PrepXtra Rewind: Amat head coach Steve Hagerty, Sean Koelle, Charter Oak assistants Dom Farrar and Roger Lehigh, plus West Covina’s Justin Hornsby!!!

Intro: Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty and quarterbacks coach Sean Koelle
43:40 mark: Charter Oak coaches Dom Farrar and Roger Lehigh
1:21.00 mark: Final thoughts with West Covina’s Justin Hornsby

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  • Dan

    What an inspiratonal interview with Justin Hornsby, his character shines thru, Justin God speed to your healing pocess, thank you for being a Bulldog, see you at practice. From Dan.
    Fred, Aram, Steve, Reginal, thank you for giving this young man some well deserved time and recognition.
    To all WC Bulldogs let this be an inpiration, rally around your teammate starting wit Chino Hills this week.

  • The kid is the real deal

    You have to love a kid that has athletic skills, works hard, is very intelligent and loves the game. The BA fans finally have a role model that they can get excited about in the QB position. This kid Koa has brought a whole new dimension to the offensive threat. Im not a huge fan of Freddys favorite team and past players, but I am a big fan of what this kid brings to the table.

  • Fred Robledo

    Freddy’s favorite team? Was I not wearing a Charter Oak jersey, what else do I have to do šŸ™‚ JK …And you’re right, Koa is a class act and his hard work has made him one of the best we have in the Valley already. I’ve also followed some of his tweets and for a young kid, he’s smart and careful not to say the wrong things.

  • JMO


    This was the best PrepXtra you guys have had, you need a bigger space though especially when Aram the Hut gets on camera.

  • Fred Robledo

    Not just a bigger space, a better studio to do our shows and in due time, we’ll get it.

  • The kid is the real deal

    Fred, I will give it to you the Chargers jersey was a nice touch! Although I don’t agree with you on everything, you do a great job for the tribune with the blogs, reporting, insight, interviews, etc. One can tell you put your heart and soul into it and it shows. Looking forward to a great game Friday I just wish Fox sports would cover it live on tv!

  • Fred Robledo

    Thanks for the compliment, one thing I always remember from the great Roger Murray, who worked here 40 years and retired in his 70s, is what he would say to me after a long day or long week.

    “Freddy, it sure as hell beats working for a living.”