PrepXtra Posgame Rewind: Aram, Fred and Steve break down the Week 0 action …

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  • Black Tooth


  • QB Coach

    I,m not an I told you so guy but i posted this on August 15 on the Ready or Not thread.

    QB Coach said:
    I watched Servite several times this summer and they still have a lot of unanswered questions at the QB spot. They have a soild returning back and will be able to run the run but this could be a year where they have not been as balance as the past.
    With that being said Coach H and staff are really efective at scheming against one demonstional teams. Where BA struggles most is trying to to take away both pass and run because they haven’t been deep enough to do it efffectively against top tier teams.
    Excpet this to be a better game than last year and dont be surprise if Coach M can hold Servite down long enough to pull an upset.
    August 15, 2012 9:40 AM

  • one game at a time

    After last night’s game, this Amat team is a much more cohesive team than it was the last two years. It’s not that Servite is that bad, it’s that Amat is that much better. Their D will definitely win games, like what I saw last night by literally shutting down the run game.

    Servite RB Etiaki who ran all over Amat last year was literaly shut down, that’s how good Amat’s defense is this year. And Pauu a BYU QB commit was sacked 4 times and was running for his life. Good job D!

    Chino Hills QB Simko and the loss of WR Austin, well let’s say good luck, cuz that Amat D will be in your face!

    And the biggest news is that all that hype with St. Paul this and St. Paul that, how was that 55 points stuffed in your faces slime!!

    Charter Oak your new untested QB and not having Scoby in the backfield….let’s just say this game will be very interesting cuz Amat will come in your house and WILL make a statement to the rest of the SGV!

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    Aram, I’ll clear you confusion, AMAT IS THAT GOOD! Don’t attempt to take anything away from them. You were not at the game!
    I kept telling you that Amat has some SPEED this year. Fred,I can’t believe that you picked Servite over Amat! Don’t let Aram influence you.

  • Lance R

    West Covina will not Beat Loyola. They are too small to play a Pac5 school and will get whacked like last year.

    St. Slime another loss handed to them this time bigger then the 55 they took from La Mirada. Mater Dei in a lopsided Win.

    Amat has no trouble with Chino Hills, What you witnessed lat nite was true against a watered down Servite team but Servite had some big names back this year that Amat controlled them. First time vs CH should be intresting only if Amat is still high off this Servite win. Hagerty must erase this win instantly out of their heads and get them focused for CH or a let down could occur. The Pick Amat. how close hard to Tell.

  • one game at a time

    I will be rooting for the SGV teams. A West Covina upset over Loyola and a Damien win over Orange Lu would be nice wins for the SGV, I just don’t think it will happen though. Loyola is too big, fast and powerful. And I know that Orange Lu is always loaded with talent. But hey, anything can happen on a Friday night!

    As far as the slime goes, it’s not going to get any easier for them when they face Mater Dei and La Habra before facing Amat at Kiefer, a home game which will be no easy feat for any opponent. It will be an epic battle against the slimesmen, but the Lancers will prevail and I will put my money on the Lancers!

  • Bulldog Alum

    To Lance R & All Doubters,

    WC is going into this Loyola game healthy. Last year we were missing 2 starters. I know we can hang with Loyola for the majority of the game. They are bigger, and could wear us down in the end. But I think we will be able to score enough to keep them on their toes. We will need the same perfect execution that Amat displayed against Servite. But we have the horses, and the team to beat Loyola. Harvard Westlake hung in for 3 quarters, and we will hang in for 4. Don’t be shocked to see us pull out a tight win. Congrats to Amat for their huge win. And now WC will try to do the same against another powerhouse Pac 5 team.

  • SGV Football

    Amat had a great win, but better be careful. If they think Chino Hills will be an easier win, then they are in for a big let down loss. Amat needs to forget about the Servite game and treat each week as another Servite game. Chino Hills is a loaded team and can run with any D-1 team. The problem Amat can have with Chino Hills is with Amat’s secondary. CH runs a spread offense and will be passing 80% of the time. Amat is great against the run, but they gave up some big passes to Servite, who is not a passing team. If Amat goes into the CH game overconfident, then they will lose. I expect a closer game than the Servite game, with Amat winning by 10.

  • Joe Amat


    By now you probably know Amat treats every opponent with respect under the assumption that “on any given Friday…” . They wouldnt be 20-something and 1 vs the valley in the past 10 years or so if they didnt. There isn’t a week when the opponent doesn’t show up expecting to need their best – so Amat has to bring it too.

    In case you forgot, after their win a few years backs OLu in Week 1 they turned around and swept West Covina (42-6), Damien (47-24), Diamond Ranch (after a bye week – which is what really gives Amat trouble), St Francis (28-13 ), and Chaminade( 38-21)

    The next year after the St Bonnie’s victory they went on a string and beat DR (41-13), St Slime (38-16), and Alemany (36-14).

    The Lancers might lose games but it won’t ever be because they overlooked an opponent.


    SGV Football, I agree in what you stated. Amat’s secondary is their weakness, that’s what happened last year, though Amat dbs accomplished
    a better stituation on Friday. #1 & #8 MUST STEP UP.
    We do not have to give any advise to Coach Hagerty and his staff. They all did a fantastic job of coachimg Never seen Chino, so, I have no idea how strong or weak at any position they may be. If they are bettwer than Servite, then it would be a close game.