• Bad News

    Josh savage is probably going to miss this game with disciplinary issues

  • Spartan 03

    Would love to see how Orange Lu’s offense looked last week. With a new head coach and new offense, things still may be a little jittery even having one game under their belt. Damien’s DL was able to cause havoc against Mater Dei. Hopefully they can get into the backfield and force the QB to make bad, quick decisions. Huge game to really see where Damien stands.

    As for the crowd, the student pit will most definitely be rocking. Home crowds have always been standing room only.

    Counting on D coordinator to have done his homework from last weeks O-Lu game and picking Damien to win 42-32

  • Inside Sparta

    Damien’s defense look solid against Mater Dei in the scrimmage Friday. There is not lack of talent on either side of the ball. This is about coaching and preparation. This game will come down to second half adjustment which is something Damien did not do well last year.
    Is it Friday yet!!!