PrepXtra Rewind: Things get heated when Fred and Aram joust about rankings. Plus, Servite’s Troy Thomas and St. Paul’s Elijah Asante and Kurt Scoby join the show …

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  • How HOT Was IT?

    Hey Fred,

    Make sure you ask him how hot it was in that black hoodie standing in the sun in 100 degree heat at Harvard-Westlake!


  • SGV Football Fan

    I don’t know if there is anything illegal with a coach going to a scrimmage and filming the scrimmage. If there is, then, there you go. But if not,then he is a smart coach for doing what he did, and that is why his team is always one of the elite teams, because he is prepared.

    Thomas is a tough guy from Crespi, and he wants to win and does his job as good as any of the elite coaches out there. He played hard, and he coaches hard and smart.

    My opinion is that it will be a closer game than many think it will be. I still think Servite comes out with the “W”, but I don’t think it will be the game from last year. Amat is not gonna be in awe like they were last year when they got smashed. I’m rooting for the SGV team of course.

  • jcaz

    That’s a pretty big coupe Fred, but what about that St Paul interview with coach and scooby ?

  • GP-

    You should call hags 3-way…Is he refusing to talk on the show? Good work going to OC so at least we get someone’s opinion on the “BIG Game”. It’s funny how all the BA bloggers are slowly going MIA the closer we get to the “Big game”. I knew this would happen.

  • Fred Robledo

    Asante and Scoby will be on the show, coach Thomas is gonna join us live via phone conference. Great opener, any more questions you want asked of any of these three?

  • Amat Dad

    To GP,

    No one is going MIA moron. Amat will be ready to make this Friday a serious battle. Anyone who thinks Servite will come in and do what they did last year is seriously mistaken. This is a huge task for the Lancers, but they will be ready to hit and go toe to toe with the Friars. If coach Thomas didn’t think so, he wouldn’t have travelled an hour and a half to do his scouting. Amat is ready and let the season begin.

  • 12th man

    Amat could make it interesting if they can somehow open up the defense~ Servite is known for having a stingy defense & wont allow to many yards on the ground..They usually stack the box vs running teams & rely on their linebackers to shut it down..Last year the teams who had success vs Servite were the teams who were mixing it up throwing down field & testing the Fryar’s DB’s..I believe coach Thomas was filming the game to see if the Amat QB could pick apart his secondary..I haven’t seen to much of the Amat QB..But from what I hear he’s not a deep threat..My advice would still throw down field even if he doesn’t complete passes just so he can get their DB”S to play atleast 5 yards off the recievers & allow so more room for the RB’s & the QB to perhaps run some keepers to the outside..

  • Amat 75 lol

    hey Amat if you wanna be successful do like Alemany does and start getting the athletes from Pasadena maybe you’ll start winning.

  • Not Since 1995

    Hey Fred J

    Ask Coach Thomas, at what point will he shut down his overwhelming Offense?

    At half-time…? At the end of the 3rd qtr? When the score is Friars 42 – lancers 3…?

    When will the 2nd and 3rd stringers go in?

    When will Coach Thomas shut it down?

    Also, will the Black Friars JV Squad be coming to the game? Will they be playing in the 4th qtr?

  • Quarterback?

    Be sure to ask Thomas who will start at QB for the Friars. Contrary to what everyone assumes, which is that Neil Pauu will be the guy, there is still doubt about who will get the job. This is pivotal, because Servite’s O-line is not on par with last year, so even more pressure will come to bear on the signal caller.



    Go Ahead and tell Troy that Sal Velasquez and Matt Lopez will be coming for whoever the QB is.

  • AMAT 73

    Come on man , what’s up with that post. We are all here and waiting for Friday night so basically you don’t know shiat .Win or lose we are always here .You must have us confused with some fans of a certain team that after a couple of tough preseason losses seemed to dissapear from the blog . The Men in Blue will be ready Friday and will give it their best as always . Great game and get there early as I know you are going to the game because regardless of the blogs thought , this is one of the biggest games in the SGV , who else in the SGV would schedule Servite ( maybe West Covina but certainly not Monrovia ) for a preseason game ???? .Lately you seem to thowing out some trash our way . Maybe you should start saying the Hail Marys for that outcome you are hoping for on Friday .

  • GoAmat

    Ask him if he always travels with his family and where were the other coaches? Were they there too? And why the hoody?

  • Please Ask…

    Hey Fred,

    Please ask Asante how many of the transfers have been declared eligible by CIF.

    Is Scoby eligible based on his GPA?

  • 12th man

    Ask coach if he thinks it was the same Amat team he played early in the season last year compared to the Amat team that played Santa Margarita in the playoffs?..Also who will be his toughest game this year? Does he have an answer for the only athlete Servite could not contain last year Johnny Stanton?…Be sure to tell him 12th man wants to know~!! lol..

  • jcaz

    Hey, its just JCAZ being silly Fred, but if your going to ask coach a question, then ask him where he met that hot wife of his !

    It’s no wonder that the camera man kept panning over “her” way LOL !!

    Ha ha, just being silly Fred ok….

    BTW, speaking of silly, I just got off the phone with my cousin. He’s been on TV quite a bit lately and some times I dont really know weather or not to take him seriously.

    Many of you might know him as “The most interesting man in the world.” You know, the guy who always says, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do…”

    So he says to me….

    -I’ve cheated death twice just because I can.
    -The boogie man fears me.
    -I’m fluent in 5 languages but have never uttered a word in 2 of them..
    -Dr. Phil and Abby come to me for advice.
    -Garmin has asked me for directions.
    -I delivered a stork to his mom.
    -I’ve ran a marathon backwards to see what second place looked like.
    -I won the Tour de France… then was disqualified for using a unicycle to do it.
    -Vampires have interviewed me.
    -Superman wears pajamas with my logo on them.
    -What I did in Vegas couldn’t be contained there.
    -I know who let the dogs out.
    -When I’ve needed to make a quick escape, I’ve walked out the front door.
    -My words are worth a 1000 pictures.
    -When I cut onions, they cry.
    -Santa asks to sit on my lap.
    -My bucket list reads “COMPLETE”.
    – Last night, I had dinner with Waldo and Carmen in San Diego
    -Willis never had to explain to me what he was talking about.

    Thats my cousin for you…Talk about arrogant, Yikes !


    Not Since 1969

    Why are you so jealous of Bishop Amat?

  • Colt74

    Black Tooth:

    Google : the story of not since 1995

    All will be made clear…..

  • Dog Town

    Fred Forget about anything else. Calm down you Look like you were jumping out of your chair from the begining. Scoby was nervous, as a young man should be, and it seemed like you were asking a question and then not giving him a chance to respond. Then came the Amat meltdown thing you had with Aram. I don’t know what to say.

  • Colt74

    Black tooth :

    about half way down by JD Salinger

  • Valley athletics

    Aram actually took the first jab with his remark about amat being number 1. even scoby and asante says you have to play the best if you want to succeed in the next level . Monrovia has skilled guys with all the tools needed for d 1 ., speed , size and skill .my only worries for them is if they will be ready for d1 because they have never played any top competition at a weekly basis . They will be fighting for play time against players from other states who have played top level competition on a weekly basis . Those players will have the edge over them . Troy Thomas did also point out what I believe and others believe . The uncertainty of rio playing first game kind of disrupted the team and made them less prepared against them last year . So I don’t think it will be a route . St Paul will be good but I think it will be about mid season when they start gelling . I have a gut feeling west covina will be better this year .

  • SP – PIT is Hungry!

    Everyone, listen to me good.
    All that St. Paul needs to do is WIN their 1st game against LM. When they do this, I guarantee you that there will be no problems beating MD, Freaks, LH etc..Game # 1!!!!!!!!!!

  • For REAL

    @SP…dude, do you no something we don’t….Mater Dei is going to wipe ur azzzz with your face, you have no chance against Dei or servite maybe Amat