PrepXtra Rewind talking about Charter Oak and Bishop Amat’s results and next week’s showdown; postgame higlights of Chino Hills-Tesoro, San Gabriel-San Dimas

“I’m just going to tell Monrovia that we’re coming, and we’re going to show them who’s boss.” San Dimas’ Derek Kearns on next week’s Mid-Valley showdown against champ Monrovia.

Reginald Miller’s postgame highlights and video’s of San Dimas and San Gabriel

Tom Kiss and Courtney Ponce’s video highlights and interviews of Tesoro-Chino Hills

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  • New York

    I’m happy that kid from San Dimas ran his mouth toward Monrovia in that video. I think our guys need motivation to clean up our mistakes. All of the sudden I care about this game. Let’s get these guy this week!

  • Not Since 1995

    Wow…that Tesoro victory over Chino Hills really goes to show the SGV just how average The Lanceritos of Amat really are…!

    Turns out that Chino Hills is not as good as I thought…! If Tesoro played the Lanceritos Of Amat I bet that score would have been even worse! 3 or 4 TD more at least…!

  • SaintsR4real

    New york,

    I’m glad you ran your mouth!!
    Really, feeding off what a KID had to say??!!

  • D-Mo

    CO vs Los Al, penalty ridden game. Mostly CO penalties, but still plenty to go around. Seems like a penalty was called almost every other play.
    CO will need to turn the corner and play a tighter more disciplined game if they’re going to beat Amat.
    Charger defense looks tough. Good hitting and tackling. Pass coverage could improve some. Offense has to get a little sharper, especially the snaps. QB had to go after quite a few. Blocking looked pretty good…when there wasn’t a holding call.
    IMHO, BA has a much better team, top to bottom, than Los Al. CO better clean it up and bring an attitude of determination.
    Let’s go Chargers!

  • As I See It

    Neither Amat or Charter Oak are as good as they think they are…..Don’t get me wrong, this will be a good game if for no other reason than cross town bragging rights and Charter Oaks being tired of getting their ass kicked by Amat over the years. Charter Oaks Offense is weeeaaaak. Amat’s defense is very suspect as of late. This game comes down to Amat’s O vs. Charter Oaks D. Whoever losses their respective battle….loses this game. And that’s how I see it!!!!!

  • just sayin’

    That “suspect” Amat defense just held #1 La Mirada to 24 after the Matadores dropped 45 on La Habra and 55 on St Paul – both of who might beat Charter Oak

  • As I See It

    La Mirada and Chino Hills BOTH moved the ball at will on Amat’s defense! Couple that with Amat’s injury a week and you are heading for trouble. This Amat defense is on a pace to give up more points than the Defenses for the last three years combined!!!Yeah….I call that SUSPECT!!!

  • New York

    I’m coming for you SaintsR4real since I’m sure you and I are both players…
    I’m not feeding off what Derek said, but I hope our guys use it as a bit more motivation to finally put together a crisp performance. Don’t get me wrong, playing San Dimas SHOULD be enough motivation, but…

    Anyway, it’s a pretty bold statement. He also said “we proved we are the champs.” Well, Sierra Canyon and Paraclete probably will have a say at that one as well.

    It’s nice to see the locker room material coming toward Monrovia for a change.

    As for me saying that I now care about this game. That was a bit disingenuous, but I don’t think Monrovia will get any credibility until we beat the teams outside the MidValley, which San Dimas is not one of those.

  • Some People?

    Funny thing. bloggers used to complain about Amat winning games 17-6, 21-7, and score like that saying the offense was boring. Now Amat scores more and there are still complaints.

  • 12th man

    Amat’s “D” needs to tighten up!!! They seem weary at times & also confused on who should cover the slot! The past two games the “D” has been getting burned on the screen..They are over pursuing & the Linebackers need to make better reads & stay at home..
    I understand putting your best players throughout the game but having them go both ways this early in the season could be a recipe for disaster..Remember boys it’s a marathon to finish the race not a sprint!!
    Don’t know how much longer Amat can keep winning in these high scoring barn burners..But I can guarantee you they won’t be winning any games in the Serra if the “D” gives up more than 28 points a game..
    On a good note..I’m glad to see the Coaches made the necessary adjustments from the Servite game & are now having Haynes run with the ball instead of trying to thread the needle in tight coverage..

  • harold barker

    when san dimas beats some way tougher teams then ill be impressed put them against amat,chino hills are charter oak i think they will get no where

  • SGV Football

    To Not since 1995:

    I’m curious who your team is? You seem to have nothing to say except to comment on the faults and shortcomings of Amat. Do you ever go on a blog to support whoever your team is? Did Amat cut you, or did those 1990’s teams just whoop your ass? Remember that giving praise and support to your team is better han hating another team. Your quality of life must be prety pathetic.


    New York you’re usually a pretty classy guy so it’s surprising you’d single out the San Dimas player for “running his mouth”. Poor choice of words given your Harvard pedigree.

    The kid spoke after a big win and of course he probably feels that way deep down after what has transpired between the two schools who both have Championship rings, so cut the kid some slack.

    I understand the trash talking nature of sports but he’s a kid and you’re a Harvard man so maybe the kid “threw down the gauntlet”.

    I not nitpicking New York it’s just that I’m accustomed to reading better from you.

    Monrovia is on a good run but I still haven’t seen them have a big win yet, except when they had Bueno and did beat South Hills before they became yesterday’s news.. I read where Gano tried to schedule a game but it didn’t work out. I know Carson, Cathedral and San Perdo are always looking for a good game?

    BTW, what positiion di you play in high school and college?


    I loving the imposter on these blogs, its like having a fan club!

    Stanford Dad,

    Do you really think that New York was singling out a San Dimas player? Kearns put himself out there, I’m sure Coach Z is pissed that the “REPORTER” asked that question to prob that response from his player…


    I can see you were at the game, I swear the refs changed the game so much and slowed it down. Who take minutes to find out what penalty to call???? Did you also see the a$$ hole pretty much tackle Dom on the sidelines. These refs are out of control!

    Signed the Real SGV FOOTBALL


  • Swords and stuff

    Congrats on scobys great performance . 185 yds and 3 tds


    I see nothing wrong with what Kearns said nor do I see anything wrong with New Yorks reply.
    It’s football/smack season and this just adds to the build up. If anyone thinks that these kids are not talking crap about each other away from from a camera are in some fantasy world.
    This kid just had the nads to put it out there. If coach Z would be upset with this player being proud and full of themselves he needs to start coaching synchronized swimming.

  • Resemblance?

    Adrian Medrano= Felipe Aguilar. Both are very nice, pretty smart young coaches but took over too big of programs and replaced too successful of coaches. I give Medrano 2 years and then he’ll be calling the defense as an assistant for his buddy at South El Monte

  • 1st and Goal


    Tesoro was only able to score 24 pts against CH. Let me remind that AMAT was able to score twice that. There is no doubt that your Lanceritos are able to score points. La Mirada scored one pt more then Servite. 36 point avg per game isnt anything to brag about but we will continue to make adjustments as we go along in the season. No need for you to worry. We’ll be fine.

  • GoAmat

    remember Amat fans. Don’t waste your energy on here. You are trying to make sense to a lot of men who have no sense! Waste of time! We know who we are and what we are so save your energy for the next game. GO. AMAT. GO PACKERS!!

  • Fred, Fred, Fred

    After constant mention about BA’s QB from last year that was…well “over-hyped”, this year Fred finally has something to brag about and yet we get a name and a one liner. This kid Koa is the real deal and one of the reasons why BA is doing so well. He is athletic, confident and very intelligent on reading defenses. Come on Fred, we know your partial to Amat, time to give it up for the first real deal since Mc Clanahan.

  • Real deal

    @fred,Fred,Fred.Rio was the real deal also . It’s a whole different season and the play calling is way better this year .

  • scmc

    It’s Probably not so much that the play calling is better, as it is the play calling is better suited to the individual. I’m not knocking Rio, but Koa appears to be more mobile.
    And whether by design or not, Koa is getting pretty good yardage with his feet when need be.

    No doubt, any team would be in trouble without the right person at QB and Koa has stepped up in a big way.

  • 12th man

    I agree! Koa does seem more mobile & has greater awareness when he’s in the pocket..Play calling has changed only because the Coaches feel like they can utilize Koa in amore productive way as a dual threat.. I don’t know just how good this kid is..& that’s only because they haven’t faced a lights out defense yet! (Santa Margarita,Tesoro,Alemany,Narbonne,etc.)

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    To SGV Football, Well directed to Nuts since 1995.As I See It, Bishop Amatand & Charter Oak do not think they are good, they play like they are good! Hve you ever heard of positive thinking vs negative thinking? Or must I explain the logic of thinking in the thought process of mind over matter?

  • New York

    Stanford Dad,
    I take that as a compliment.

    It really looks like I just beat Freddy to it, because the kid’s quote is now up there. I played offensive line in high school and college. Linemen don’t usually get interviewed so I can’t relate to the temptation of sending a message to your upcoming opponent through the media. However, I always most appreciated the guys who show humility, give credit to their opponent whom they just beat and to their teammates and move on. Plenty of kids do that. In fact, two San Dimas kids were interviewed and gave pretty different responses. So that’s why this stood out.

    Keep in mind, I never said that his confidence reflected poorly upon him or any one else. I can certainly appreciate his confidence. I merely stated that I hoped that my Wildcats would be even more focused in order to produce a crisp performance.

    I tend to agree that this current era of Monrovia football has yet to prove it can beat quality upper division teams. (As I mentioned on a different board, the Billycats at least beat some tough teams along the way.) That was tied to my initial sarcastic statement, suggesting that I did not really care about San Dimas because that victory won’t do anything to answer questions about our performance beyond the Mid-Valley Division. That is not to suggest that San Dimas is not a good team. In fact, I am very concerned about San Dimas. They’ve run the same system since Coach Z got there several years ago. They are crisp and know their assignments cold, which allows them to fly around at 100% without any confusion. Repetitions are so critical in this sport. This team is a far cry from the San Dimas team that got worked over by South El Monte during Zernikow’s first season.

    With that said, Monrovia is a far cry from San Dimas’s first three opponents. The San Gabriel result seems pretty similar to SD’s matchup with SG last pre-season. Azusa has come a long way, but still needs its passing game to click in order to keep the other offense off he field. Bonita is the best team they’ve played, and SD had a good win. Bonita has lost to three good teams and has been close with each.

    I’d prefer to see Monrovia simply roll up our sleaves and just beat up on SD the way Covina did last year both offensively and defensively. Of course, as a former linemen that is always the approach that I prefer. Running dives, blasts and powers is like ringing the dinner bell.

  • SaintsR4real

    New York,
    I seriously don’t think that’s going to happen. At this point, both Azusa and San Gabriel would give Mtown a good game and Bonita would just roll them.

    In order for Mtown to come out victorious this Friday, San Dimas would have to come out with only 50% performance, possible, buy not likely.

  • Norcal

    That kid doesn’t even play. Why was he interviewed? Poor reporting.

  • refund

    Give kearns his lunch money back! he OBVIOUSLY had some kind of connection and/or deal with Reggie. there is no reason for a JV offensive linemen to even see a camera



    Come on man, do you really think Bonita would roll Monrovia? No one can take you serious with that comment. Bonita has not won one game this year! They are on their way to 0-5 before league starts, with Rowland and Claremont still left on the schedule.



    Come on man, do you really think Bonita would roll Monrovia? No one can take you serious with that comment. Bonita has not won one game this year! They are on their way to 0-5 before league starts, with Rowland and Claremont still left on the schedule.

  • Colt74

    I got a good chuckle out of New Yorks line:
    “Running dives, blasts and powers is like ringing the dinner bell.”
    Being a OT/DE back in the days of leather helmets myself I agree with it 100% and have never been a fan of the pass ( even when you have a good QB ).
    Woody said it best :There are only three things that can happen on a pass, and two of them are bad.
    A question to those that wonder why a sophomore reserve lineman could make that statement is ; If a reserve player can feel THAT confident why can’t the starters feel even MORE confident?
    Something to chew on.

  • SaintsR4real

    Just my opinion at this time. Yes, Monrovia will get better, but I am sure Bonita will too. Gotta respect Bonita for playing hard for 4 quarters, especially when it seemed the Saints had the door closed.

    It’s going to be a GREAT week of football!!

  • New York


    Sadly, I don’t think it is gonna happen that way either, which is why I said that would be my preference. Beating teams up with a physical running back is just not our mentality.

    So the Saints just need a 50% effort to beat Monrovia, huh?

    Remember that South Pas beat San Gabriel recently.

    So the Saints opening game was a one-point victory over an 0-3 team and Monrovia’s opening game was a one-point loss to a 3-0 team, and both teams have blow-out victories over weaker teams, but you really think there is that much separation in San Dimas’s favor?

    I think our biggest issue is if we come out and try to be too complicated rather than letting our dogs eat.

    Hopefully Monrovia doesnt give SD a short field to work with like SG did. Those were the same type of giveaway mistakes that SG made the year before…in the pre-season.

    I sure give San Dimas a lot of credit for being in playoff form from game 1. That is an enviable achievement.

  • Not Since 1995

    @Fake SGV Futbol

    Yeah…that’s right! My life is so pathetic that you no longer see the Amat Blowhards on this blog. Even when you don’t lose…! LMFAO! 33 hits since Saturday…? Who’s pathetic now?

    I have shut down Joe Amat, JCAZ, and Mrs Doubt Fire 73…! Have read anything from the Geriatric Trio lately…?

    I cheer for the SGV and definately not for the arrogance, ignorance, and elitism of the Amat blowhards! Amat honk…You wanna know who I am? Come to my shop! I’m here 5 days a week! I am your conscience and I watch all you do…!

    BTW, your Defense is still giving up an average of 30 points per game…! You’re Scared…!

    Not In 2012 Either Lanceritos…

  • Warrior fan

    A Fred whats going on, why isn’t you giving this kid Koa some heavy headlines? IMO i think this kid might actually be better than the QB you BLEW UP last year from Amat. Koa is looking pretty good on the few videos i’ve seen now i dont know if his team is good enough to win the Serra this year due to Alemany knack of getting in the end zone, yes i know they played against a few lower level competition but they made them look like lower competition including J.W north. But thats irrelevant i think this kid Koa is definitely a second team Serra league but can possibly push to be first team but thats down the road, i just think Koa as well as Simko, and the El monte kid deserves publicity like you gave “9” last year.

    WARRIORS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blog Police

    Here’s my theory….The reason the Amats hits are down is probably because:
    1-You’re an idiot (nonsense1995) and all the new Amat parents have finally figured you out.
    2-Real Amat fans are generally not “I told you so” kinda fans, braggarts or complainers.
    3-And finally when all else fails, See number 1.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Is this bulletin board material? Yes. Clearly.

    Is there anything wrong with it? Yes and No.

    I get those that preferred the kid stay quiet and just play. I get the whole “sportsmanship” thing too. But you gotta love the kid having brass as big as cantaloupes to come out and call out Monrovia like that.

    If anything, it’ll motivate Monrovia, but more, it’ll show players on his team, as well as his coaches the confidence he has that they can compete, but even more, win.

    I’m sure Monrovia will be ready cause they better be, but even more, this kids teammates better be ready cause he put them out there.

    Friday can’t get here fast enough.

    @Not Since 1995

    I don’t know how familiar you are with Tesoro, but they are no slouch. Chino Hills didn’t get blown out and from what I was told, they played them hard, but they made too many mistakes and came out flat. Must have been that Amat hangover.

    Just keep in mind Tesoro is ranked #4. I don’t think, as confident as everyone was, any right thinking Chino Hills fan, alum, etc. expected them to win.

    And whose your team again?

  • Not Since 1995

    Blog Snitch (errr Copper)

    You are number 1 because Fred J says you’re number 1. But the SGV saw the Chino Hills game and we all know that you’re Not. Chino Hills lost that game and you definately did Not win it…!

    Not So Fast My Friend

    Your reading skills are Not So Fast either…! Go back and read my post. I cheer for the SGV. Now go take your afternoon nap before your 5 pm dinner…!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ 1995

    < < Turns out that Chino Hills is not as good as I thought...!>>

    Perhaps you need to clear out those beer cans from your man cave or get better greenery cause your alcohol and other dependency has rotted the few brain cells you have left.

    Try learning to read first, then comprehend what you read. If that doesn’t work, repeat the steps again. I figure you should graduate from pre school by 2016 doing it that way.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ 1995

    Did you not say, “Turns out that Chino Hills is not as good as I thought…!”

    or is there another 1995 walking impersonating you.

  • AMAT 73

    Keep up the posts . Great reading and it further intrenches you as the village idiot but mainly proving to all that you are the king of fools .By the way what’s your prediction for this week or have you given up on that . I know you are taking your Chargers as you hsve stated in the past that they are your prefered team in the SGV . Now was that enough from me today to get your fix of AMAT attention ???? Or would you like a side of waterrrrrrrrrrrr with this post . HA HA HA HA HA HA HA .


    Notsince…if as you say, “Chino Hills lost that game” is that not reason enough NOT to be #1 ?

    Seems logical if a team can’t control it’s own destiny they don’t deserve the #1 slot?

    By the same token Bishop beat Servite while CH played Tesoro tough….seems fair to say this early in the season both teams have the opportunity to dictate their own fate, so why the fuss.