Are we back in the 70s? Coaches, this is football, post your rosters and stats to Maxpreps

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  • 12th man


    You already know by now that a lot of teams don’t like posting stats & rosters!..
    It’s called strategy!! Teams that never post feel like they’re tipping off their opponents..Who wants to let the other team know who their best players are & what their doing?..Next thing you know defenses are stacking the box against the leading rushers..The top tacklers are getting double & triple teamed!! So Yeah!! Post your Stats Coaches!! lol..

  • This ain’t baseball!!! Teams have ALWAYS posted their rosters and stats.

    But this year? We’re not just talking about obscure programs, but Arroyo and Amat and so on. STUNNING.

  • Mean Green Pastures….AKA GP

    They should post their Roster with players ht and wt. Recruiters probably want to know who the best players are, how big they are, and their stats. I might be strategy for week 0 but after scouting, everyone knows who your guys are. Since SGV teams play each other heavily, it’s not like we don’t know who’s who.

  • 12th
    You are kidding? You have to be. Do you really think a coach will make there game plan based on stats that they give to maxpreps? Especially there own team stats kept by themselves.

  • Fred Robledo

    12th man, don’t want to hear it. Coaches trade video’s of each others games each week for scouting purposes so please, nobody use the argument that posting rosters or stats somehow puts you at a disadvantage. You charge money for games and football is the school’s biggest cash cow so please, the least you can do is post rosters and stats so fans can follow their local heroes.

  • 12th man

    You must not follow Pac5 football!! Last year Tesoro,Alemany,Servite,just to name a few did not post stats..I guess it’s different when you’re playing the cream of the crop~

  • 12th man

    Looks like Servite won’t be keeping stats this year either & I wouldn’t be surprised if Bishop Amat did the same thing! Good Move~ Keep Dionza Blue off the Radar!! Amat just mite shock a lot of teams this year by being considered a sub-par team by many outside the SGV~

  • Fred Robledo

    Yeah, I’m sure Dionza Blue and other high profile players want to be kept off the radar. Exactly what they need during scholarship season, nobody knowing who they’re.

  • 12th man

    As a Coach if I’m playing a team I have never faced before & I don’t have video..Guess what my next move would be? That’s Right!! Stats baby!!..If a team has 3 WR’s & one of them has over 80 receptions while the other two just have over ten..Guess who my secondary is double teaming on a pass play? So don’t tell me stats have no bearing on a coach who Religously dissects the game to improve his team~

  • Joe Amat

    Guys, Imcurious how much of a drop off we’ll see in the use of MaxPreps this year in the Southern Section. Personally, I love it (I’m sure you all know that) and there isn’t a better place to collect a bunch of data all in one place.

    Howev, this year CiF has tried to implement their own interactive website and they have ADs putting a lot of pressure on coaches to input there data after they login on the CIF site. So if coaches were to do things in both places – twice the “fun”.

    With all the spare time coaches have (my sarcasm font is disabled on this device), I wonder if some will simply skip the extra step and not do anything beyond the most basic on MaxPreps.

    There have a been a few times when CIF has tried to reinvent the wheel and do something on their own when , it seems, the smart thing would have been to just partner with MaxPreps and sync with them.

    But they didn’t ask for my opinion. Again.

  • Fred Robledo

    CIFs intention was good Joe, but compared to the MaxPreps template, they’re about 15 years behind in the user friendly department.

    I don’t expect coaches to input rosters and stats because they’re busy coaching. But how hard it is to assign responsibility to an assistant or team manager..

    Again, this is High School Football, not JV tennis.

    You owe that visibility to fans, particularly a school like Amat. There were at least 5,000 at Friday’s game. That’s an event and a place they sell season tickets and and charge for tailgating spots. Those fans deserve to follow their team, whether on Maxpreps or a team site that posts rosters or shares stats.

    For schools that struggle to get fans, sharing information is basic publicity.

    I guarantee if you polled every high school football player in the Southern Section, they would vote overwhelmingly for their schools to post rosters and stats. It’s their moment to share one of the best experiences of their life with their communities. If they become local heroes on the field, share it, don’t hide it, it’s about THEM not coaches. I guarantee every coach in the Valley enjoyed seeing their name in the paper and their stats when they were in high school.

  • Joe Amat

    Freddie, agree with everything you wrote. I just think we might be dealing with a little rebellion. And yes, much is due to the interface with the CIF format. Trying to decide why we couldn’t just use the info from MaxPreps but, as in most answers, my guess is follow the money. If you have any intel from the Tribs buddy Thom Simmons I’d love to know (although I hear the back office administrative part is excellent at streamlining submitting info and getting transfer approvals, etc)

  • Statman

    This roster problem could easily be solved by buying a Bishop Amat program! hahahaha!

    I totallly agree…stats and rosters should be posted on Maxpreps!


  • CIF insider

    Some teams don’t want you to see how many transfers they really have. DDDDRRRAAANNNCCCHHH!!!

  • THEHEnry

    yeah at the very least post the roster (eg players name and number) so everyone (not just the media, but the families and friends) knows who is who. Im sure the kids would like to be known by their name and not just a number.