Where should Mike the Cousin go next?

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  • SaintsR4real

    Avenge, avenge, avenge….

    SAN Gabriel @ SAN Dimas. One of last years top upsets. Such a fluke last year, unbelievable. Saints vs Mtown would’ve been a great Final!

  • steveo

    I can’t wait for this rematch either SaintsR4real. I still can’t believe how many penalties SD got in that game. I still laugh at the refs that literally ran out of the stadium like they were running for their lives…it was funny.

  • haha

    Don’t bother going to the SH vs WC game. SH is gonna get a whopping like last year.

  • Jefe

    You’d have to be insane not to vote for Amat-LM.

    That game should be incredible.

  • Colt74

    Look…am a BA fan but about to get BA’d out…
    Spread the wealth or rename the paper to the Bishop Amat Tribune…lol

    I vote for SH/WesCo

    You have already had 2 BA and 1 SD game covered.

    If you are that much of a hardcore BA or SD fan you will be at the games….

    Put the spotlight on 2 other teams that have not been covered yet. Besides..if Cousins spends any more time in the BA pressbox they will get him his own seat with his name on it.

  • Valley athletics

    I would say west Covina vs south hills but they where on fox sports twice already . Don’t know who damien plays or diamond ranch . Los altos vs Wilson game is going to be one sided . Chino hills vs a top rated Tesoro is nice , but just like bishop they have a lot more good ones to choose from all season .charter oak vs alamitos is a good one , but I would rather you cover them against amat and chino hills .diamond bar plays don lugo but that is not a interesting game .after reviewing all these games I guess west Covina vs south hills might be the best games that involves to local teams .