Saturday Morning Rewind: Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty, Chino Hills coach Derek Bub react after 48-48 slugfest

4:00 mark: Tom Kiss’ thoughts on Bishop Amat, Chino Hills 48-48 tie
26:00 mark: Chino Hills coach Derek Bub’s reaction
52:40 mark: Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty’s reaction

You don’t want to miss this: Inland Insider Tom Kiss video highlights of the game of the night, Amat-Chino HIlls

Tyler Drohan’s highlights and interviews from Charter Oak’s 35-0 whipping over Roosevelt.

Video highlights and interviews of Ayala’s 16-15 win over Monrovia with Reginald Miller

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  • Margarita bill

    So fred in the new rankings will CH be tied for first or will you still have BA your overall number 1 team

  • Fred Robledo

    Amat is still No.1, Chino Hills 2 with Charter Oak moving to No. 3 … How could you move Chills past Amat after a tie? Plus Amat owns big win over Servite

  • Margarita bill

    I didn’t say move CH past amat I said will u have them tied for first since they literally tied in a head to head matchup. Also on what grounds now do Amat need to be ranked ahead of CH

  • Fred Robledo

    Amat’s No. 1 until they get knocked off — even in championship boxing if there is a draw the champion keeps the belt

  • Margarita bill

    I agree with the boxing analogy, im a huge boxing fan, but i think (IMO) its only fair to have them both at #1 because they did battle to a draw i just dont see how you can have them still ahead of CH after a battle like that. But if you go by past games or whatever then i guess Amat is champ of the SGV who fought to a draw so your right.

    Question: If CO beats Amat but turns around and loses to CH who then would be number 1.


    My thoughts on BA and CHHS a game.

    I’ve said this before but it’s true so I’ll say t again, “sometimes when a star studded class leaves, and every one thinks it’s over…the class behind them actually outshines them”

    CHHS and BA put that in full display as both squads play more like a team and less like a “supporting cast.”

    Mayeb it’s the fact that at practice every day the practice squad goes up against incredible talent and increase theirs or maybe it’s just pride, from being ignored and dismissed, that bonds a squad of “they’ll never do anything now the “greats” are gone.”

    I hear the refs sucked but that all part of the game, maybe they did and maybe they didn’t, either way it took a whole bunch of self inflicted TO by BA to get a tie, something to thing about. Still BA has talent, speed and unity, they’ll be fine. Just ask Servite.

    As far as CHHS goes, always had the best talent in the Sierra League, always. Now they just have a stud Qb, should be fun.

    Great games for both teams coming up so let’s see who suffers most from the tie, BA or CHHS? This could be interesting.

    Fred ever hear that concept, “suffering form a tie”? Just ask’

  • Koa is the real deal

    Congrats to the beginning of a great season. After way to much Fred hype on last years QB, this kid Koa is the real deal


    Do you mean “4” ???? LMAO

    What’s the over under on Aram coming up with a lame-o name that no one will abide by?

    Possible choices, just trying to help out “THE BIG mAN”, LMAO

    1)King “K”…might work
    2)K-QB “Two many letters for Aram to speak on camera and not have food fall out of his mouth !
    3)K-MAN..sounds gangsta so maybe Aram’s already in to this
    4)The Second “K” to incorporate the “K”
    5)Sweetness…in honor of Walter Payton who didn’t play QB but who needed one to hand him the ball
    5)”K”ing “K”obra…well Black Mamba is “K”obe and it might be racially insensitive seeing that he’s a minor and Oregon already has one as well. Aram is nothing if not original. After all,”NINE”,lol.
    6) The Matric”k”s…spelled differently to incorporate the “k” but reflect Koa’s many talents. I actually like this one the most.
    7) “K”uartro…LOL I know Aram knows a few Spanish words so this might work and it also reflects the multiculturalness of the Fish Bowl
    8) The “K”an’t Miss “K”id…niiiiiiiiiccceeee !
    9) The “K”aptain…leadership is very important for a Qb
    10) “K”an “K”an Man….because he “CAN” !
    11)”K” Sharp…in honor of Spinal Tap.

    Have a great career Koa but when Aram ask you if you like the new nickname,that will never take, that he’s given you look into the camera and say….”They call me Mr. Haynes” in your best Sidney Poiteir voice…ask your parents, lol.

  • Where will Ayala be moved to after defeating number 1 ranked monrovia?

  • Really Fred

    In boxing if it’s a tie the champ gets it, ask Pacquiao about that one..LOL

    Amat is the champ of what? I was at the game and I believe that Chino Hills should have won if it wasnt for that horrendous call at the end. Anyhow if Servite gets waxed tonight Amat still #1? If so how? I guess for Amat at times its better to be lucky then good.

  • 12th man

    Even if Servite loses tonight..Amat still holds the edge vs Chino Hills based on Strength of Schedule! Unless you truly believe Arlington(team that CH beat in weak 0) can beat Servite lol.??..Plus Arlington would also need a higher strength of schedule than Servite..& I just don’t see that happening lol..Check out some of the teams Servite will be facing this season..

    Bishop Amat
    Rancho Cucamonga
    Bishop Gorman
    Santa Margarita
    St.John Bosco
    Orange Lutheran
    Mater Dei

    Honestly can anyone in the SGV beat any of these teams besides Amat?

  • 12th man


    BISHOP AMAT-45.5

    CHINO HILLS-35.1

  • jcaz

    Margarita bill,

    You are so irritating and you know what ? You seem to be quite a bit of a “poop” talker.

    Fact is that your pretty giddy right now cause you got one of the best high school coaches to ever teach the game on your payroll, however, and believe me when I tell you this, and that is that, “Harry” isnt the kind of guy to stick around for very long.

    So for now, kick back and enjoy the show, but I’ll tell you what, if your team gets beat by anyone on your schedule this year, then your going to really hear it from a lot of these blogers in here, especially from all of the Amat homers and honks.

    BTW, you did say that the PAC5 was down this year, so if your boys do happen to get knocked off by a “down” Trinity league team, then no excuses right ? You dug the hole, and dont come back with how tough that league is because thats gonna be Bull poop ok

    Oh, and God forbid that SM looses that game to Serivte !! OMG, that would be devastating, and the sad part is that you’ll become just like our last outsider blogger from the Inland Empire, fan favorite, “Norco,” who BTW, we haven’t seen in well over a year now.

    So MB, when the time comes that you guys lose, and at some point, you will lose, then please, dont worry, we wont file a missing blogers report with the County sheriffs office.

    But ill be asking about you ok….

  • Football follower

    What happened with all the St Paul hype. Didn’t we hear that Scoby was going to run wild and those transfers were going to change things . What has Asante done to bring pride back. I am hearing a revolt is brewing in Santa Fe Springs.

  • Margarita bill


    Sorry you feel that way little guy. But in all reality i am going to sit at the top where my team is and until we get knocked off then i guess ill be with my team finding my way back to the top you know where your team hasnt been since oh “1995”. No disrespect to any REAL Amat fans but when you speak down on my team i will fire back by the way jcaz what was the score the last time your team played mines? But thats irrelevant though. And believe me i wont go anywhere if my team lose one. Our league is tougher than yours, glad you know that. you and some of the Amat fans do like to pick on the SGV fans because you feel superior which in the SGV you do have all rights to, but here’s some advice Little guy dont bark louder then you can bite because you know SM would run over your Lancers again if we ran into each other. But until then it is what it is. SM is the defending champs ranked Number 1 in southern california respect the champs i gave all props to Amat for their victory over Servite and i do stand by what i say i feel the pac5 isnt as talented as it normally is this year. but a few teams are surprising so i might eat crow on that statement when im proved wrong, but one slip up from SM doesnt mean anything its about how we finish not how we did in between. And if the coach wants to leave then he can go SM still will have a more recent Championship then your team and still be in a tougher league then your team, so i gotta ask why do you despise me so much when i give props and represent the SGV as well as SM not orange county just SM? Did i hurt your feelings in anyway or is it that i root for a team that you cant beat.

  • Valley athletics

    @margarita bill. I agree with you that Santa margarita is easily the best team in so cal top to bottom . But you seem not to know much about the PAC 5 . You say they are not as talented as before. You know they added the marmonte league which has oaks Christian , westlake and st. Bonaventure . The PAC 5 is 16 team strong with no easy wins coming this playoff season. Servite is in there down year and they just beat one of the top inland teams .

  • Sierra League Fan

    Kudos to both coach Haggerty & coach Bub for calling in for the interview. Both seem like class guys who run top notch programs. They represent their schools well. Well done coaches!

  • Margarita bill

    Valley athletics

    Dont get me wrong i know about the pac5 very well im just not banking or giving the new respected teams credit quite yet until they prove themselves worthy in pac5 playoffs, its a completely different atmosphere its like one mistake early can cost you your season i know thats on all level of play in playoffs but to me its something different about pac5 ball. For instance: I dont see Oaks coming out slow against maybe Amat and Amat takes the lead early, now we all know Amat can take the air out the ball and make it a much much tougher game with very few penalties stopping the clock. IMO the pac5 prides itself on its defensive schemes and i just dont see Westlake being able to scramble around almost every play and make plays against a team like Poly or a San Clemente who is very discipline on defense. I personally isnt giving the new guys the credit yet, i do respect their programs but pac5 ball is much different. I hate the fact that a few of the new teams are ranked higher than a few of the proven and very well knowin pac5 teams. and again like i said before i might be eating crow for that specific statement because a few teams are surprisingly better than advertised


    Bishop Amat is happy to be kissing their sister!!!

    Have you ever heard this quote:
    “You play to win the game! Hello?”. Herm Edwards

    You and your coaches are happy with a tie?

  • zacj

    Hey Dyslexia – it was BubB who wanted no OT. He said it in th exist game video. Must be a Sierra League thing he learned from Farrar. Both coaches have to want OT or there is no OT. Blame the right guy

  • Valley athletics

    @margarita bill.i agree with you on your point about oaks and westlake not Beijing in competive playoffs . It’s been a cake walk for those 3 top teams in marmonte every year . But they are very good teams that can take a top team out also . I also believe . The teams in the Serra are stronger this year and the trinity league are stronger. There is going to be some very good teams in both of those leagues who don’t make playoffs . Mission viejo , Tesoro , and San Clemente are tough .

  • jcaz

    (Big man) Margarita Bill,

    So…..Your now saying that the Pac 5 is a “little bit” better than you previously thought and that even with a loss, that its “where” you finish as opposed to what you do during the regular season that counts ?

    Hum, kinda back peddling eh ? Oh, and you also said that SM would beat Amt hands down if they were to ever meet again ? Sounds like i’ve heard that one before from a trinity league team eh, LOL.

    Ok, now humor me a little bit “BIG” guy (After all, im a little guy right ??). How about we play the, what if game, eh ?

    What if, SM doesn’t even win league this year ? It could happen….right ?
    What if, SM, loses to Servite ? It could happen…..right ?

    You just said that they’re in a tougher league than the Serra, but, what “if” they dont even get to the playoffs this year ?

    Then what ?

    Are they a better team than say, a third place finisher from the Marmonte who could very well be St Bonnies (who they happen to play very soon BTW) ?

    Well what if it comes down to a tie breaker between tjose two and St Bonnies owns the win out right ?

    Look, bottom line is that everybody likes to talk trash in here, and im no exception. But the fact is that at some point your going to lose, and trust me when I tell you, THAT AT SOME POINT, YOU WILL LOSE.

    Bottom line is that come two or maybe three years from now (and this is a fact, not a what if) that Harry’s coaching somewhere else, and when your team is back in the toilet (from where it started before Harry came in BTW), then you and 1995 can come back in here and tell us all about the glory days, and all about how great SM was back in the day,and how the pounced Amat several years back…

    What a joke.

    Oh, and BTW, thats going to be a fact, because i’ve heard that Harrys going to Bishop Gorman next. ha ha ha.

  • Margarita bill


    Well look for one last year SM didnt win the trinity league title but won it ALL so like i said its how you finish and yes in between is important also but even if SM loses 3 league games and be an at large bid but wins it all the fact still remains that SM is the champs and those loses means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. ill play your game with you.

    you asked
    What if, SM doesn’t even win league this year ?
    well Sm didnt win league last year but won it all so in SM eyes the big award is winning C.I.F not league even though league is a big accomplishment on any level.

    What if, SM, loses to Servite ?
    Well we lost to them last year and ended up winning it all so whats the point of that question.

    You just said that they’re in a tougher league than the Serra, but, what “if” they dont even get to the playoffs this year ?

    Well IMO SM well definitely make playoffs have you seen our first two games we took down the #1 ranked team in Arizona and then easily beat a Jordan team 35-6.

    Are they a better team than say, a third place finisher from the Marmonte who could very well be St Bonnies (who they happen to play very soon BTW) ?

    IMO that question is related to the last one but we do meet them head to head this year determining who has the better team THAT NIGHT now if we happen to met in the playoffs and play them for a second time and we beat them again then i have all right to say SM is better. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN ONE GAME

    Well what if it comes down to a tie breaker between tjose two and St Bonnies owns the win out right ?

    THIS QUESTION IS far fetched.

    THEN YOU SAY_____Look, bottom line is that everybody likes to talk trash in here, and im no exception. But the fact is that at some point your going to lose, and trust me when I tell you, THAT AT SOME POINT, YOU WILL LOSE.

    Jcaz SM lost twice last year overcame those two loses and did what every team sets out to do every year and thats win a championship.

    Oh, and BTW, thats going to be a fact, because i’ve heard that Harrys going to Bishop Gorman next. ha ha ha.

    If Harry leaves then good luck to him SM will always be SM and with the publicity were getting now kids will love to attend SM, remember winning attracts talent.

    In conclusion I myself is going to leave you with this in league play your more familiar with style of play and the intimidation factor isnt as heavy as it is when your facing an opponent that you rarely ever play against IMO. I believe this is what makes a league opponent a bit tougher then an outside team thats not familiar with your play. Servite has been wiping the floor with us the last 4+ years so losing to them is not surprising to the typical SM fan but if we lose this year to them, then it will be a shock across the NATION not just the city so it is a lot of pressure on SM this year but i believe and know SM can handle it WE’RE USE TO IT.

  • jcaz

    Margarita bill

    Look, im not going to sit here all day looking for the things you’ve been posting on these blogs for all this time and cut and paste it to this blog. Its a waste of time because you and I know just what you’ve been saying.

    Bottom line is that you’ve begun to back pedal as of late with all your smack talking, and with all your Bull Poopy, and now, your starting to suddenly get a bit of reality in you.

    And…..what with this, “if they lose” then the other team is the better team “that night ?” WTF ? all about anyway ? Are you trying to cover all your basese here pal ?

    Oh, and BTW, thanks for giving us that history lesson because im glad you actually admitted that SM actually lost a couple of games last year because up to now, you would neve have thought that these guys haven’t a game lost since Moses was in high school, and, sense were at it, let remind you that when Harry was coaching at Canyon, he didnt always beat Hart every year. He lost a few pal.

    BTW, even though he did a hell of a job over there, he didn’t always win it all so ya, where you finish is kinda of a big deal, but if you dont even get to the playoffs (and for you, thats more of a real possibility than for the LB Jordan team you just beat right ?), then what good is your silly a$$ argument anyway ? Not a thing.

    Look, your in here day and night with a smirk on your face (BTW, kinda hard to actually see it on this blog, but trust me, its there).

    Your a pompous a$$ but guess what, YOU SHOULD BE, because you guys have a hell of a team and an amazing coach. But, if you somehow think that last years results are going to be the same this year, or that your never going to lose a game (this year), or that SM is just going to cake walk to the PAC 5 title again, then you have another thing coming Bubba.

    Anyway, ill let you have the last word if you want it, but ill agree with you on one thing here and thats in, where you finish that counts, so, lets see where your boys end up this year.

    Fair ?

  • Cheech and Chong

    By the time the playoffs roll around this year Santa Marijuana will be a non factor. Put that in your bong and take it to the bank.

    Dave? Dave’s not here!

  • Jefe

    12th man,

    I would make Amat the underdog against every one of those teams except Servite (already beat them), Rancho Cucamonga & MAYBE OLU.

  • 12th man

    Call it what you want!! But the “FACT” of the matter is that Amat is the only team in the SGV that has already beaten all those teams at least once in previous years..So realistically speaking what other team in SGV would you consider??..

    Exactly what I thought!!Crickets!!!..

    Amat was an underdog vs Servite Now what?
    & if you think Rancho & O LU..are cake walks..Then you definitely don’t know football!!..Look I’m not here trying to put Amat up on a pedestal cause it’s only week 1..The whole Valley will know just exactly where Amat stands in it’s next game vs La Mirada..

    This Will be the make it or break it deal!!
    La Mirada is no joke..But at the same time they ain’t no pac5 material either..So the final score of this game will determine weather or not Amat makes noise in the SERRA!


  • Not Since 1995

    Here we go with the “we beat everybody” in meaningless games Amat Blowhard dance…!

    Lanceritos…let’s not get your panties all wet just yet!

    Not in 2012 either…

  • Margarita bill

    Cheech and Chong

    Im just going to LOL at what you posted.


    im officially done with responding to you, before i go ill leave you with a little advice READ WHAT A PERSON WRITES BEFORE YOU RESPOND that way it’ll make sense when you post, and respond to a certain individual.

  • Cong76′

    Nonsense 95

    I infer from what you post, that the only “relevant” game in your opinion is the one played at the Home Depot Center in Dec. And that game will ONLY count if they win it.

    I suggest you get back to us around Christmas time to share your valued opinions about relevancy and meaningful contests. In the mean-time, the rest of us will enjoy each victory and lament each defeat as the season progresses.

    Merry Christmas…

  • Joe Amat

    Since the championship is the only game that “matters”, here are some more for you from winners in the top division:


    San Clemente, Tesoro, El Toro, Mission Viejo, Trabuco Hills, Lakewood, Millikan, LB Wilson, LB Jordan, Compton, Cabrillo, Oaks Christian, St Bonaventure, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Calabasas, Agoura, Simi Valley, Royal, Newbury Park, St.John Bosco, JSerra, Alemany, Notre Dame…

    and for good measure
    Crespi (NotSince86)
    Mater Dei (NotSince99)
    Amat (95)
    Loyola (05)
    OLu (06)
    LB Poly (09)
    Servite (’10-’11. Before that -25 yrs)
    Santa Margarita (’11. Before that-Never)