Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Bishop Amat defends No. 1 in huge win over Servite, setting up 1 vs. 2 this week at Chino Hills


1. Bishop Amat (1-0) — Lancers’ 40-23 win over Servite was best in over a year. Should quiet the SGV doubters, at least for a week. Now comes the big tests against the Tribune and Whittier’s best. The next four weeks against Chino Hills, La Mirada, Charter Oak and St. Paul will answer even more questions.

2. Chino Hills (1-0) — QB Matt Simko was sensational in his debut, throwing for 232 yards and five TDs in 41-20 win over Arlington. Huskies can take over top spot with a home victory over Bishop Amat next.

3. West Covina (1-0) — Even with three starters missing, including QB Jon Najera, the Bulldogs easily disposed of Covina, 34-0. If West Covina beats Loyola this week, in my opinion, it will be one of the best wins in school history for the two-time defending Southeast champions. Najera is expected to play this week.

4. Damien (0-0) — The Spartans get a huge test out of the gate at home against Orange Lutheran. All signs point toward the Spartans having a big year in 2012, but lets see how they handle a heavyweight off the bat.

5. Charter Oak (0-0) — The Chargers make their debut against the Inland Empire’s Roosevelt. The Chargers have one of the best defense’s on paper in the SGV. If they can prove they can score points, they’ll move up our rankings quick.

6. San Dimas (1-0) — The Saints’ thrilling victory over Bonita in the Smudgepot moves them up two spots with an area showdown against Azusa next. The Saints nearly blew a three-touchdown lead to Bonita, but overall, they looked great.

7. South Hills (1-0) — Huge come-from-behind 33-28 win for the Huskies at Colony. QB Adam Goss had 15 carries for 107 yards and a pair of touchdowns and Marcus Longonii had two fumble returns for touchdowns. Bonita is next.

8. Ayala (1-0) – Jordan Robinson rushed for 207 yards and three TDS in an easy 46-17 win over Diamond Bar. They can show just how much they’ve improved at home against Monrovia this week, who Aram ranks No. 2 in all of the SGV.

9. Diamond Ranch (1-0) — The Panthers got an impressive 22-14 season-opening win over Chino behind a solid performance from William Bryan, who rushed for 134 yards.

10. El Monte (1-0) – QB poster boy Brandon Martinez didn’t disappoint in his season-debut, throwing for 400 yards and five touchdowns in a 44-41 shootout win over much improved Baldwin Park.

The rest: 11. Los Altos (1-0), 12. Bonita (0-1), 13. Glendora (0-0), 14. Azusa (0-0), 15. Claremont (0-1), 16. Northview (1-0), 17. Walnut (1-0), 18. Rowland (1-0), 19. Rosemead (0-0), 20. Baldwin Park (0-1), 21. Covina (0-1), 22. Duarte (1-0), 23. Mountain View (1-0), 24. La Puente (0-0), 25. Arroyo (0-1), 26. Wilson (1-0), 27. Diamond Bar (0-1), 28. South El Monte (0-0), 29. Gladstone (0-0), 30. Nogales (0-1), 31. Bassett (1-0), 32. Sierra Vista, 33. Workman (0-1), 34. Pomona (0-1), 35. Ganesha (0-1)

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  • Spartans Fan

    Expect Spartans to have a strong showing, they are primed for Big Season!!! They will get past first round in CIF!

  • Sgv football

    Chino Hills has something else coming for them Friday night, the only good thing they have going for them that night will be a short ride home. Because that football game is going to be a blow out! Amat will be too much on both sides of the ball for those little pups.

  • Mean Green Pastures….


    Every one knows where Monrovia is ranked in Aram’s polls. You just like typing “Monrovia” don’t you lol.

  • Fred Robledo

    No way is it a blowout, but I like Amat to win inside of 14 points. The key is how well Chino Hills protects Simko. Amat did a pretty good job of pressuring the Servite QB last week and if Simko doesn’t have time to do his thing, it could be a long night for the Huskies. If you remember when given time Charter Oak’s Santiago torched everyone last year, so much that Aram and I both thought he had one of the best QB season’s in recent memory. But under the pressure of Upland in the playoffs, Santiago wasn’t the same. So, you can be the best HS quarterback in the country, but if you don’t have protection, it’s a moot point.

    Offensively, it will be interesting to see if Amat continues to mix up its rush and pass evenly or if they give the ball to Blue for 20 carries or more. Also very curious how QB Haynes does after such a positive opening week.

    In any case, what a great match-up of the Trib’s top two. The Inland Insider’s been waiting for this game for years.

  • Fred Robledo

    Green pastures, I don’t get it

  • LetsGo

    It will be interesting to see if Amat secondary can hang with 3 D-1 receiver prospects, and a core of quick and strong running back. I predict NO, and CHills will bring Amat back to their pattern of .500 football.

    It’s a huge game for Amat because if they lose, no more excuses of “yeah but we play .500 ball against a tougher schedule.” Good Luck.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @SGV Football

    That was pretty funny!

    But it won’t be a blow out. It’ll be hard fought, probably back and forth competition.

    I think most Amat people are enthusiastic about their win over Servite, but are taking it in stride because they know it’s a long season. It won’t mean much to beat them, and end up 1-9. I’m not saying that’s going to be Amat’s record, but I’ve noticed that for the most part, it’s been a collective calmness about it. You should try to inhale that calmness too.

  • Mean Green Pastures….AKA GP

    You are always bringing up the fact the Monrovia is #1-2 on Arams poll. You don’t believe they belong there. You really don’t respect Monrovia Football, so why would a Ayala win be a upset? Then if Monrovia wins the game…later on you will just discredit the win or anything Monrovia does. So it’s always a lose-lose situation with you. Even if Mtown 3 peats this year with a win over #55 Sierra Canyon, You are still going to say the that was nothing. Come on Fred don’t play “I don’t get it” act.

  • Observantcat

    Amat vs. Servite a typical game of cat and mouse. The Big Cat Servite couldn’t catch the Mouse Bishop Amat from the kitchen to the doggy door. Servite depended on its mere grit to just push over Amat and It didn’t work. Amat killed them at every turn with speed and agility. Servite was almost running a make-shift offense by having a group of average speed backs going up against a much quicker defense. Once Dionza Blue got past the line he almost took it to the house, the only thing that slowed him up were his own linemen. Koa Haynes was playing with Big Boy confidence and can take a team a long way into the playoffs. It looks like BA has all of its skill positions in tact, but I would start bringing up some of those Freshman players for future backup just in case. In the Pac 5 Every position counts when it comes to depth or the season could come to an abrupt halt. I was not really shocked by the win, although I was surprised by the lack of speed and lack of intensity of Servite, they began to look like the Servite of old. Bishop Amat needs to stay healthy and play with that same intensity in order to change the way other Pac 5 teams will step to you. Good luck and remember there are 9 more meetings before you go to the big dance.

  • Fred Robledo

    Let’s go, .500 football? Amat has had a winning season in every season in the Hagerty era, and this is year 5

    Green Pastures, I said it would be an upset in the eyes of some (Aram), not me. I don’t disrespect Monrovia football, I predicted their last two Mid-Valley titles and believe they’ll get to the championship this year too, though Sierra Canyon and Paraclete will present much bigger challenges than the past two years.

    When it comes to ranking Monrovia against the top teams in the Valley, Aram and I just disagree, that’s all. Monrovia’s great in their division, but I need to see them beat solid upper-division teams to feel the way Aram does about them in comparison to the top teas in the SGV.

    If I were doing Aram’s all-encompassing, my rankings would be

    1. Amat
    2. Chino Hills
    3. West Covina
    4. Charter Oak
    5. Damien
    6. St. Francis
    7. Monrovia

  • 12th man

    Monrovia beating Ayala will be no upset! All the poles (Calpreps,maxpreps,Cif,La Times,) have them winning anywhere from 1-7 points..But you can call it a “Moral” upset!

  • scmc

    I know some of you said it’s time to move on, but for those interested, take a look at the LA Times Preps section “Football: Making sense of Bishop Amat’s win over Servite.” I wish Eric Sondheimer would have written a little more. Interesting short bit, nonetheless.

    If any of Amat’s opponent planned on taking Amat lightly, well, the alarm bells have been sounded, something that Hags and crew probably didn’t want.

  • Real talk

    Amat going to win BIG. CH going to get what they asked for. It’s funny I could hear CO,CH, and the slime “you told me Amat was not as strong this year. We should have waited to put them on our schedule” LOL. I bet alot of people feel different about this game after seeing them play Friday. They felt so sure Amat was no good after all that passing league talk and Rio, Moore, shay, etc.. Are gone. Simko is about to find out the hard way that they do not belong on the same field as Amat. You hit a great QB he becomes average… You hit a average QB you got a below average QB. I’m out…..

  • Sgv football

    @fred robledo

    Mark my word! Amat will win by 21+ points. AND will go undefeated the rest of the preseason schedule leading up to league.

    Call me crazy or whatever you want to call me, but just wait until it happens.

  • 12th man

    Calpreps (projected Final Score)

    Salesian-48 Los Altos-13

    Monrovia-34 Ayala-31

    Bishop Amat-35 Chino Hills-21

    Charter Oak-46 Roosevelt-14

    Loyola-26 West Covina-21

    South Hills-35 Bonita-31

    San Dimas-42 Azusa-20

    Rowland-27 Wilson-14

    Covina-35 La Puente-17


    Crespi-42 Liberty-26

    Alemany-38 Muir-6

    Notre Dame-26 Hamilton-20


    I think you forgot about San Gabriel.


    I think you forgot about San Gabriel.

  • Diappointed Dawg

    South Hills is ranked waayyy too high!

  • Fred Robledo

    San Gabriel has always been in the Star-News rankings, not the Tribs

  • Gp-aka greenie


    I would agree with you to certain extent, but besides BA, The sierra league teams do well against each other. In the last two years, Monrovia is 1-1 vs Glendora, Charter Oak is 1-1 vs Glendora. Monrovia is 1-1 vs South Hills the Other Sierra league teams are 2-0. St Francis is 1-0 vs Paramount, and Monrovia is 2-0 vs Paramount. I don’t know how well Monrovia would do in the Sierra, but I can’t say that at that point in the year they couldn’t beat some of those teams. Damien had the big Jserra win. Why do you always quietly forget about Glendora?! Otherwise you see that league as a bunch of southeast teams promoted by CIF into the inland, with a true inland Chino Hills in that league? They are the only team in that league to hang with and or beat any of the Baseline powers? Well this Ayala game will be a great win for Mtown especially if Ayala goes on to do well in the Sierra.

    We will see what happens. If Mtown Losses you right, If Monrovia Wins big with style points, Aram’s Number two Ranking could hold weight. Even If Monrovia Beats Ayala, if Chino Hills, Beats Bishop Amat. Amat Drops to # 2 Chino Hills goes to #1, If West Co beats Loyala, and Damien beat OLU, Monrovia could would still have to drop. Our top 5 Ranking, is based upon the upper division teams losing. If they are all winning, we don’t have a game until the ST Francis, that could keep us in the top 5. Arcadia loss to Rio Hondo prep. A win against them is worthless unless they can fix things and win the Pacific. We need Big style points. Too Many Top SGV teams play eachother.

  • Fred Robledo

    GP, let’s watch and let it all play out, having said that, Monrovia could very well be much higher on my list. I wouldn’t be shocked if they beat any of the teams I have ranked ahead of them, I just gotta see it.

    In terms of Glendora, I’ve always had them ranked higher to begin a season, but it’s been a gradual decline and I’m not as confident they will win more than three games this year, could be less. Even if Glendora were in the Sierra this year, I’d have them missing the playoffs behind Charter Oak, Chino Hills, Damien and Ayala….

  • GP-

    Don’t you think Glendora would like their chances in the Sierra over the Baseline? After beating Co Last year and playing them closer than anyone else in the Sierra. I don’t think you can flat out say that Glendora would finish any less than 3rd and make the playoffs. For two years they were able to handle CO, Who else did that. CO is 1-1 vs Glendora and they took them off the schedule….It’s not like they dominated them. I just use Glendora bc mtown beat them. You still keep them around the top ten, because you know this is true. But it is still a very valid point. If you put the Sierra league champ into the baseline they don’t make the playoffs behind Upland, Rancho, and Etiwanda. I am just saying… I agree, we will have to watch how things play out.

  • JMO


    CO plays Glendora week 4.

  • D-Mo

    GP, CO lost to Glendora 2 years ago, not last year. Reason – all about turnovers, and that Dom played way too vanilla on O. CO has had the better team for many years.

  • GP-

    Yeah meant 2 years ago…If they play we will see..


    What the hell you leave one day and this random blogger starts using my blog name!!!!!

    Signed the real SGV FOOTBALL


  • Sgv football

    Ceee Ooohhh my gosh we are going to get handled by Amat!!

    get out of here with that cee ohh stuff.

  • Valley athletics

    Cif must not respect the valley . amat not even in top ten after that big win and notre dame is at 8 after losing against Serra . West Covina 2 behind a team they murdered in cif . Monrovia 2 with all that talent and back To back championships .

  • bearcat alum

    Was that an ipad sighting in the San Dimas box last week? Rumor has it Bill and the Saints were taking pictures on their ipad in their win over the Cats. Isn’t that a violation of CIF rules? Not good, not good.

  • scmc

    Valley athletics said:
    Cif must not respect the valley . amat not even in top ten after that big win and notre dame is at 8 after losing against Serra . West Covina 2 behind a team they murdered in cif . Monrovia 2 with all that talent and back To back championships.

    Without taking anything away from Amat and WC, it’s most likely due to the fact that the Serra game could have gone either way. And as some are reporting, ND was caught looking ahead to it’s game against Hamilton of Arizona in Ireland. Yes, Ireland. As a side note, ND University as well as other HS teams from the US will also be playing against each other there. Also, ND has 13 returning starters with a number of D1 prospects. Just look at one of ND’s players, Khalfani Muhammad. He was the Cal-Hi Sports State Athlete of the Year and is currently the CIF 100 and 200-meter state champion. He has offers from a number of major programs.

    Although WC seems to be a worthy opponent for any team, They are unfortunately lost in the grand scheme of things possibly because they compete in D-II.

  • AMAT 73

    Valley athletics,
    Too early to be worried about rankings . As you can see ND was at 2 and lost to Serra , so were they right at #2 ??? AMAT is fine at 13 I think . Wait until week 5 or 6 to get a true feel of where teams are headed and a much better view of where they should be ranked. As an example look at Fred’s and Aram’s rankings . Not all teams played but plenty of movement on both .
    I think you meant Monrovia and not WC as they are D-11 and WC is D-7

  • scmc

    Amat 73,
    You are correct. I didn’t help matters by using Roman numerals.

    Valley athletics,
    As a side note, I believe Coach Maddoux from Monrovia called this his best group ever.

  • Joe Amat


    The Roman Numeral for 7 is “VII”. Just trying to help

  • SEM

    Do you have something against SEM? This year and last you’ve ranked them low and picked against them regularly. CIF ranked them 9th in their division in the pre-season rankings and you have them 28th in your rankings!? Do you really think that El Monte, Rosemead, Mountain View and Arroyo are ALL better than SEM? If it’s not personal what can your reasoning possibly be? Max Preps has them ranked 7th in their division and gave them a 5.2 rating, higher than any other team in the MVL. Cal Preps also gave them a 5.2 rating which is the highest rating in the MVL. The Mid-Valley Sports paper has them ranked 9th in their division. It doesn’t add up Fred and the SEM Nation is starting to notice.

  • SEM

    Correction: After week “0” CIF has SEM ranked 7th in their division!

  • scmc

    At the risk of beating a dead horse, It was my mistake. I meant to say Monrovia, which as you know, plays in D-XI. I need to take a community college class on Roman numerals.

  • Joe Amat


    You could minor in Metric System. I hear they’re still trying to get us to convert. They’ll probably have as much luck as the Romans.

  • Fbfan


    If anyone has some proof of that they should send it to CIf because that is a Major CIf rules violation and in a 1 point ball game could have made a major difference. But I’m sure Z would say it was only done to even up the population advantage of Bonita