How many fans at Friday’s Blue Bowl?

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  • Erik Taylor

    Fred i thought you will feel my pain on this…I am a CO fan and alumni. I’m also in the military so i cannot go to any area games so i try to catch what I can on here or on youtube. Well I watched last weeks CO vs Los Al game on youtube, which was announced by Los Al announcers. I went the over 2 hours of agony of hearing them call Charter Oak “Charter Oaks”. I wanted to punch my computer. What if you annouced a game there and called them “Los Alamito” all night? I had to tell someone about this.

  • Real talk

    @Erik…Thank you for your commitment to our country and our freedom. I will be there. I’m thinking about arriving there at 5:30. Can’t wait to see this game I hope Amat comes out firing on all cylinders. Go Amat!!! I’m out…….

  • Sierra League Fan

    The attendance at the Amat Chino Hills Game was over 7,000….the fire Marshal stopped letting people in. It was a great crowd. Hope this game has a big crowd too. What a great experience for these players to play in big games like this in front of a huge crowd.

  • Covina Police Department


    The Charter Oak School District and City of Covina Police Department does NOT allow “Tailgating” on the property of Charter Oak High School. Gates will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.

    Alcohol Consumption on the Campus before, during, or after the Friday night football game will lead to severe citations and including arrest.

    Fred, thank you for allowing us to make this announcement.

    Have fun at the game, everyone!

  • JMO

    Yeah right,

    Covina police now monitors SGV sports blog, good one.

  • Fred Robledo

    The Covina police department warning is NOT TRUE, I spoke to Charter Oak principal Kathleen Wiard who says tailgating is permitted, but obviously there is no alcohol or smoking allowed. Also, gates will open at 6 p.m. so fans have plenty of time to find their seats before the game. If you want answers, if you want the truth, ask me šŸ™‚

  • scmc

    Then perhaps you should remove it?

  • Hey

    Erik Taylor, put CDawg on the mic, that’ll restore order and set announcing protocol for good. Signed, C Dawg