San Dimas to unveil new home field in scrimmage against Diamond Ranch Friday at 6 p.m.

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  • Bulldoggy

    Wow!! New Stadium and you cut the ribbon with Diamond Ranch. Better have the groundskeeping crew ready with graffiti removal and lots of trash bags for all of their beer bottles in the parking lot.

  • Colt74

    And Covina and South Hills will unveil the new dirt in the parking lot of CDF….

    Remember..for the scrimmage Friday night…bring a putty knife to scrape the melted gum off your shoes…a pair of tweezers to remove the splinters from our stairs..and some band-aids to cover the cuts from our bleachers…

    And maybe a hat to protect yourself from the bird droppings from the pigeons on the light posts….

    But be sure to come out for a good time!


  • Don

    No worries 74; I have it on very good authority that the CUSD has invested in two truckloads of fresh gravel for the parking lot.

    Sorry about the splinters, can’t help there.

  • Wolfpack’s new turf

    The set up at San Dimas is second to none! Great visual from th 57. Has anyone been down Indian Hill in Claremont this week? The Wolfpack also got new turf and it is no joke SWEET!

  • D-Mo

    Another new field at Claremont? Was there a problem with their turf or something?

  • bigdog

    Don’t be a hater!!!! You must be said posting this comment at 12:06pm and not one comment in 12 hours. I would like to invite you over to see our new artificial turf,new stands and scoreboard in 2013.It will be great playing our home games in our new stadium next year,even though i think Ganesha our current home field has one of the best natural turf in the valley.

  • Bulldoggy

    Hater? Oh yeah, I’m not going to say which PD I work for, but we continually hassle with another local PD about who has to handle the calls at Diamond Ranch. Every Damn day! My kids go to West Covina and they don’t get half the calls we do at Diamond Ranch. As for the invite to your new field, save it. That’s like putting lipstick on a pig. For a school district in so much trouble that they are closing schools, to put so much money into a new football field is unbelievable. Just for your own info, we have a pool down at the station on how long before the first stabbing takes place at the new stadium. I’ll wait sadly until you reply in the next 12-1/2 hours.

  • Whyhate

    @bulldoggy- Sounds like you been beat down one too many times- probably them Pomona boys. It’s people like you that make it hard for good people to respect certain PD’s! Sounds like you need to retire and stop spreading lies.