College Stats blog lists 10 best high school football towns in America … Check out their Top Ten … My guess is the SGV is No. 11

They say football is king, and it’s not for nothing. And while Saturdays belong to BCS-beleaguered college football and Sundays to the bounty-placing, money-hungry NFL, Friday night is pure sport. It’s the night when all over America young men step out onto the gridiron to fight for their old alma mater. In an age of interstate highways and fading small towns, high school football has the power to ignite and unite a town like few things can. Year after year, the faithful supporters live and die with the team’s record. More so than just a winning football program, it is those fans who make a town one of the best high school football towns in America.

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  • Not Since 1995

    Nice article Fred J…!

    I’m pretty sure that the small town of La Puente in NOT # 12…! In fact La Puente is not #100 or even #100,000!

    If the list is for 2012, I’m.pretty sure Chino Hills, Charter Oak, West Covina, and evn Monrovia are small towns that are listed much higher than a town that hasn’t won a CIF ring…Not Since 1995…!

    Not In 2012…Either!

  • Fred Robledo

    Maybe you should read instead of just looking at pictures. I jokingly said maybe the SGV is No. 11, not La Puente. I finally get it, you stopped going to school in 1995.

  • Go Tigers!

    I’ve actually been to the #1 spot, Massillon, OH. They own that spot by far. That town is nuts for their Tigers. And it’s true, when babies are born at the local hospital they do indeed get a mini Tiger football in their crib. When I visited my wife’s family there, the very first place they took me was to the football stadium. I literally pulled in the driveway, and before I could take my luggage inside, we were pulling back out of the driveway to go to the stadium. Hell, they even have a Tiger store in their little downtown. It’s sick, in a good way. And when they play against Canton…forget about it. It’s amazingly awesome. Not many high schools can say they were coached by one of the game’s all-time greatest…Paul Brown.

    Go Tigers!

  • Black Tooth

    Nice responce to Not since 1995 Fred. Don’t you just see how jealous this character must be?
    He writes like he tried out for the frosh team and was dropped because he just could not cut the mustard. Why? once simple reason! He just could not stop eating burritos at Manuel’s on Evergreen.

  • Jefe

    SGV wouldn’t rank in the top 100, tbh.

  • Cong ’76

    I know this is a bit on the elitist side, but no Calif. town’s should be on this list because we have real lives that do not revolve around the “coming’s and going’s” of the local HS Football teams. We are fans, but most of us gage our “fanaticism” and give it the proper due.

  • sgv baby

    In a post I left last week. Texas was a treat where I saw some good high school football. Teams travel long distances along with hundreds of fans to root their team on. Many California HS teams are now traveling out of State or even out of the Country. Con 76 What you said in your post is a BIG ?, I’ve attended LA football games in the past and saw your faithful fans in action. Fans that show up in old washed up almost light blue t-shirts with the BIG RED LA cracking with holy shirts. Fanatics and proud. I was in attendance of the LA vs La Serna game last season supporting LA and the SGV. I live and have a great life. We are all the same when it comes down to support our community and teams. Because here in SO CAL we have schools 2 miles apart from one another it may not feel the same as a small town. In your eye it may look as these people in small communities “Have no lives” Sometimes I wish SO CAL had rolling hills and COW FARMS along the 60 frwy as it did back in the days. WE”RE IN HOLLYWOOD and we have lives!!! THEY DON’T yea right.

  • Not Since 1995

    But you have to continue to show pictures of La Puente Losers for the last 17 years. !

    Well…if yours is such a hard on…(and it clearly is!) then at the least use a 1995 picture…! Or can’t you find one…?

    It’s been a very very long time…!

    Not in 2012….

  • tolecnaL


    Hey! Notsince 1995!

    SVCK IT!!!!!!


  • tolecnaL

    @ Notsince 1995!

    SVCK IT!!!!!!


    Where’s the La Mirada beats Amat post this week?

  • Cong ’76

    Hey, we have loyal fans, no doubt and yes we fanatically support our teams. All I am saying is that during our local Friday night contets, the local movie theaters are still full, local restaurants are still busy and all sorts of other activities are going on. As I said, there are a lot of fans in our towns, but the towns are not made up of 100% fans.

    Was at the game last year against La Serna also.

    Grew up in the Heights and fondly recall what were then quiet, almost rural times….at least by comparison.