Thursday Night Final: San Dimas blows a huge lead, then scores late to hold off Bonita, 37-36 to reclaim the Smudge Pot


Check out Keith Birmingham’s photo gallery of tonight’s game

San Dimas led 23-0 and 30-8, looking like it would roll over, around and through Bonita in the 40th Smudge Pot. But the ‘Cats clawed back and showed a lot of fight in coach Adrian Medrano’s debut, rallying to take a 36-30 lead, but the Saints scored again in the final minutes to reclaim the lead and held on for the victory. In the meantime, I posted a quick version of tonight’s highlights and reaction

Game Story: The San Dimas High School football team’s season has already been one of the roller-coaster variety. And it’s only one game in. The Saints lost a 23-point lead but converted a Bonita fumble into the go-ahead touchdown with two minutes remaining in a 37-36 victory over their bitter rival Thursday night at Citrus College.

Aram’s Column: There’s nothing anyone can tell Bonita High School running back Reggie Turner right now, so just shut up.

Turner is feeling the pain from his late fumble that three plays later led to San Dimas scoring the go-ahead touchdown and crucial extra point for a 37-36 win in a stirring renewal of the Smudge Pot on Thursday night at Citrus College.

SCRIBBLELIVE REPLAY: Mike the Cousin is back with our new live chat on ScribbleLive, where Mike updates the game of the week, shares scores throughout the area as they happen and chats away with you, our readers, who sign on and join the fun. It’s easy, check out tonight’s replay, we’ll do it again tomorrow when Amat hosts Servite.


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  • 12th man


  • Colt74

    SD 28
    Bonita 24

  • Anonymous

    Hey fred you know whats funny is you ranked Bonita higher than SD but picked SD to win……So i wonder when BA plays CO will you go with CO because you ranked BA higher? It seems to me that you dont even believe in your own rankings.

  • Pussycats

    Bonita simply out coached!


  • Great,Great game. Nice to see both teams not give up 7 hang their head when they had the chance. BOHI either had a serious conditioning or hydration problem. TONS of cramping. Beautiful night for football.

  • Fred Robledo

    The more I thought about it, the more I liked the matchup for San Dimas. Regardless of where teams are ranked, styles makes games, just like styles make fights. But it could have gone either way. It was close, just like Aram and I thought it might be. Heck of a game

  • ‘The Curse of Zach Brungard’

    My Bearcats had a chance to win tonight but after Angel Verdugo fumbles, Victor Mangallenes drops a pass that hit him in the hands and last but not least Brandt Davis misses a go ahead FG I can see that the ghost of Zach Brungard is alive and well. We still can’t take care of the ball.
    Congradulations to San Dimas!
    -Coach Ray

  • Aaron

    That wasn’t a conditioning problem…but a hydration problem.

  • bbin91741

    That is so ridiculous to say Bonita was out-coached. They went on a 30-0 run and had every chance to win it. Adrian Medrano is a great young guy and will be a very successful coach. Coaches can’t make game-winning 49-yard field goals. Coaches can’t fumble the ball on their own 15. But coaches can instill a fight in his players and Bonita proved it has a lot of perseverence even to be in the game after falling behind 30-6.

  • Dave

    After watching Bonita fairly closely for the last 5 seasons, the thing that stands out to me is how their defense should or could be better. With the size and athleticism of the players on their roster it seems that something is missing on the defensive side of the ball. Not being able to stop the outside run last night was what really hurt them. If they could get their defense to be as consistent as their offense they would be a dynamite program.

    Either way it was a great game to watch last night and unfortunately someone had to lose. I wish both teams much success this season.

  • SD Saint

    Great game last night! People will always remember the fumble, however Turner was tearing us up all night. Without him there would have been no come back. That fact will get lost in Smudge Pot history though. Hope the kid moves on, and has a great year. Congrats to the Saints on bringing the trophy home!

    Btw, what’s up with the new HC at Bonita? That guy is out of control. Ranting and raving all night to the refs, 15 yard penalty, arguing with opposing coaches after the game??? Note to Bonita HC: Your the head man now, start acting like it and not an out of control cry baby! Set the example.

  • OMG


    Youre a joke. What game did you watch? On the thirty and Pod man calls three pass plays. Like Z didnt know what was coming? LOL
    Then penalty. Reggie got you close and the coaches got out coached. Mend is young and will take alot of schooly to be a head.

    Bonita in trouble without a balanced run and pass. Defense is slow and cant cover outside. Another Z observation at half time.

    Just slow and out of shape…

  • Mclovin

    Coach RAY you are an idiot. First off Reggie Turner fumbled the ball Not Verdugo . Reggie Played great all night .Just very unfortunate to Fumble Late In the game. Second Victor didnt drop a pass he laid out and almost made a super play so to say he dropped it is just wrong . And BRANDT was trying a 50 or 51 yard field goal not a chip shot by any means . Shoot there are pro Kickers that cant make a 50 Yarder . So all this leads me to beleive that you are not a COACH and have NEVER been a coach, Just some moran that sits and talks abouts sports and knows nothing about football or any other sport . If you are a SAN DIMAS fan take your win and crawl under your tiny wooden shack back to being the cockroach you are . PS stop refering to yourself as COACH because every person reading your posts knows by your stupid remarks that you are not a COACH.

  • J.Magallanes

    mclovin- EXACTLY!
    None of the coaches at Bonita would come on here and talk crap about their OWN players, they have more class than that. People need to get a life and stop talking smack about KIDS.

  • rough and tough

    as i said about 10 days ago that this kid verdugo given time to play and only being a sophmore is going to get better and better. i just dont think the coaches put him in there enough. i understand reggie is the man but ive watch this kid in practice and this kid has got bigtime ability.