Thursday Night Final: El Monte QB Brandon Martinez throws two TDs and runs for two more in 30-28 win over Covina

El Monte-Covina photo gallery
Duarte vs. Montclair photo gallery

Tonight’s Results

Game Story: El Monte 30, Covina 28 – El Monte answered the Colts’ physicality defensively and quarterback Brandon Martinez showed why he’s our poster boy, throwing two touchdowns and rushing for two more as the Lions improved to 2-1 after last weeks loss.

Game Story: Montclair 20, Duarte 7 – The Falcons took another step back with their worst offensive showing, managing just one touchdown. Don’t worry, though, they’ll be ready for the Montview.

Game Story: Elsinore 20, Diamond Ranch 12 – The feel-good start for the Panthers is over. They were hoping to become the first team in school history to start 3-0.


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  • Colt74

    ElMo has averaged 38 pass plays per game, If their first play is not a long bomb down the right sidelines I will be amazed.

    Colts need the DB’s to step up and our DL need to get penetration and in the QB’s face. If we can’t do either of those things the scoreboard will look like a pinball machine.

  • bigdog

    All those teams we played in the past Oaks Christian,Servite,Rancho Santa Margarita,Edison were all hand picked by coach Leach. Roddy didn’t back down to any games and i know it has made DR a better program.

  • uuuuuhhhh

    What happen to QUARTER SCORE UPDATES????HELLOOOOOOO is anybody out there??? Hello…

  • sgv baby

    El Monte wins! Exciting one at a crappy district field.
    How many schools play there?????
    C’MON get some turf and a parking structure lol!!!!
    PAID $20 bucks for parking down the street.
    Felt I was at a SC game at the Coliseum.
    Nice folks were watering and I offered lol!!!!!
    well worth it great game, NO DENTS and a CLEAN CAR.

  • Desert Rat

    Clete’s officially back in the house. Nice to be chillin’ and scouting at CDS after a little two year hiatus. Glad to see some good SGV football. Both teams balled out but man, those Leones were on one. Way to battle and continuously answer the call.

    Nice to see ya Big Fred! But OH BILLY… were definitely missed!!!

  • Not Since 1995

    Wow…Colt 74…!

    Covina really sucks this year…!

    You guys have become the Bishop Amat of the early 2000s…!

    You guys will not win more than 3 games this year…!

    I”m gonna go out on a limb and categoracly state that neither the Colts nor the Lanceritos will win a CIF ring in 2012…! Call me crazy…but I just can’t see it! LMFAO ….!

    Not In 2012….

  • Strategery

    Covina, time to look at the El Monte roster and try to find an ineligible player so you can pick up another win.

  • Basashi Consumer

    Looks like the SGVTribune poster boy was the one lighting up the scoreboard like a pinball machine last night!

  • the kettle calling………..

    @sgv baby said:
    El Monte wins! Exciting one at a crappy district field.
    How many schools play there?????

    When someone from El Monte is bagging on how bad something is, it must be real bad.

  • Agree

    Not since 1995! You know that’s the smartest thing you have ever said on here and agree 100% with you.
    Seriously covina, EL MONTE? ahahahahah… Give it a you few minutes and will have CoLt45 RAMBLING on in here and spank us for saying naughty things about his precious, MY LITTLE PONIES…

    Colt74 please don’t hit the key board to hard and blog spank us… LOL…

  • Cong ’76

    Well, mmmm……interesting……looks like DR is NOT going to run the table this year….some people seemed so sure….

  • Fred Robledo

    This could be the first time the Tribune doesn’t have a CIF football champion in years….La Mirada is the odds on favorite in the Southeast, Paraclete could win the Mid-Valley and none of our locals are winning the Inland or Pac-5. I would have to look back, but when is the last time the last year Tribune teams were left without a CIF champion?…I believe 2007 when South Hills and Charter Oak both lost in the semifinals.

  • Anonymous

    Agree and not since

    You got it all wrong Colt74 is an Amat fan now, he’s not representing Covina this year.

  • Colt74

    1.Anyone that would claim to pay $20 to park not at CDF is a liar and a fool. Seriously, how much damage can be done to your 1975 Gremlin? I parked my freshly washed/waxed SUV there last night and it’s still spotless and no damage.

    2.You know football season is back when Notsince1995 is posting and praising his posts with his many other log on names. Besides, after your pick of Servite you REALLY have shown you nothing to add except to the hit counts. And Fred and Aram thank you.The more log ons you use help them even more because they show unique users.

    3. I’ll always be an Covina and Amat fan. And add San Dimas and WesCo to the mix. But anyone who has been on the bogs the last 5 years would have known that.

    4.The Colts battled back but penalties and turnovers hurt them. In the game, Covina committed 11 penalties totaling 110 yards, fumbled twice and threw an interception.

    5. See number 4

    6. No matter how many games we win or lose I’ll still be here. And I’ll still be waiting for Neutered in 1995 to:
    a: Tell us what team he supports
    b: Get off the blog and rotate my tires.


  • AGREE…

    5 years? Come on, go back to the archives and prove you’ve been on here for 5 years. You weren’t using the moniker COLTLESS74 five years ago. I knew you couldn’t resist and you be back on here so full of yourself and as you could see others feel the same way! Bloggers here sre tired of seeing your pathetic come backs, like your somebody. Bottomline you lost to tickel me elmo and all your listed excuses mean nothing. (SCORE BOARD)

    Since cOvIna has loss to Monrovia last season in the playoffs, well it’s all been down hill for your,MY LITTLE PONIES, so sit back,shut the h@*& up and let the big boys play the game! OOOOHHH but you do have a back up team (AMAT)and, and, and…LOL…

    OOOOh by the way,go get your shiny star for being on here for 5 years.LOL… Cant wait for your glorious comeback and what shall you say? LOL…

    NOT IN 2012 EITHER. Now that’s a fact!


    Colts 74, Colt fans, or Colts Staff,

    Now in not a football genius, but I did play alittle ball at C.H.S. a few years back, way back.

    I do have a question though:

    It seems to me that we have 2 bruising backs in #21 and #26.
    Why arent these 2 guys in at the same time?
    everytime I saw these 2 guys run the ball they were gaining 8-10 yds and than carrying defenders for another 3 all night long.

    Actually #26 only went in when #21 got injured.

    But dont we want all our horses in at the same time in order to try and win football games?

    Can someone please shed some light on this?

  • sgv baby

    WoW Colt. Didn’t mean to piss you off your Colts will bounce back. Good luck the rest of the way.
    It’s not a Gremlin it’s a classic MAROON PINTO hahah