Two-Minute Drill: Monrovia vs. San Dimas VI … Fans forget, Saints lead series over ‘Cats, 3-2

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  • Kennedy Bryant

    Looking for a good game and looking for the Cats to turn the corner and be better all around in every aspect of the game Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Go Cats and Go Hard

  • Colt74

    San Dimas 41
    Monrovia 24

  • New York

    41? Ouch! Those are the type of numbers Ayala has scored on the other teams.

    You know my attitude: Let’s not try to outscheme these guys. Let’s just go at ’em.

    This fan certainly has not overlooked San Dimas’ 3-2 advantage. They are the heavy favorites. As Aram pointed out prior to the 2010 semi-finals, they have “mental ownership” over us…This is a real David vs. Goliath. Look how many points San Dimas has racked up this season. They put up 37 on Bonita, but South Hills could only score 14 on Bonita. I just don’t know what we’re gonna do.

  • Greenie

    Monrovia…is pissed about losing to San Dimas at home last year. That was the worst loss of the year.
    It’s time to break out that little “Tool Box”…and the Cats know what that little “Tool Box” symbolizes. If we totally want to discuss coaching regarding both of these teams, San Dimas coaches are very good and Monrovia coaches are very good. Coach Z’s #1 problem, is not having a plan B. Monrovia doesn’t have this problem. Monrovia can win with big plays in the passing game as well as the run. When teams do crack the code SD has nothing else to turn to. Monrovia’s 1# coaching problem, is that then’t know how to get the ball into their playmakers hands early and often. If your guys get the ball eventually they are going to break one. Coach Z doesn’t have that problem. He gets all his guys the ball. He keeps pounding and pounding and eventually something good happens.

    I don’t know if it’s a mental ownership thing… Monrovia has 2 titles and SD has 1. If Monrovia connects on a few big plays early…the flood gates can open up. However, When it’s close, San Dimas has edged Monrovia. That is what has to concern Monrovia. San Dimas has never waxed Monrovia. Their biggest win has been by 2 scores, Monrovia has beating SD by 3-4 scores in their two wins. The series is tied 1-1, when all the marbles are on the line. This preseason game is for seeding, which really doesn’t mean too much in the midvalley. You either play Monrovia, Sierra, Paraclete or San Dimas in any order and you have to beat two of them in a row to win it all. However, this is a rivalry. It’s no secret Monrovia does not like San Dimas and San Dimas does not care for Monrovia. This will be a great game.

    Monrovia 42 San Dimas 24

  • New York

    I don’t know Greenie. San Dimas players and certainly their coaches, SaintsR4real, and even Colt74 feel that San Dimas will blow Monrovia out. That type of confidence must be founded in reality. Freddy thinks it is a wrap. I mean, does Monrovia even have a chance at this point with these type of experts weighing in?

    I agree that Monrovia’s two victories in this series have been complete blowouts, and San Dimas’ first two victories were nailbiters, but last year San Dimas handed Monrovia our worst loss of the season. This year the Saints have looked unstoppable. Look what they did to Azusa and San Gabriel! Maybe the late Big Bog would refer to those games as “baby ball,” but SaintsR4real feels that Azusa and San Gabriel are on par with Monrovia and that the Saints need only a 50% effort to take us down. I mean, who really thinks that defense wins championships anyway? Who cares that Monrovia held Ayala to just 16 points, which is better than the Sierra League did last year.

    Bill and Ted have even weighed in on this game with the proverbial “San Dimas High School football rules!”

    Greenie and Kennedy,
    We just need to regroup and get ready for next season.

  • New York

    On a different note, we need a name for this rivalry. Utilizing the commentary related to San Dimas imminently showing Monrovia who the Boss is: Let’s come up with a name that has something to do with the corner office.

    – Hostile Takeover
    – Mid-Valley Corner Office

  • Fred Robledo

    Love the reverse psychology New York. This is a game Monrovia HAS to win going into St. Francis next week. The ‘Cats are NOT the underdogs, in fact they’re three-point favorites on CalPreps.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Yeah Nuevo York that was classic. In the preseason, Monrovia’s Big issue has been consistency. One minute they are down 20, then they storm back, or they up 14 and lose by 3. It just depends on which Monrovia Coaches show up that night. If The coaches come in and stick to their game plan, get the ball to the hot guy early, then start picking…Monrovia will be fine. If the Players come in with the proverbial “Swagger”, They should be fine. It takes too much energy to try to come back twice as strong, than it does to come out strong for 4 quarters. If they come out and hit SD in mouth early, then keep swinging…San Dimas won’t be able to play with Monrovia. In the games where SD Strikes first and Mtown is slow to respond, then you will see another nail bitter. Fred has been spot on so far about Monrovia tho’. I just think he is wrong this time. The Cats are going to have to put on a special showing Friday.

    Monrovia 42 San Dimas 24

  • SaintsR4real

    Wheres everybody at???, You have pulled my chain. I state, I do not speak for the San Dimas Saints, but I feel, I have enough praise for them that I can stand up up tall for them! So, hear is the challenge, and a challenge it is, I challenge ALL Monrovia Wildcats Fans that whoever loses this Friday, that we will shut down all post till the first week of playoffs. Yes, thats right, are you ready to put your PRIDE where your MOUTH is!!?? I am calling out ALL Mtown bloggers..Observantcat, Bryant, New York, Green Reeper, G. P., and so on, so on, so on. If you feel so strong for your Wildcats and so little respect for a D11 team like San Dimas……BRING IT!! And I mean, BRING IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!! ENOUGH OF THE SMALL TALK, LET YOUR B**LLS HANG LOW AND BRING IT!! I want to shut you guys down so BAD!!! SAN DIMAS WILL ROW TILL THE COWS COME HOME!

  • New York

    Wait, you are the heavy favorite and you are asking for an outsized payout without giving us any odds? A straight bet versus a team that needs just a 50% effort?

    You propose that you, just one blogger, will supposedly stop blogging if Monrovia wins yet many Monrovia bloggers are supposed to stop blogging if San Dimas wins?

    Put our Pride on the line? Well, I will always be proud of Monrovia win or lose. Personal pride? I will always have that as well.

    I’m interested in an outcome that benefits the teams.

    If San Dimas covers the point spread that Colt74 layed out and was effectively supported by the Who’s your boss statement, I treat the team to a pizza party, and I might even throw in an ice cream trough from Ziggy Piggy…

    If Monrovia beats your point spread, you make a contribution to our championship ring fund.

    I’m serious.

  • New York

    Reverse-what? Huh? And we have South Hills next week. Saint Francis in two weeks.

    More importantly, how about thinking about a name for this rivalry. Let’s memorialize it and create a long-standing game. The Game is already taken…

  • Red Leader

    Calm down saints4real, you sound like you’re about to have an aneurysm. You proposed that bet like you were actually gonna be playing Friday night. You’re not planning on suiting up are you? So many caps. Why are you so angry?

    Just an fyi, the last 3 years, the loser of this match up has gone on to win CIF.

  • Kennedy Bryant


    Oh looky here a man with some swagg. Instead of staying off the blogg you need to stay away from those gateway drugs your taking. My midget team could give Azusa and San Gabriel a game, you really think those teams are on par with Monrovia. Here is a hotline you should call (800-Off-The-Pipe)

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Saints come up with something else, why would you want that? Then you would have nothing to laugh about as we eat Crow. How about…you just write the longest blog talking ish about Monrovia…Then I will come on here, and co-signed what you have wrote. If Monrovia wins, I will write the most disgusting post regarding San Dimas…Then you follow by co-signing on what I write….I think it’s fun to see how bloggers squeal when they have to eat a extra large crow burger and fries. Too many have went MIA when they shoot their wad and they are wrong. The one thing that you can’t say about Monrovia’s bloggers is that we go MIA when our team blows it….We always come back and eat our crow…and we give credit where credit is due. I can’t say the same about the rest of the blogsphere. BA and CO are playing this week and that thread has only 15 hits….You know why bc all those haters who were hating on BA alongside me and Kennedy, are not blogging because it turns out that Bishop is proving to be the best team in the Area along with Chino Hills. They just rather go MIA than eat crow, and blog another day. This is not for all people, some actually do get busy, and can’t blog. But if you blog all the time, then go MIA because of your anonymous blogging heart got hurt…then you suck. It’s the same thing people are just scared to say they are wrong.

    Red, I think that was just coincidence last year…Even if San Dimas would have lost to monrovia in preseason, They still couldn’t beat San Gabriel. I think it’s only valid if both teams meet twice. Now that Monrovia is on top of the midvalley ….I don’t think SD can beat Monrovia come playoff time either way this year.

  • SaintsR4real

    Looky here, just got back from a long day of work and play, just to find as I thought, a bunch of, I don’t know my team and I don’t know their opponent enough to step up to the challenge. If you don’t have enough confidence in Mtown winning, guys, It’s okay, just keep on strolling down that road. I wouldn’t expect any of you to know your team enough to even come close to this game’s results.

    You know, it’s just all my life I have been able to walk away from any person that’s just so full of trash, but unfortunately, when you want to log onto a blog that covers your interest, it doesn’t allow that. Oh well…

    New York,
    not a proposition, a challenge. If you won’t except it, there’s a reason why. I don’t care, but it shows your knowledge of these two teams and just a one-sided opinion.

    Red Leader,
    You want in on this challenge??, if not, then keep walking. Sorry for the CAPS, I get excited when my boys have so much to look forward to (very true fan) when the boys lose, I lose, and I feel it. So what do you say, or you don’t?

    Real classy blogger you are (were). Drugs, really?? Dude, I’m old school, live through the pain and hate doctors. So, you in PUNK!?

    Sorry Bro, I gotta admit, do like some of your post, cuz your all over the place, but you still kill me. See, that’s what so cool about this challenge, it keeps the trash down to a minimum.
    And what in the heck are you talking about, Mtown bloggers don’t go MIA, it happens ATT (all the time)! You’re right about one thing, Mtown is as of now, above the Mid-Valley, but as of now San Dimas is above Mtown, 3-2, last time I checked.

    Godspeed to the boys this Friday

  • Red Leader

    SaintsR4real. Thanks, but no thanks. Your wager is a bit uninspired and boring. I come here on these blogs because it’s sometimes fun and convenient, since I’m already on my computer all day for work. And when it’s appropriate (sometimes not), I will comment. But I’m not here out of necessity. So speaking for myself, to stay away for a couple of months would be too easy and I expect the same for you too. Unless this is an addiction for you, in which case I’m sorry. And to be honest, you didn’t really think it through. How are you going to police it? What’s stopping anyone from the losing team from logging on under a different alias?

    So good luck this year and congratulations on your 3-2 record versus Monrovia. You worked hard for it.

  • QB1

    SaintsR4real I have a few questions for you?
    1. Did you ever suit up for a varsity football game?
    2. Are you a coach? (Flag Football does not count or middle school)
    3. Are you an Asst. coach for San Dimas?
    ( working the camera does not count as an asst.)
    New York, you are the only person on here that knows what your are talking about. Class act. SaintsNOTreal you don’t know a dawn thing about sports unless you Goggle it. I bet that you are part of the coaching staff at San Dimas!!! i likes to come on the blog to start trouble. The Saints will not win Friday Night!
    1. DC for the Saints gives up a lot of points in the big games.
    2. The O-line is not as good as the past years.
    3. Make the Saints beat you with the pass. (Load the box)
    4. Record 3-0 against who? Bonita:0-3, Azusa 1-2, SG 1-2
    5. Score: Monrovia 49- Aints:10

  • SaintsR4real

    uhhh, QB1,


    San Dimas Frosh beat Mtown Frosh
    San Dimas J.V. beat Mtown J.V.

    Next question please ……

  • Greenie

    Hey, wrong answer. The back to back champs are coming to play ….Green pride!

  • New York

    Congratulations to the San Dimas frosh and jv teams, and congratulations to the Monrovia VARSITY team. The rivalry lives.