Tribskin Pick’em: Your picks and ours

Aram and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season for our annual dinner bet.Week 0 results are in

Last Week: Robledo (18-7); Tolegian (33-13).
Season: Tolegian (18-7); Tolegian (30-16).

Last Week: Aram and I both went 18-7, but we got there taking different paths. I nailed him taking Ayala over Monrovia, Orange Lutheran over Damien, Norwalk over Diamond Bar, South Hills over Bonita and Covina over La Puente. He came back with Valley Christian over Duarte, Garey over Ganesha, South El Monte over Nogales and Ontario Christian over El Monte. I don’t know how we both got to 18-7 cancelling each out so much, but we did.

This week: If you want to call it going out on a limb taking South Hills over West Covina, go ahead, I just think the timing is right. One team has been drinking their bottle of get tough and the other is on the ropes. One team is without their starting QB and the other is playing their best defense in years. There will be new Kings of Cameron on Friday. I like El Monte to bounce back against Covina in a fun-to-watch game at the District on Thursday and I like Bishop Amat in another thriller over La Mirada, who has played as well as anyone. I like San Dimas to get revenge on San Gabriel, Charter Oak to beat Los Alamitos at Veterans Stadium and don’t think Chino Hills can knock off mighty Tesoro after going toe-to-toe with Amat last week.

This weeks games and predictions
Thursday’s games

Duarte at Montclair, 7 p.m. – Robledo (Montclair); Tolegian (Duarte)
El Monte vs. Covina at CDF, 7 p.m. — Robledo (El Monte); Tolegian (Covina)
Elsinore vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha, 7 p.m — Robledo (DRanch); Tolegian (Roddy)
Friday’s games
Azusa vs. Maranatha at Citrus, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Maranatha); Tolegian (Maranatha)
Damien at Palm Desert, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Damien); Tolegian (Damien)
Don Lugo at Diamond Bar, 7 p.m. — Robledo (DBar); Tolegian (Lugo)
Gladstone at Baldwin Park, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Gladstone); Tolegian (G-Stone)
Tesoro at Chino Hills, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Tesoro); Tolegian (Chino Hills)
Glendora at Colony, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Colony); Tolegian (Glendora)
La Puente at Arroyo, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Arroyo); Tolegian (Arroyo)
Los Alamitos vs. Charter Oak at Veterans, 7 p.m. — Robledo (COak); Tolegian (LosAl)
Montebello at South El Monte, 7 p.m. — Robledo (South); Tolegian (Montebello)
Mountain View at Sierra Vista, 7 p.m. — Robledo (MView); Tolegian (MVHS)
Northview at Rowland, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Rowland); Tolegian (Northview)
San Gabriel at San Dimas, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SDimas); Tolegian (Z)
West Covina vs. South Hills at CDF, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SHills); Tolegian (WestCo)
Wilson at Los Altos, 7 p.m. – Robledo (Los Altos); Tolegian (Conqs)
Workman at Salesian, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Salesian); Tolegiain (Salesian)
Ayala at Cheyenne, North Las Vegas, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Ayala); Tolegian (Cheyenne)
Bishop Amat at La Mirada, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Amat); Tolegian (Lancers)
Bonita vs. La Serna at California HS, 7 p.m. – Robledo (Bonita); Tolegian (La Serna)
Rosemead at South Torrance, 7 p.m. — Robledo (STorrance); Tolegian (ST)
Bassett vs. Glenn, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Glenn); Tolegian (Bassett)
Pomona at Bloomington, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Bloomington ); Tolegian (Bloomington)
Nogales vs. Ontario at Montclair, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Ontario); Tolegian (Nogales)

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  • BraveDad

    What, no Bosco vs. Santa Fe?

    JK of course. Hopefully this post will not set off the two Santa Fe supporters who frequent these blogs. To be honest I’d rather we not play this game but it’s on schedule due to a cancelation of a home and home against another Private that backed out on us before the 2011 season (the other school shall remain nameless). That said, we take no opponent lightly and we’ll bring it full force on Friday at Pioneer. So whats a guy to do about a tailgate this Friday? Shall we fill Geezers?

  • 12th man

    Going out on a limb? Picking Chino Hills is like saying you’re guarantee them to make it to the Semi Finals in the Inland div. this year!

    Tesoro is A pac5 powerhouse & if CH can pull off the win!! It will be heard all across the South land!!

    Risky call!!

  • 12th man

    ************PAC5 NEWS!!!*********************

    Servite Coach Troy Thomas has fired offensive coordinator Matthew Mitchell, who was with the program for four years. The Friars had been struggling on offense in their first two games this season.

    “It comes down to us not being philosophically on the same page,” Thomas said.

    Servite has an open date this week, and Thomas said he hasn’t decided who will be calling plays when the Friars face Huntington Beach Edison next week.

  • SGV Football

    Actually I do not think that picking Chino Hills over Tesoro is a bad call. It isn’t about division here, but rather how the teams stack up personnel and philosophy wise. Tesoro is another team that does great against the run. They are a different team when they face a passing team such as CH. I actually would take CH over Tesoro in this one, in a close one. My prediction: CH 28 to Tesoro’s 21.

  • SGV Football

    Look at last week’s score, Tesoro 10 – Hart 7. That is the other thing I would worry about if I were Tesoro, will they be able to put up enough points to beat CH. CH will put up 3-4 touchdowns even on Tesoro’s tough Defense, and Tesoro does not have the same type of offensive firepower. Tesoro is a strong defensive team, but I really think they will fall short in scoring, and that’s how CH will win the game.

  • Charger Dad

    Los Al has been down for a while. They remain a pretty good team, but not what they used to be. CO should be able to put 28 plus points on Los Al, and CO’s tough defense will hold Los Al to maybe 2 scores. This will be a tougher test for the Chargers, but we should win by 10-14 points.

  • LM Matadores

    LM will do what CH couldn’t, and that is finish off Amat. We were actually at the game, and we saw what we have to do to beat the Lancers. Amat can put up points, but that has been against weak defenses. LM is for real this year, and we have a defense that will shut down Amat in the passing and running game. On offense, there is no way Amat can stop our receivers. We are much taller, much faster, and much better than any receiver Amat has faced so far. We will not beat Amay the same way we spanked St Paul, or even La Habra. But I believe we will win 42 – 28. LM is for real this year, and the Southeast is just the beginning. We’ll see you at the Home Depot Center in December.

  • Fred Robledo

    I’m buying that, if La Mirada beats Amat and St. Francis next week, they have a clear path to the Home Depot Center. I couldn’t imagine them losing a Suburban or Southeast game after that.

  • Lancelot

    @El Matadore-Wow, you really Ole’d on this one. Chino Hills Defense was weak??? You’re out of your mind. CH had a solid defense and their offense was pretty darn good too. If I was a LM Matador I wouldn’t be basing my win on the pipe dream that CH had a weak defense because that would be a very costly misconception to go with into Friday nights game…….as for outcome, I will leave that to the boys on the field. Amat will come ready to play, be sure your boys are ready!
    Go Big Blue!

  • Not Since 1995

    As I said last week, Servite will have a below a average season…!

    The Friars loss to the Laneritos will prove to be quite meaningless by Thanksgiving…!

    Not In 2012…

  • LM Dad

    I wouldn’t call Chino Hills weak at any position, as maybe my counterpart is a little over zealous. But we do look really good so far, and I do believe we have a great chance to beat Amat on our home field. I also went to the CH vs. Amat game last friday, and I saw Amat almost score at will. If it hadn’t been for a sloppy second half, Amat should have won that game by 2 touch downs, just my opinion from what I saw. Come friday LM will be ready. We will score, and probably put up 28 to 35 points. The question is, can our upgraded defense hold Amat below 35? If we can, then we will win. It will be a great game.

  • The sgv

    Chino hills defeaverie very good . Amats offense can put up some points . Have u Ever heard of Boise state commit receiver jack Austin and Matt simko . I don’t think they will have a problem with la mirada . Chino hills will beat Tesoro . The passing game will give Tesoro problems and there offense is not explosive .

  • Joe Amat

    Brave Dad,

    Please frequent Geezer’s…owned by an Amat alum and frequent contributor – so the better he does, the better we do!

    Good luck along the way


    If Servite will be below average that doesn’t ultimately bode well for the Inland Division this year now, does it? It’s Week One and the Inland is already winless in 4 games vs the Pac5.



    I have to agree to disagree with you, if Lompoc is in the same division as La Mirada for the State Bowl birth and if Lompoc runs the table in their new division no way CIF can deny them a bid for the state playoffs, even if La Mirada blows everyone out on their schedule. Lompoc has won like 22 straight games.

    Amat beats La Mirada, this Friday. St Paul and La Habra are not on the same level as BA. Just take a look at the Monrovia/Ayala game. D1 players doesnt equat to wins. Especially if the Amat has just as many ballers as La Mirada!

    As far as the Tesoro/CH game. I dont see CH beating Tesoro, dont get me wrong I truly want CH to beat Tesoro because it only makes the Sierra league look better! But the only time that CH beat Tesoro was in 2010 when they had a kid by the name of Ifo, you remember him. He starts for a school named Oregon, LOL. Those kind of players dont come around too often and with him they just beat them by 1 point.

    I dont like Tesoro’s schedule this year, Hart and CH are the only two decent teams in their preseason schedule so that might open them up for a loss to CH.

    Typing and watching PrepXtra at the same time, love it!

  • What?


    On your PREP FOOTBALL PICK’EM, not all games are listed. Same as last week. Am I missing something? Los Altos left off last week and again this week.

  • DBar Pop

    DBar is off to a tough season. I don’t have any kids playing there anymore but it’s been pretty tough watching people just run all over you. Our problems are the same, small line, no depth, decent offense, blah blah blah…but that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to thank #22 for two years of fun. I just found out last weekend that his Dr. has told him that he can’t play football anymore. I know it must be devastating news to a sixteen year old kid that has the skills and talents that he does, to be told he can’t play the game he loves.I remember seeing him play as a freshman, and no disrespect meant to the other DBar freshman, but after the first play I turned to my wife and said this is the best Freshman I’ve seen here in years. The kid was tough, fast, quick, had great instincts and most of all he was tough. He led the freshman team to an 8-2 record (goth losses were when he was hurt) and capped it off with five toughdowns versus West Covina in the last game. His soph year he battled the injuries that will sideline him forever and ended up going down to the JV team and revitalizing their season. What I’ll miss about him as much as his play on the field is the respect he showed adults (i met him one time and complimented him. He remembered me from then on and always had a nice hello and a hug whenever I saw him again, the support of his family (always at least eight people to cheer him on at every game) and the way he helped his teammates and made them better players. I know he’s a smart kid (he could have gone to WC but he chose DBar for the academics) and there is no doubt that he will be successful in whatever he chooses to do in life. It just won’t be as a football player. So a team already short on depth, has lost a defensive starter and a team leader. Thankfully the world hasn’t lost this young shining light and will be a better place because of it.

  • Husky Football

    Anyone doubting Chino Hills is in to be disappointed. Many said Amat would come in and roll over CH. I know we didn’t beat Amat, but they didn’t beat us eiher. I have a lot more respect for Amat now, and that game last week was a classic. CH is for real this year, and we will beat Tesoro. We will beat Tesoro because Tesoro can not stop our scoring. Tesoro can not stop the balance we will show them running and passing. More importantly, Tesoro will not put up more than 14-17 points, and that will not be even half of what they will need to beat us. I predict CH 35 – Tesoro 14. CH will take the Sierra, and make a deep run in the Inland.

  • Dan

    Of the times I’ve seen Amat and other good Pac 5 schools, they definately seem to play at a higher speed and level of intensity than just about any other SGV team in most years. Maybe one or two other sgv teams could come close depending on who was good that year, but I still feel that Amat had the edge.
    I saw La Mirada and La Habra play each other last week and did not feel that way about either of those teams. I thought both teams looked good, and both looked physical, but I did not think they were at Pac 5 level. I remember thinking to myself that if either of those two met up with West Co they would be within reach, not sure who would win but I think the game would be close. I certainly could be off on this, but I don’t think LM scores 28 to 35 on Amats defense, I would not be suprised if Amat holds them to 14 or less, they play that hard on defense, but then again, for La Mirada’s sake, I didn’t think Chino Hills would put up 48 on Amat either. Then again Chino Hills has recent history of beating big teams. Amat traditionally is very good against the run but at the same time good passing teams have historically given them trouble. It looks like Chino Hills may have brought out Amats vulnerability on pass defense. La Mirada runs well with their big line, and their passing game looks pretty good too, just not sure it’s on the same level as Chino hills.
    Amat 28 La Mirada 14, but if La Mirada pulls this out, look out Southeast division.



  • RosieGlasses

    This Dan guy flip flops like a pretty boy from West Hollywood!!!

    Say what you mean and mean what you say boy!!!

    Bishop Amat will be lucky to be a .500 team at the end of the season. Definately won’t make the playoffs!!!

    Chino Hills and La Mirada will make big runs in their divisions.

    West Covina will not hold up this season. They’re already falling apart

    La Mirada will beat Amat 28 – 17!!!

    Say it Flip Flopper Dan!!!



    Are you saying you missed the Loyola / West Co game to go to the La Mirada game?

  • Dan

    Ha Ha, good catch Rosiecheeks, I did flop a little on the end of that post… Hey Rosiegirl you gonna grow some cahones and back your team this year or you gonna bail out again and make that long drive east on the 210 to go swing off CO’s jockstrap? I can see you already running in front of the stands with your bullhorn alongside the cheerleades hollering “Ceee Ooohhh!!”.
    Help me out here, what was that name of that team you were too embarrassed to support?

  • Dan

    No I saw the La Mirada vs La Habra game which was last Thursday, Loyola/West Co was Friday, as ugly as it was for WC I would not have missed it.

  • Jefe


    I’m actually kinda looking forward to this weekend’s game because I’m about 5 minutes from Pioneer High.

    Road games mean no Bosco Burrito though & that’s never a good thing.



    Okay, just checking you had me worried for a little bit.

  • BraveDad

    @ Jefe,

    Yeah, but I don’t think we can’t get the tailgate going at Pioneer. I’m kind of looking forward to the game too, because its a game! Plus, no overlooking or disrespect to Santa Fe, but we are going to hit the meat of our schedule after SF. Loyola next then Jordan, the number one team in Utah, then on to Trinity.

  • anonymous

    CO is going to give amat and Chino Hills fits on defense and to be honest, if either of those teams can’t score more then 3 times each on CO then CO has them in the bag, CO can’t just score at ease like they have the past two years, but they do have alot of weapons on offense and by far the best defense in the valley, they have their whole defense returning some have which started since their sophmore year. If CO can get there offense in a groove this week, I like them to go undefeated this year because of the great defense they bring. They didn’t allow Roosevelt last week to get past their own 36 yard line and if it wasn’t for two fumbles on the goal line the score would have been 49-0 in favor of CO. Don’t get me wrong CHino Hills has an awesome team and will be right there with CO to make a run at the Inland, and Amat I think will have trouble scoring on CO because this defense of CO has to much experience, It will be a huge task for anyone to score against CO. Anyhow I predict at 42-7 win against Los Al this week as the CO coaching staff always does a great job in preparing their kids for every game. Look out for a blowout at Veteran Stadium this friday.

  • Jefe


    I think we smack Loyola good. I think it’s going to be similar to the game where the Braves took out little Neuheisel in the 2nd quarter a couple of years ago.

    That Jordan game in UT is going to be brutal though. I hear that team is very, very good.

  • RosieGlasses

    Why is West Hollywood Dan so mad!!! Don’t get so emotional, high heels!!!

    Is it my fault that the cheating Bulldogs got caught cheating??? BTW, when will the Tribune report on all the cheating that West Covina has done over the last 3 years??? Illegal transfers, players getting special treatment, etc. When will West Co forfeit those rings???

    Is it my fault that the Bulldogs got destroyed by a superior team in Loyola???

    Take a stand and stick with it sweetcheeks Dan!!!

    Go Stangs!!!

  • BraveDad

    @ Jefe,

    Loyola will come to play, but I’d like to think you are correct. I’m waiting to see how our team reacts to adversity; we’ll need to do so during League (and perhaps sooner). I thought Lakewood would be a more formidable opponent and I think they are good, but were a lot better. That said, their BS leading up to the game, including all the social media crap, their coach calling the LBPT to discuss transfers and making them seem like they happened two weeks before the game when they actually took place months before, and then their taunting our bench prior to kickoff bit them in their collective a$$’s. All they did was fire up our team and we smoked them from the opening kick. A lopsided win over Loyola would be nice, but I for one take no PAC5 team lightly – heck I don’t take SF lightly.

    Yes, the Utah game will be tough. However, our size and speed can compete with anyone’s. Plus the talent level of our big guys up front on either side of the ball is second to none. Our skills are not too shabby either with the youngster at QB playing well with minimal mistakes. We’ll get it done in Utah! Not guaranteeing a win (see Lakewood comments), but I will not be surprised by a win either.

  • Husky Observer

    I saw a great game last week between my Huskies and Amat. I knew we were good, and I knew Amat was always known to be a good team. Truthfully, I bought all the preseason hype claimimg Amat was in rebuild mode, and that they would be lucky to win 3-4 games this season. I actually thought we would win last week by 3 or more TD’s. Not because I’m cocky, but because I know my Huskies are really that good this season. Truthfully, I will be surprised if Amat loses more than 2 games this season. I know they play in the Pac-5 division, but what I saw last week was a very fast, very aggressive, and very good team. I don’t know how good the rest of their league is, but I find it hard to believe that any of those teams will be much better than what I saw in Amat last Friday. As for my Huskies, I don’t see CO, nor Damien posing too big a threat this season. Those 2 teams should be plaing for 2nd and 3rd in the Sierra. We will give Upland, Centennial, and Vista a run this year, wait and see.

  • scmc

    Being an Amat fan, maybe it’s an odd thing to say, but I hope CH wins every single game this season, especially the Tesoro game (even if they are a PAC-5 team). CH wins will increase Amat’s strength of schedule rating and more than anything, show that Amat played a formidable opponent. Now on to the next formidable opponent.

  • Husky Dog

    SGV Football Fan:

    Don’t forget Chino Hills is actually 3-1 against Tesoro with convincing victories in 2006 and 2007 when Ifo was in middle school.

  • Amat Football

    I for one have no problem admitting that CH is a very good team. That game was a classic, and I saw two very good teams battle back and forth. I agree the calls were crappy on more than one occasion, but it went both ways, both teams got screwed at different points of the game. I believe that game makes Amat a better team and wakes us up as to closing the holes in the secondary against the better passing teams. I tip my hat to the Huskies, and wish them a strong season ahead.

  • Just Askin’

    Why is Amat still trying to convince themselves that they tied Chino Hills?

    Chino Hills was clearly the better team!

    Are Amat fans hoping to convince the SGV or themselves?

    Just askin’


    Husky Dog,

    I’m glad someone brought that point up! Lets not forget in 2006 CH beat Tesoro but Tesoro also only won one game that year!!!

    In 2007 they did better but were outed in the first round. The reason why I named the Tesoro team that played against CH when Ifo was there, is because Tesoro was a much better team that year.

  • Bulldog Jacks


    Nice one. Maybe they’ll investigate the times we let students out of class. Besides, forfeiting a game because YOUR administration caught a mistake is actually being “caught”, it’s owning up to a mistake.

  • Dan

    I see you managed to muster up a little pride in your old Stangs, that wasn’t so bad now was it? I knew a little prodding would bring it out of you, now don’t forget your megagphone and cheer suit on Friday, remember it’s Ceee Ooohhh.