Former Rosemead assistant wrestling coach sought on molestation charges

Police are looking for Herbert Daniel Ortiz, a Panthers former assistant wrestling coach from 2007-09

Detectives are looking for a 29-year-old Baldwin Park man accused of molesting a 14-year-old boy, who came forward after the alleged victim’s mother was alerted to the abuse by a YouTube video, authorities said. Herbert Daniel Ortiz, also known as Herbert Ortiz Monroy, molested the teenage boy while working as an assistant wrestling coach at Rosemead High School, where he was employed from 2007 to 2009, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said.Ortiz founded the Bad News Panthers Kids’ Wrestling Program in Rosemead in 2010, and he has worked there as coach and program director since, according to sheriff’s investigators and the program’s website.
A video posted on helped identify Ortiz as a suspect after the victim’s mother came across it on the Internet, officials said.
“In the video, another male alleged he was victimized by the suspect and was warning viewers, specifically those residing in Rosemead, California, to protect their children,” sheriff’s officials said in a written statement. “The mother recognized the suspect as a former assistant wresting coach at Rosemead High School and asked her son if he had been a victim. Her son then disclosed the sexual abuse by the suspect.”

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