The terrible calls of high school football: This was ruled pass interference AND a catch, you be the judge

On Bishop Amat’s game-tying drive in the final minute of its 48-48 tie against Chino Hills, this play was ruled pass interference and a CATCH. The catch call was key because it gave Amat at first down at the 5. Clearly, it was not a catch.

Tom Kiss has every play recorded of Amat and Chino Hills’ 48-48 tie. This is the first half, we’ll post the second half later. It was such a great game, we want to share it all.

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  • Judges say

    PI? from what I can see, probably yes. Reception? not a chance. I’m just waiting for some Amat idiot to come on here and claim that, “it’s a bad camera angle”. This video is much more definitive than that still shot that all the Amat blowhards claimed to be misleading.

  • 12th man

    Bad footage! Couldn’t make a call either way! But if I had to choose during the game..I would have ruled it a catch! Watching the replay gives us viewers better angles & looks like the receiver may have trapped the ball at the last second..Unfortunately High School Football doesn’t have the luxury of Instant Replay ..So with all that in mind plus the game speed I think the officials made the right call considering the circumstances..It does look like he made the catch with the naked eye at full speed!
    As far as Pass Interference goes the video only shows the defender right before the receiver catches the ball..Doesn’t show both of them when the ball was in the air..So I really don’t know if there was any contact while the receiver was running his route or seconds before he caught it..Again! If I had to choose based on the video..I would say “No Pass Interference”..& that’s only because the video did not show everything that was occurring between the defender & receiver throughout the whole passing route & especially towards the end..Where the Camera only shows the defenders lingering around..

  • Fred Robledo

    12th man, the ball CLEARLY hits the ground and pops up on the way down. No doubt about it, unlike the still picture that Aram showed, you couldn’t draw any conclusion from that.

    But I’m shocked that when you saw it in live motion, you thought it was a catch. Aram clearly stated on his blog that EVERYONE saw it hit the ground and knew it wasn’t a catch.

    Look, the officials blew the call, but I don’t blame them. Like you said, they don’t have the benefit of replay. They’re making judgment calls in real time and anyone who’s every officiated knows how difficult that is.

    But again, this was clearly not a catch.

  • Lancelot


    I have yet to see a game overturned due to a picture submitted the day after the game. Fred I’m surprised at you. This is almost Aramesque!
    You get enough hits. No need to go Aram on us…It’s really a dead subject UNLESS….maybe you are going to change your rankings due to this “New evidence”????? No? Then Why all the drama Freddie?



  • 12th man

    Watched it again!! It does look like the receiver trapped the ball & it bounced back up..But during the game at full speed depending on the angle you have..I would say the majority would rule this a catch.. Yeah! The Referees missed the call..But given the circumstances it wasn’t like they blatantly missed it..Could have gone either way when trying to make a decision at full speed..This is a type of call where Coaches in the NFL would have to throw out the red towel so officials could view the replay~

  • Misquoting me over here now, too, Freddie? Thanks for that.

    Yeah, I’m sorry the pic wasn’t enough for all you Johnnie Cochran’s to draw some sort of conclusion. I mean, all the pic shows is the ball hitting the ground while it’s in the receiver’s hands. I guess the only thing you’d need next to show you is video. Oh wait, we got that and now 12th Man think it’s still a catch. And the other Amat fans are now sour that Fred broke code and posted this damning evidence.

    I guess the only thing that might convince 12th Man is a written statement from Darren Andrew. But even then, he may argue it’s because “Aram had a gun to his head.”

    Between Fred misquoting me and Amat fans trying to explain away this video or get mad at Fred for posting it, it’s obvious very few of you are dealing in reality.

  • Sierra League Fan

    12th man,
    Bad footage??? You must have a crappy computer…lol. Freeze the frame at the 15 second mark. No doubt that the ball bounces off of the ground and he catches the rebound. Also, the PI could have gone both ways. They were hand fighting each other with neither gaining an advantage. That is a non call at that stage of the game.
    Also, it is my understanding that the ref who made the call ( the one on Chino Hills Sideline) is Mr. Salas who I’m told is a Bishop Amat parent. Having had a couple kids go to Amat and that he is a general booster board member for Amat Boosters. Aram, Fred…. is there anyway you can confirm this? I’m sure if coach Bub got wind of this, he’d be LIVID!

  • 12th man

    For the record!!I wasn’t at the game! I’m just now viewing it for the first time..Like I said..I believe the refs made the best call given the circumstances of having to make a call at full speed..I’m sure they would have over turned the call if “Replay” was allowed..
    I really don’t have a dog in this fight so I’m trying to give you my best non-biased decision..This call could have gone either way?..You have to remember that the ref is running down the sideline & he has his vision being partially blocked by the defender & has a fraction of a second to make the call..Not Easy!! Do I think the ref made the right call? “NO”..Do I blame him for calling it a Catch? “NO”
    Bottom line is..Either team can’t complain on “What If” or “What Should Of” or “Could Have” Syndrome…Don’t put your team in a situation where it needs a big catch or stop on defense to win the game..There were no losers in this hard fought game & the loss column from your team stats confirms it~

  • Lance R

    Terrible call sure why not, it was. Can you take it back, will it change the outcome of the game?, will the referee ref another game, sure he will. Is he a Amat parent, grad or booster? Who the heck knows. Is the game over yes it is. Is the tie going to stand for the rest of the season yes. Lets move on correct or incorrect it is what it is. The bad calls went both ways so the Tie is just that a tie. People getting wound up over a non league game. Give it up for the young men that played in this back and fourth see-saw battle. You guys are taking away the spotlight of what players like Dionza Blue, Simko and others did to entertain us on that Friday nite for $7.00. This will not be the only game this season that has blown calls and controversy. Stop with the Videos and get on to how the Amat La Mirada game will shape up and the CH Tesoro game.

  • Fred Robledo

    I agree with that Lance, this happens to be a call we have a video of, but there are lots of calls in games that directly change the course or outcome of it. Who knows how many borderline calls over the course of the game changed the flow or momentum. But that’s sports. That’s how it is in every game and every sport, you live and die with the decisions, and in the end, it is what it is. At the end of the day, both teams dealt with tough calls against them and kept fighting. Each showed their willingness to do whatever it takes to win in the final minute by both scoring. It is what it is, a great football game that ended in a tie with both teams having a chance to win.

  • AMAT!!.. Curious

    Since you played it in slow motion, its clear… however I would like to see it in real time, just to see what the refs saw..

  • What if?

    Since we’re playing the “what if” game and we have the video. “What if” they call the clipping at the 6:34 mark on a 2nd and 10 from the 46 with Amat leading 21-7?. “What if” that long gain gets called back and gets negated? “What if” that drive stalls and CH comes up empty? “What if” Amat takes advantage of that fie
    D position and continues to move the ball to go up 28-7?
    Could be game over, man.

  • Red Zone

    While I would rather have the ball 1st and goal at the 5 – without the catch call the PI gives Amat 1st down in the 25. The way the Lancers were moving the ball there’s a good chance they score anyway. Andrews and Coook on the outside with Velasquez over the middle and Blue or Daniels coming out of the backfield is pretty potent

  • Slow mo

    Seeing this confirms it not being a catch . In a pro game it would be Overturned .But in real speed depending where refs where, if they where running , the glare of the lights it can be seen as a catch . And Fred and Aram . Not everyone thought it was incomplete . People on the opposite side of the field or at the other end saw it different and to a lot of people it can look like a catch . I bet if you slow down all the calls you can overturn 50 percent of them .Let’s move on both teams have tough games next week.

  • STANFORD DAD, yes if my son is attending Stanford …it applies.

    Aren’t we being beating over the head with a fundamentally twisted argument by aram once again?

    The point of the video is just this, it tells us what happened “before” and “after” and wasn’t that the point of discussion?

    The same way the film proved it was not a catch it could have proven it was. Maybe I’m missing something but isn’t that not a fact? Unless you’re on Planet Aram.

    Gee I wonder is aram will break the “extra” down that secured Diamond Bar’s last CIF Championship or that incident on the grassy knoll.

    Real players and coaches know what happened that night, great game. Can’t wait for Chino Hills to visit Keifer next year. Maybe Servite Part II ?

    Time after time we get into these discussions and ultimately dismiss a great effort by every one on the field that night.

    Seems there was actually a game and several players were outstanding and made big time statements of their arrival.

    If this video proves any thing it proves that there was a bad call, in a game with several bad calls.

    Either way I’m sure there was a game played and Chino Hills is inspired by their effort and Bishop Amat is inspired by their effort. Some how I don’t see how aram or his petty persona have dominated this conversation.

    BTW, if memory serves me, it’s early in the season and hopefully we can all agree aram is the smartest man in the room and get back to watching the games on the field instead of the games in his head.

    Aram you might not be the best prep writer in the country but you’re one heck of shill.