What a surprise, Bishop Amat heads the SGV Tribune’s preseason Top Ten Football Rankings

There will be a more thorough breakdown of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune’s preseason Top Ten Rankings in Thursday’s PrepXtra Preview Magazine, but it’s time to unveil the teams, and you shouldn’t be surprised who I gave top billing.

1. Bishop Amat — There are other teams with better chances of winning league titles and CIF championships in their respective divisions, but No. 1 to start the season simply comes down to who you think is the best if everyone played each other, and Amat is still the best until an area team dethrones them, or has bigger wins on the resume when the season is over. It’s that simple. Aram can argue other teams all he wants, but until teams like Charter Oak, Chino Hills or West Covina beat Amat, the Lancers are still tops in the Valley. And guess what, Charter Oak and Chino Hills will get their shot. That’s how this works, you want No. 1, earn it on the field, not against a weaker schedule. Just a fun fact here, Aram has Monrovia No. 1 in his all encompassing ranking. On my list Monrovia would be No. 6 behind the Tribune’s Top 5. Who you schedule and who you beat means everything.

2. Chino Hills — I’ve never seen senior quarterback Matt Simko, the transfer from Colony who is supposed to revitalize the Huskies and make them instant Sierra League contenders. Chino Hills has a great coaching staff. They have a great program. In terms of numbers and demographics, nobody in the SGV can compete. But can they put it all together? We’re going to find out, but it looks good on paper.

3. West Covina — The back-to-back Southeast Division champs have the potential to be better than the previous title teams because it has a bonafide quarterback, a guy you can rank with the best in the area, something the Bulldogs haven’t had in a long, long time. The Bulldogs can run, they’ve always been able to run. They’re physical on defense and swarm at you like no other. Now, with Jonathan Najera at QB, they could be more dangerous than ever and having a legitimate QB gives them a much better shot at Loyola next week.

4. Damien — Gano’s last hurrah? Ok, just joking, but it might feel like that if the Spartans don’t do something special like win the Sierra League title and get past the first round of the Inland playoffs. Quarterback Gage Pucci is as good as advertised, they have receivers and backs to potentially be one of the best offense’s in the area. If the defense holds up, watch out.

5. Charter Oak — Here’s the deal, I thought so highly of quarterback Travis Santiago I can’t imagine life for the Chargers without him, particularly because there was no Santiago incumbent waiting in the wings. The QB spot is a huge question mark as is the running game with Kurt Scoby now at St. Paul. But on defense, the Chargers are as solid as anyone in the area, arguably even better than Amat. But in the Sierra and Inland you have to score points and I’m not convinced the Chargers can do that on a consistent level yet.

6. Bonita — The drop-off from 5 to 6 is huge, and I mean huge, but I’m comfortable with the ‘Cats in this spot because of Sunshine, junior quarterback Tanner Diebold and a solid running game with Reggie Turner. That’s a one-two punch that few teams ranked below have, so I’m rolling with it.

7. South Hills — If I’m being completely honest with myself, I made this ranking BEFORE watching last week’s scrimmage against Covina. I thought the Huskies had size on the line, but speedier players ran by them. There also wasn’t the super impact players that Huskies teams always have, but like I said, the gap between the top five and the rest is huge, so maybe the Huskies do live up to this ranking.

8. San Dimas — Once again the favorite to win the Valle Vista League because they return eight starters on defense and everyone knows in Bill Zernickow’s Wing Z, they score points. The Saints averaged 36 points a game last year and got to the Mid-Valley semifinals. Can they do it again? They probably can.

9. Ayala — This is the year when the great freshman class from 2009 are seniors. That freshman class went undefeated and ever since have talked about 2012. Well, it’s here now. You probably think they should have been better last year if they’re going to make a dramatic turnaround from 3-7, but sometimes a fresh start is all you need.

10. El Monte — The Big sleeper. I’m going to take some abuse for this, but of all the teams in our top ten, the Lions have the best shot at going 10-0. They also have a quarterback in Brandon Martinez that IS the next Steven Rivera. Martinez could play and be a standout anywhere, both with his arm and his legs. Trouble with El Monte is reputation, they don’t have one. They’re being hyped for the first time in a long time, so how will they answer the bell?

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  • 238

    Thank you for not overrating Monrovia…

  • GP-

    Monrovia is not on the #1 on the eastside. Monrovia is #1 All encompassing. Aram did that scoop yesterday.

  • Homer Simpson

    What, Fred picks Amat #1? Is anyone surprised? Fred, ursuchaHomer!!!

  • Refreshing

    It’s refreshing to see a list that is based on what people have done and who they have beat rather than all of the woulda coulda mighta stuff in other rankings.

    In most rankings, you have to play someone and beat someone to move up. Until you play and win, you just accept your position whereever it is.

    Starting this week, teams can move up or down based on wins and losses. Refreshing….

  • PUSC

    Why are teams from the inland empire in the rankings for the SGV?



    Not true if what you say is accurate Charter Oak would be # 2 on this list.


  • Colt74

    My list would have 4-5 and 7-8 flipped, but next week the rankings will hold more water.

    Good luck and injury free play to all teams.

  • Dan

    Not a bad list Fred, I think you could pick a straw and put WC, CO, and CH in any order from 2 to 4, then Damien at 5, Ayala at 6, Bonita at 7, Glendora at 8, SD at 9 and SH at 10.

  • Football Fan

    Who is the starting QB for the Tribs self proclaimed number one team BA? Has he played recently?

  • New York

    Freddy is the king of Monrovia derangement syndrome. Your subscribership, starting with 238, is a loyal follower. This thread has nothing to do with Monrovia, but Frederika made it into one.

  • New York

    Who has done what so far this season? By your logic, there should be no rankings at all until after game #1. That is a logical solution, but that is inconsistent with your entire statement of being happy with the way Fred did it, but suggesting it is base on accomplishments. In high school, every year is a new season. Freddy tends to base everything on the prior year. Clearly, he admits as much in the way he has South Hills listed here. He has disregarded new information.

    Tell me, is that refreshing?

  • Aaron

    So you rate the Bearcats ahead of SD…but pick SD to win…maketh no sense.

  • Amat 75 lol

    No surprise here of course the lil kiebler elf was going to place the 20th ranked Pac5 team number 1 but it wont stay like that after CO and CH beat them i wonder how far down theyll drop then, maybe to 3 or 4 huh fred lol……..FRED IS THE BIGGEST JOKE…what about the lost of “9” your boy crush he’s gone but yet you cant imagine life after Santiago LOL thats why called you a joke fred nothing personal but i think Aram is a little more accurate than you. I could of sworn CO ended last season ranked higher than Amat oh and didnt Amat lose more starters than CO? im not a CO fan at all but to put them at 5 is complete disrespect.

  • D-Mo

    Amat 75, if you recall, Fred previously stated he didn’t even think CO would make the playoffs this season. That would be something. CO has had a playoff spot for what, 15 years in a row? Longer?

  • Fred Robledo

    New York, New York, I knew I would pull you in here. I’m not picking who’s going to be 14-0 at the end of the season, I’m picking who I think is the best team on paper if they all play each other. When Amat loses to Charter Oak or Chino Hills, Amat gets dropped — but I don’t think it’s going to happen. They’ll get dropped after losing to Servite, but with everyone 0-0, Amat, because it has the best team in the SGV in my opinion, should start No. 1…I don’t believe ranking Monrovia No. 1 over the Amat’s, West Covina’s and Charter Oak’s as Aram did in his all encompassing poll is deserving until Monrovia proves it can beat those caliber teams. Maybe Monrovia does this year with semi tough non-league games against South Hills, Ayala and a heavyweight clash with St. Francis, but lets see it before you crown them No. 1. It’s easy to pick Monrovia No. 1. At the end of the day, because of their schedule, they have the best chance to go 14-0. A better chance than West Covina who plays Loyola, better than Charter Oak, Chino Hills and Damien who play each other and compete in the Inland. And obviously better than Amat, who opens with Servite. You know, Boise State might wind up undefeated while Alabama, LSU and USC all lose one or two games. Does that mean you make yourself look like a genius and pick Boise State No. 1 to start the season? No, you let the proven contenders fall first.

  • Not Since 1995

    Wow…talk about adding pressure to a very very weak SGV TEAM…!

    Fred says “Who you schedule and who you beat means everything!”

    Fred, what does it mean when you get the worst beating in the SGV…?

    You and I both know that the Lanceritos will get the worst beating in the SGV IN 2012…! No other team in the SGV will lose worst to a comparable Division opponent than the Lanceritos will lose to the Servite Black Firars…!

    Fred, if the Lanceritos lose by more than 18 points will you drop them from the Top 10 by Monday…? A humiliating and embarrassing defeat like the one the Lanceritos will get on Friday means everything too!

    Doesn’t it Fred…? Hello…? Hello?

    Not In 2012 Either…

  • Observantcat

    Freddy. Freddy, Freddie!… It never ceases to amaze me when you make your own contradictions seem rather rational. Let’s not even go the Monrovia argument, lets start with Bonita and San Dimas. You have the Bonita ranked above San Dimas on your all area pre-season rankings, but you have San Dimas to beat Bonita on thursday. Maybe that was a brain fart, get back to me when the air clears.

  • Amat 75 lol

    Fred here’s a little advice you should re-read what you write and make sure you dont contradict yourself or sound bias i know its your blog your top 10 but other than Servite who do you actually think or pick against Amat? if im not mistaking you picked Amat in every league game to win when they only won one. IMO and its just an opinion you love Amat a little too much and you only see things through the blue and gold glasses.
    Now you tell me have any game in an sport known to man has ever been won on paper. And with the college theory Utah actually brought back more proven players then Alabama in the 2008 game and Alabama lost one during the season and Utah still wasnt ranked above them going into the bowl game in which Utah won. What im saying is your theory of paper players goes out the window because the game is played on the field and not on PAPER, and if were going off “PAPER” CH has more returners than BA with a proven QB and a much more experienced running back. Also CO has D1 talent who has committed already on there team with much more size and is playing in an equal if not tougher division then the pac5. Come on fred step it up this year because believe me your going to be conceding to defeat of some bloggers after a few Amat loses.

  • Fred Robledo

    Not since one question, whether Servite whips Amat by 50 or 10, name another team in the SGV that would fare better and why? Would love to hear it.

  • Fred Robledo

    Amat 75, how many times do I have to say it, when Charter Oak and Chino Hills beat Amat, my tune will change. I’ve always said that and every year when Amat plays a local challenger, they win. I just need a reason. Name the last step-up win Charter Oak had? Name the last step-up win Monrovia had because believe me, Bishop Amat and Charter Oak aren’t losing to San Dimas like Monrovia did last year. All this matters, everyone wants anyone ranked ahead of Amat, but show me why they deserve it. Based on what? I never said Amat will win the Pac-5 or do anything in the playoffs. Never said they will win the Serra. What I’ve written is they’re STILL better, in my opinion, than anyone else in the SGV. So, let a local team beat them, hasn’t happened since 2002. I must be crazy for being logical.

  • Inconsistent

    Your inconsistent with the way you pick your teams. I have no problem with you stating that Amat should be #1 based on your opinion that Amat would beat all the other teams head to head, but then you put El Monte in at #10 because they might be the only team to go 10-0? If your going to pick teams based on who can beat who then be consistent through each of you picks. You can’t possibly think that El Monte would beat Glendora or Diamond Ranch, do you?

  • Fred Robledo

    Inconsistent, you’re right about that, I went way out on a limb putting El Monte at 10, only problem with the teams not ranked like Diamond Ranch, Glendora or Diamond Bar, etc, is there are so many question marks I thought I’d take a shot with El Monte, who has virtually everyone back and one of the best QBs in the SGV.

  • Not Since 1995

    Fred J,

    I’ll be your huckleberry…!

    No doubt in my mind that Chino Hills and Charter Oak are far far better teams in the SGV. I’ve seen Amat, CH, and CO since the spring. Amat is by far the weakest against Servite. Amat lacks speed, lacks size, and lacks depth. The Amat QB is inconsistent at best and an interception machine at worst. Amat is One dimensional. They want to run. Servites best players on defense are Linebackers..! How will Amat run against that front 8…?

    Now that I answered your questions, are going to answer mine…?

    Will you drop the Lanceritos from your Top 10 if Servite embarrasses them by more than 18 points…?


  • Not Since 1995

    Fred J,

    BTW, my early prediction is that Chino Hills will beat the Lanceritos with Offense.

    Charter Oak will beat the Lanceritos with Defense…!

    St Paul will beat the Lanceritos with Scoby…!

    You can take that to Vegas…baby…!

  • Fred Robledo

    Not Since, drop them from the top ten for losing to Servite? Why, because nine other teams on the list would fare better against them. C’mon dude.

    Let’s see if you’re right, Charter Oak, Chino Hills and St. Paul might very well beat Amat, but I got to see it first. That’s what is great about this season, no more guessing, the best-of-the-best are going to play each other. Charter Oak, Chino Hills and Damien will mix it up in league. Amat is going to face Charter Oak and Chino Hills. West Covina is going to play Loyola. We should know by Week 5 who deserves the top ranking based on results, not guessing. That’s the way it should be.

  • Not Since 1995

    So let me get this straight, Fred J…!

    Dude, you VOTED that Servite will beat, probably humiliate, the Lanceritos because you want to win that Burrito in December. And you know that I’m right about Amat’s glering weaknesses…! In fact you would agree with me that the Lanceritos will be lucky to win 1 Serra league game.

    But you will not drop them from the Top 10 after they get humiliated this coming Friday…!

    WOW…Dude do you realize the pressure you are putting on the Lanceritos? Do you? I don’t see many Amat Blowhards on here covering your back Dude…! This looks like one man’s opinion against the SGV…!

    The other 9 teams on this can only get better…!

    If CH and CO losses against the Lanceritos… According to you…”it’s oh we’ll…!” They’re suppose to lose…right? What if the Lanceritos lose…Fred J…? That is some kind of pressure you’ve got on the Lanceritos…!

    And the entire SGV (along with me of course!) will be here to remind you and all the Amat Blowhards…!

    By the way, what has the Bishop Amat Lancers WON in the last 17 years that makes them SO SPECIAL in the SGV…?

    Please educate us….

    Aram, your boy is really in over his head…!

  • The Pit

    Damn this is getting good…I hope I never piss off Not Since…This Dude takes no prisoner!!!

  • Fred Robledo

    Not since 2002 said

    Not since doesn’t take a stance, how hard is it to predict that Amat won’t win a Pac-5 title and therefore others are better for winning D-7 and D-11 titles. Proves what? Others schools are most successful in their corners of the world, but that doesn’t make them better than teams trying to win titles in the toughest divisions in the country. Not since won’t show you an area team that had a more impressive victory on the schedule than Amat had in 2011, ’10 or ’09. All three seasons Amat had wins on the schedule bigger than any team in the area. He can’t name an area team that’s beaten them either. Every year Amat has victories on the schedule better than anyone else in the SGV, and they beat every SGV team that challenges them. He’s right, Amat hasn’t won a title since 1995, but they haven’t lost to an area team since 2002 either.

  • Amat 75 lol

    Fed for a minute i was with you but until not since 1995 came along this is a dude you just dont mess with. he spits facts and all you have is past and when he brings up the past you chase BA wins over the past which non is credited BA didnt play the CO champs nor did BA play the WC champs all BA played was the left over teams that hasnt proven themselves in their respected division. Now i might be a little off but this not since guy KILLS all of the BA faithful and you, and i’ve been blogging for years just under a different name

  • More than “a little off”

    Nonsense kills no one because he never says anything. His only “fact” is Amat hasn’t won a title since 1995. Guess what? Not many other D1 teams have either. What does a D1 title have to do with who is best in the SGV? Here’s some “facts”. Amat is undefeated against West Covina, Charter Oak, Diamond Ranch, Glendora, Damien, St Francis, Rancho Cucamomga, and St Paul since they last lost to Damien in 2002. Since that time they also have wins against Alemany, Loyola, Notre Dame, Crespi, St Bonaventure, Orange Lutheran, Chaminade, Dominguez, Mater Dei, Santa Margarita, Servite, Lakewood, Redlands.
    Maybe Nonsense can come up with ONE win for any other SGV school that has won a game outside the valley that matches any of those.

  • Not Since 1995

    Why Fred J… Have I’ve touched a sensative spot you Amat Heart…!

    13 hours and not 1 Amat Blowhard in here to defend your argument..! You’re out here all alone on this Island…! What does that tell us in the SGV…?

    I find it admirable that you (a journalist) can referee this debate with such unbiased opinions…! It’s just so refreshing in today’s world of rags and blogs…!

    I also find it incredible that you’re able to spit out infamous Amat wins but have a hard time remembering or accepting the humiliating losses against teams like Lakewood, Tesoro, Servite and most recently the ass handing by Santa Margarita…! Why is it so hard to remember those?

    Charter Oak, West Covina, San Dimas, and Monrovia don’t need The Tribune to validate their individual success in their respective divisions. The Lanceritos, on the other hand, needs you, and you need them, to tell them they…are…the…best…! Otherwise, Joe Amat and MrsDoubtFire73 don’t know what to do with themselves..!

    Fred J…take a deep breath and don’t get mad…! Its Just the Facts…Dude..!

    The Lanceritos of La Puente don’t deserve it and we all know it…!

    Not Since 1995 and Not In 2012 Either….

  • New York

    I just don’t understand why you have ever ranked Amat lower than #1 since 2002. I agree with the validity of ranking a team #1 if you feel no team can beat them. However, that is not what you do. What if Amat finished 3-7 with their three wins over Charter Oak, Chino Hills and St. Paul. How many losses and to what teams would justify dropping the best head-to-head team from the #1 spot? Why would you ever drop the best head-to-head team from the #1 spot?

  • RosieGlasses

    Snap, this is getting really good!!! Fred you’re getting you’re azz handed to you by Not Since!!!

    Where are the Lancers to defend themselves??? Why are you doing the defending for those losers???

    @ Little off – We’re playing in 2012!!! This is not 1995!!! Win something. How about you start with 1 palyoff game? Or shut the hell up!!!

    Keep it going Not Since!!!

  • Margarita bill


    if i was you i would just become a fan of football this guy “not since” is completely embarrassing you on your own thread. I think that if your a sports writer blog writer or whatever, you should not be bias and it shows now in the writing from this guy not since. And the crazy part is im a SM fan who attended school in the SGV, my son and nephew attended and attend SM. and i have nothing to say he is ripping you and all you have is basically the same saying as the rest of the Amat faithfuls. I think its time for you to either take off those Rose color glasses or whatever it is that they are saying and become an un-bias writer. BA is not the key SORRY FRED BUT YOU LOSE AND LOSE BADLY LIKE YOUR LANCERS DID TO SM.

  • really

    Fred, you have Charter Oak at # 5 REALLY ? CO was ranked too low man. Well the rankings will change when CO beats Amat and CH.

  • really

    Fred, you have Charter Oak at # 5 REALLY ? CO was ranked too low man. Well the rankings will change when CO beats Amat and CH.

  • really

    Fred, you have Charter Oak at # 5 REALLY ? CO was ranked too low man. Well the rankings will change when CO beats Amat and CH.

  • Not Since1995


    I’m just messing with you!

    We all know Amat is #1, it just sucks that we can’t find another fishbowl team that can beat them.

    Have a good night!

  • Fred Robledo

    What’s funny about all this is Aram agrees that Amat should be No. 1, so both of us are on board with this. And New York, Amat hasn’t been No. 1 to start every year, think I had them ranked No. 5 in 2007 in Verti’s last season, and they weren’t in the top five in 2008, which was Hagerty’s first year. Since then, I’ve had them No. 1 to start the season. What an outrage, right?

  • Fred Robledo

    CalPreps’ computer rankings are out and they’ve got Charter Oak No. 1 in an all-encompassing poll of SGVN teams. Calpreps’ SGVN top ten poll looks like this with state rankings in parenthesis

    1. Charter Oak (36 state)
    2. Bishop Amat (46 state)
    3. La Mirada (60 State)
    4. West Covina (61 state)
    5. Chino Hills (63 state)
    6. St. Francis (92 state)
    7. Damien (110 state)
    8. St. Paul (117 state)
    9. La Habra (130 state)
    10. Rio Hondo Prep (131 state)
    Others: Monrovia (153 state)

    Even I’d be crazy to rank Monrovia that low, and no way should La Mirada be ranked ahead of West Covina, but this is what a computer spits out that factors in everything and has no dog in the fight. So tell me again why I’m so nuts and biased for thinking Amat could be No. 1 in the area and why I’m so nuts for disagreeing that Monrovia is not No. 1 in all of SGVN?

  • New York

    That is sorta the point. Why not leave them #1 permanently until a local team beats them?

  • Amat 75 lol

    So Fred since Calpreps put those rankings out and they’re also the one’s that put the SOS out which your Amat faithfuls been drooling over why isnt Amat ranked ahead of CO? also and forgive me for trying to figure this out but how is it that you say on “PAPER” Amat looks better but turn around and say

    “this is what a computer spits out that factors in everything”

    Then if computers factor in everything why is your ranking different and why do you keep throwing out the BS of who CO beat and etc…… Its not about who you beat its who you are at this very moment and CO is the better team according to FACTS. (from a computer) and yes i know they probably never seen a game but neither have you this year so far.

  • Real talk

    Margarita bill you must be smoking all that weed that the SM coaches are growing in their garage. Lol

  • Real talk

    @Fred this guy is funny… not since 1995… Like I had said before he and others in here just show how Amat is Number 1… Why would they come on every post about Amat? I have seen many post on other schools and they don’t even come close to the amount of comments that a Amat post does. When your on top you have so many people trying to knock you down.. True? I know i know how is Amat on top tell me? Look at all the attention they get what other school can you say that about? Ask the Servite, Santa margarita, MD, or any other coaches and they will tell you straight up Amat is one of the schools that they respect. I have always been taught that respect has to be earned not given… So Amat has done what it takes to say they are a team that is here and here to stay.. I’m not saying that they can’t drop in ranking …. But from the looks of it they will NEVER drop out the minds of the Haters…… Hate on haters….. WHAT??? I’m out……

  • GP-

    Real talk…

    Honestly Fred couldn’t do a East side ranking article without squeaking The Green Cats into the conversation. He just couldn’t do it. I think Aram got it right. This proves it. The subconscious mind never lies. What does Monrovia have to do with BA? They don’t play, Bishop’s Schedule is way tougher, and is the so called “King” of the sgv. He made it a point to discredit Monrovia on thread that had absolutely nothing to do with Monrovia. You know why…because Monrovia is on his mind. He could have just left it Alone. But he didn’t. He knew if he wrote the word Monrovia once, the The Green Nation would come running. He wanted to argue that, That’s what he wanted, that’s what he got. Good job Fred, keep us the conversation. We will ride the BA wave going into week 0. Fred when you come to Mtown…You are going to get a free hat and t*shirt. Your choice green or white.

  • Real talk

    @ GP you could look In the achives back to 2007 and there has been so many haters on Amat. Always wishing a team they don’t even like to beat Amat…… The weirdest thing is I don’t see any thing about Monrovia Football back then….. Why?

  • fred im surprised you or aram havent posted anything about george katrib from diamond bar last year made the usc football team as a walk on. thats a big deal for the sgv and for a small school like diamond bar. congrats to him!!

  • Not Since 1995

    @Real (bad) talk

    We are so consumed by the consistent and repeated failures of the Lanceritos that Fred J has an amazing 50 hits on this post…! Wow…we really are consumed…! LMFAO….

    A very famous man in the 1960s said in his most famous speech: “How long…Not long…! By Saturday morning, and after the Embarrassing Loss they get from the Servite Black Friars, the Amat Lanceritos must be removed from the Top 10…!

    Ding dong…the king is dead…! A new #1 will be on Fred Js list by Tuesday…!

    Vegas baby…!

  • Real talk

    @not since….. I don’t see how a win or loss would make a difference on Friday. If Amat loses Friday that is BAD because you want to win EVERY game. I will have a bigger problem with it if Amat comes out and plays scared. If that is the case I would look at the kids not trusting and buying into what Hags is selling. That is no bueno… Lol…. If Amat wins what is it saying? That they are going to win the championship… No I don’t think so. To me the Ch,the slime, CO are bigger games for Amat those will be the tell all games. I think Amat needs to go at least to the second round in the playoffs NO I know Amat better go to the second round of the playoffs. No excuses Amat needs to play much better on away games. Time will tell…. When have you ever heard a Amat fan say I can’t wait till so and so team beats you? Amat has heard it every year. The one thing I think these players from Amat need to learn is that when they wear that A on them they are a target for ALL schools they are hated by ALL schools.

  • Not Since 1995


    Sorry, my meds wore off this morning.

    My name “Not Since 1995” is to remind me when the last time was that I had a woman. It’s been a long time and a tough road since then.

    I know the Lancers are good and they have a great coaching staff and they will be ready. They always are.

    I think they will surprise a lot of people on Friday night against a great Servite program.

    Go Blue!

  • jcaz

    You know, ive been around Vegas long enough to know what a “shill” is.

    Im starting to believe non-sense is such a creature. The guy seems to know a little bit more about high school football than the average Joe (Please excuse the remark JA) and he seems to have quite a handle on many of the local teams.

    In addition, he seems to have attended more than a few Amat games because almost after every game, he seems to know what happened at those games….. even if they are away games.


  • LancerBlue

    We’re gonna get our A$$3$ kicked on Friday!!! We will be embarrassed by Servite!!!

    How long are we going to put up with this load of bull Sh*t that Hagerty has been selling the monsignor??? When do we make the change for really good football coach??? For a coach that cares about the kids???

    Are going to wait until we get dropped down to the Western Division???

    It’s coming and you know it!!!

  • Real talk

    @lancer blue …… Like who what coach do you have in your mind??………….

  • AMAT 73

    Ok you been on here spewing your crap , now how about backing up some of your shiat with some answers.
    Who would you put as coach???
    What makes you think we will be dropped to the Western and why ????

  • Real talk

    @jcaz……could it be Verti????? Lol

  • C-Lo

    Amat on top in the valley once again. Like robledo said, these other schools need to beat them before they take our top podium.

    Reg Miller awesome job hosting all these podcasts.