Breaking News: West Covina has forfeited victory to Covina after discovering an ineligible player

By Fred J. Robledo, SGVN

Two-time defending CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division champion West Covina has forfeited Friday’s season-opening 34-0 victory over Covina after discovering one of its football players did not have a valid change of address after transferring from Bishop Amat.

West Covina athletic director Brian Murphy did not want to name the junior who played limited minutes in Friday’s victory, but after the discovery was brought to his attention on Monday, Murphy informed Covina that his school would forfeit the game.

“I feel absolutely terrible about it,” Murphy said. “We thought it was a valid change of address when it was turned in to us, but we learned today it was not.

“We should have done a better job, and (head coach) Mike (Maggiore) feels terrible because he doesn’t want the integrity of his program taking a hit.”

West Covina officials explained that it believed it was a valid change of address and turned the paperwork over to CIF-Southern Section officials.

However, it learned Tuesday the change of address was not valid.

School sources explained the player changed residences, but both parents didn’t change residences, which needs to be explained in the transfer paperwork for the
CIF-SS to make a decision.

CIF-SS spokesperson Thom Simmons said he could not comment on the the forfeit until it is officially filed with the section office.

The section passed a new 30-day sit-out period for transfers that would basically allow any transfer in the fall season to be eligible to compete with its new team on Oct. 1.

However, if the section learns a player falsified his or her paperwork when applying for a valid change of address, it could suspend the player for a much longer period of time.

It is not known whether that will apply in this case or whether the player will simply have to sit out until Oct. 1.

“When we have more information, we’ll share it with you.” Simmons said.

West Covina (0-1) is preparing to host Pac-5 power Loyola on Friday at 7 p.m., in hopes of avenging the only loss on its schedule a year ago.

Obviously, it was a tough pill for Maggiore to swallow, especially on his birthday, Tuesday.

“It’s upsetting, it hasn’t been a good day,” Maggiore said. “Practice has been therapeutic, but what bothers me is I don’t want people in the community to think we’re doing the wrong thing. Character and integrity is more important to me than anything else. It’s an embarrassing thing, but we’ll move past it.”

Maggiore added his third title to his resume last year and the success has resulted in transfers wanting to join the Bulldogs program.

“That’s a result of our success and the stability of our coaching staff,” Maggiore said. “What happened today is a big deal to me. We’ve worked hard to do the right thing. We’re not a school out there recruiting kids or doing illegal things to get them in our school.”

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    I’m sure one player wouldn’t have made a difference. Covina would have still gotten their butts whooped! It sucks that we had to forfeit but I think we all know who the better team is anyways.

  • What…

    Good thing they caught it early and not last league game.

  • 12th man

    Forfeit is Huge!!! That just mite have eliminated WC’s chances of playing in Carson for the State Championship…

  • angry fan of football

    I wouldn’t be surprised if WC had a few ineligible players the last few years. Im guessing they made it so they got caught this year so NO one would look into the past of the other transfers. I just want a cheat free season but i guess thats out the window. WC probably lives by the code of “if you aint cheating your not trying”.

    WC smh at cheaters

  • huh?

    who is this junior??? anyone know?!?! :O

  • Colt74

    I feel bad for WesCo, players and coaches. Anyone with more than 3 firing brain cells know who was the better team that night.

    If anyone at Covina feels good about getting the W this way they seriously need to check themselves.
    I’m a homer for the COLTS but I am also a homer for the game itself and the Bulldogs are a class act that took it to us and won. I don’t care what a piece of paper now says.

    Covina should find a way to forfeit the game right back to them. Maybe our waterboy used illegal shoelaces?

    Lordy…now I just know I pissed of the Covina parents/fans

  • Colt74

    of = off

  • Huskies in the house!

    dan dan come out wherever you are.

    Please almighty bulldog tell us your inside scoop to this administrative debacle. You know as well as I do he’s not the first or last.

    Sloppy recruiting equals exposure at some point.

    Keep each other in check over there boys or this will only be the tip of the iceberg.

    Come on danny boy, what’s you go to say about this?


    We know who the better team is, get over it. West Covina won 34 to 0. West Covina are not cheaters, it was an honest mistake. Covina don’t think you won, YOU DID NOT!


    Chill. No one from Covina is disagreeing with you. Lay off the colts!
    I think we both agree that 12 Redbulls is your limit.


    Chill. No one from Covina is disagreeing with you. Lay off the colts!
    I think we both agree that 12 Redbulls is your limit.


    Chill. No one from Covina is disagreeing with you. Lay off the colts!
    I think we both agree that 12 Redbulls is your limit.

  • GP-

    I think all of the coaches making their debut Friday, should check on those transfers one more time before they hit the field. Coaches are so busy getting ready for the season, they could easily miss this. Maybe you delegate eligibility checks to an assistant or something. However, he probably should call his AD a few days before the game, to make sure everyone is clear. This is a bad way to lose. West co is going to have to crank it up against Loyola. This is the type of thing that can motivate a team. The Bulldogs should have a chip on their shoulder now. However, This does have state championship implications. For Covina, you hate to get a win this way…But they could potentially beat La Puente and have a 2-0 record. Could they keep winning to set up a big match up vs San Dimas for the VVL title? If your the Colts, you take what you can get after losing all those players. Having all your players eligible is also a part of high school football as well. Even, if they player was not a starter, or only played 1 play, for that moment you were breaking the rules. For that Cif has to step in. At least the admins didn’t make excuses. They did the right thing. Techinally that makes Covina 2-1 vs West Covina. I don’t think West Covina was intentionally cheating, this was a case of someone not dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s. It’s obvious that with Cif loosening the transfer rules, they would be checking eligibility even more. It would be wrong if they didn’t. If West Co checks a little closer, maybe they catch this, the kid gets a valid address and suits up 30 days later. This is a sad a tough lesson for anyone to learn. i don’t think anyone is SGV disputing which team was the better team on the field. However, All of Covina’s players were eligible, and all of West Covina’s players were not. Covina should and did get the win on paper.

  • Billy’s Dad

    Pretty sad. The Ghosts of Covina’s past teams wouldnt want to win that way. However, rules are rules and in this case the rules are clear. So, Covina stands 1-0 for the season- and it will be a long one.

    Great having dinner with you pre-games Colt 74. The shrimp you are talking about are on Monday night.

  • eagle 1

    the amat kid is a 3rd string lineman that should be jv and played in the last 5 minutes with the score 34-0.

  • YES



  • Lousafur

    Classy post Colt74

    Angry Fan of Football…not so much.

    I think it’s still a really, really long shot for any SGV team undefeated or not to make it to the State game.

  • Dan

    Angry Fan of football,
    If you had any kind of clue of the character that Maggiorie has you would realize the stupidity of your post.

    Huskie in the house,
    First time I even heard of this transfer from Amat, he is pretty recent, if you read the article it’s pretty simple, no inside scoop, not much to say about it but your hatred for West Covina is so deep I don’t think you can comprehend at this time, you get excited at any opportunity to take a stab at WC. Take the article for what it’s worth, the kids family didn’t provide the necessary info of only one parent moving. Gathering from what the article say’s, Coaches were handed a valid change of address, niether they nor the admin knew the change of address was not technically valid. From the looks of things, coaches were trying to get all the kids into the game, a classy thing to do when your up big on your opponent, in the process they put this kid in without knowing he was ineligible, then comes Tuesday morning the bad news that his change of address was not valid.

    Bulldog Tia,
    No more starbucks for you sister, I don’t think anyone from Covina wanted a win by forfeit.

  • AL

    ineligible or not wc performance was awesome and it still does not change the fact that wc proved to be a better team and it showed on the field. Not hating co BUT a win is a win. Im sure that wc is not the only school to have had a mistake like this. Only difference is that we were forthcoming about it because we are an HONEST school.

  • reality

    Sounds like alot of excuses to me. If it was Muir or Damien or CO or Amat they would have been hung at the nearest tree and thrown in the trash but you want to give WC a “thats an honest boo boo and lets play ball”. There is much involved in finding an illegal player and these excuses do not make up for the harm to reputation. Man up c and face the music without justifications. Just be thankful you got caught early.

  • Dan

    Skeptical types are gonna twist things to make it sound the way they want to make it sound. The fact is you’ve got no clue on this, common sense would take the article for what it says, info was left out that the admin didn’t catch. Are you so clueless that you would really think WC would risk a whole season by purposely trying to slip an illigit transfer through of a kid who is 3rd string? I’ll help you out here, they wouldn’t.

  • reality

    Dont need your help thanks. Third string or not as of now the fact is he has not been identified right? Coaches have an obligation right? Skeptics are often correct right? I don’t think I twisted anything in my post but that will not change your loyalty nor should it. My hope is to hold those responsibles feet to the fire as any other team would have happen to them. You can’t possibly know what happened here unless you were involved in the cover-up to. The fact is WC got caught cheating. Own it or keep crying unfair and calling it a honest mistake. I suspect many will do the latter but that seems the norm these days.It would be refreshing for someone to stand up and say I was wrong and got caught.

  • Bulldog Believer

    Everyone can call it what they want, we wc supporters know the truth & thats all that matters. How ignorant of Angry fan of football to say that we made it so we got caught this year so No one would look into past transfers – grow up son & don’t take away from the glory & accomplishments our boys & coaches worked so hard to achieve. That’s called “Being a Hater” The Bulldogs are back to back CIF Champions who will hopefully make it a 3peat babbbbyyyy!

  • http://Really Really

    Well the westco gate is opening up with all the things that happen when you are winning , people hate and there is more hate but we all know all schools do so many things just a little wrong to make it right , this transfer is not a big deal it could be just a story that they wanted to come out ., from what I heard is they had more kids under 2.0 but some magic happened when they found out they were starters and this was before the two Cif runs I can name few but it’s
    Not right to name them and that’s just the tip of the ice berg there were about 22 kids from different city’s that went there from 08 to 11 used apparments addresses I guess they took a page out of Los altos rules but this happens everywhere so what ever kids suit up on Fridays let the coaches coach and players play and the best team win .,,

  • 238

    This is ENTIRELY the Head Coaches or ADs responsibility. CIF has a driect link for every school for all players that they have submitted for a transfer in. It is as simple as checking the website to see if a student is apporved. We checked ours daily last week and let the players know as the week went on if thier was any issues with their transfer. If there is an issue, the transfer is denied until proper paperwork is submitted.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    It is very unfortunate that this happened, and a game was forfeited over a clerical/filing error. Who would think to ask a kid if both his parents live at a current adress? Especially in a day and age where having two parents is no longer the norm. But as far as some posters claiming WC coaches are trying to cover anything up is just ludicrous. There is no need to reveal the name of the student athelete here. This is between CIF and the WC administration and coaches. We accepted negligence on our part and did what is the right thing to do in forfeiting the win.

    And WC does take grades seriously, we have quite a few studs who have missed games due to academic reasons over the years. There are a ton of great atheletes who walk the halls at West Covina who are denied the priveledge to play sports for not maintaining a gpa of 2.0 or higher. Yet the school still maintains a graduation rate of 96% with an enrollment of 2800-3000 students!

    Coach Maggiore, do not feel bad. The community supports you and your staff 100%. Some of us remember what state the football program was in before you took over. We are proud of how you develop not just great football players, but great young men who learn integrity, dicipline and respect from years spent under your watch!

    If anything, the players have put this behind them already and are ready to take this out on Loyola! Go Bulldogs!

  • FootballFan

    Two-time defending CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division champion West Covina has forfeited Friday’s season-opening 34-0 victory over Covina after discovering one of its football players did not have a valid change of address after transferring from Bishop Amat. West Covina athletic director Brian Murphy did not want to name the junior who played limited minutes in Friday’s victory, but after the discovery was brought to his attention on Monday, Murphy informed Covina that his school would forfeit the game.

    AD Brian Murphy your a CLASS ACT!!!

    (Read the article before you comment)

    It’s being reviewed by CIF official’s, Murphy made the call to forfeit..

  • AMAT 73

    You people on here accusing WC of cheating are to put it bluntly , full of shit. If you read the article it clearly states there was a problem with the transfer paper work . My only question is was the player cleared by CIF to play . It states the paper work was turned ove to CIF and it was thought to be valid. Didn’t anyone wait to hear what CIF said about the transfer . Did WC go on an assumption that all looked good and there would be no problem . Since said player is not a starter what was the rush to get him in the game and especially for only 4 or 5 plays at mop up time . Also how did WC learn on Tuesday that the transfer was invalid , from CIF , or was it the AD after reading the fine print realized the paper work was incomplete ???? Outside looking in maybe with the new rules there are a few twists to transfers that weren’t in place before , such as this rule . Either way WC suffers the penalty , admitted to it , but in no way should or does this tarnish a very good and respected program and coaching staff. Haters will be haters and will use anything and twist it to fit their needs .

  • Growling Bully

    Colt 74, do we have to hear another year of your nonsense? WaWa, you should be cry baby 74

  • megathreat

    you know i wondered why every year west covina keeps loading up. i know for a fact in the area in which students go to west covina that they dont have this many athletes. well now we now, cheating is there to stay at west covina

  • Bulldoggy

    What can we say. Paperwork is paperwork and you had better triple check it. Leave the kid alone, Maggiore and Murphy showed some real class as did Covina for not rubbing our nose in it. Let’s put it behind us and prepare for Loyola. GO BULLDOGS!!!

  • Aram

    Coach Maggiore and Coach Murphy are stand-up dudes. Anyone saying otherwise have obviously NEVER met them.

    In case you didn’t notice, West Covina is one of the top programs around and kids want to go play for these guys. They don’t need to “recruit”. Same way Big Lou doesn’t.

    You win, you get players. That’s how it goes. But you gotta win first (hear that, Damien?).

    All this is was a paperwork mishap and a dishonest kid.

    It’s a technicality really because the kid doesn’t really contribute. But it could be a painful one if the Bulldogs beat Loyola and run the table after that.

  • Earl Monroe

    Although it appears to be a clerical error, if it was Amat or Charter Oak – these bloggers would say they’re cheating. Besides, I’m growing tired of hearing about the Bulldogs. With your new found powerful program, how about scheduling Amat and/or Charter Oak. Westco have over 1000 more students than either of those schools. You want to be considered the best in this Valley, you must play the best!

  • Dan

    Your quote:
    “The fact is WC got caught cheating. Own it or keep crying unfair and calling it a honest mistake.”

    There is no such fact of cheating, only your assumption here, the only fact you have at this time is that WC turned in inadequate paperwork, and by the nature of the article it was mistakenly turned in that way, thats it, nothing else.
    I do know one obvious fact… that is that you so badly want this to be a case of West Covina cheating, that you are jumping at any opportunnity to sling whatever mud you can get your hands on. Not to ruin your day but don’t hold your breath on that though cause what I can tell you just by knowing Maggiore and the rest of the coaches that run this program is that there will be no cheating on WC’s part found, a mistake made? yes, mistakes happen, loss of integrity? Not even close.
    I know for a fact that whenever a local kid attempts to transfers into the WC program, the first thing Maggiore does is call the kids coach to see if he is even aware that one of his kids is attempting to transfer in. I won’t give names but there are two runningbacks in the SGV who tried to get into the WC program, one last year, the other the year before, they are both seniors now and are among the best in the sgv. Maggiore called both their coaches who in turn talked their kids into staying at least for that year.
    I also know for fact that whenever a father or a player approaches coach about transfering in, Mike will not talk to them about the football program, instead he sends them to the school to talk to the administration. This is the way that Maggiore opperates, and this is why my assumption that there was no wrong intent done by the WC coaching staff has more validity than your mudslinging.

    Amat 73,
    Because there was a big lead, I’m sure it was more of a case of coaches trying to get everyone into the game, albeit his eligibility not being thought about at the time. Not so much that they wanted to get this particular kid into the game. I doubt that eigbility issues were on their mind at game time since it was thought earlier that the transfer was valid.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Earl Monroe,

    “Besides, I’m growing tired of hearing about the Bulldogs. With your new found powerful program, how about scheduling Amat and/or Charter Oak.”

    First off, if you’re tired of hearing about Bulldogs, simply don’t listen or read the articles that involve Bulldogs. And about scheduling Amat and CO, been there and done that and we have no problem doing it again. History has shown that we are not afraid to play not only the SGV’s best, but some of the best in SoCal. For example, Mater Dei, Venice, Rancho Cucamonga, Loyola and now Chino Hills. You will not find us playing a 0-10 University(Los Angeles) and a 1-9 Diamond Bar squad in back to back weeks in non-league during any of our championship years!

    @ megathreat,

    You must be kidding? There is a ton of talent in the West Covina area. Back when Edgewood and West Covina were both seperate high schools with 1300-1400 enrollments, they combined the two and made a 3,000 enrollment school. Take into consideration a lot of those West Covina kids opted to go to Amat and elsewhere. WC is now keeping most of that talent. Imagine if Covina and South Hills merged into one school? You telling me they would not put together some powerhouse teams? lol

  • LancerBlue

    How many other times has West Covina cheated in these past 3 years???

    CIF must do a complete investigation. Can you say Penn State???

    Maybe they need to forfeit their past 2 championships in order to restore the integrity of their program???

    Just sayin’

  • 238

    Aram you are full of crap. This has NOTHING to do with a dishonest kid and everything to do with negligence on the part of West Covina. It is simple, wait until CIF says APPROVED. They played a kid that CIF said was PENDING. The kid has little to do with it.

  • esse

    No need to hate on West Covina, Maggiore and Murphy realized what happened and they did what was right. Thats a good lesson that kids can learn these days. I give Maggiore props for standing up and showing that honesty is what matters most, something that the West Covina players will always remember. They shouldn’t dwell on this situation, west covina will do just fine.

  • Lancelot

    Good Job West Covina, Way to identify a potential problem and nip it in the bud! It’s better to catch something like this early and give up an easy win rather than ruin a great season for a whole team of kids. Good luck this week and by all means, do NOT take the Cubs lightly.

  • Colt74

    After Friday nights win over Loyola I don’t think this will matter in the least.
    I’m just glad that they caught this now instead of having to forfeit the win over Loyola.

    WesCo by 12

  • Bullldog Parent

    People get your facts straight before you go on these blogs to give your 2 cents! This kid is a Junior who went to Bishop Amat. Parents are divorcing and can not afford to make tuition any longer because of their circumtances. Kid transfered to WC before school ended in May. CIF paperwork was given to WC Admin and to CIF. Parents have NOT YET gone to court for custody of their kid. He was not 3rd string. He is 2nd string trying to earn a staring position and only got a few plays while WC was up. STOP saying that the kid was dishonest, he has not fault that his parents are going through a divorce and has two homes at the moment! He will be able to play Oct. 1rst
    STOP saying that WC cheated! It is only GAME 0. I highly doubt that Covina wants to win by forfeit. WC has a wonderful football program and rest assure the WC Admin did the honest thing here!

  • one game at a time

    How can anyone call this cheating, when the player involved is only a 2nd stringer? The error was caught and the Administration stepped up and took the punishment in the gut. You wanna look at cheating? go look at the St. Paul administration, it is downright scandalous with their former Principal charged with stealing schools funds, coaches sleeping with other coaches wives, and blatant recruiting violations etc. etc. etc. Los Altos during the Gano era and Charter Oak with all their Duarte/Monrovia players.

  • JT

    At LancerBlue-
    For you to compare this situation to what transpired at Penn State is ignorant and irresponsible. There is absolutely no comparison between the two events.

    For the staff at WCHS, this is not just about a football game. These coaches are not only trying to teach these young men the plays that will be seen on Friday nights but they are trying to teach them responsibility and maturity. The staff reported the situation, which was the right thing to do. There was never a cover up, never an event of cheating.

    WC is known throughout the Valley as being a team with honesty, integrity and are highly respect. This shows why they have the positive reputation that they do. This in no way tarnishes the accomplishments of the previous seasons


  • Gp-aka greenie

    I guess people should wait until all the facts come out. I have never heard anything about west co cheating. Some have said they have had tons of transfers which help them get to where they are now. Some say that’s not true. I know a coach on their Varsity staff, and he is a stand up dude. WC is not the first nor the last program to have issue with transfers. They Sat Horsnby last year, so my guess is they go by the book over there. For those slinging mud, If wesco there would other cases of clear recruiting or cheating. As far as I am concerned this is the first issue, I have heard of. I am sure we can dig up dirt on just about all of the top teams in the SGV at some point. It don’t think anyone should be making judgements or blaming any coaches/admins just yet. The Tribune, will follow this. I hope this is the only player on their squad who had issues getting cleared. I am sure they are going down the list again to make sure everyone is eligible by address now, and academically when league starts. I think all the coaches in the valley are doing these checks now.

  • Dog Town

    Thanks Bulldog Parent.

    Ok Haters is that what you needed some real personal information about this kid to make you feel better, or does it? Aram i hope you know something everybody else doesen’t to call this kid dishonest is pretty bold. WC has come forward and reported this as a mistake on their part ok!!! What else can WC do to make this right? Haters say what you want, our stands will be full on Friday like they allways are. To the young man, i hope first and formost you have a good high school experience, and a good education. Coach Magg. And staff we will be their in force Friday to show our support. We are WC.

  • reality

    Why does a person with a different view of yours now have to labled a hater or worse? Please look up the definition of cheating. “One who deceives or lies to his advantage. One who breaks the rules in a game etc. etc. If a guy got caught taking steriods in violation of the rules but says he did not know they were banned did he cheat or make a boo boo? So far the only facts we really know is that WC got caught (nothing has been verified as to the circumstances. Whether someone made an accusation then WC checked it out or what)Sure some may be jealous of WC but that does not change the REAL AND ONLY FACT that they forfeited a game due to playing an inegible player. They cheated any other excuses are just that.

  • anonymous bulldog

    The way someone at school explained it as of 8/7 it was listed on cif site as valid change of address approved. Cif had approved and was on books since then. AD got email on Monday from CIF to check into it further. He did and discovered the issue. As of 8/7 he was cleared to play by cif. As of weds he was ruled ineligible till oct 1. When he played, the cif site said approved.

  • Bottom Line

    Is everyone OK with all the innocent West Covina players taking the hit for the transgression of this ONE player?

    I’d guess that most of us feel this forfeit penalty is excessive, but our lust for vengeance is so strong, it blinds us to the hurt we’re causing a lot of blameless young men.

  • Dan

    Your quote:
    “the REAL AND ONLY FACT that they forfeited a game due to playing an inegible player. They cheated any other excuses are just that.”

    If you mistakenly play an ineligible player without knowing he was ineligible it’s a mistake but it’s not cheating. There were no lies or deception in this situation, I don’t know how to make it any clearer for you. Your not a hater because you have a different viewpoint, your a hater because you refuse to give this situation a chance to play out, CIF hasn’t even made their decision on the kids outcome yet, if Bulldog parent is correct and the kids parents are divorcing, well then isn’t that a valid reason for both parents not moving? Who knows, maybe CIF will reverse the eligibility decision when they investigate this.
    Anyways, go ahead and jump on the opportunity to insinuate that WC purposely cheated. Like I said, you want this to be a case of WC cheating in a very bad way, sorry pal, there was no cheating involved and by the majority of the post most people would agree.
    Done with this thread, looking forward to Fridays game with Loyola, that will be some big boy ball and WC will need a gargantuan effort to pull a W from this game.

  • Bulldog Jacks


    Is your head screwed on straight? They did not get caught, unless you count an Athletic Director admitting to a mistake less than a week later getting caught. They simply admitted to a clerical mistake and took the consequences like any honorable program would.

  • eagle 1

    238….you need to get your facts right if that is even possible. the player in question was approved by cif on aug. 18 as a legal change of residence. when he played last friday he had been cleared by west covina, bishop amat and cif. then on monday this week cif received more information on the player that they felt put this kids eligibility in question and in their infinite wisdom told west covina they have to forfeit and made the player ineligible on tuesday of this week. cif then went on the cif website and change the approval to a 30 day sit out period….but get this, they did not change the date from aug. 18 to aug. 28. so go figure. the kid gets approved by cif, plays in the game during a blow-out, parent calls on monday, west covina forfeits on tuesday. so the bottom line is that all this stuff being thrown around on this blog is nonsense. cif has circled the wagons and nothing is going to change. this is the truth, call cif and talk to them if you want to verify it. west covina got screwed.

  • Prep Fan

    eagle 1,

    West Covina did not get screwed by CIF. CIF acts on information received, it is up to the schools to verify the information is correct. CIF received a valid change of address transfer application and approved it based on the information it was given. Later, it came to light that it was not a valid change of address. CIF then acted when it was made aware of the situation. This is how it has always worked and always should work. Since the schools receive the penalty it is there duty to ensure the accuracy of the information they obtain.

    West Covina made an honest mistake by not fully vetting this transfer. My guess is that many school have made similar mistakes by not asking the right questions and few ever get found out or even realize they made a mistake. In this case the information did come to light and West Covina did the right thing. I am sure they will tighten their transfer verification protocols going forward.

  • annoyed

    Lancerblue, why you are hating on west covina champions like get over yourself.

  • Keepin It Real

    Really hate to see this. Too many holes in this 30-day transfer rule. If CIF cleared the kid to play during “0” Week, then West Covina should not be penalized. If CIF or the school obtains new information that rules the player “ineligible”, then the kid should have to sit out from that point forward. It should not be retroactive. How do you justify a team winning 34-0 and getting all their “eligible” players into the game (as they should), and giving them a loss 4 days later? Meanwhile, Kurt Scoby at St. Paul is a player who clearly transferred from school to school in the off season strictly for athletic purposes, is legal to play the entire season. What a joke.

  • 411

    Cmon people, wake up!!!! This LancerBlue douchbag is none other than our resident Blog Idiot…nonsense1995. The similarities are striking and there is no way that there could be two idiots this ignorant in one place at the same time.

  • bobbradstreet

    These bloggers who said WC cheated are full of it. There have been all kinds of ineligible players over the last several years and we as fans have said,DARN IT. Also players who did not get grades DARN IT. The Bulldogs and their coaches do not cheat. They are just good. They do play top teams before the season opener. Take a look,you who don’t know or care.

  • wcbulldogs

    Julian Ruiz should have never step foot on the field if he was ineligible. he wasn’t even a starter or key backup.