Girls Volleyball: Time to start working on a top ten preview, need your help, who are the teams to watch out for?

Well, I know this is one of them …

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  • libero lover

    Fred, love and protect the libero!

  • Basic

    Will Fred ever live that one down???

    I will take St Lucy this year again. I think they are a solid team.

    Interested to see what will happen with CH this year. I think they have some talent but not sure it’s enough.

    Down year for Bonita.

    Claremont should do well.

    Dark horse, if you can say that, will be SD.

  • OldConqueror

    Los Altos is gonna be a beast for at least the next two years. They are set to make a run at the Title…and I mean CIF Title

  • pat

    LosAltos?? They wont get by Bonita or Diamond Bar this yr!

  • VBtool

    I predict St. Lucys will be better than the last 2 years. That is scary considering they won back to back CIF titles. Playing up in Div1A will make it hard to repeat but not out of the question. They have a lot of expectation on their shoulders and it would be a major coaching problem if this team doesnt sweep the sierra league.

    Claremont is an obvious number 2 and San Dimas should definately be in the top 5, with the remaining top 10 to include Bonita, Ayala, Los Altos, Chino Hills, Glendora, Bishop Amat and South Hills.

  • Basic

    A D1 Title IS out of the question but not out of thought…I do wish them the best of luck though and do agree that they are loaded and clearly the number one team.

    I do agree with your two pick and will take SD at 3 maybe 4 with CH at 4 or 3, after that it’s tough, I like Bonita but think it will be a down year for them and according to OldC Los Al is loaded so they might be up there…I don’t know enough about the other teams to put a top 10 but I do like BA and SH and you should include DB.

    Anyone out there have more info on ANY team???

  • Another Volleyball Mom

    I pick St. Lucy’s to take the Sierra League, yes they still have talent. Remember they don’t Rebuild … they just RELOAD. However, Div.I-A volleyball is very different from Div.II-AA, they have to compete with the Orange County power houses like Corona del Mar, Laguna Beach & lets not forget Marymount. I wish them well & the best of luck, show them that the Inland Empire is ready to COMPETE! In the mean time lets enjoy the show & let the games begin šŸ™‚

  • robert

    Here are the league alignments making up the new playoff divisions
    CDM (Pacific Coast) and Marymount (Sunshine) are in I-AA. St Lucy’s (or any other I-AA school-Laguna Beach (Orange Coast)) would not play CDM or Marymount until the State Tournament begins. All would agree, there is a lot of VBall between now and Nov 16th or 17th. Play Hard and Be Safe Ladies!
    Pacific Coast
    South Coast

    Citrus Belt
    Del Rey
    Orange Coast
    Sea View

  • robert

    CORRECTION: St Lucy’s (or any other I-A school-Laguna Beach (Orange Coast))

  • Who’s on second?

    Being a sure thing in league is a done deal for St. Lucy’s. It’ll be interesting how well the girls will do against the field in early tournaments. Now that the 3 powerhouses have left 1A (CDM, Vista Murrieta, & Marymount). Thank goodness there is still Laguna Beach to give them real competition.
    I think the SGV is down overall except for Lucy’s, but the IE is much improved out east. Osos and Rancho are vastly improved!
    Good luck VB fans…

  • TDB

    I would agree that St. Lucy’s is the prohibitive favorite. Ayala returns four of their top six players and should be stronger offensively. Chino Hills and Claremont should battle Ayala or second place and the Sierra League looks like a very tough league again.