners Andrews and Blue, they should stack the box, bring the heat with Daniels, and depend on their stars to shut it down. Bishop did not do well against Servite’s run game. If they can’t stop that, Servite won’t need to pass. Even if BA’s Defense plays lights out, do you think that Bishop Is going to be able to mustard 28pts. That is what it’s going to take win a close one. I don’t know if this years offense is as good as last years offense. I still think Servites Defense is going to be one of the best They face all year. Bishop can not afford to get blown out at home. Especially if Servite goes on to have a down year. However a down year for them would be 2nd in league, and a 2nd round playoff loss. Well I can’t wait for the 2 minute drill on this one.

  • GP-

    QB Coach OC register had this to say about their area’s top 10 QB’s

    10. Neil Pau’u, Servite
    Pau’u (6-4, 195) was an All-Trinity League second-team receiver as a sophomore in 2011 when Friars quarterback Cody Pittman was a Trinity League co-MVP. A blend of a strong arm and athleticism make Pau’u a quarterback of great interest. He had a fine summer, and is surrounded by several talented skill players on offense

  • Huh?

    NOT ENOUGH DEPTH??? What are the other 90 guys in uniform on the sidelines good for? Padding the schools coffers from activities fees???

  • QB Coach

    GP Can’t belive all the hype. There is still a QB battle going on at Servite. Not saying either can’t or wont step up but expect issue game 1. Servite has always been a run first but counts heavy on timely and effective passing. I think Servite will be more one dementional and wont be as powerfully as they have been over the last 5 years.
    Coach M is getting another opportunity expect him to make it close.

  • Gp-

    QB Coach,

    In this game, the “Line” will determine everything. Last year Servites line was good. This year they will be good again. Even if Servite has digressed from last year, would you say BA has digressed from last year? If you think Servite got worse, and BA got better, then that is your opinion. We will see. When you are getting huge gains like they did last year, the rarely threw anyway. Bishop Was not able to run or throw last year. They scored on a hail mary and fumble caused by Blue inside Servite’s 30. Other than that it was 3 and outs. If I was Servite I would not go to much at Blue or Andrews with a new QB. A Pick Six might be the way BA scores. I expect them to Pound Pound Pound, then play action. It worked last year. If I was BA I would just put 8 in the box and cover the tight and two WR’s cover one. Servites WRs won’t be as good as Hunt was.


    B A has no shot in this game.

    The O line play is average at best.
    RB play -above average.
    QB- play below average, Haynes is a bit soft, throws to many picks, and frankly the Soph kid is a better fit.

    WR- below average unless Blue is out there

    Defense will get torched all across the board.

  • 12th man

    Key to the game will be if Amat Linebackers can “control” Salesi Eteaki(RB) this kid has been on a mission since last season..Defensive Ends for Amat will have to take away the sidelines & force this kid to run up the gut & hope for a stop! Eteaki has great breakaway speed but if you can contain him right off the line with some congestion then BA linebackers have a shot..Servite has 5 offensive & defensive starters returning this year..Other players to look for is Andrew Moore(RB/LB)6ft.230 & Joel Foy(LB/TE)6’2ft 220..These kids are beast on defense & should probably be at the top of the leader board when it comes to the pac5…Over all if Amat can control the time of possession even if they don’t score well they might have a chance down the stretch for an upset!! ((((LISTEN CLEARLY))) STOP ETEAKI!! HE IS A ONE MAN SHOW!! GOOD LUCK LANCERS~

  • 12th man

    Forgot my score..Servite-31 Amat-17

  • Not Since 1995

    @AMAT 73

    Where you at Old Man…? You know have no chance against Servite…! And the entire SGV knows it…! LMFAO!

    Harvard-Westlake to prepare for Servite…? Hahahah…What a Freaken Joke! Why don’t you call La Puente instead? They’re just down the street! Same level of competition! None…!

    The Servite Black Friars are taking over La Puente, Knifer Field, and your Score Board. Amat offense can’t score and the defense can’t stop the Black Friars…!

    Final Score:
    Servite Black Friars 42 – Losing Lancers 3

    On a good note, at least Thanksgiving will be here sooner….

    Not in 2012 Either…

  • White Fang

    NUT since 1995, Why are you so jealous of Amat?
    Is it perhaps 98% continue on to higher education? Most, who take part in sports, have a GPA of 3.0 or better? Your from LA and jealous of people that live in the San Gabriel Valley?
    Because Amat has pretty youg women and from your school, they were nothing but Cholas.
    Your face is covered with pot marks or pimples?
    What gives?

  • AMAT!!!

    You guys speaks as if you are the Amat coaches… No one know what will happen or how it will play out , but we all know that year after year Amat has been known for stepping up to plate and looking much better than people expected. We all know that some “unknown” kids will step up and fill the spots that need to be filled, Amat never puts all its eggs in one basket!

  • Spilt Milk

    Was at Amat yesterday and Holy Smokes!!!! Hagerty needs to get Alcantara in a uniform! Is there any chance that he will play? That kid is a beast? Come on Hagerty work some magic.

  • jcaz

    Not sinse 1995

    Actually and in a way, you made a good point there. Why did Amt have to travel all the way to the S.F. Valley to play this thing ?

    By looking at that list of games that both Fred and Aram put out there, I can see at least a few teams that are both local and competitive (although, personally, I dont belie that competitiveness has anything to do with it because its a scrimmage after all), that are just a stones throw away from Amat.

    BTW, just a thought here, but, if its just a scrimmage, then why not involve more than one team ?

    In other words, you might have you offense taking on the first schools defense on one end of the field (say red zone plays), and then on the other side, you can have your offense taking on the third schools defense. Then rotate.

  • reading comprehension

    jcaz – read the headline. Amat was supposed t scrimmage Upland. Maybe the best and most local competition they could have chosen. Upland had to cancel the scrimmage – forcing the hurried scheduling of the HW scrimmage