More Highlights: Watch every play of the second half of Bishop Amat and Chino Hills’ 48-48 thriller from last week

Tom Kiss, the Inland Insider, showed us the first half replay earlier this week. Now you get a chance to watch all the excitement unfold in the second half. Watch it, it’s great stuff.

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  • 12th man


  • Amat!!!

    It WAS a great game … !

  • Christmas was early.

    definitely not a catch on that last desperate attempt to score by BA. La Mirada will show how lucky BA was last week

  • Ryan

    How about we just move on? It is what it is…

  • Anonymous

    Seriously Fred your still on that game what a waste of bloggers views. Dude your one BIG BA fan you do know that there is other H.S in the SGV. Come on dude let that game go we get it your Lancers dodged a bullet and its a BIG relief to you now move on like coach Hag and Bub did.

  • GoAmat

    @Ryan. I agree with you. It is what it is! But you know we are Amat and can NEVER do anthing right! Esp if we win. OR TIE. The only time any Amat haters are happy is when we loss. Maybe we will get luck and kick another team off at the end with a coin toss. So glad we have luck like we do. So we won Servite by bad calls too??? Let’s see how CH DOES IF AND WHEN THEY PLAY SERVITE!!!

  • Lance R

    Santa Claws says: Just like last year when La Mirada came to Keifer supposed to beat down on our Lancers. It was not even a game the Lancers took it to them and showed them how Pac 5 Football is played. That game was over early. Pretty much same La Mirada team,, altho 1-yr. older this year I just do not see La Mirada getting that much better then the team that showed up to Keifer last year…?..Amat 38 La Mirada 17

  • Fred Robledo

    Anonymous, this is the web, I can post as much stuff as I want and you choose what to read. I posted six items today and 30 in the past week on a variety of topics to discuss. And BTW, why aren’t you calling me a Chino Hills homer, all this is as much about them as it is Amat. And of the threads today, which do you think has the most comments and hits? I’ll let you guess, supply and demand baby, just doing my job.

  • speaking of doing your job

    Fred, can you now tell us what happened with the old BA quarterback and all of the rumors that were circulating in June?

  • bigdog

    Not impressed at all.

  • Truth

    Speaking – you mean the rumors about him getting drafted and needed to make the choice between going to USC on a baseball scholarship or signing a pro contract with the Astros for $1.8 million dollars? That rumor?

    He signed. I read Fred’s article as he was doing his job reporting “On Prep Sports”. Just like it says at the top of the page

  • Real talk

    1.8 million dollers!!! And he didn’t play that season and was not 100% and still got paidddd. Wow… he must be good. He must be a HEAD of the pack… Lol šŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Here it is Thursday and Fred is still posting the BA game WOW…………..Then he puts it off as if its for CH to LOL…supply and demand…..P.S you cant be considered a CH homer you never talk about them until they played BA….and this post only has 3 more than the Damien one, im not knocking you at all you do great writing for the Lancers i like the Lancers i know more about them then any other team in the Valley thanks to you, but continue to do a good job fred your the best.


  • Real talk

    I vote you do a story on St.paul Fred. Before the season you would have thought they would go the whole season without a lost. Where are all those people that stated that the slime was a team to watch out for.

  • GoAmat

    You men/boys are crazy. Rio is gone and you still have him in your MOUTH? Get it guys? Anyways. So what if Fred likes Amat! Who doesnt on the down low? You all will feel better if you just admit that Amat is good! Esp after everyone thought this year we were going to suck at football. ” Nothing wrong with liking Amat “

  • Who Cares


  • Boring….!

    Chino Hills clearly lost this game with so many mistakes!

    Bishop is so lucky to have walked away with a lousy tie. Hagerty was afraid to play the over time! Hagerty is a coward!

    Come on Hagerty! You can’t be a coward and be a PAC 5 team!

  • realityczech

    Boring – actually in the post game interview it was BUB who said he doesn’t believe in overtime in non-league games. Said it right on camera – so can’t twist that one. Both coaches have to agree – and BUB didn’t want it

  • Amat!!!

    And guess what tomorrow is Friday and Fred will be talking about Amat again!! Hahaha people come on it isn’t gonna kill you to actually LIKE Amat.. Nothing wrong with believing in these boys, they work hard and their hard work is paying off. they are the real deal, if you haven’t been to an Amat game, you need to experience one, just to check it out!

  • Fred Robledo

    Bottom line is we’re not short-changing others. I’m going to feed the Amat audience and continue blogging on a variety of other teams, topics, etc. Someone asked about Charter Oak and I made sure we sent a reporter and also had video from last week’s game at Roosevelt, a team way out of the area because the Chargers are one of our best teams. We’ll also have a story against Los Alamitos from Veterans Stadium in Long Beach tomorrow. No way have we forgotten about Charter Oak. We’ll be there for all their big area games that come next.

  • bbin91741

    I am tired of reading all these ignorant adults saying someone won/lost that Amat-Chino Hills game. People, the score was 48-48, and regardless of bad calls that went against/for your team, it goes down in the books as a tie. No one won, no one lost. Get the fu** over it. SCOREBOARD.

  • Still Boring….

    I agree. It was merely a tie!

    So why so happy about a tie Amat? Seems to me that you’re happy to have survived and got on the bus as soon as you could and got the hell out of Chino Hills! You didn’t stick around for the video replay did you?

    Bottom line, Amat could take a dump in the end zone of Kiefer field and Fred would be there to cover it Nd report it on the Tribune. This has gotten so boring..

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    If I was a traffic cop, I’d cite you guys for loitering.

    “Move along. There is nothing more to see here.”

  • Lance R

    Dang that game is history and when you go to next years program you will see the history Amat vs Chino hills record 0-0-1 meaning a tie. Get over it were moving on to La Mirada but closing this off with. Oh how I cannot wait to see CH at Keifer next year. What a build up this is going to be going into next season. Lets Go Lancers!

  • Anonymous

    Blah Blah Blah Fred get serious can we go 2 days out of the week without an Amat story, i mean if Amat gets Thursday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday again im guessing Tuesday is your only off Amat day. bottom line is even when Amat has a bad season they get all the headlines and your right you do have to feed the Amat nation because if you dont they probably would void your season tickets and free hot dog. La Mirada deserves tribune time as well as a very surprising CO team that lost 90% of their offense due to graduation and transfer or how about St. Paul who came in hyped by the La. times and SGV bloggers who decided to change topic on an Amat topic just to argue about how good they are going to be. Or whats up with Jason martin at Duarte or how about whats going on with Los Al this year isnt this a big game against CO why wasnt that posted why not feed as many teams fan base as you can? let me guess because Amat topics gets the most hits, yeah thats it huh well they get hits because people is tired of an Amat topic so they go on there to either bash or compare their team to them it never be based solely on the topic its just Amat is the only topic and if you want your team to get some action on the blogs you have to bash Amat or compare your team to them thats how those topics gets so many hits or you’ll have your typical amat fans on there patting themselves on their back for what they done in the past or for being in the pac5.

    All im saying if you give other teams publicity like you do for Amat then maybe their fans will start to come back out and every topic would get hits.
    But right now and for the past few years your like a farmer that only focuses on one cow who produced more milk then the others while the other cows can produce as much milk as your favorite but you neglect them by not feeding them as much or milking them as much and they begin to die off then when he noticed he was short of Milk and his favorite cow wasn’t producing as much he turned around and realized that all he had left was his favorite cow. Basically Fred your running off SGV bloggers and with the ones you have left that are not Amat fans but is regular bloggers get worn out and tired of the same argument and topic, all your going to have left is Amat fans then your hits will eventually run short and youll try to post a topic about another team and no one will respond because they’ve left and the blog world would be silent and you cant blame no one but yourself.

  • Lance R

    Fred J. R. it is what sells papers and this blog. The only private d-1 football team in the SGV that plays the likes of big name teams such as Servite, Notre Dame, Alemany,Loyola,,, come on when WC who has big cahones matches up vs Loyola where are the reporters going? thats right to the WC game….. BAHS was at CH and that turned out better then the WC Loyola game but WC was given a lot of coverage for that step up game. The Tribune does not play favorites. BAHS is our Big Dog, until you go there or have played there or have kids that played or play there please come and hit the friday nite game where it is capacity filled and you will find no energy like it on a friday night. Altho I do have to hand it to the CH fan base they were loud and energy filled last friday , but look who they played, somehow BAHS brings the best out of teams and spectators not to mention readers. Keep up the good work Freddie J.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I have to second what Lance said below.

    Amat supporters – support that school without question and when they roll, it’s like the whole community comes with them. That’s some serious support and speaks volumes on how the community feels about the school, it’s program, etc. and that spans generations.

    The other benefit is it totally gets the kids stoked. A few years ago I made a point to see my Centennial Huskies play Mater Dei in MD’s house and their fan base came out in full support. However, the next year, it was a smatter that showed up at Centennial.

    People told me, as well as several regular Amat bloggers said Amat rolls to away games just as thick as they do home games. Well at the CH vs. Amat game there were in full force. It was very impressive, exciting and electric. I can only say I wish more communities did that because a lot do not.

  • 12th man

    Last 3 post’s!! GOOD STUFF!!!(Anonymous,Lance R,Not So Fast My Friend)

  • Fred Robledo

    Anonymous, all those teams you mentioned have had stories or been discussed this week. Aram wrote a piece on Los Altos, I posted video and a game story from El Monte-Covina, there is a story on Damien; Gladstone and South Hills coaches were in the studio this week, there’s a story on Rowland’s resurgence, a big game advance on San Dimas-San Gabriel, a piece on Los Altos playing Wilson, a feature on San Dimas’ running back, a front page story on West Covina-Loyola last week, a story and video highlights of Charter Oak’s game AT Roosevelt, top ten CIF polls, top 35 polls that mention everyone, pigskin pickem where we pick all the games in addition to all the football coverage on Aram’s blog that together, feeds the football communities appetite well. Yes, Amat gets more coverage, but look over the past week, we don’t ignore the others in favor of Amat, we post as much as we can. If the readers want to comment more on those other items, they have their chance. But don’t get upset that whenever we post an Amat thread, people comment, it is what it is. I’m not going to apologize for giving a little extra love to the team that people watch, comment, blog, view on the web and talk about the most. Then I wouldn’t be doing my job. BTW, in terms of hit counts, the blogs have never been better. Of our nine newspapers, the top four blogs in the chain are UCLA, USC, this blog and Aram’s. We’re doing just fine. And If I’m doing such a biased and terrible job, try visiting other newspaper prep blogs and let me know how those discussions are going. I don’t worry about your complaints or complaints of bias, I’ll worry when you stop.