UNBELIEVABLE DRAMA: Bishop Amat misses game-winning PAT with seconds left in thrilling 48-48 tie with Chino Hills as each team scored in the final minute; Damien and West Covina hammered in big tests

Tom Kiss’ video highlights and interviews of Amat-Chino Hills up tomorrow morning.

Loyola routs West Covina
West Covina’s much-anticipated rematch with Loyola went from bad to worse.
With another year to prove it could handle the big boys in Division 1 football, back-to-back CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division champion West Covina could not avoid another big injury to a star player, nor could it do anything to slow bigger-and-better Loyola.
Bulldogs senior quarterback Jonathan Najera was hoping to start after sitting out last week’s win over Covina the Bulldogs eventually forfeited for using an ineligible player, but Najera remained in street clothes with a preseason injury to his knee that is worse than Bulldogs’ coaches originally thought.
Not that it really mattered. Loyola pounded West Covina just like it did a year ago and left Thyberg Field with an easy 38-14 victory over the Southeast Division’s second-ranked Bulldogs, who are 0-2 after last week’s forfeit.

Chino Hills, Bishop Amat 48-48 thriller
As improbable as it was that Bishop Amat drove 80 yards in the game’s final 44 seconds, it was equally improbable it would miss an extra point to claim a one-point victory over Chino Hills. Both happened.
The nonleague game between two Inland Empire powers ended in a 48-48 tie as both coaches elected prior to the game not to play overtime in the event of a tie.

Bishop Amat-Chino Hills photo gallery
Loyola-West Covina photo gallery
San Dimas-Azusa photo gallery

Visit the SGV Preps page for recaps and stories of tonight’s games.

Friday’s results
San Dimas 50, Azusa 7 — Just like last year, the Saints proved they’re too good for the four-time Montview League champions, winning easily in their first home game in over a year on their new turf.
Bishop Amat 48, Chino Hills 48 — In one of the best games in Valley history, Chino Hills rallied to go up 48-42 with just under a minute left after missing the PAT. But the Lancers came back, scoring in the final seconds to tie it, but its game-winning PAT was missed too, ending in a tie game. Now you know why these are the top two-ranked teams in the area.
Charter Oak 35, Roosevelt 0 — Wonderful start for the Chargers. You knew they had a great defense, but nice to see the offense clicking too.
Glendora 14, Claremont 0 — Sometimes we forget how good the Tartans can be. After all, they do play in one of the toughest leagues around.
Diamond Ranch 56, El Rancho 34 — Time to start taking the Panthers serious again. Maybe West Covina isn’t just a walk in the park in the Hacienda.
Arroyo 21, Temple City 0 — Huge bounceback win after last week’s debacle at Los Altos.
Los Altos 48, Salesian 34 — Thanks Conqs, tired of hearing about Salesian and all their D-1 athletes.
Orange Lutheran 31, Damien 14 — Let’s face it, not a good way for the Spartans to start. Losing is alright, but they needed to give a better account of itself.
Ayala 16, Monrovia 15 — Ayala is showing its the real deal, knocking out Pasadena’s No. 1 team. Again, the Wildcats have much more to prove outside the Mid-Valley.
Mountain View 28, Bassett 21 — Make that two in a row for the Vikings, even though it was a struggle against the Olympians.
Norwalk 52, Diamond Bar 38 — That’s two straight weeks the Brahmas gave up a lot of points. They need to do something about that D.
Ontario Christian 45, El Monte 24 — Well, there goes my feel-good story of the year. I really thought the Lions could go unbeaten until the playoffs.
Rowland 15, Wilson 13 — Nice 2-0 start for the Raiders, who beat a Wilson team coming off a big win last week.
South El Monte 19, Nogales 6 Eagles could be a Mission Valley contender after all, and that’s two close losses for the Nobles.
La Costa Canyon 42, Baldwin Park 0 — I don’t know what kind of football they play down South, but after all the points the Braves put up last week, they got shutdown.
Workman 28, Keppel 8 — The Lobos figured to get in the win column with a match-up against the Aztecs.
South Hills 14, Bonita 0 — For a team that couldn’t stop anyone last year, a shutout is a huge improvement for the Huskies.
Troy 34, Walnut 0 — A week after the Mustangs looked great, they get blown out against a tough Orange County squad.

Scoreboard updates: For quarter updates and final scores of tonight’s games, you won’t find them quicker than clicking on our scoreboard link. All scores should be posted by 11 p.m.


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  • Huskies #1

    Let’s Go Huskies!

    Let’s show the SGV who is the real #1 team in the valley. Let’s get after the ball and let’s step on their throats on defense. Our offense can and will score many times. Their defense cannot stop us. We need to get out fast on offense and stone wall them on defense.

    Amat, in case you have forgotten (not since 1995) that is what a CIF trophy looks like. We’ll get ours long before you get yours. Of course unless you get dropped down to the Western Division in 2014!

    Huskies 35 – Lancers 14

  • Inland fan

    Chino hills and amat both are very far from getting a championship. Amat by 1 touchdown my prediction .

  • Gp-aka greenie


  • Not So Fast My Friend

    One last go around cause I think this game is probably the biggest one of the weekend, considering how Amat manhandled Servite.

    1. Team speed.
    Not quite sure who wins this one. Both teams are quick so I’ll go even on this one.

    2. Physicality.
    Amat stepped up and met the Servite challenge by being physical and fired up. Chino Hills came out fired up against Arlington. Hard to say, but I’ll give the edge to Amat.

    3. Athletes.
    Both schools have athletes at the key positions. I’ll go even.

    4. QB Play.
    Very important. Simko cannot be ignored. He plays well, Chino Hills does well. Advantage Chino Hills.

    5. Defense.
    One argument can be made that Amat played a less than stellar Servite team. As I’ve said before, Servite is Servite. Amat’s D showed up and put in the work. That’s an important factor to consider. However, if Servite has a crappy season then that takes the shine off of Amat’s win (not a lot, just a little). Chino Hills defense played well against an athletic Arlington team that does have some dangerous players. I’ll go even.

    6. Big Play Ability.
    Here’s the rub. Amat has Blue who, from what I’ve seen, has big play written all over him. They also have an athletic WR (don’t know his name – someone help me here) whose more than capable of getting it done. Chino Hills has big play written all over them. From Austin to three other WRs who are D1 capable. They also have a very strong RB (two to be exact). I’d give the edge to Chino Hills here, but not by much.

    7. Execution.
    Which ever team is better at executing their schemes and plays will win this game. I’m still leaning toward Chino Hills and again, not by much. Part of the advantage is being at home. But considering how Amat rolls into away games, it’s tough to call.

    Again, very close.

    For football purists, this has the potential to be very good game and I’m going to guess, close too. I won’t try to call it, but considering the large shadow Amat supporters cast on the blog, I’m going to lean toward Chino Hills by a nose hair.

  • Sgv sports fan

    Let’s go South Hills Huskies!!!! Play some smash mouth football and get the W against Bonita.

  • Mike Robledo

    Those of you who want to contribute via Twitter, lead your post with the hashtag #sgvfootball! let us know what game you’re watching!

  • 12th man

    Game will be won in the trenches! Amat needs to force CH QB out of the pocket where he feels comfortable..& perhaps change the defensive scheme from last week..Amat should trust their secondary & blitz the linebackers more & run some stunts ..Best way to beat a good throwing team with a good line is to apply pressure from different angles & to keep the OL guessing & off balance..

    I don’t think CH will have more than 100 yds rushing tonight..So basically the game will be Simko’s hands..He will need to pick apart the secondary & at least throw for 200yds or more to give CH a chance he will also need anywhere from 30 to 60 total rushing yds. to keep some drives going especially on 3rd down~

  • Aaron


  • just asking’

    Inkand fan – before the season would you have said Servite is “very far from winning a championship”?

    Shows Amat is in the ballpark. Just would have to do that 4 times – but certainly capable

  • GP aka Go Green!

    I picked Chino Hills. Despite BA’s dominate run offense and run defense, I think they are vulnerable in their pass defense. Servite, is a poor passing team, but they missed a lot of passing opportunities, when BA was out of position. There will be some chances for CH to pass when Andrews and Blue are getting rest from going both ways. There are also a few windows between the FS/SS. CHills has to recognized when BA’s 2nd unit DB’s are in, and exploit those match ups. Also Special teams will big in this one, the BA Returners are good. I think Simko has a big night, and Chino Hills wins by a last second field goal.
    Prediction CHHS 31 BA 28

    West Co Vs Loyola
    I picked West Co in this one. Loyola is a powerhouse, However, they did struggle last week with HW. West Co defense is faster, and I think they have the bodies up front to go toe to toe with a Pac 5 team. The Bulldog Defense is quick to the ball, and has enough athletes to stay fresh at all times. If they can control the line and Scrimmage, and get after the Athletic Loyola QB, They can win this game. West Co is going to need a big game on special teams. Field position is key, and a blocked FG or extra point could be the difference in this one.
    Prediction Wesco 28 Loyola 27 OT

    Green Cats vs Ayala

    This game is going to come down to physicality, execution and discipline up front. Which ever line core comes out firing, will win the game. Monrovia, has a plethora or backs and Wrs. Ayala has Jordan Robinson and several other good athletes. However getting them ball may be difficult. Turnovers, poor field position, and bad KR defense will kill either team. I think Monrovia’s LB’s will make a difference in this one. They are a exception group, and should being to puts some hits on the Ayala skills.

    Prediction Monrovia 31 Ayala 20

  • Don

    On the Big Three, + 1:

    Amat will beat Chino Hills by two TD’s because they have the defense and the coaching to stop Bub’s balanced offense.

    Loyola will beat WesCo because as good as Coach Maggiore’s guys are, and they are very good, they aren’t Pac 5 good. Yet.

    Oh Lu will beat Damien by at least 14 points because their option offense will keep the ball away away from the Spartan’s offense.

    Charter Oak will beat Roosevelt because they will score early and control the both lines.

    And I STILL say you need to run with the OTHER Monrovia story.


    Alright I couldnt come in here and not wish the AZUSA AZTECS well tonight! To the AZUSA FOOTBALL FAMILY, we all know this a BIG GAME for AZUSA and playing a CIF CHAMPION! SAN DIMAS has been a great opponent, actually has become sort of rivalry and a BIG CHALLENGE for AZUSA! Well we all know in here were 0-3 against them.

    Last years playoff game was our best game against them, AZUSA being up late in the 4TH qtr. with about a few minutes left fumbles around SDs 5 YARD line and would have been up by 30, but the score ends up SAN DIMAS 30, AZUSA 23 and yet to WIN them!

    Im pretty sure this has to be on Coach ScherfS mind and winning SD tonight would be great for AZUSA! I know its not going to be easy and especially being over there at SD new field, but on any given day STRANGER THINGS have happened!

    AZUSA seems to be inexistent now on FREDS and ARAMS blog, but thats what happens when you dont get the WS. And drop out of the radar. I know AZUSA will do its best tonight and have had all summer long to practice for this game, so Coach Scherf, Bettle ,BUBBA and the rest of the great coaching staff, I know youll give it your best shot and fight HARD ALL THE 4 QUARTERS!

    Good Luck tonight AZUSA AZTECS and may both teams come out injury free!


  • another fan

    to DON: this isnt Bubs offense anymore and you will soon see another side of Chino Hills that no one has seen YET. Matt Bechtel has done a 180 with the offense this year balance isnt an option anymore.

  • Husky Dominance

    CH will win tonight, as we are a more well rounded team than BA. BA looked fast against Servite, but Servite was one dimensional, all running. We will spread the field, and if BA slows our passing game, we have two backs that will run over BA’s line. BA will go down tonight by 2 or more touch downs. This is not being cocky, just realistic and confident in what we truly have. If BA actually beats us, first I would be shocked, but then and only then would I believe all the hype BA is getting.

  • another fan

    TO DON: you got this all wrong, First of all this isnt Bubs offense anymore and you will see the diffence tonight! Bechtel has done a total 180 with the offense and I dont think balance is anywhere in his vocab, its going to be a total air show and a fine tuned one! Dont get me wrong the Defense will be by Bub and that is his specialty. Its amazing what a difference a true and aggressive offensive coordinator can make.

  • Bulldog Dad

    I know there are a lot of doubters saying WC can’t hold their own against a Pac 5 team like Loyola. I think all you doubters are in for an awakening tonight when the Bulldogs beat the Cubs. We are at home, and pissed off that CIF took that beating we gave Covina away from us. More importantly we have the players to not just hang with Loyola, but I believe we are faster, and in better condition than they are. Expect an upset in West Covina tonight.

  • Scout Leader

    Amat v. chino hills
    I’m sorry guys but I’m not sold on simko as the next Joe Montana, et al.That udersized, under achieving front lie of Amat’s will be all over the qb tonight. Pick apart the secondary??? Gotta have time to do that and simko won’t have any tonight. Watched chino hills get absolutely rolled by a suspect charter oak squad last year and tell ya what, I wasn’t impressed then and I will probably get more of the same tonight. Tonight starts chino Hill’s list of losses (L’s) to Amat. GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram Tolegian

    All week I’ve been having trouble getting the visions of CO track meeting Chino Hills last year. Granted, Matty Ice wasn’t the Huskies QB at that time, but still I wonder if Amat’s speed is gonna be too much for the 909ers.

  • Pac 5

    Amat and Loyola win tonight. I’m an SGV fan and would like to see W. Covina get the game, and if you like the underdog then you’re probably pulling for Chino Hills. The hype is great and it’s what high school football is all about – anything can happen any night. Coaching, discipline, and tradition will take these games though. Amat and Loyola by comfortable margins.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Scout Leader:

    Woof, Woof…

    I thought you knew, it’s not the size of the dog that counts, it’s size of the fight in the dog.


  • Dan

    Amat vs Chino Hills – I think Amat will win the line of scrimmage, physical intensity will be too much for CH, Amat secondary is fast and experienced and you can bet they will pressure Simko, Amat by 10 to 17 points.

    WC vs Loyola – Will learn a lot about our Bulldogs tonight, can they finally handle the physical intensity of a traditional Pac 5 school? Will they persevere and adapt if the discipline Loyola defense stops the run game? Can their speed compensate for any mismatch in size or strenght? Lets hope so, I’m going homer on this one Bulldogs by 3.

    Charter Oak vs Roosevelt – Roosevelt just got hammered last week by Tustin 48 to 13. Big 8 doesn’t look too strong again this year except for Centennial, CO’s defense should be very good this year, they have tons of skill on offense so I think the loss of Santiago and Scoby will have a minimal effect. CO by 14 to 21.

    Monrovia vs Ayala – Monrovia has skill and speed all over, a proven QB and on defense they are fast in the secondary and have two big physical linebackers, What concerns me is hearing they struggled with Cresenta Valley last week.
    I don’t know anything about Ayala except they they killed Diamond Bar last week and have a lighning quick D1 RB plus some on here say they may have a pretty good QB. This team was undefeated as freshmen and that doesn’t come easy in the Sierra League. Not to sure if Monrovia’s line can hang with a good Sierra league line this year, I think Ayala is the true sleeper of the Sierra league and may suprise everybody and win that league or take second. This game will be close, I think Ayala wears down the Cats in the end, If Monrovia does win this game I think they go 3 peat, and maybe state. Ayala by 3.

  • another fan

    scout leader: look what happened when Obama took over! Yeah get my point things change when you put someone else in charge of play calling. In that case things went south, in CH case things are looking way different you wont see the same 5 plays all game like last year. The days of poor play calling is now behind us.

  • Don

    Hey I am willing to concede the CH Husky offense is different than what I recall. The last time I saw them personally was a couple years ago when they played D Ranch.

    I was just going on the MaxPrep stats from last week which showed them rushing 31 times and throwing 29 which looked, to me, you know, balanced. At any rate, I think, just me mind you, that Amat will play pretty good pass defense. But hey, I’ve been wrong before.

    Incidentally, 60 offensive plays in a HS game, especially the first of the year, is pretty impressive.

  • 12th man

    I would totally agree that 60 plays on offense is pretty impressive..But when the opposing team isn’t playing any real defense..It kinda takes away that “WOW” factor~

  • Scout Leader

    @Not so fast – Hey Bro, you’re talking to the pinche chihuahua (AMAT) in every dog fight there in! los chino perros will give it all they got but in the end….no mas!
    Sorry to go all “La Puente” on you but just having some fun.

  • GoAmat


  • one game at a time

    I don’t think Amat is getting any love from anyone these days, that’s all right with me. Because all these boys in blue have to do is show up and play lights out football! CH will be another long line of local teams that will learn the hard way. Go big Blue! Amat 28 CH 14.

    I’m cheering for the heavy underdog West Covina, nothing more sweeter than a Loyola loss in the SGV. Them cubs are big but they are a one dimensional running team. Shut the run game and W. Covina will earn a big W!! Go WesCove! WC 21 Cubs 14

    As far as the Damien Spartans….I like them to win, but I just don’t see it happening tonight. Olu 40 Spartans 14

  • Observantcat

    WestCo will be featured on foxsportswest prepzone tonight vs. Loyola.

  • http://www.twitter.com/SGVtylerd tDro

    Anybody else making the trek out to Corona tonight to see the Chargers’ season opener?

    I’ll be there.

    Follow up on Twitter: @SGVtylerd for updates. I’ll have video highlights/ interviews up by the end of the night.

    See you there!

  • Sgv football

    As I told Fred before, and I will say it again. Amat will win big tonight (21+). They will also go into league undefeated!

  • Sgv football

    As I told Fred before, and I will say again. Amat will win big tonight (21+). And they will go into league undefeated!

  • Observantcat

    Dan, dont believe the hype. Fred happened to mention that 2 Amat guys wrote on the blog that CV gave Monrovia fits, Which game were they at? I was at that scrimmage and like I said if you think Monrovia winning by at least 8 TD;s was somehow a challenge then you need to stop drinking the Amat and Freddy Kool-Aid. That was never the case.

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to all the teams in the SGV tonight for well played and injury free games.
    To The Men in Blue,
    Good Luck and play hard with the same if not more intensity as last week . Stay focused , execute and be diciplined and leave it all on the field . AMAT WILL SHINE !!!!!

  • Yo AMAT 73

    Are you coming to CHHS tonight? umm, dumb question, sorry. I would love to meet you in person. I am a medium height fat white guy that will be standing at the fence under the scoreboard. You could probably catch me at the snack bar about 10 times before halftime too!

    I will have UCLA hat on almost for certain. Hope to see you tonight and I hope to see an epic battle with my Huskies coming out on top in a dog fight with your Lancers!

  • La Mirada Guy

    Remember your article about being so embarrassed, that another website pick La Mirada as its No 1 projection for the southeast? You wouldn’t mention their name,(Midvalley sports)
    remember that? What are your feelings now? Do you think we can compete with Wesco now.
    Its the same personnel as last year(LM), but with a new defensive scheme. Not many are questioning our speed now. 2 games do not make a season, nor do they indicate how we will do in the playoffs. But at least we look like we can compete, yes?

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Scout Leader

    ROFL LMAO!! Good one!

  • Gp-aka greenie

    Green…Green…Green….Go Big Green!

  • Real talk

    Amat all day!!!! Number 60 on Amats D is going to be in simko grill all night. Amat is about to beat the breaks off CH tonight. Freshmen won jv won now the varsity going to win can you set sweep!!! Go Amat

  • Football Fan

    Just wanted to give a shout out to my nephews, which will face each other tonight in the San Dimas vs Azusa showdown in S.D.

    #43 Angel Flores RB/LB Aztecs

    #8 Jake Barbosa LB Saints

    Hope you boys shine tonight and do your school PROUD!!!

  • Don

    12th Man,

    Typical HS game usually runs something like 100-110 scrimmage plays plus punts, PAT’s, etc because that’s what they have the time for. Teams that get a lot of first downs will end up with more of the plays than their opponents.

    Spartan fans may want to take note that Oh Lu, new coach, down year, new offense, etc. ran 73 plays last week. If Damien has any chance at all tonight they need to get the ball away and hang on to it.

  • Dan

    I should know better than to go by whats posted on this blog, I read somewhere on here that M-Town struggled with Cresenta Valley but eight
    TD’s doesn’t sound like much of a struggle.
    Judging by some of the info I’ve read on here [and we know it can be unreliable] such as these CH kids going undefeated freshman year, and by the 42 to 17 romp over Diamond Bar, I’ve got a hunch that Ayala could be a sleeper this year and just may be Sierra league Champ caliber or close to that. If they happen to be that good then I think it would be a pretty tight game, good luck and I hope coach Maddox and the Cats can get a W tonight.

  • Observantcat

    Dan, little was mentioned about this senior class at Monrovia as Freshman going 10-0 and Six of these players started as Sophomores on varsity the following year and have had back 2 back championships. It will be a great game but I will give the nod to Monrovia. Speed vs. Speed somewhat even, Power vs. Power favor Monrovia, Experience vs. Experience goes to the Cats. Monrovia by 14!

  • Red Leader

    Ocat. I was at the CV scrimmage as well. And I didn’t see 8 TDs. There was maybe one. But I’m definitely sure CV scored at least 3 times. And it sure looked to me like CV was giving Monrovia a hard time.

  • Big Gunny

    At the half, Los Altos 28 Salesian 14

  • joedaddy

    San Dimas 36- azusa 7…. sdhs is whooping the aztecs

  • Big Gunny

    Los Altos 48 Salesian 34 Final

  • Valley athletics

    I think this is the year chino hills makes it to the final .

  • What a suprise!!!

    I can’t believe Monrovia lost. Based on all that I read on this blog and Aram’s blog all summer long, I thought Monrovia was the best high school team ever assembled ever of all time ever. I guess it takes more than D1 talent and loudmouth fans to get it done.

  • What Wine Goes Good With Crow?

    Monrovia fans will take a couple of weeks off then come back with how they could beat Amat and Chino Hills by at least 21 points….

    But until then I think that we should just enjoy the quiet and this in their honor…


  • Dan

    Arrrrgh, looks like we better go to plan B, I’ll take my crow tacos with hot sauce and a little seasoning. Chino Hills will be more of the same if we can’t get our speed players the ball in space.

  • Red Leader

    I knew Monrovia was going to have a tough time against Ayala tonight. But tonight we were just plain awful. And again, I’ve mentioned this before, our o-line will be our demise. Plus the fact that our receivers can’t catch. We get penalized for excessive celebration, making the extra point attempt that much harder. A holding call by the same kid that got busted for excessive celebration that negates a 50 yard run. Oh, did I mention 2 interceptions and a muffed punt. LACK OF DISCIPLINE is the main reason Monrovia will never be able to compete with the other upper division teams. I know I know it’s just the first game of the season, but Monrovia just looked awful. I can’t wait to see how Green Pastures and OCat explain this one to everyone.

  • GP aka greenie….

    Monrovia is not deserving of a top ten ranking. There are many more deserving teams that should be ranked Higher…Monrovia has no juice unless they beat St Francis. Congrats to all the teams that earn victories tonight. Mtown was not one of them. D11 performance for sure, Players and coaching.

  • GP aka greenie….

    Red Leader…There is nothing to explain. Monrovia can’t get it done against upper Division schools. No if, ands or buts about it. Every time they had a good play, it was followed by a terrible one. 3rd and 1 yrd to go, they pass, 3rd and 17 to go they run a dive play. Monrovia is never prepared early in the year. Better yet not prepared to play upper division. You won’t hear any talk about upper division from this Cat. We had a kid get hit in back by a punt! C’mon now. Other schools are flat out prepare to play and we are not. Go Ahead SGV…give us hell. We deserve every low blow right now.

  • one game at a time

    Wow what a game! Hats off to Chino Hills, sure gave Amat a fight for their lives. But I also must say it was one of the worse officiating I’ve witnessed in a long time. It seems that all the penalties went against Amat, some very ticky tacky calls such as roughing the passer when a pass was not even catchable. What’s up with that Zebras?

    Simko and Austin is the real deal and they torched Amat’s secondary. Amat’s D gave up way too many points. And Amat should have won the game if you take away some mental mistakes and one bone headed call when Amat was up 35-42 with 5 minutes left in the 4th and they opted to pass and turns the ball over on first and ten. That was the turning point….all hell broke lose after that series.

    A bad snap and Amat’s PAT went left. It was not blocked BTW with 2 seconds left. Game tied, I’ll take the tie over the loss!

    But what a game though!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Well I was close. A nose hair. Chino Hills misses two extra points and one being a critical one that would have given them 49. And Bishop Amat missing the game winner. It was an amazing game. Here are some of my notes:

    Bishop Amat is the real deal. Them beating Servite wasn’t a fluke. They are very athletic and loaded with dangerous talent. To match that talent they are smartly coached and well prepared. My hat is off to Amat. They’ve got my respect. Blue is such a smooth RB, I can see why he’s spoken so highly of. Koa Haynes (is that his name?) was very efficient with his passes too.

    Chino Hills: Tough, gutsy group of young men. Probably not as athletic as Bishop Amat, but they’re toughness more than offsets that. Those of you posters that think Simko isn’t worth the ink don’t know the QB position. He played smart, his passes were crisp and on target. Their RBs ran hard. No 45 is a pure beast. Period. One person alone isn’t bringing him down.

    Chino Hills was vulnerable to the run. But the coaching staff made adjustments that minimized it in the second half and help contain Blue. You can’t stop that kid, but you can contain him. As I said in an earlier post, Chino Hills WRs are D1 caliber (more on Austin in a minute) and they gave Amat’s DBs all they could handle.

    According to several parents, Austin sat out the week nursing a sore ankle. It showed. He couldn’t get a lot of separation from Amat’s no. 7. But he got just enough to squeeze out a TD on a nice slant play. Personally, I would have limited his minutes, saving him for schools like Tesoro and league opponents, but hey, thats just me.

    Both schools were well prepared and played very well. Whoever else is on Amat’s schedule better watch out!

    Now on to the officials.

    By far, that was the worst officiating I’ve seen, on both sides of the ball. Strange and questionable calls were made against both schools. Phantom pass interference calls and kids jumping offsides on a dead ball? Really? Those must have been the replacement refs the NFL rejected. Just horrible.

    Tonight’s game between Bishop Amat and Chino Hills should go down as one of the most exciting ever.

  • tired of sub standard

    Parents of DAMIEN students it is time for you to stand up and not accept the sub-standard football program there at DAMIEN. Yes the education is high quality but you should also expect a high standard of athletics especially from the football program that generates most of the income. There is no reason why DAMIEN cant compete against the big boys of the inland empire, PAC5, or Orange county schools. Let us face the facts WINNING tradition brings in the players, a WINNING tradition brings in the fan base and a WINNING tradition brings pride into the community. Have you seen the the other parochial school pages and the PRIDE they take in their programs? I don’t think there is a lack of heart in the program or athletes, I think there is a lack of support from the administration and AD and things need to change if you want to be a CHAMPION…I think GANO can bring winning back to DAMIEN he just need to be unleashed and let GANO do what GANO does and that is WIN. YOU as parents should have say in the direction of the program. You pay TUITION,EQUIPMENT,FUND RAISING…etc it is YOU that is the foundation of the school and your voice should be heard of wanting a CHAMPIONSHIP program and not accepting anything less. There are schools out there with winning programs Charter Oak, W.Covina Bishop Amat, Upland,Rancho…etc but you chose to send your Son to DAMIEN for maybe the education and community and there are those who go for the athletics. It is time make a stand and say enough is enough we want a winning football program other programs at DAMIEN have that winning tradition why not the same for FOOTBALL? I think four things need to happen:

    1)Administration needs to pull there head out their 3rd point of contact.
    2) There is no doubt there has to be a new HUNGRY athletic Dir. to fire up the program.
    4) Let GANO coach!!! outsiders shut up let this guy do what needs to get done.
    3) The most important the PARENTS. Why pay tuition when you can save money and send your kid to a winning school so you should have some say.

    I’m probably rambling, in one ear out the other. I still look forward seeing the GREEN and GOLD on Friday nights. But I also want to see CHAMPIONSHIP banners every year go up in the gym. Like I said bring home the WINS and you will get your self CHAMPIONSHIP caliber players who will bring you CHAMPIONSHIP TRADITIONS.

    Congrats to all the teams that won this weekend

  • JMO

    I remember when CO and Rancho tied a few years back and the amat fans were ripping down Big Lou for not agreeing for the tiebreaker. What’s your excuse? Could it be that smart coaches understand that preseason is a tune up and not a championship. Would love to rip you back but whats the point, the season will play itself out.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    SEMHS 19
    NHS 06

    1st Quarter saw the SEMHS Eagles play back and forth with the NHS Nobles, on defense from the get-go, SEMHS was nearly flawless. Offensively, SEMHS was not really great until the end of the 1st, ending the quarter with a goal line stance which resulted in a botched field goal attempt.

    2nd Quarter was all Eagles. Scored a TD and a field goal, could have been more but that is what they rolled with. Nogales, was just always one step behind, inching closer to red zone plays.

    Honestly 3rd Quarter was just like the 1st, it seemed that SEMHS Offense was way too relaxed, Defense was slippin’ a bit, but not enough to allow ANY scoring by Nogales, so by the end of the 3rd it was 10-0 in favor of SEMHS.

    4th Quarter seemed to be the wake up call for both teams. SEMHS scored another TD to make it 17-0. I believe it was NHS’ 3rd Offensive Drive, it was a 4th and long, they went for it, a RB running on a audible, got the ball and ran it for NHS ONLY score, the PAT was blocked. Score was 17-6. In the final minutes (last 5 minutes), NHS was deep in their own territory, and just like what SEMHS defense had been doing most of the night, they kept pushing NHS back, and forced a safety, and that eventually became the final score.

    19-6 in favor of the Eagles. Defensive is solid. Offense needs improvement for sure, but it is getting there.

    Towards the end I talked to an Assistant (or Assistant Coach) Manuel Rosales, (as I noticed earlier in the evening that #12 Ramirez who was in street clothes and a warm up jersey) and he explained that he had a knee issue and should be ready to start at QB in 1-2 weeks depending, so that’s why #17 was the QB for tonight.

  • Donut Holes

    Well I wonder what Gano is going to say at the donut shop tomorrow morning?

    OL just ran up and down the field with ease!

    Damien QB situation hasn’t improved rather looks worst. Whoever(Aram) thinks their seasoned is laughable. This team will be fighting for 3rd place all year long.

    Pretty poor display of football from sparta!

  • Spartan 03

    Damien ran into a monster of a team. Damien will not see this type of size until they meet up with the Uplands and Vista Muriettas of the Inland Division. O-Lu had the size and depth to wear down Damien as they did. O-Lu had the luxury of being able to substitute there lineman in the middle of drives to keep them fresh. Not too many teams are switching lineman in and out to stay fresh. Time of possession was everything in this game. Damien had maybe a total of 7 offensive drives, 2 of which were 80 yard touchdown drives. Damien knew if they couldn’t win the time of possession battle things were not going to look pretty. Our defensive line took a pounding as O-Lu only had 1 pass attempt.
    I still believe Damien is going to have a great year and will be competing for a Sierra League Title. I’m not going to throw the season in the dumps after one loss to a stacked O-Lu team.

  • Fan

    The official were a joke at the Amat game but the calls were clearly going against CH. the 2 nd quarter on a big run that led to a score a flag was thrown for an obvious block in the vback then it was conveniently picked up. A pass interference that led to another score in the 4th quarter when the kid from CH was running next to the receiver and never touched him. So Amat fans should be thankful for the refs because if not for them you would have lost. So to say the refs were against Amat is a joke. By the way, what happened to your awesome defense that you were yapping about all week?

  • Spartan 03

    On a side note, I understand safety is very important, but having to sit out a play if your helmet gets knocked off is a little too much. It will also be causing teams confusion and forcing delay of games and unnecessary usage of time outs.

    Coaches will need to make sure players know and understand this rule. Backups need to be prepared as well as it can happen at any given moment.

    Damiens QB was confused when he was told he had to sit out a play after a QB sneak resulted in him losing his helmet at the goal line. Timeout was wasted and backup QB had to come in to hand off the ball for the TD.

  • Margarita bill

    In other news Serra Beats LBPoly tonight…As well as SM moves to 2-0….man the Pac5 might just be weak this year SM is going to walk through to the CIF championship again

  • John


    It was CH’s coach who didn’t want OT. Apparently if one coach doesn’t want OT, then there will be no OT.

  • valley athletics

    what are you talking about margarita bill. pac 5 weak. santa margarita,mission viejo,alemany, st john bosco, oaks christian, mater dei, olu,st bonaventure, west lake,tesoro,san clemente, amat, crspi,loyola,notre dame.

  • JMO


    Look up CIF rules, both coaches need to approve, sorry. This makes everything thing better because CO plays both teams and the problem will be solved on the field.

  • sorry

    I’m Sorry wait……
    “Ontario Christian 45, El Monte 24 — Well, there goes my feel-good story of the year. I really thought the Lions could go unbeaten until the playoffs.”
    ….. Fred is your head OK, did you suffer an injury…. that was never gonna happen.

  • jcaz


    You know, as a practical matter, I rarely if ever come in here and complain about the officiating in a game, and like I often say in here, im an Amat Honk, not a homer.

    So, in one regard, I will concede that the ref’s made so many bad calls in that game, that they probably took the game away from Chino Hills at the end, because at least one of those pass interference calls against Chino hills during that final drive (and there were something like three wasn’t there ?), was completely bogus.

    At that point, Chino Hills should have won that game but because of that bad call, Amat is able to get back in it.

    Having said that however, the reality was that Amat was the team really that got the short end of the stick on more than one occasion when it came to penalties last night, and that’s because Amat probably should have won this game by at least two touchdowns, or more.

    Im sorry, they should have….

    All of those pass interference calls, really changed the outcome of that game. It was a total joke.

    BTW, in answer to your question about Amats “great defense” wow, where to start ?

    Well, lets begin by saying that the ref’s kept you guys in that game, no doubt….however, we can also say that in all the years that this team has been under coach “Hag’s,” there has always been the question as to why it is that they just cant stop quarterbacks like this guy from Chino Hills ?

    Amats defense seems to always get spanked and cant seem to lock down great passers. It happened against Notre Dame when they had that great QB, and it happened to them against Los Osos when they had one as well.

    Bottom line is that Amat loses this game because they end up with a tie. Im sorry just my opinion.

    Frankly, the faithful cant just come on here and talk “caca” anymore because they almost lost this game. I mean even if they make that extra point at the end, they win, technically, but REALLY ??? Amat should never have been in such a close game with these guys considering that they were up by at least two touchdowns on at least two separate occasions during that game.

    Anyways, im very disappointed by the way it ended up being played and really, why in the world do you throw a pass (and get that interception), when you have the ball, and your up by seven, and there’s only something like five minutes to go ?

    I mean why ?

    You run the ball and take time off the clock don’t you ?? Tell me im wrong, and ya, hind sight, and Monday morning quarterback and all…yada yada yada.

    Just asking…..

  • Yo AMAT 73 Redeaux

    Well, I wrote my post before the game and I guess my wish came true. Great game from a fan’s perspective, dog fight to be sure and an almost win!

    I can agree with the others that this was quite possibly the worst officiated game around. If you take just the blown PI calls in this game, there were enough mistakes by the officials to last a season. Not only did they call too many bad PI calls against both teams, but they missed a bunch that should have been called.

    I can’t profess to question coaching decisions or any of that, but can say that the kids on both sides of the ball played their hearts out. 45 for CHHS IS a beast. I said to my buddies at the game that he was never going down with only one defender. Ran hard, tough and powerful. Simko is nice, Haynes is better than advertised in my opinion and Amat has some nice speed and was too fast at times for CHHS.

    Haggs and the boys of Lancerville did a really good job of putting Haynes into quick pitch and catch situations where their speed guys caught the ball in space. I also liked how they got him on the move outside the pocket to pass.

    This game was a delight and well worth the 7 bucks plus the $25 I probably spent at the snack bar. Great start to the season. Hopefully all the teams of the SGV and the honorary SGV squads like CHHS have a great and healthy season

    Finally, I didn’t run into Amat 73 (No Rainbow) just one avid HS football wanting to shoot the bull with another.

    Good night now!

  • http://twitter.com/SGVtylerd tDro


    VIDEO: Highlights/ interviews from Charter Oak’s 35-0 victory over Roosevelt last night… The start of the post-Travis Santiago era.

    Kory Brown: 13-17 144 yds 2 TD’s
    Ross Barrera: 4-7 64 yds 1 TD

    Made a mistake in crediting Brown w/ 20-yd TD toss to Bobo to make score 28-0 in game story. It was actually Barrera who came in and made the play. My apologies.

    BLOOPER REEL: (See: Opening credits) Poor Roosevelt cheerleader gets absolutely pummeled by player running through team banner. OUCH.

  • bbin91741

    Nothing sweeter than knowing the burrito nation was an extra point away from victory at the last second and they couldn’t convert. I can’t imagine how many wives/girlfriends took a beating 2nite after the game. There must have been litter throughout the way from the clean, affluent Chino Hills all the way to the s***-hole known as La Puente.

  • Memer Trolleur

    South hills ride anyone? 2-0 … yeaaaaa WOOOOP WOOOP!!!
    hey West Covina….YOU MAD???
    ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! pu$**y a&%$ rule benders…

  • Lance R

    First off although we did not lose and came up with the tie I do have crow to eat as I thought this was a gimmie and that CH could not handle Amat. To Chino Hills People in here hat off to you and your team they played a very good ball gane and if healthy should make a lot of noise this year. Your fan base rocks over there. On to the game having a two touchdown lead twice is something that leads to wins but you have to hand it to CH, Napoles , Simko and their receiving group played a great game. Officiating was horrible but it went both ways but I do think Amat got more of the abuse from the official as they could not pull away from CH because of this. Great game two very good teams, bad officials, Great Crowd both sides and a big 50/50. CH at Kiefer next year is like a great rematch between fighters. I will take the tie. Nice job CO. To our Mighty Men that Wear The Blue And Gold one game at a time. We need to fix our pass coverage over the middle.

  • sgv baby

    GP and the rest of the CATs, Your boys will be just finer. A TUFF loss last night to Ayala. Maybe this is an early wake up call for your CATS that obviously were a bit TOO cocky after wining CIF, D1 players, all the offers and attention you guys were getting before the STORM . You guys have all the tools and your boys just need to buy into it. Last night I saw an over paid pro football team in your cats with no passion and all the money in their pockets. When your kitty cats wake up and play like WILDCATS against a struggling ARCADIA team next Friday your CATS will finally play the way the game should be played. These kids watch too much ESPN and want to act and dress up with all the gear look good and play for crap. NO HEART NO BALLS just all SHOW. Lots of hype and I said it a few weeks back. G5 looked extremely heavy on his feet and out of shape. Your guys going both ways were winded midway through the 1st qtr. Conditioning will play a factor… TOO MANY HANDS ON THE HIPS

  • a new year

    Im impressed! Hats off to Coach Bechtel at CH that had to be the best play calling offensive in 5 years. Finally we have someone that know how to adjust and use ALL of the weapons in the toolbox. I cant wait to see where this goes.

  • Almost does not count

    Quick recap: Amat was up by 2 TD’s got complacent and CH marched right back to lead 48-42 with 44 seconds left in the game. Amat marched 80 yards and scored to tie the game with 4 seconds left, but a muffed snap effed up the PAT for the win.

    Teams: both teams played their hearts out. Chino Hills Simko, Austin, Napoles and company are are studs in their own right and reason why CH should go deep into the playoffs. Amat’s Andrews, Haynes, Blue and cook played their hearts out, what talent but it’s dangerous and scary to see Blue and Andrews go 2 ways. Yes they are studs, but the wear and tear seem obvious in the later quarters.

    Officiating: Trigger happy Zebras from hell. Worst yet this year. PI calls that shouldn’t have been and missed PI calls that should have been. Amat plays very physical football, and it seems that on every hard hit, they get flagged for unnecessary roughness or personal foul? Really refs? This is football, players are gonna get hit!! Both teams saw it’s share but Amat got the worse part. Which I believe cost them the game.

    Coaching: Great coaching, except for one questionable call by Amat to throw the ball with 5 minutes remaining when they were up by 7 and having total ball control on the ground. Ending up in an interception and setting the game for a tie in the ensuing offensive series by CH.

    Atmosphere: Electrifying, packed house, crazy, entertaining. Great unbiased announcer. Nice stadium. Best deal in town for $7.

    Conclusion: The greatest come back game of the century that almost happened. But clearly a game Amat should have won by at least 2 TD’s IMHO, then lost, then seemingly won again, but a bad snap resulted in a tie. Great offensive team effort for both teams, poor officiating, great crowd, hell of a game. Just a little disappointed our Defense gave up 48 points! This needs to be fixed!

  • Conq76

    Did all of Salesians D1 dudes have the night off? Great win Conq’s, keep up the great work!

  • 12th man

    AAAHHH!!Great week 1 of Football!! Some teams got a taste & the thrill of victory..While others sustained the agony of defeat..& in Bishop Amat’s case it was the one that got away..
    The pac5 is very strong this year..St.Bonaventure way too much for Corona Centennial although they did make it close towards the end.. St.Boni. was in control all night..Loyola who isn’t even ranked man handled West Covina! Even if the starting QB plays for WC..The defense could not slow down Loyola’s offense…One thing for sure..The Southeast is not ready for Pac5 Football..
    The Jury will now come out on Bishop Amat How will they fare next week? Have they been exposed in the secondary? La Mirada Who is ranked in the Times top 25 will give Amat another tough test..After tonight we should get a better gage at where Amat stands in terms of upper bracket pac5 or mid level pac5..Servite will take on Rancho Cucamonga A powerhouse from the Inland division who is Nationally ranked at #21 (Sat.9/1/2012/Colony High School 7pm)

  • Real talk

    That is the biggest problem I got with Amat!!! They become complacent when they have a big lead on teams. They don’t have the killlllll mentality. Come on Amat get your ass in gear and kill these teams. I know the coaching staff allows this and it is a joke to think this kind of thinking wont catch up to you. Good luck with that type of attitude. I’m out….,

  • Stangs

    Observantcat we have some crow for you B!atch. All that shiz talking and you D1 studs couldnt even beat the worst team in the sierra league. The WORST teams hahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahaha.

    Stick to D11 football, you might make it out of the second round this year……………………………

  • New York

    Wow! The sun came up this morning and the world is moving on. I questioned that last nightlol

    This loss has nothing to do with Monrovia playing against an upper division team. Ayala might end up having a good season, but I’ve never viewed this as a “step-up game.” We have more talent than they do. How is that a step-up? Ayala is not Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Alemany, Bishop Amat or Charter Oak. Our mentality at Monrovia is totally whack if we thought that beating Ayala would be a “signature” win. We beat Glendora last year. Glendora was two years removed from winning the Sierra League 4 years in a row. Has Ayala come close to that recently? No. Of course, hopefully Ayala has a strong year this year. Congratulations to them. Ayala drilled Diamond Bar who came right back and got a victory this week. Time will tell if Ayala has put that 10-0 freshmen class to good use.

    South Hills beat us in the fourth quarter last year. I feel that Monrovia lost this game last night. I dont want to sound like a poor sport and take anything away from Ayala. It would be easier to accept a 15-16 loss in a mistake free game. But when you miss two extra points, give up a safety on a punt, and have a ball deflected off a kick on the punt returns leg for a turnover, then it really points to a lack of preparation.

    I came on this blog earlier Friday thinking we (Monrovia) would get an easy victory. Admittedly, I took for granted that we would actually be prepared and show up with a roster full of seniors athletes with offers and actually build upon where we finished last year, and not seemingly start from scratch trying to figure out what we can do.

    Good programs know their identity going into week #1. One of the GAs on my college team once told me a line that was passed onto him by a former O-Coordinator at Boston College and then the Chiefs “Feed the stud. Know who the stud is and feed him the ball.” Kinda simple.

    I have to be fair. I have given praise in the past, so I must criticize now. Maddox and his coaching staff and his seniors took it on the chin Friday night. Most people who know football realize that the offense wont be fully baked going into week #1, but we also expect that we will take care of business with the things that we can control: Monrovia gave up a safety on a punt, we let a freshman rookie have a ball bounce off him on another punt for a turnover, we botched two extra points.

    We basically had anywhere from 4-6 turnovers. Our defense played okay in the face of that many turnovers. Ayala scored just two TDs after racking up 46 in their first game.

    We have a Sr. QB, Sr wideouts, Sr. tightends, and a Sr. RB. Why cant we turn that into points in week #1. Several colleges have made offers to two of the WRs and the tightends.

    The great local programs know what they have from the beginning. Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, Chino Hills, etc. We are not there as a program. Those guys dont need to get warmed up in order to bring their A-game.

    Our opponents, other than Arcadia, have done well so far. So if we get our heads on starting with Maddox and going through the freshman, then we can win the next 4 games and sweeten this bitter pill of a start to a promising season. We must demand that our athletes make athletic plays. We need our guys with offers to take games over. We need Maddox to demand that of them and to put them in positions to do so.

  • Observing Bryant’s Pastures

    …but, but, but it’s early in the season…and, and they’re an upper division team…and, and we are working in some new players…but, but we have all these offers…but, but we’re still as good as anybody in the valley…and, and, we’re gonna still in a D11 championship…and, and – did I mention we have all these D1 offers?

  • New York

    The offers are verifiable, but that certainly does not translate to victories. Obviously.

    I like the post from “SGV baby” down below, except for the part about we will be just fine. Teams don’t just become good. They must do what it takes. That entire program needs to do some soul searching right now.

    Monrovia can do it. We can finish pre-season 4-1. We need a nastier mentality, as well as an ability to assess the situation in practice and not waiting for the big game to expose us.

  • no-step

    Spartan 03
    Take off your rose colored glasses. Damien hasn’t had a dependable running game since Ian Johnson. They can’t run, but that’s OK b/c they can’t pass either. Their defense gives up points to anyone and can’t stop anything. Think Temescal Canyon, and everyone else. The special teams are the best thing they have, and they’re only lousy. Hell, they can’t even get the band on the field at halftime! Damien has four run plays that they exhaust in the first quarter, a jet sweep, a bubble screen, a guick trap and a draw, none of which ever work again. When they get a first and goal at the three yard line, it takes four runs AND A TIME OUT to score. Their first possession of the second half started on the 20 YL and they proceeded to go backwards 19 yards, calling another time out while they tried to figure what to do on 3rd and 25.

    I don’t care how many rings GG has on his fingers, or bells on his toes. When he won in the past at LA it was because he had a bunch of ex-amat players and competed against Wilson, little sisters of the poor, and some secretarial school for the blind. His name and reputation is only so good for so long. Right now the football I.Q. at Damien on the sideline is about the same as a cheerleader’s. GG and his staff are not capable of out-coaching anyone. The players are good enough to win. All they need now are some coaches who understand football.

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to all the teams of the SGV win or lose and hopefully all escaped injury free. Hats off the the CH Huskies on a fine effort .Great game and it could have gone either way . Too bad the refs had so much to do with the outcome but that’s football only not quite to those extremes. CH should go far as Simko is the real deal . As far as the Men in Blue great effort and they played with plenty of heart . Too many mistakes this week and it cost us . Mental errors that were not there last week but it’s over and time to regroup , put this behind us and get ready for next week and focus on what needs to be addressed . Maybe a tie was in order as this was an Ali vs Frazier type of game . Two heavy weights giving each other their best knock out shot only to have the other team come off the ropes and come back firing . Good game and it will go down as one of the epic battles between two SGV teams.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    First and foremost congratulations to Ayala on their victory it still remains to be seen what this all means its just week 1. Im disappointed in the loss however the loss has nothing to do with M-town being in Div 11 or being overwhelmed or outplayed by Ayala this was no beat down or an embarrassment.

    Ayala may eventually be a good team who really knows at this point, Monrovia just didnt get It done and it is as simple as that. You cannot win football games with 5 turnovers, having a punt blocked for safetys, missing extra points, and missing gimme field goals. There were a number of factors contributing to this loss, which should be handled internally and wont be discussed here on the blog but you can beat your sweet you know what there needs to be a discussion about our teams game performance . Having said that we have some tweaking to do and Im confident that we are a great team and we will get it done.

    Today us M-town fans find ourselves in the same boat as Muhammad Ali, you know , after talking all that trash about Smoking Joe Frazier and coming out with a few more lumps than you expected and a defeat and having to get up off the canvas. Sometimes you have to take those chins shots and right hooks to realize talking about never gets it done. So in closing we have a long season ahead of us lets see if we can return the favor like Ali did with Joe Frazier, and for those of you who thought I was going to run a hide, its not going to happen. Im like the US Flag and the Stars and Stripe we dont run for ANYONE. Observant Cat, I got your back like a spinal cord but pass me the plate of crow you know I hate eating it but sometime we must do what we must do. SEE ya Next week.

  • Existential Reality Check

    Dear Monrovia,

    Simply put- no! You are not getting off that easy. As we, the rest of the SGV, have learned from last year once you have a beaten a few powder puffs you will once again claim to be among the elite; in spite of this loss.

    All of the trash talking, and chest thumping that was done at the conclusion of the post season and carried on through from this past Friday afternoon have warranted this bit of crow being served. Open wide!

    Monrovia posters were actually trashing Amat, and claiming supremacy over the Lancers and the rest of the SGV; one could simply look it up on the archives, so don’t deny it. I am no Amat fan, but that was and is incredibly foolish and asinine.

    Here is why no one in the SGV likes you:

    “Lost to South Hills in the fourth quarter.”

    No, you just plain lost to a better but 3-7 D-II team- period.

    “today us M-town fans find ourselves in the same boat as Muhammad Ali…”

    Okay, hold up, your program has been a decent D-XI team for like 10-15 years, and already comparing yourselves to the likes of a legendary heavyweight; really??

    The only area programs with that right, due to history OR current greatness would be:

    1. Bishop Amat
    2. Los Altos
    3. Charter Oak
    4. South Hills…
    with the recent addition of West Covina- maybe; only because they lack the past upper-division success.

    And then, you go on to quote, “like the American flag… these colors don’t run (or whatever).” Leave politics out of this; especially, if your sociological/political knowledge is at a remedial level like that of Kennedy Bryant. I don’t see what a hyperbolic comparison has to do with HIGH SCHOOL football.

    Monrovia, you lost to team that likely will not factor into the Sierra League- period. Thus, you are D-XI. No more and no less.



  • Nice

    How about Amin Raad? 214 on 36 carries. The kid isn’t fast but he runs kids over. Had to have had 20 broken tackles all night. First night for a brand new line for Glendora. They will improve watching film. But overall the score does not indicate how bad Glendora dominated Claremont. I believe they should start the senior at quarterback. The junior only threw about 6 times and had an interception for a td. Impressed with glendoras defense. Db’s got burned a few times but if they keep them in front they have picks. Not impressed with claremonts wr’s.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @Existential Reality Check said:

    Who Cares what you think your just a nameless blogger that has the courage of a wannabe. Never question my affliation with the Stars and Strips.
    Now step off.


    “Thank you Los Altos…tired of all the D1 talk out of Salesian” ??? Fred or Aram

    “did all the D1 guys take the night off at Salesian??? Cong76

    Not sure where all the talk has come from as I’m probably the only Salesian alum on here and I didn’t even know they had D1 players, or guys of that caliber, so who’s talking, it ain’t me.

    Must be someone who wanted to start some Salesian bashing talk given that the topic is Los Altos vs Salesian. Give that some thought for a second, Salesian, D13 playing an 8-4 SGV former powerhouse who lost to it’s division’s Championship Finalist La Serna in the playoffs. Is that a crow eating moment? I don’t think so.

    Last week I went to see Damien practice and was talking to Gano and a parent and mentioned I’d be at the LA Vs SHS game and a parent said, thinking like I did that the game was at LA, “that game will be over by half time ( in a Mustang rout)..come to Damien at the half”. I said this in front of Gano, “Los Altos has Championship pedigree, they’re Champions, I don’t think it’ll be like that”, but hey that’s me, what did I know?

    I got to the game at halftime and Salesian was down 28-14 which became 41-14 quickly. It was a great game for Los Altos who have size, discipline and a coach who has a system that the players believe in. If any one knows a LA fan who was at the game they will tell you this, Salesian fans have class, the atmosphere was first rate and our players never quit. Remember we’re talking Salesian playing Los Altos, give that some thought as Salesian just played Sierra Vista last and welcomes “WORKMAN”. Great win for the Los Altos? Shait talking by any one? Oh okay.

    Salesian lost to Rio Hondo Prep in the Semis a few year ago, lost to Marantha and their stud Qb on the last minutes two years in a row, that Salesian?

    I guess when you’re rebuilding any win is a great win but the Los Altos I know, who gave birth to the Browns, Harwell and Cody would never ever schedule Salesian, maybe Chaminade, but not a bus ride to Boyle Heights and a hoot and holler ride home. Maybe the Mustangs deserve more respect than that Conq76, but that’s on you. I’m not here to judge.

    On to Fred or Aram, or whatever idiot wrote “thank you Los Altos”. Here’s what you wrote after Sierra Vista was shut out by Salesian . not sure what’s more disturbing that they didn’t score or that they gave up 22 points”, or something like that. Well the year before the score was 49-0 so maybe giving up ONLY 22 points WAS an improvement? But I’m sure you knew that right?

    Not sure if dumping on Salesian is because of me but let me assure you that Salesian plays hard, plays with class and never gives up. Plus we don’t put up with whiny parents, egomaniac players or BS from our fans.

    A few years ago some local whiney SGV coach actually had the nuggets to claim their school was at a disadvantage playing Salesian. WOW!!! This AFTER our Coach Johnson came ON THIS BLOG and wished HIS school well, congratulated HIS players, THEIR fans and THEIR school spirit and ASSURED them “he’d seen the heart of a soon to be crowned CHAMPION” . Has any other HIGH SCHOOL HEAD COACH COME ON THIS AND SAY SUCH THINGS? Much less a HC from Boyle Heights?

    I played soccer with Robledo family members who are first class friends, awesome individuals and extremely loyal Mustangs, Fred they deserve better than that, and you know it.

    I also know LA families and LA players and they are always about being Champions, and all that entails. Shame on any one from LA who thinks dumping on a team with 30 Varsity players, from families who are as working class as it gets and who sacrifice everything for their kid’s future…if dumping on them makes you feel better about yourself than Los Altos has lost everything.

    Next week Coach Morrison will bring his team to Salesian. I hope to shake his hand and wish him well. If they win, congrats to them. If they lose, congrats to him. Takes a big man to schedule Salesian, my alma mater, with all our history and risk getting beat. I won’t gloat if we win or make excuses if we lose. After all when I played at Salesian when we played Notre Dame, Loyola, St. Francis, LB POly, Crespi, Banning, Carson, St. John Bosco, St. Anthony, Pius X, Verbum Dei and even Bishop Amat before my time so it’s all good.

    I bought my “LORD OF THE RINGS” Salesian Soccer T-Shirt that reflects our many CIF and State Chmapionship rings. yes we win CIF CHAMPIONSHIPS, just ask a former Olympian and Beach Volleyball great.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Reality you have no one to cheer for now that your son has left Arcadia….. everyone knows who you so just stop it and enjoy your 1st week of laughter.

  • Special Teams Wins Championships

    For all the Amat nation blaming the tie to a bad snap really dont understand 1/3 of the game they are watching. This was not the fault of the snapper or the kicker and it is unfair to put all the blame on the holder. You couldnt have asked for a better snap for the last PAT. The transition between the catch and the hold was were things were fudged (watch the video at 5:52), but once again the blame cannot go on those three. Not sure how anybody can blame special teams in an game were 48 points are given up.

    By the way, how did Servite’s LS look?

  • Sgv sports fan

    The South Hills, Bonita game was a defensive struggle but South Hills pulled away from great defense from Ben Kane and Aaron Parham. Also Bonitas defense could not stop the running game, south hills ran the clock out when they had the ball with roughly 5 minutes left. Benny Garcia ran the ball like 10 straight times and had a very solid day of running the ball. Next weeks game will be a tough game but if executed properly south hills can win the game!

  • Conq76

    Conq76 said:

    To Stanford Dad

    I truly appreciate your thoughts on the game and and the info on Salesian. My post, (as well as Fred’s, I would suspect), are based on other bloggers who were inceredulous by the pick of both Fred and Aram of LA over Salesian. They were convinced that Salesian was going to walk away with the game and that LA should keep the buses running because the game was going to be over so very quickly. That prompted me to find out how Sal. fared in their first game and discovered they beat Sierra Vista 22-0 while LA had beat Arroyo 33-6. Based on those facts alone, I thought there may be some veracity to the idea that LA might be able to compete with Salesian.

    So a little good-natured ribbing to those bloggers is certainly in order.

    I was there during the glory days of LA and played alongside many of the members of some of those championship teams in JAA. So of course I have a personal interest in seeing the school do well and to keeping the legacy alive.

    I ceretainly meant no disrespect to you or other classy Salesian fans.

  • Conq76

    Sorry sabout the typo’s, I am having a helluv’a time dealing with this new computer…:)

  • New York

    Existential Reality Check,

    Congratulations. You have an even bigger ego than I do. You claim to represent the entire SGV. Ok. At least you could try to quote me correctly.

    I said that South Hills BEAT Monrovia in the fourth quarter last year. This is to distinguish from the game last night. I was making the case that Monrovia LOST the game last night. How else would you explain it? We lost by one point, but MISSED TWO PAT attemtps with a senior kicker who has been reliable the previous three seasons. Rumor has it that our coach had him kicking off a kicker’s block for the first time in his career. So yes. I am saying that WE LOST to AYALA as compared to when South Hills BEAT us. Get it.

    I don’t think the entire SGV wants you repping them if you can’t even plagiarize competently.



    No worries as I just wanted to set the record that it wasn’t ANY ONE from Salesian. I know a few bloggers go for that mess but the Mustangs aren’t that way. In fact when Maranatha came to our house they said the same thing, “Wow, we didn’t expect the hospitality”. Yes they beat us twice but it took everything they had and they were tough.

    BTW I like Gano at Damien but find it remarkable how little progress he makes with the boosters and AD Carroll. But then again when you’ve won 4 CIF Championships and had players of national caliber you’re not very good at a$$ kissing and tolerating fools. Damien is full of both, fools and ass ki$$sers.

    Conq76 I must tell you LA fans were very vocal and spirited last night but always classy. Can’t wait for Round Two at your house. Maybe we bring it better next time. Glad to see LA well on it’s way to regaining their Championship form. Always among the best dressed teams any where, a clear sign the parents and boosters have tremendous pride in their community.

    Here’s to high school athletics and to the men and women who understand why coaching is more than W/Ls.

    Interesting fact about last night. Tons of Salesian fans talking about what a great honor it was to play Los Altos. Kudos to you guys.

    Until we meet again.

  • LMAO @ Green and White

    @ New York,

    Two can play the “if only…” game so if you’re going to say this mistake or that mistake cost you the game, I’ll take your 2 missed PAT’s and raise you a VERY uncharacteristic Jordan Robinson fumble in the end zone. Your 2 to my 6 still comes up 4 short (5 FTW). By one or by twenty-one, it doesn’t really matter, you were not the best team on the field yesterday, and your JV’s and Freshmen were worse than your Varsity. So it’s looking like Ayala will have another cupcake on their schedule next year unfortunately.

    Your M-Town (WTF is M-Town anyway???) whatever does not even belong in the same conversation, paragraph, or story with the Amats, the Chino Hills’, the Upland’s, etc, etc., etc… So stop with the chest thumping and flag waving. Go back to being the bully of the playpen.

    Aram and Fred, stop with the high ranking of Monrovia. They can’t even beat the Sierra League bottom dwellers. Just stop it.

  • New York

    I’ve never liked the term M-Town and I don’t use it. I agree that both teams make mistakes throughout the course of the game. But when you talk about PAT with the game on the line. Those are typically automatic. Whatever. Monrovia stunk it up. We have a lot to prove. Tough season opener.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    With the exception of Amat73, some of you posting that Amat became complacent and THAT is what allowed Chino Hills back in the game. I don’t know what football IQ you have, but that was NOT how that game was played.

    In short summary, and I dare any one of you to prove otherwise, this is a short synopsis of what happened (absent the officiating).

    Amat”s D in the first half could not stop CH’s run game. No 45 was doing his best one man band show, breaking tackles repeatedly. When Simko went airborne, they marched down the field even faster.

    In the second half, given Amat’s adjustments, they started stuffing the run, but couldn’t contain Simko and the pass attack. That’s what kept CH in the game – and come roaring back, twice. In fact, each time they did, it was from the pass game.

    As for CH, they couldn’t stop Amat’s run game in the first half. Blue broke several long runs. CH made adjustments at the half that helped in the second. Amat’s passing game helped them in the second half.

    Both teams made mental mistakes. Both teams had a few questionable play calling. BOTH teams suffered from poor officiating with CH getting the worst of it toward the end of the game. So don’t go cry a river over who got the worst of it cause both schools did. Or did you forget the pass that hit the ground, combined with the bogus pass interference call with about 22 seconds left?

    Give credit where it’s due and don’t be a bunch of whiners. This was an equally matched game between two excellent teams. Yes Ali vs Fraizer. If you want to be really ticky tack, don’t forget Chino Hills kicker missed the extra point that would have given them 49 to a subsequent 48.

    It was a great game and let’s just leave it like that.

    As for Centennial, St Boni is a very good program. So don’t go there unless you’ve played them.

    Congrats to CH and congrats to Amat. Too bad Fox didn’t broadcast THAT game cause that was an jnstant classic slug fest.

  • ‘member this?

    Not so fast my friend – uummm…you mean like this?


  • sgv baby

    New York and all the Green Cats, I truly believe your WILDCATS will be just fine. I did not intend any disrespect at all. For many years Monrovia has always had talented ball players and have always been good in my book. I just think Monrovia has got to put all the offers and hype behind them start playing with HEART rater than the ” We are good, have all the talent and teams are going to fold because we are good” attitude. Again this loss should be a wake up call for you guys. My prediction Monrovia will go 3 and 2 pre season 5 and 0 in league. Make the playoffs. CIF Champs??? going to be tuff unless you take the “I” out of the team, refocus, get into championship shape

  • The Fan

    At SH-Bohi last nite. Two Ist year coaches with teams that will only get better. Bohi seemingly able to move the ball at will until the red zone then they would enexplcably stop running and throw, leading to sacks. South Hills play calling was conservative and smart with zero turnovers. Both kicking games were non-existent with SH blocking two chip shot field goals. No matter if BOHI has a good kicker if they cant block. On one play it seemed that the kick blocker was already waiting as the holder received the snap. These are two teams that will indeed get better but Bohi has far more kinks to work out only because their schemes seem far more complex leading to more mistakes. I love the way SH keeps it simple and avoids putting the ball at risk.

  • Huskies #1

    Are Freaken Kidding Me?

    Freaken Bishop Amat was so lucky to come out of this game with tie game. We absolutely did our very best to lose this game and still managed the tie. Do the math lancers. You guys lost this game on the field. We beat you guys in all 3 parts of the game. You’re lucky to walk away with tie and you know it!

    Huskies #1

  • Conq76

    Stanford Dad

    My brother-in-law played center to Gano’s QB either at Mt. Sac or APU, (can’t recall which one) and each time he, Gano, saw my dad at LAHS for a game he would come over and shake his hand. He also gave my dad a few hats along the way which he has kept these many years.

    I never thought anyone could replace Despain but Gano did a tremendous job fielding some highly competitive teams regardless of what his detractors might say on these blogs.

    Too much spiteful, ignorant rhetoric but once in awhile, a little compassion mixed with intelligence emerges! lol

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ member this.

    Yes I remember that game. Amat made the kick then. They didn’t last night. Not quite what point you’re making, but uh ok.

  • Huskies Not #1

    Huskies not #1,
    The game was only close because of REALLY bad officiating. Go to the highlights on the thread above this and see just one of the bad calls these clowns didn’t make, the 2:16 mark to be specific. If that wasn’t a block in the back I don’t know what is. Who are these guys, CH Alums? Heck they couldn’t call a Pop Warner game they were so bad. They should be suspended or at worst, fired for incompetence.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Huskies Not No. 1

    What about the defensive holding on Amat #7 on Austim when he ran a fade route? You could see that from Memphis. Point is we could do this all day long for the next 365 days so don’t cherry pick the calls.

    Maybe we should check the background on the sideline ref that sat on his flag all night until Amat needed that last drive with his bogus pass interference calls. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was an Amat alum.

    See we can do that too.

  • ‘member this

    Not so fast my friend – didn’t you write this:
    “As for Centennial, St Boni is a very good program. So don’t go there unless you’ve played them.”

    We have.

  • Tartans Are Thankful

    I see Damien’s offense was non existing!!!! 14 points really!!!!! Well I might know the solution. Fire the offensive coordinator!!!! This guy is sorry!!!!!!My son attended Glendora high and we had the same problem
    Thank you Gano for taking this brown nose turd from us. This guy has no clue about football but will pretend and kiss everyone a$$. Damien fans if you want to win,get rid of this idiot, who thinks he knows everything about football but actually knows nothing. His play calling was so bad at Glendora our season was over before it started and looks like he off to a good start at Damien to end their season too. The sad thing is Damien is so talented with playmakers too. This guy could make USC offense look average and that’s impossible. Damn that waterboy look alike. If anyone agrees with me, please reply.

  • 12th man

    I’m telling you!!! The pac5 is no joke this year!! another pac5 win tonight vs an Inland team!!Servite-24 Rancho Cucamonga-23..
    The Servite win only makes Bishop Amat look more impressive considering that Rancho was ranked #21 in the Nation!!!

  • Amat Kiising Their Sister

    Since when does Bishop celebrate a tie as much as they have this weekend? This is just another example of how far down the Bishop’s expectations have fallen. Bishop is happy kissing their own sister? How bout that! Oh how the mighty have fallen. I mean you guys are actually trying to convince yourself that a 1 point victory by Servite against RC is somehow meaningful! LMFAO! What about being worries that Chino Hills almost (and should have) hung a 50 on your defense? How in the hell are you going to stop the Serra?

    Pac 5 my ass! Bishop is joke! Bishop fans are a joke! Bishop coaches are a joke!

    Referees are Bishop Amat’s biaaaatches!

  • Lancelot

    Great game Friday night! Hats off to Chino Hills they gave the Lancers all they could handle. Was the officiating bad? Yes, but it was bad for both teams. To harp on the officiating and blame the refs for this or that only cheapens the outstanding efforts put forth on both sides of the ball. Amat was never complacent in this game, Chino hills was just hungry and opportunistic. Way too many mistakes by the Lancers, and CH for that matter but it is what it was…a great game that’s now over. Both teams have another big test on their hands this Friday and I’m sure last weeks game is tucked away where it belongs, in last week. To the clown trying to stir up Amat fans with your Amat is happy with a tie crap, give it a rest, your an idiot if you believe that. We are happy with our boys playing a dam good ball game and giving it their all..no matter what the outcome! It just so happens that the outcome on Friday was a tie. So be it. La Mirada this week and the coaches and the Boys in Blue are well on their way to preparing for that game, as I’m sure the Huskies are setting their sights on Tesoro. Good Luck to all SGV teams this week. Keep winning because it makes the upcoming match ups all that much more exciting!!!Go Lancers!!! Go Big Blue!!!

  • Drinking The Coolaid

    Can someone please tell me why people think Gano is a good coach? He ran off any decent staff he had. Now he has a bunch of yes men around that aren’t teaching the kids crap. Quit blaming the administration on his shortcomings. The school has top notch facilities and he still can’t get a single D1 player to play for him. He runs a “pay to play” program and allows certain dad’s full access to the program. I agree with the Glendora guy, if that offence coordinator was calling the plays on Friday, that was embarrassing. That loss was just as much on the coaching as it was on the players. I would love to have heard the all-inspiring half-time speech, because there was nothing done different from the first half. O-lu had a sophomore qb that couldn’t throw. We knew they were going to run and we still couldn’t stop them. The offence was terrible with only one drive and a second drive against backups. After O-lu figured out what Damien was doing after that first drive, they shut Damien down from there. Again, no adjustments, no coaching. Gano better get on the horn and call in the next batch of transfers.

  • Reality bites

    There are two problems at Damien. Poor coaching,predictabilty and the player under center!

    The showing against OL for a private school was horrible at best. Gano just isnt the guy for the higher level of play. Spend the 100K+ on a top QB and not a has been from LA.