Two-Minute Drill: Covina vs. West Covina

Two-Minute Drill: Aram and I weigh in on West Covina facing Covina in front of the Fox Sports West lilve cameras on Friday night at Covina District Field at 7:30 p.m.

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  • Billy’s Dad

    Good Luck Covina!!!. Colt74- you on for an early dinner as we discussed? Kid’s not coming down- he’s got practice

  • Billy’s Dad:
    yup ! Just tell me where and when! And figured kid would have practice.

    Now if McEnroe would just update the roster…..

  • 12th man

    West Covina-38 Covina-21

    Will this game be closer than Amat vs Servite?

  • Bulldog mom

    Good Luck West Covina! Play hard and smart! Your fans will be there to cheer you on!! Go Bulldogs! 🙂

  • When you guys say billy has practice I know you are not talking about the qb from Covina last yr cause his playing days were over when that kid from Baldwin park hit him to a coffin, so that’s good if he does not show up cause none of the new team respected him so I am glad no drama queen will be there.,,. Good luck colts I know you will fight till the end and play with passion and get out of their with a win .. New era

  • Bulldog Believer

    This game is going to be fun & full of die hard Bulldog supporters. West Covina Bulldogs have the best & loudest fan support ….truly amazing!
    Bulldogs got this one!!!

  • Billy’s Dad

    Green Fields @ 5? Should give enough time to eat immense quantities of beef before game time.

  • Billy’s Dad


    He’s #12 and apparently will be “on the plane” for the PacLu game.

    I see kickoff may be 730. . . Let me know what time you want to meet.

    Plenty of time to pray for a Miracle on Puente

  • Colt Dad

    This is definately a game I wish was not being televised. We are totally rebuilding, and WC is at the top of their game. I hope we can make it a game, but I just feel this is the game we get blown out. No matter what, we will come out, and go out fighting.

  • Colt74

    Billy’s Dad,
    Sounds good to me. I’ll be there at 5.
    Any other Covina parents/Alumni or ???? want to join in…you are invited.

    Group prayer/sacrifice/rain dance/sticking pins in WesCo voodoo dolls for luck should manifest at conclusion of meal…….


  • Billy’s Dad

    OK- done deal. 5PM. Are there any Bulldog Pinatas we can kick around the parking lot?

    Ran into one of the Colt coaches tonight at Sams Club. They will go down swinging. Clawing for that endzone. Mugging for the TV cameras. . . . .

  • bobbradstreet

    Good luck,Bulldogs. See you there. Watched Loyola last night. They still have great runners,
    but no passers

  • Sleepy AKA Samantha

    Does your mom know you are posting? Billy is at CALU. And a hit 2 years ago didnt slow him down obviously. Go back to Mr. Mohawk and get a life