CIF Preseason Football Polls: SGV SNUBS, Two-time Southeast champ West Covina No. 2 in Southeast; two-time Mid-Valley champ Monrovia No. 2 in Mid-Valley; Charter Oak No. 6 in tough Inland; Bishop Amat off the board in Pac-5

1. Sierra Canyon, 2. Monrovia, Paraclete, 4. Covina , 5. San Dimas, 6. Arroyo, 7. Alhambra, 8. San Gabriel, 9. South El Monte, 10. San Marino.

1. La Mirada, 2. West Covina, 3. La Serna, 4. Bonita, 5. Muir, 6. Mayfair, 7. Arcadia, 8. Bellflower, 9. Santa Fe, 10. Paramount

1. Vista Murrieta, 2. Rancho Cucamonga, 3. Upland, 4. Corona Centennial, 5. Redlands East Valley, 6. Charter Oak, 7. Redlands, 8. Etiwanda, 9. Chino Hills, 10. Murrieta Valley.

1. Santa Margarita, 2. Oaks Christian, 3. Westlake, 4. Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, 5. San Clemente, 6. Mater Dei, 7. Mission Viejo, 8. Alemany, 9. St. Bonaventure, 10. Tesoro

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  • 12th man

    Goes to show just how tough the Serra league is..They have 2 teams ranked in the top 10(Notre Dame,Alemany)..I’m surprised Servite did not make the list..Things just got a little more interesting for Friday’s game..Also makes you wonder weather Coach Troy Thomas was there doing his homework or is he genuinely worried? Whatever the case this is definitely a rebuilding year for both teams..

    I like the analysis you gave West Covina for them to beat Loyola..That same formula will have to apply to Amat to beat Servite…The minute West Co.& Amat become complacive & one dimensional (running the ball) you can turn off the lights the party’s over!!

  • SGV Football Fan

    I’m surprised that Pac 5 has Notre Dame ranked so high. I don’t think Notre Dame will be a serious contender in the Serra league this year. Amat has to play both Alemany and Notre Dame in league, so they get a chance to show they deserve to be in with the top rankings. Also, I’m very surprised that Servite is not in the top ten. But all these preseason rankings are trivial. It takes 3-4 games to show what a team really has. In Maxpreps Servite is #3 in southern california, and they are #6 in the state.

  • Confused


    I went to the CIF website and their preseason polls for 2012 that came out today, August 22nd, don’t match up with what you have here. Is this your own poll? For example, their midvalley poll shows the following teams as the top 10:

    1. Sierra Canyon
    2. Monrovia
    3. Paraclete
    4. Covina
    5. San Dimas
    6. Arroyo
    7. Alhambra
    8. San Gabriel
    9. South El Monte
    10.San Marino

  • reality

    “One picture can speak a thousand words.” That one can speak one-hundred thousand. I don’t know who got it but it is one of my all-time favorites.(Plus that was the best high school game I ever saw).

  • Fred Robledo

    CIF sent out a poll correction after realizing Campbell Hall had dropped its program

  • Margarita bill

    Is that Oaks Christian and Westlake ranked ahead of proven pac5 teams and last year they were on a lower level then the pac5……Man truthfully i say this because Freds theory on why Amat is ranked higher is BS those two team were in a lower division last year and is ranked above the Serra league champs, but fred places BA above CO, CH and etc…because of who they have beaten!!!!!well i guess CIF dont feel the same way as fred does when it comes to rankings but dont take this personal fred you do a great job for your team and the blog i was just a little confused on how or why Amat is your number 1 team when CO is ranked higher than they are in every other ranking possible but yours?…..

    P.S my team is number 1 LOL…..

  • No surprise

    Bishop Amat off the board in Pac-5 – well duh. They might make the playoffs, but I doubt it. But they are the SGVT #1.

  • 12th man

    Calpreps has ND projected at 10-0 That computer must know something we dont!@!..Usually Calpreps is around 75% accurate each year…

    ND-28 Serra(Gardena)-18

    ND-26 Hamilton(Chandler AZ.)-21

    ND-48 Taft(Woodland Hills)-0

    ND-41 Birmingham(Van Nuys)-7

    ND-62 Montclair Prep Van Nuys)-0

    ND-62 Golden Valley(Santa Clarita)-0

    ND-35 Chaminade(West Hills)-20

    ND-31 Alemany(Mission Hills)-22

    ND-35 Crespi(Encino)-17

    ND-31 Loyola(Los Angeles)-14

    ND-35 Bishop Amat(La Puente)-14

  • Jefe

    I’m laughing at how high ND is ranked.


  • Max

    For GP and Nonsense reading pleasure

    (1) 5. Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 58.50
    (2) 21. West Covina (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 43.3 0
    (3) 25 Chino Hills (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 41.9 0
    (4) 30. Bonita (La Verne, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 39.7 0
    (5) 41. Monrovia (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 34.6 0
    (6) 45. Damien (La Verne, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 33.7 0
    (7) 46. St. Francis (La Canada, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 33.6 0
    (8) 70. Claremont (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 28.4 0
    (9) 74. Covina (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 27.1 0
    (10) 78. Charter Oak (Covina, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 26.7 0 (11)
    (11) 90. Glendora (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 24 0
    (12) 91. Muir (Pasadena, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 23.9 0
    (13) 94. San Dimas (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 23.5 0
    (14) 119. South Hills (West Covina, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 20.6 0
    (15) 139. Arcadia (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 17.7 0
    (16) 140. Walnut (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 17.4 0
    (17) 143. Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 17 0
    (18) 153. Diamond Bar (CA) CA 0-0 0-0 14.4 0
    (19) 156. Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 13.7 0
    (20). 187. Maranatha (Pasadena, CA) CA 0-0 0-0 8.5 0

  • white fang

    12th man, Yes, Amat is a running team,but this year, you will see some fantastic runs. Why you may ask? Because of speed.Wagner was the work horse for Amat, he however, was no break away tailback. He knew this and the coaches knew as well. You gave him the ball and he had to do the rest by breaking down the wall every time and fight for every yard. Fred seems to think Servite’s team is no different than last year’s.
    I ‘m not saying Amat will win, but this game will be interesting. No hard feeling toward Servite, my Bother John’s Grandson, played for Servite last year. Another is attending Servite. but not playing. It’s all in the family.

  • Margarita bill


    where did you find those bogus rankings at? CO is ranked 24 with a 47.5 rating Bishop Amat is ranked 31 with a 37.5 rating… just curious to where you find that junk you posted at

  • New rules

    Not much has been written this off season regarding the new CIF rule change that eliminates some of the automatic qualifiers for the playoffs. Both the Hacienda and the Serra lost 1 of their automatic qualifier spots. The new rule states that leagues with 5 teams get only 2 a.q’s and leagues with 7 & 8 teams now only get 3 a.q’s. I’ve read in a couple of places that both you and Aram are under the impression that the Serra gets 3 teams and the Hacienda gets 4 teams. The Pac-5 breaks down like this:
    Serra – 2 teams
    South Coast – 2 teams
    Trinity – 3 teams
    Moore – 3 teams
    Marmonte – 4 teams
    Wild Cards – 2 teams
    It would be very unlikely that the Wild Card would ever come out of the Moore or the Marmonte. With that said, the race for the 2 Wild Cards will be between the Serra 3rd place team, the South Coast 3rd place team and the Trinity 4th place team. Therefore, based on the predictions that Servite will finish in 4th place in the Trinity League this year and that Amat will finish in 3rd place in the Serra League this year, the game this Friday between Amat and Servite may very well determine who gets the last spot in the Pac-5 Playoffs this year. I would say that it is probable that one of the 2 Wild Cards will go to the South Coast 3rd place team this year, which will probably be San Clem, Tesoro, or El Toro.