Two-Minute Drill: Bishop Amat vs. Charter Oak The Big One is here, I like Amat, Aram likes Oak

Charter Oak’s Washington questionable: Charter Oak High School running back/defensive back Donavin Washington remains questionable to play in Friday’s showdown against Bishop Amat after suffering a sprained ankle that held him out of last week’s win over Los Alamitos.

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  • SGV Football

    As it states above, cal preps is predicting based on a neutral site, which this is not. The game is at Charter Oak, which gives them a little advantage. I do not think Amat will put up more than 21 points against the defense CO has. The question is can CO put up over 21 against Amat’s defense? Who ever scores above 21 points will win this game. It can come down to a turnover in the end that decides the game.

  • Haters Club

    Club Haterade is officially open for the week!
    CEO – Aram T has made his get me some hits for the week pick of charter choke over Amat (he’s gotta do something to try and get hits away from Fred’s Blog during Football season). Fred owns the Blogs for football season!!!
    In the huddle is where you go when you want to go completely over board with a response or when you can’t blog on Freds board because you were “Blocked” Ha,Ha,Ha….
    That’s why Aram is getting his Hat handed to him in the picks, he has to pick against Fred to generate some controversy on his site. Culver City over Amat next week too Big Boy? Ha,Ha,Ha…

  • 12th man

    Both 2 min. drill videos are the same!! Didn’t you guys make one of the BA vs CO ????

  • Lance R

    Well I am glad you two are split on this one which gives the game a little more hype here on the blog. I will say this Bishop Amat has played some tough teams the first 3 weeks whereas CO has played some good teams but not the same caliper as the La Miradas, Chino Hills or Servite. This does wonders for Bishop Amat to go in there and take it to CO in CO, Hagerty knows this breeds future players from the Covina Area to flock right on over to Bishop Amat. CO stands to lose a lot here in that department. True the CO defense has played well up to this point but what happens if they start to get scored on easily like what Upland did to them and they just fall apart because they cannot match points with the Lancers. This could very well happen and this game goes lopsided in a hurry. Is Charter Oak really that good? I really do not see it unless they can pass like these other teams did to Bishop Amat and almost beat them. If it is all about the run Amat will stack the box and it is good nite because we know Amat can score points on offense and are pretty good defensively against the run. I really do not see what all the hype is about I pick Amat in a easy victory. 38-14. I must admit is is a good game but will it be?

  • We need another Bog Bob

    You two dorks need a third sidekick. You need a Big Bob replacement to round out the group. Please start working on it so we can get a fresh perspective on how which teams will win. Your both so predictable.

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    To Lancer R, I hope you are right with your prediction. I would like to see Amat win as well.
    This all comes down to, who wants this game the most! Correct me if I’m wrong,didn’t Andrews get hurt? If he does not play, this could limit what Amat is willing to do. He’s the fastest player on the team. When Blue and Andrews are on the field,the defense gets very scary. No prediction.
    The team that makes the fewest mistakes will have a happy ride home. May the better team win that night. This all depends on the refs, I hope not!

  • Tanya

    Bishop Amat played LaHabra in a pre-season game and beat them 3-0. They did not play ML king in pre-season , only in the Los Oso tournament this past weekend. And they lost to king by a few points each game. Bishop Amat won the
    silver bracket to take first place in the silver championship at the Los Oso
    Classic tournament. So bishop Amat is 2-0.

  • scmc

    Looking at Amat’s pre-league schedule at the start of the season, I would have said, as I’m sure most would have said, Servite was their toughest opponent. After watching how CH played against Amat and Tesoro, I’d have to say without a doubt that CH has been and will be their toughest opponent in pre-league. That’s not to say that CO is somehow going to be a cakewalk, but I really like Amat in this match-up.

    Any word on Andrews? His loss would hurt.

  • Colt74

    I really believe that this game will not be close. I see Amat winning running away.
    I just feel that Amat needs to prove/reinvent itself this game. With only St. Paul and Culver City before they start league against Alemany THIS is the game where they need to make a statement.

    I think they will.

  • Anonymous

    Koa will be under the most pressure he’s been under all season as he will be playing against the best D-line he’s played against thus far. I really feel that for Amat to win he needs to make good decisions with the ball. I like CO because I don’t think Amat will be able to run the ball effectively enough. CO 30 Amat 17

  • Football247

    This is the BIG game of the week hands down and it’s going to be a full house at Charter Oak stadium. It’s going to be an exciting game i pick The Charter Oak Chargers to beat Amat by 10 points.

  • Jefe

    I don’t see this as close as some others do.

    I like Amat by 14.


    CO by 3 points.


    CO by 3 points!

  • Henry Rollins

    Rolling, Rolling, Rolling,
    Keep them Lancer’s ROLLING
    chargers, betta HIDE!!!!
    I truly hope that Hag’s takes off the good sportsmanship hat for this game and runs the score up as high as he can. If ever a message needed to be sent, Friday night is it!!!!
    Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
    keep them Lancer’s Rolling,
    AAHHHH Hyyyyaahhhh, HAAA, HAAA, HAAAAA HAAAYIIIEEEE!!!!!! (spelling of my best La Puente GRITO for my Boy nonsense1995)

  • DP

    I’ve been following COHS football for the past 26 years, and there are 3 teams in the southland that I have yet to see Charter Oak beat…these teams are Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, and Bishop Amat. Some people say Charter Oak cannot play with the “big boys”…and until they come away with a win against one of these teams, there might be some truth to that. The last time CO and Amat played against each other was in 2005. But since then, Charter Oak has stepped up their program. Their offense may not be as good as last year’s, but I think their defense is probably better. Should be quite a match-up…the Lancer’s offense against the Chargers defense. If CO can score some points, they might have a chance to pull off the upset.

  • realityczech

    DP – have they “stepped up their game”? What is your evidence of that? 2 championships AFTER all the OC teams were gone? Miramonte championships after Los Altos fell off the face of the. Earth? Maybe the a upland game last year shows how far CO has “stepped up”