• White Tooth

    I hope the owners of this horse received permission to use the said name, otherwise,
    this will be a case of copyright infringement!
    I don’t see the parties going to court though.
    Would be nice, if they can bring this horse to a Amat game. I wouldn’t put any money on him or her.

  • Joe Amat

    I enjoy the Two Minute Drills because whether you agree with them or not, there is a reason behind the picks. Like Mike The Clone used to say (well, he did steal the line) ” Have a take…”. It doesn’t mean we’ll agree – but at least there is a reason, and not just “because I think so” like so many bloggers.

    But, that doesn’t npmean we agree, and In Arams initial foray into the blog he said, “This blog is my blog, this blog is your blog…” So I question a couple takes on this Drill.

    Aram’s take on this years schedule being “better” is interesting to say the least . I’m not sure there is really much of a difference ( as Freddie tried tp say) Everyone around (Edison, St Bonaventure, Orange Lutheran, etc) is scheduling “ground & pound” Garfield to prepare them for league. La Mirada has all those D1 commits (that seems to be important over on the Westside), Damien should be on our schedule every year,Venice had two athletic receivers like we might face in the Serra League,and Cathedral had a quarterback (Hayden Rettig) that is committed to frickin’ LSU. Heard of them?

    So not sure there is much of a difference in the scheduling decisions (not the results)at this point. We will see.

    Then we delve into the realm of Perception vs Reality again. Aram and Fred give Chino Hills props for staying with Centennial for 3 quarters before losing 42-23. But the game was “winnable” because it was close for 3quarters.

    On the other hand, In the 4th quarter it was State Champion Santa Margarita 24 Amat 21 before it turned into a 45-21 defeat. But the “perception” that is written on the blog (including Aram) is that Amat got hammered. Little Chino Hills gets credit for “hanging in there” – Amat get’s blown out.

    Perception vs Reality?

  • Joe Amat

    I also wanted to repost something about the “let-down factor” that we hear so much about. This is something I wrote on another post , but it fits here.

    By now you probably know Amat treats every opponent with respect under the assumption that “on any given Friday…” . They wouldnt be 20-something and 1 vs the valley in the past 10 years or so if they didnt. There isn’t a week when the opponent doesn’t show up expecting to need their best – so Amat has to bring it too.
    In case you forgot, after their win a few years backs OLu in Week 1 they turned around and swept West Covina (42-6), Damien (47-24), Diamond Ranch (after a bye week – which is what really gives Amat trouble), St Francis (28-13 ), and Chaminade( 38-21)

    The next year after the St Bonnie’s victory they went on a string and beat DR (41-13), St Slime (38-16), and Alemany (36-14).

    The Lancers might lose games but it won’t ever be because they overlooked an opponent.

  • Lancer1775

    Aram stated that Amat has not won a Playoff Game since the Haggerty Era in the two minute drill – I suppose Mater Dei at Home does not count for him

  • GoAmat


  • Not So Fast My Friend

    The matchup between Chino Hills and Amat should be a good one.

    1. Team speed.
    Not quite sure who wins this one. Both teams are quick so I’ll go even on this one.

    2. Physicality.
    Amat stepped up and met the Servite challenge by being physical and fired up. Chino Hills came out fired up against Arlington. Hard to say, but I’ll give the edge to Amat.

    3. Athletes.
    Both schools have athletes at the key positions. I’ll go even.

    4. QB Play.
    Very important. Simko cannot be ignored. He plays well, Chino Hills does well. Advantage Chino Hills.

    5. Defense.
    One argument can be made that Amat played a less than stellar Servite team. As I’ve said before, Servite is Servite. Amat’s D showed up and put in the work. That’s an important factor to consider. However, if Servite has a crappy season then that takes the shine off of Amat’s win (not a lot, just a little). Chino Hills defense played well against an athletic Arlington team that does have some dangerous players. I’ll go even.

    6. Big Play Ability.
    Here’s the rub. Amat has Blue who, from what I’ve seen, has big play written all over him. They also have an athletic WR (don’t know his name – someone help me here) whose more than capable of getting it done. Chino Hills has big play written all over them. From Austin to three other WRs who are D1 capable. They also have a very strong RB (two to be exact). I’d give the edge to Chino Hills here, but not by much.

    For football purists, this has the potential to be very good game and I’m going to guess, close too. I won’t try to call it, but considering the large shadow Amat supporters cast on the blog, I’m going to lean toward Chino Hills, but not by much.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Almost forgot.

    6. Execution.
    Which ever team is better at executing their schemes and plays will win this game. I’m still leaning toward Chino Hills and again, not by much. Part of the advantage is being at home. But considering how Amat rolls into away games, it’s tough to call.

    Again, very close. Chino Hills by a nose hair.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Not so fast,
    I think that was a fair assessment of the game. I think these are 2 evenly matched teams that are very similar. Both squads are not but big but are very fast and aggressive on defense. I think it will come down to the team that makes the least mistake and has fewer turnovers. The crowd should be electric as both schools have rabid fans. It should be a hell of a game!. My gut tells me CH wins this very close game.

  • Whoooa!

    I think the mistake that many are you making is directly comparing Arlington with Servite. These programs are as different as night and day. Servite WAS the LA TIMES #3 team. According to Calpreps this week AND with their respective losses, Servite is ranked #34 in California and Arlington is ranked #420. That’s a gigantic difference.

    Despite Arlington’s loss last friday, their runningback was able to run for 124 yards on 16 carries…that’s an average of 7.75 yards a carry and he is no Dionza Blue. Arlington’s other RB ran for 81 on only 10 carries. In total, Arlington was able to rush for 260 yards against Chino Hills!

    Another thing to consider is the fact that BA’s secondary has three 3-year starters and is supposed to be one of the stronger aspects of the BA defense. And they are veteran when it comes to defending the pass orientated spread offense having seen it over and over again in the Serra. BA’s secondary has more than enough talent,speed, and experience to cover Chino Hill’s WRs…including Austin if he plays.

    But despite all of this, Chino Hill’s biggest concern will be BA’s defensive line who was able to completely dominate the line of scrimmage versus a much larger and supposedly more talented Servite OL and also sacked Servite’s QB 4 times. BA shut down Servite’s running game and Servite’s running backs are some of the most talented in the Southern Section.

  • Sierra League Fan

    You do realize that Chino Hills was up 34-7 at half right??? You Do know that Arlington had 1 first down in the first half, right??? You do know it was 41-7 when Chino Hills put in their JV kids, right???
    That Arlington got 200 of their 260 yards rushing against CH’s JV team, Right??? The Chino Hills defense will be just fine. They are very similar to Amat’s – Athletic, quick and fly to the ball. The downside for Amat is that most of their Skill guys go both ways. That could hurt them in big games. Chino Hills only has 1 full time 2 way player…Napoles.

  • whoooa!

    @Sierra League Fan

    Actually, the score was 34-14 at halftime. No coach in their right mind would start substituting with only a 20 point lead. This is especially true when you are held scoreless in the 3rd quarter. The 3rd quarter was scoreless because Arlington was able to run on Chino Hills which kept the clock rolling. Simko was still in at the start of the 4th quarter…I’m sure Chino Hill’s starting defense were also still playing.

    Chino Hills substituted in the later part of the 4th quarter. Arlington did not pass for 101 yards and run for 260 yards (361 total yards of offense) in half a quarter or even a full quarter! lol

    You’re not expecting people to believe that Arlington’s 361 total yards of offense was against Chino Hill’s JV team right???

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ Whooa

    If that was directed at me, I don’t recall making a direct comparison to Servite. What gave you that impression?

  • Sierra League Fan

    It was 34-7 at half…..maxpreps is wrong. The 7 points came off of an intercepted screen pass. The first defense did not allow a score. They were pulled as soon as it was 41-7. Arlington scored 2 TD’s in the 4th against the JV, one of them a hail mary at the buzzer. Arlington kept their 1st team offense in the whole game. I will agree with you that the CH offense sputtered the first half of the 3rd qtr. I’ll attribute that to conservative play calling by the coaches and the players knowing the game was in hand

  • Lance R

    Chino Hills played Arlington a team with a 2011 record of 5-6 and a 10.6 power rating. This year Arlington is a drop off at 9.2 power rating.

    Chino Hills Power rating this year 38.4…They should outright have blown this team out and they did.

    Bishop Amat played Servite a with a 2011 record of 10-2 and a 59.7 power Rating. This year Servite is a drop off at 48.6 power rating.

    Bishop Amat Power rating this year 51.5… They beat a Servite team with a pretty good power ranking.
    Chino Hills will be playing a Amat team in comparison to Arlington that is 40.9 points higher in power rankings.

    Chinos Hills looks good at first blush with this Arlington first game win, but from one week to the next this Amat team is not Arlington and Chino Hills will find that out quickly.

    I like Amat big in this one 48 – 13

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I love when people toss this number and that number, quoting stats like the game of football is some type of calculus expression. At the end of the day, the game still has to be played. It still has to be won on the field and after you schemed your way to perfection, after you diagrammed the most successful plays you can think of, and arm chair analysts have talked to their blue in the face, about this kid and that kid it all comes down to who wants it more.

    Does Amat? Maybe so. Does Chino Hills? Maybe so. In a little over 24 hours we’re going to find out.

    Unbridling Arlington like they’re a bunch of softies is comedy. On any given “Friday” one school can beat another school and no stat, not even in Servites supposed down year said Amat was going to beat them. Amat faithful believed it, like they’re supposed to. But how you get to Amat beating down Chino Hills like they’re some pop Warner team is amazing and slightly insulting. But that’s ok. Whatever makes you feel warm and cozy.