Servite’s 24-23 win over Rancho Cucamonga gives Chino Hills and Bishop Amat a credibility bump

Bishop Amat’s 40-23 season-opening win over Servite looks better on paper after Servite came-from-behind to beat Rancho Cucamonga, 24-23, Maxpreps’ sixth-ranked team in the state. With Chino Hills stepping up and tying Bishop Amat 48-48 in a game it very well could have won, this bodes well for their Inland confidence and feeling they can play with anyone. They proved it.

Chino Hills and Bishop Amat are playing tough schedules that continue this week with Chino Hills hosting Pac-5s Tesoro (2-0) and Bishop Amat heading to La Mirada (2-0), which already has hammered St. Paul and La Habra. On paper Tesoro’s an even bigger test than Amat, ranked fourth in the L.A. Times’ Southern California rankings. I don’t know what to make of La Mirada, I thought ranking them No. 1 over West Covina to open the Southeast Division rankings was a joke, but the joke’s been on me so far. They’re playing great ball and deserve No. 1 in the Southeast. You can check out Aram’s All-Encompassing SGVN rankings out this morning, he’s got La Mirada at No. 3.

The Tribune rankings come Monday and there will certainly be some turnover. It’s quite clear the top three teams should be Bishop Amat, Chino Hills and Charter Oak, and though I’ll probably leave Amat on top, you can make an argument Chino Hills deserves it too, or at least a 1 and 1A top two.

The next seven will be tough. How far do you drop West Covina and Damien after thorough beatdowns to upper division teams? How far do you move South Hills, San Dimas, Los Altos and Diamond Ranch up after an impressive two weeks? All things for you to consider on your lazy Sunday afternoon holiday weekend.

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  • The Ranch

    Diamond Ranch is coming on strong, and it’s because Roddy’s in the weight room with his linemen, spotting and squatting. El Rancho is not a bad team this year; their offense did manage to score 34 against the Panthers, but those guys up front (particularly on offense) will take the cats places this year.

  • DRanch Man

    This will be my fourth year watching the Panthers and it is my opinion that this years team is far more balanced offensively than it has ever been. Panthers QB Xavier Beltran is gaining more and more confidence under center which is probably due to that big O line watching his back or maybe it is the new QB coach. Either way, Beltran’s accuracy and decision making has greatly improved over last year and it will be interesting to see how he progresses throughout the season. William Bryant is doing a great job making through the holes created by that same O line and his second and third efforts are no less than impressive. In years past, DR has had 1 or 2 superstars that have made our team very competitive. this year it is depth and diversity that is our strength which makes it hard for opponents to dial in on a single weapon.

  • Fred Robledo

    Great to see Diamond Ranch playing well again, we need Roddy’s Ranchers to be that team that reached back-to-back finals a few years back. Los Altos and Diamond Ranch are making me think West Covina’s road to a third straight league title isn’t as smooth as I first thought.

  • scmc

    I found it surprising that some folks thought that Amat was going to walk all over CH, as if CH was a cupcake. It almost sounded as if some thought the tie was a precursor to the wheels coming off of the Amat bus. Perhaps Servite’s win will put a rest to that.

    Assuming CH had a significant amount of guys not seeing double duty, Amat would have been foolish to have agreed to O/T. But we will never know what Hags would have done since it was a moot point after CH refused to go into O/T.

    I think what is lost here is the intensity these teams are putting on certain preseason games. Say what you will, but when the preseason schedule came out, Amat no doubt knew it had to bring it’s “A” game against Servite. Now the shoe is on the other foot with the remainder of Amat’s preseason schedule. Just like CH, La Mirada is no cupcake and they would like nothing more than to say they beat a D-1 team, An arguable top 25 CIF-SS team at that.

  • Hold up

    Let’s not forget that while Chino Hills and Bishop Amat tied, it was Bishop Amat that actually beat Servite.

    Just because CH ad BA tied does not mean that CH would beat Servite. CH would be favored but this does not guarantee victory.

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    Refused? You write that like he was emphatic about it. Here’s a news flash for you, 50% of coaches, for a non league game are gonna flip the coin on playing OT.

    It was a great game. Folks need to stop being armchair analysts and Monday morning QBs.

    Fox should have broadcast THIS game.

  • RosieGlasses

    The fact that Chino Hills hung almost 50 point on a very weak Amat defense only proves that Amat is NOT ready for PAC 5 football!

    The Lancers have allowed an average of 31 points on defense. You think that’s going to give you a PAC 5 ring???

    Heh, heh!!! Heh, heh!!! Heh, heh!!! LMFAO

  • Fred Robledo

    How can you beat a team like Servite and then say you’re not ready for Pac-5 Football? That is Pac-5 football.

  • Rosie Fred Glasses

    Fred as usual is ass-u-ming that Servite will be relevant this year.

    Fred also ignores the fact the Amat defense is allowing over 30 points per game.

    Let’s see where Servite and Amat are by Thanksgiving. I can promise you this – neither team will be very competitive in the PAC 5!

    Paul Ryan doesn’t let facts get in the way of his speeches either Fred. Perhaps a career in government?

  • Someone has to be

    Rosie Palms- does that mean Rancho Cucamomga won’t be relevant either?

  • Not Since 1995

    The Lanceritos are the real deal this year!

    They smashed a very good Servite team that just beat Rancho Cucamonga and if it wasn’t for the penalties, turnovers, or missed extra point, they would have still beat Chino Hills.

    The Lancers are good and they make make a good run this year!

    I wish I had been a Lancer fan all along

  • RanchoStinks

    Rancho Cucamonga coaches tried telling Amat coaches that they would beat Amat in a real football game. That’s funny cause Amat smashed Servite and Rancho couldn’t even beat them, lol. RC has talent, but the coaching is mediocre at best. Sounds like the problem for most teams in the IE with the exception of Centennial and Murietta Vista. Amat’s okay this season. So don’t get your hopes up high to fast. Servite honestly is not that good this year. Amat will be lucky to beat La Mirada this year. Coach Mike Moschetti former University of Colorado QB and Captain of the 1997 Mt SAC National Champs has La Mirada looking like a fine tuned machine. A huge difference in comparison from last season. When was the last time Amat won league or a CIF Title? It has been awhile and they’ll be lucky to capture a league title this season and definitely not CIF.

  • fYI

    RanchoStinls – Amat was the Serra League Champion in 2009