Thanks to incredible readers, we have highlights from Bishop Amat’s scrimmage at Harvard-Westlake; Dionza Blue by U looks great again

If any of you in attendance at Thursday’s scrimmage video the scrimmage or put together a highlights package on YouTube, send it to us and we’ll post it. Send to

Ask and you shall receive … thanks

Amat 2011 Season Highlights Video and music is fantastic. For a season that was so-so, you think they won the title after watching this …

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    Really? Is the tribune going to pay for the video editing that the Lancer fans need to do to upload it to Youtube? Send an intern with a video camera and have them get the experience of a true sports writer/commentator.

  • Ingenico 4 life

    Does anyone have an Amat update?

  • Amat Dad

    Harvard Westlake looked impressive during warm ups, but that was it. HW came out in full uniforms and did their pregame ritual. They have big boys on that team, from the line to the QB. Once the game started it was all Amat. If this were a real game, it would have been Amat 40+ and HW 7. I’ll give HW one thing, their field is beautiful.

  • Here’s The Video

    Here is the link to some of the highlights…

    Troy Thomas, Servites Head Coach, came and personally vidoe’d the scrimmage.

    Now if that isn’t respect for the Amat Program, I don’t know what is.

    Not only did he video the scrimmage, but he had his wife video it on a second video camera.

    That’s a sign of respect, but it’s also a sign of a winning coach doing his homework.

    Let’s Go Lancers!

  • 12th man

    Great Video of the game!! Was Harvard Westlake really that bad? Looks like they couldn’t make a tackle if their life depended on it!…Servite does their homework every year no matter who they play..Goes to show that A great program takes it one game at a time & doesn’t overlook anyone…

  • Fred Robledo

    SGV Football, enjoy the video….

  • Real talk

    I do know Servite respects Amat. You could tell by the people that called the game last year on the televised game. They kept saying that Amat has always been a strong program. Now I say we must go out there at our house and play the Lancer football that we are capable of playing to make that respect valid. Let’s go Amat we could do it!!! As a unit one play at a time. Kick ass and leave it all on the field!!!!!! I’m out…….

  • Bulldogs have bite

    That block at the 2:44 mark was BRUTAL!

  • RosieGlasses

    Amat is in big trouble!!! You Lancers should be very worried about your 2012 season!!!

    This is the Harvard-Westlake team from No Ho, right???

    The Wolverines that went 5 – 5 in 2011? The same team that went 1 – 4 in league last year? Or is it the team that went 2 – 7 back in 2010? Are these the same Wolverines that Venice beat last year? The same Venice team that gave Amat 1 of their wins in 2011? I saw the whole scrimmage and now I understand why Hagerty cancelled the Upland game. Amat is certainly not ready for Upland!!!

    Be afraid Lancers!!! Be very afraid, these Wolverines are not the Servite Black Friars!!!

  • Dan

    HW lost to Venice in a close game 34 to 27 last year. HW also played a tough game vs St. Francis 23 to 20. On the other hand they did have blow out losses to Chaminade and Serra. I think they had 13 starters return from last years team. 9 on offense and 4 on defense which could explain the poor tackeling. Either way it sounds like Amat handled their buisness.

  • Just Askin’

    Amat handled their business against HW, but HW is longer the team of the ’90s. This is like saying Amat handled their business against Garfield or Cathedral. These are all cupcakes for a PAC 5 team.

    Are we suppose get excited about that? Why did Amat cancel their scrimmage against Upland? Could they have handled their business against those guys in the Inland? I doubt it, but it would have been a better test. At least the shock of getting slapped around by Servite would have been less if Upland would have slapped them around first.

    Just Askin’

  • Colt74

    I thought the 3:00 mark was classic.
    Filming the coaches wife’s butt….

  • FooTball fan

    Amat did not back out . Upland had problems with number of practices with pad and had to back out. That is what Fred and Aram stated before .

  • Fred Robledo

    True, reason Amat scrambled to get a last minute scrimmage against Harvard-Westlake is because Upland had to pull out because of a certain number of practice commitments prior to its first game…

  • Dan

    Just asking,
    Not that I was getting excited, although I’m glad Amat looked good, just making the point that they did what they were supposed to do against HW, which means we pretty much don’t know what that means in a game against Upland or Servite. By doing what they were supposed to do against HW, it could just as easy be a sign that they are ready for a team like Upland just as much as they may not be. We’ll know soon enough.
    I’m just glad the season is almost here, looking forward to seen how West Co and Clarmont will look tonight. Aram mentioned he heard good things about Claremont, I hope it’s true, cause it should make for a good match up in the scrimmage.

  • Judge me by my size do you?

    Harvard Westlake’s LINEMEN:

    Thomas Oser, OL, DL….. 6-5, 290

    David Hartmeier OL, DL.. 6-5, 245

    Henry Schlossberg OL, DL 6-4, 265

    Keith Leonard OL, DL…. 6-4, 205

    Cole Lopez OL, DL……. 6-2, 225

    Benjamin Klein OL, DL… 6-1, 225

    Matt Edelstein OL, DL.. 6-0, 210

    Dietrich Tribull OL, DL. 6-0, 200

    Ben Goldstein OL, DL…. 6-0, 205

    Patrick Ryan OL, DL….. 6-0, 200

    DEFINITELY a much larger team than Bishop Amat but it made no difference.

  • MineIsBiggerThanYours

    How do the SERVITE LINEMEN look?

    Bet they are much much larger team than Bishop Amat too!

    That will be the difference by the 4th qtr if not sooner. Remember the 2011 game? It was over by the 3rd qtr. Amat Honks left the stadium before the 4th. Amat just doesn’t have the horses to compete with Servite, CH, CO, or St Paul. The bench is just not deep enough to give the starters a break. That’s where the game is lost by Amat.

  • GP-

    Week 0 @ 2230 we will know if Bishop is ready.

  • Tony

    FYI HW has been in the Mission League the last two years and has come in last place both years. I believe they have one win and nine loses in league.

  • summersaults

    If you noticed…none of the Bishop Amat players cheered when they scored these touchdowns. This was strickly business with a large touch of class.

  • WOW!

    Everyone has to watch the 2nd video. I’ve seen some pretty good high school football videos and this one fits right up there with the best of them. Phenomenal music and footage no matter if you’re a BA fan or not. Can you imagine what it would be like for these kids to watch themselves 20 years from now? Too awesome!

  • Dan

    Too WOW,
    Agreed, the music, the collisions, the runs by Jalen Moore, the catches and hit’s by Adam Sanchez the crowd noise, even though at my age I can barely run anymore that video makes me want to strap up the pads and hit somebody LOL. Very well done video’s from Amat.

  • Longtime Fan

    Nice video and music filmed and created by Paul Shay #20 back in 1992!! Takes great pride in doing these films for the kids.