Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Fasten your chin straps and hide the children, it’s No. 1 Bishop Amat vs. No. 2 Charter Oak up next


1. Bishop Amat (2-0-1) — The take-on-all-area challengers campaign hits the road for the third straight week at Charter Oak, the new No. 2 in this weeks poll. Amat looked beatable against Chino Hills and settled for a tie. It looked beatable at La Mirada but pulled away in the fourth quarter. They’ve bent, but they haven’t broken.

2. Charter Oak (2-0) — RB Aaren Vaughns went nuts in the Chargers’ win at Los Alamitos. The Chargers need a similar output from someone against Amat to have a chance to pull out the biggest non-league victory in the school’s history. Best thing going at Charter Oak is they play great defense and when you do, you can hang with anyone, and believe me, they don’t fear Amat.

3. Chino Hills (1-1-1) — How can you drop them past No. 3 after tying Amat and losing by only 10 to power Tesoro. Over the years I’ve been questioned for ranking Amat high despite not getting results against high-caliber opponents. You have to give Chino Hills that same respect.

4. Ayala (3-0) – Arguably the area’s biggest surprise after going 3-7 last year. They’ve already beaten Monrovia and then beat a team in Arizona. It doesn’t get easier, undefeated Glendora and their huge offensive line and running game invade the Inland Empire next.

5. West Covina (1-2*) — What can you say, injuries have marred what was expected to be a great season. Fact is they’re actually 2-1 with its only loss to a Pac-5 team, but injuries to keep players are a deep concern, especially with Chino Hills visiting next.

6. Damien (1-1) — They drank their bottle of get tough and got a resounding win at Palm Desert. The Spartans need to keep it rolling, they’re a team that needs all the confidence it can muster.

7. San Dimas (3-0) — The Saints are averaging an astounding 47 points on offense entering this week’s huge game at home against back-to-back defending champion Monrovia. Are the Saints nervous? Why should they, they own a 3-2 series record over the ‘Cats dating back to 2009, when they beat Monrovia for the Mid-Valley title.

8. Los Altos (3-0) — With West Covina injured and bruised up, the Conquerors look more like the Hacienda league title favorites each week. They absolutely crushed rival Wilson and are building early-season momentum.

9. Glendora (2-0) — The Tartans are pounding their opponents into submission behind a big offensive line and sturdy backs, averaging nearly 250 yards on the ground. When you can run, you’re always in games.

10. South Hills (2-1) — After losing to West Covina, they have a week off to get ready for its showdown against Monrovia at Covina District on Sept. 20.

The Rest: 11. Diamond Ranch (2-1), 12. Rowland (3-0), 13. Gladstone (2-0), 14. El Monte (2-1), 15. Covina (2-1), 16. Azusa (1-1), 17. Mountain View (2-1), 18. Walnut (1-2), 19. La Puente (1-1), 20. Arroyo (1-2), 21. Claremont (1-2), 22. Diamond Bar (1-2), 23. Northview (1-2), 24. South El Monte (1-1), 25. Bonita (0-3), 26. Diamond Bar (1-2), 27. Rosemead (0-2), 28. Wilson (1-2), 29. Duarte (1-2), 30. Pomona (1-2), 31. Workman (1-2), 32. Wilson (1-2), 33. Nogales (0-3), 34. Bassett (1-2), 35. Ganesha (0-2).

*Covina forfeit win; West Covina forfeit loss

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  • Real talk

    Lets GO Amat!!! I am hyped about this game. Let’s hope that #7 doesn’t cramp
    Up. I think he was cramping up coming out of the locker room to start the game. Lol… I think losing #8 in the back field is something that Amat has to address. Hoping for a speedy recovery for him. I also think we are playing to soft of a coverage at times that is where that slant is getting to us. Let’s go Amat let’s protect our home which is the Sgv. let’s let CO know this is BIG BOY football. I’m out…

  • Midshipman

    Diamond Bar appears twice on this list

  • Frank

    Its funny that Co is now ranked aspot over huskies, I think Huskies record of 1-1-1 is more impressive than C0 2-0. I see these rankings as more of just a way of hyping up the game. When Amat play Ch they were ranked 1 and 2.
    Also La Mirada has been the best team Amat has seen so far. Amat would of beat Ch by a few td’s, but due to the reffing, the game was made closer by score than should of been. But I’m still not conviced that Co would beat Ch.

  • 12th man

    ***************SERRA LEAGUE**************

    1.BISHOP AMAT 48.2

    2.NOTRE DAME 37.9

    3.LOYOLA 32.1

    4.ALEMANY 25.6

    5.CRESPI 24.9

  • LMAO @ Mon-WHO-via!

    Where is Mon-WHO-via, I mean Monrovia…haha!

  • 12th man

    Only 2 teams in the Pac5 play a tougher schedule than Bishop Amat!!

    1.Servite 55.6(sos)

    2.Long Beach Poly 54.5(sos)

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ Frank

    “Also La Mirada has been the best team Amat has seen so far.”

    How so?

    “Amat would of beat Ch by a few td’s, but due to the reffing, the game was made closer by score than should of been…”

    The officiating also saved Amat in the game as well. It kept alive several of Amat’s drives. Especially on the last one. Had two phantom pass interference calls not been made, plus an obvious dropped pass, Amat would have easily lost.

    I don’t believe Amat would have beat CH by a “couple of scores.”

    1. Amat could not handle CH’s pass game or the tempo. When CH ramped up the tempo and went airborne, Amat’s knees buckled. That was pretty obvious.

    2. When CH decided to stop blitzing, in the second half, they pretty much contained Amat’s running game, forcing them to pass. Blue still broke a few runs, but not like he was in the first half.

    Penalties helped and hurt both teams. Lastly, that game was two weeks ago. Let’s move on.

  • LancerBlue

    Am I the only one that is worried about our Defense???

    We have given up over 30 points per game this season???

    Our defense will be our downfall this year??? And Hagerty is getting a free pass!

  • scmc

    “The Chargers need a similar output from someone against Amat to have a chance to pull out the biggest non-league victory in the school’s history.”

    This is why Amat is so impressive to me. CO is yet another team that’s putting a lot, if not everything into one game, and yet Amat has managed to bring it almost every time in the past.

    As far as Amat’s play calling, I don’t think Amat has shown everything they have, as well they should not. Seeing that this is Amat’s last significant pre-league game, I still don’t think they are going to pull out all the stops. If the game is close, they may run a few new plays they haven’t in the past. However, I don’t see them showing their entire hand before league play. After all, I think their main goal at this point is to win league.

  • Fred Robledo

    Going into the season, Amat’s defense was supposed to be the best part about them. I thought they looked fine against Servite then lost some confidence against Chino Hills and had trouble with La Mirada’s balanced run and pass…..This is the week Amat’s defense may really rise to the challenge. Remember, teams that beat Amat can throw the ball around the park, not run up their throat, that’s why I give an edge to Amat. Is Charter Oak’s defense as good as Servite, which held Rancho Cucamonga to under three TDs? That’s the question.

  • reality

    LancerBlue…errr…NonSense95…errrr….CoachVerti….Quasimodo –
    Yes , you are the only one worried. Worried that your constant predictions continue to be wrong.

  • Observantcat

    Hey LMAO, if you pull your head out of your butt cheeks you will notice that Freds list does not include teams from the west side. Keep on laughing though and we will keep laughing with you. Remember Ayala is #4 on the East and climbing.

  • LancerBlue

    Why didn’t Blue practice yesterday??? I didn’t see AJ or DJ out there either.

    How’s DJ’s leg doing this week??? If these guys can’t play at 100% I don’t see how we win the game against CO. They have too many weapons and our defensive front won’t be able to stop them.

    Somebody give us an injury report on our Amat boys.

  • Amat “D” will be Fine


    You’re no Lancer fan! Just a goof ball.

    Sure the Defense needs to get better, buy they haven’t done too bad.

    Just think….

    Giving up 24 to Servite
    Giving up 48 to Chino Hills with 3 Offensive Turnovers (could have easily been 27 or Less)
    Giving up 24 to a good La Mirada team and only 3 points allowed in the 2nd half.

    I’ll take that and continued improvement anyday.

    Haggerty and staff are doing an EXCEPTIONAL JOB as always!

    Oh……and by the way, when does your team play Amat?

    On BLUE….

  • LancerBlue

    Oh I’m sorry.

    I just realized my crack high wore off and I was at the Charter Oak practice, not the Bishop Amat one.

    I also just realized that AJ graduated last year, that is why he is not at Bishop Amat anymore.

    Man, this crack is some crazy stuff!

  • Frank

    @ NSF I was only referencing the ch game to say that it really wouldn’t of been that close of a game and that the best team Amat saw so far was La Mirada.Its not a knock on Ch but it is a compliment to La Mirada. I actually complimented CH, by saying I thought Their record was more impressive than Co. I thought CH had a very good team. I just think La Mirada is a little stronger over all, outside of their Qb. But, even he was consistent, he just didn’t have the arm of Simko.
    Don’t get upset its just my opinion.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ Frank

    I’m not upset. No reason to be. You, from what I’ve read, never post anything incendiary. lol

    I was just curious. I haven’t seen La Mirada play and was wondering about them.

    As far as CH, I was impressed with them playing against a very athletic Amat team. Certainly Amat had them on the ropes twice, but CH came back swinging. You gotta be impressed with the mindset to do that. Amat is no slouch, so that was a big kudo’s to CH’s kids as well as an announcement that they are much tougher this season. It’ll be interesting to see how both programs progress during the season. I think the Pac 5 is in for a surprise this season. Amat will be making a lot of noise.

    Same for CH. I know they took it on the chin against Tesoro, but that game wasn’t the body slam some people made it out to be (saw the film). A play here and a play there Tesoro could have had their first loss. It wouldn’t have came from CH’s run game tho.

    Amat vs CO will be a good one. It’ll be interesting to see athletes vs athletes.

  • Mr. Goldie Blu Lancer

    @LancerBlue-Wow, your posts reveal more than you know (or I should say, don’t know). First there is no “AJ” on the team this year. Adam “AJ” Alcatara has not been on the team/field/roster at all this season and AJEE MONTES graduated last year and is playing at SMU. Did you really want to talk Lancer Football or were you just making polite conversation? The mind id a terrible thing to waste.

  • It’s so incredible to see what a difference a year makes in the high school game.

    Last year, CO handed Chino Hills the worst beating I’ve ever seen Chino Hills take (38-7) and that game was AT CHINO HILLS.

    Fast forward to just three games into this season and Chino Hills is looked at like this team on some other level. CO is gonna now get blown out by Amat, according to several Lancers fans on here. Same CO program that beat Chino Hills with ease last year. Same Chino Hills program that tied Amat a couple week ago.

    And you know what? That perception just might be correct. And you know why? Because things change so rapidly in the high school game from one season to the next.

    What’s the difference, seriously, between this year and last year?

    Enter: Matt Simko
    Exit: Travis Santiago

    Just incredible.

  • AMAT 73

    Well the “GAME” is finally here. The SGV has been waiting for this for quite a while . Might not be the team the CO folks would have liked to see go up against AMAT but you run what you brung. As far as the game I feel we will see a slow, feeling it out first half as no one wants to make the big mistake early. If it is a grinder as Aram put it , that plays right into our hands . If it’s a shootout well that plays into our hands also this season , can you believe that ????? Who would have thought an AMAT offense could put up the numbers they are putting up.I think all 3 of our preseason games will factor in heavily as we have seen running ( Servite ) passing ( CH ) and a well balanced attack in LM . The defense will have to play up and they did a good job against LM in holding them to 24 points . They are ready and due for an outstanding preformance . Either way it will be a hard fought game and I for one do not see a blow out by AMAT . A solid win with the LANCERS coming out on top . Then again in a game like this the Men in Blue just might make a statement and blow the roof off the joint if it had one.AMAT WILL SHINE !!!!!!!!!!
    Aram ,
    Not sure if you have seen both CO and CH but by the changes at QB are the teams running different types of offenses ? I know CH has a new coordinator on O, is the offense different this season with Simko, and is CO trying to run the same offense with the new QB as what they did with Santiago or have they scaled it back ?

  • LA Conq


    Ummmm…Both Diamond Bar and Wilson are ranked twice! Too much Pabst Blue Ribbon this weekend with all the football?

    C’mon MAN!

  • Up is Down

    Amat 73
    Just so you know, CO will be the men in blue this week. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think its fair to drop CH after losing to a much tougher and higher ranked opponent then any team in the SGV has faced this year and after tying the “quote un quote” king of the valley in Amat. I know when ranking teams, when you lose you drop but in H.S i think losing to a team thats ranked much higher than you are and is not in your area shouldn’t affect that team rankings in his area. (JMO) Because in the area CH still holds an undefeated record and like i said before tied the top team.

    Oh and please someone SHUT FRANK UP.

  • LMAO @ Mon-WHO-via

    @ Observantcat…

    I’d change my name if I were u because you’re not very OBSERVANT…First of all the list says the SGV Tribune’s Super 35 Rankings…NOT the SGV Tribune’s EAST of the 605 Fwy Rankings…U MORON!

    If you would have paid attention, you’ll see that at the bottom listed in “The Rest” portion are El Monte #14, Mountain View #17, Arroyo #20, South El Monte #24, Rosemead #27, and Duarte #29. Last I heard all of these schools are WEST SCHOOLS.

    So what’s ur excuse now DUMBASS?? Don’t cry because high school football west of the 605 is garbage…YOUR KITTY-CATS ARE THE PROOF!!! TRY PULLIN YOUR OWN HEAD OUT OF YOUR OWN BUTTCHEEKS…LMAO!!!

  • More, More, More

    Exit: Santiago
    Exit: Scoby
    Exit: Glichrest

  • Lance R

    If that is Coach Verti up there calling the plays for our Lancers all I can say is great job Mark. Going to Upland for those 3 years and coming back to the Lancers in this role is great. My kid played under Verti and those were the worst of times for some of us but I always knew Coach Verti could coach I just think they gave him the Lancer Head Coaching job too early in his career. The offense is moving the ball, there is more of a balanced attack and best of all there is some trickery in there. Even when we had 1.8 Astro in there it just seemed like the offense never got into a rhythm of any sorts but of course on his talent alone he kept us in games but then again he was who he was. This team has a variety and I like the way they score, coming not from just one person but from numerous people that can get their number called at any time. I mean Blue and Andrews get there touches but Coach Verti is really spreading the ball around. Good Job Coach Verti open it up on CO a little more then what you have shown but of course leave the even better stuff for league. Glad your back.

  • one game at a time

    I attended both Amat vs CO games in 2004 and 2005, when Amat had a so so team (Jonathan Cornell All CIF) against a much heralded CO team lead by All CIF USC bound Will Harris and a host of D1 prospects.

    Well during that 28-0 beating, you can hear pins drop on the CO sidelines. Those folks were getting a good taste of humble pie! When Farrar was interviewed after the game, his reply was “We played poorly”……Wow, how about giving credit where credit is due?

    I’m not doing any predictions….but I will let the real Men in Blue do the their talking on the field again!

  • LancerBlue

    Oh good…So no AJ??? Now…what about the injuries to Blue and DJ??? Anybody have anything on their leg injuries??? Can they even walk???

    And did I just see our starting center go home with the Flu??? Yeap… That was him alright! But I’m the one on crack! OK!!!

    I for one don’t think our Defense will hold-up against CO this Friday!!!

    I’m worried that the CO offense will run up the score on our under manned team!!!

  • Fred Robledo

    Coach Hagerty will be on the show tonight at 6:30 p.m., we’ll ask about the injury situation, all you have to do is listen 🙂

  • UNO, UNO, and UNO Lancers…

    The boys in Vegas like nice even numbers.

    The money is on the Men In Blue going UNO, UNO, and UNO!

    The injuries on the defense are too much. Here is where Amat chokes!


    My bad. I just realized the reason we are not on the list is that it only goes down to #35.

  • LancerBlue


    Make sure to ask Hagerty why is the DC doing such a terrible job??? Also ask him, if this terrible defense keeps playing like we have, how does he expect to compete in the Serra and PAC 5? These preleague games won’t mean anything by Thanksgiving if we can’t play defense!

    I’ll be listening Fred. Don’t pussy out on the questions!!!

  • AMAT 73

    up is down,
    Fact of the matter is they may wear blue but , We are the Men in Blue anyway you slice it . GO AMAT !!!!!!
    Come on Quasi , quit hiding behind this fake ass name you choose to use when the going gets tough . Be brave come out in your true blue ( pun intended ) 1995 moniker chump .

  • 12th man

    I don’t think the injury report is as bad as it sounds!!…My guess is.. These players are physically spent..Some of these kids are playing both ways the whole game for the first time ever..
    If Amat continues playing it’s key players without subbing them throughout the whole game & not just in garbage time..Well~ Let’s just say they will be in deep trouble come League time!
    You may be looking at a 6-4-1 record!”No Playoffs”

  • I promise you that unless they’re in the hospital, anybody you’ve heard this week is injured (for either team) will be out there playing. Nobody is missing this game.

    About Amat’s defense. That’s a real garbage thing to say. They’re doing just fine. They may not have the most athletes, but they’re always in the right spot and love to come up and hit.

    Chino Hills has a great offense and every game has a different character to it. Some are shootouts, some are grinders.

  • Frank

    @ NSF,
    I think we are almost on the same page. I in now way was putting down CH, I think they have a great team. Do I think La Mirada was a better team overall yes, they showed more diversity and a consistency in play making. Plus they are physically a powerful team. I would say CH is more capable of bigger plays. This helps CH score quickly or can allow them to get back in a game.
    I pick them to win the Sierra league hands down.
    @ Annyonesass
    Did you not read my first post? I stated that Ch’s 1-1-1 record is superior to Co 2-0 record. Fred or Aram moving CO to 2nd is only to get the blogs going and hype the game or make it more exciting. Ch hung tough with a very good Tesero team. While Co hasn’t beaten anyone of significance. So read a little more thoroughly before u get your panties in a twist.

  • What’s the word

    Will this be the 1st game back for Houser?

  • jcaz

    Just found out from one of my Charter Oak friends that the game is already almost sold out. He went on to say that the fire Marshall is going to stop people from attending after they reach a certain limit.

    You know, this is one reason why this game and next years game should have been played at Citrus. Is it to late to move the game ? Any chance that can still happen ? Maybe a Saturday game as opposed to a Friday night at Cirtus ?

    There is such a huge interest in this game that for an average Joe to get left out really sucks.

    Fred, find out as much as you can about the ticket situation.

  • Lancelot

    Charter Oak is pre-selling tickets!!!!
    If you know someone over there get your tickets or you may be left out in the cold.

  • Fred Robledo

    JCaz Citrus? Are you serious? No, the charm is playing at your home stadium in front of a standing room only packed crowd. As much as I love the Smudge Pot, I don’t care for it as much at Citrus. Plus, you think Citrus is a more appealing place than Kiefer next year?

  • Fred Robledo

    If there was ever a time for a Fox Sports or Time Warner game this is it. When they’re looking for games in the SGV, they should ask us. They’ve missed some great games already in favor of a few duds.

  • 12th man

    Didn’t know you could sell “Pre-Advance” Tickets for a non league game…Is Amat doing the same?

  • Lancelot

    Both teams would be crazy to give up Home field advantage for a few more dollars.

  • AMAT 73

    For all you youngsters out there AMAT did very well when we used MSAC as our home field wwwwwwwaaaaaayyyyyy back when . Plenty of seating and parking. Nothing wrong with moving this game to a venue that can handle the crowd. My only concern would be whether Mngsr would go for the rent bill. But then again with added gate money he could be convinced .

    12th Man,
    There are always pregame tickets for sale in the front office for home games. But then again you can always buy a season ticket in the reserved section at the beginning of each season.

  • Fred Robledo

    I did confirm that both schools are selling pre-game tickets. Dom Farrar will have more info on the show. He said he can feel the buzz leading up and it’s only Tuesday….

    Question, you think this game deserves CIF type coverage, should we have a game story AND an Aram column?

  • 12th man

    Thank you Amat73!!..I just mite stop by BA to purchase my tickets..Does anyone know when the athletic dept. hours are to purchase tickets?

  • jcaz


    I get it, ya of course, it’s nice to have the home crowd venue and all, but come on dude !!! This game is so huge, that for anyone to be left out, would really suck.

    BTW, I have never been a fan of Kiefer. To be honest with you, that venue really sucks. The stadium is really old, and the field of play is often obscured by the light posts that are situated between the stands and field on both sides. In addition, the visitors side has no functioning bathrooms and everybody has to squeeze into two small restrooms on the home side.

    Believe it or not, Charter Oaks filed as well as district filed are beet suited for both the home and away crowd because there are concessions readily available and there are more bathrooms for when ya got to make a mad dash to take a pee pee !! Ha ha ha

    Look, fact is that Charter Oaks stadium isn’t equipped to handle the kind of crowd that’s going to show up on friday. Fact is that there is going to be lots and lots of people there.

    On a side note, when driving into the Chino Hills game, I pulled in behind an SUV that had both Charter oak and Amat window stickers on the back of his car. Wonder where that guys gonna sit during the game ? Bet that there’s going to be lots of that come Friday night.

  • Colt74

    Note to Charter Oak maintenance: Keep an eye on the sprinklers.


  • my prediction

    Travis gone is a negative for CO
    #9 gone is a positive for BA

    Amat wins by two touchdowns with its hot new quarterback.

  • Real talk

    @jcaz come on dude really? Ask any of the real football coaches and players in the past where is the best place to play and they would all say Amat as one of the top. That’s the problem these days everyone wants the fake turf and sit miles away from the field. This is high school football not collage or the pros like some of you may want this to be. This is as real football as you can get when you play at Amat. Get that BS out of here.

  • 12th man

    Just received e-mail from Bishop Amat High School!

    Pre-sale tickets for this Friday’s Varsity Football game against Charter Oak will be available for purchase in the Student Store on Wednesday and Thursday of this week from 12:45p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

    Adults: $7.00
    Children (2-11): $3.00
    Students with current Amat ASB Card Free!

    We recommend arriving to the game early as the stands are sure to be packed!! GO LANCERS!!!

  • jcaz

    @Real talk,

    Hey, nothing wrong with being being all sentimental and warm and mushy about where the home team plays and all, but really dude.

    If your sitting here and trying to tell everyone on this blog that kiefer is the “preferred” place to play in the SGV, well, all I have to say to that is…..uh, ya sure.

    Look, stop being such a homer. Try looking at things SOMETIMES with an objective perspective. You and I both know what kiefer has and doesn’t have, and the fact is that Kiefr REALLY lacks in a great deal more than what it brings to the table. Heck, even Basset high (which is right down the street BTW) has a better over all field than does Amat.

    Anyway, @12th man, thanks for all that info. You seem to bring a lot of insight into this blog. Good job !

  • Real talk

    @jcaz I take it you never played on artificial turf. Bassett has a new field and what I don’t get it? Does that make it a school that everyone wants to play at or go to watch a game? I don’t think so….. It seems the only ones complaining about Amats field are the ones losing on it. LM had a huge sitting area and a nice field.. Did it have that Amat feel… NO! I have a idea just stay home when Amat plays at home. I’m out….

  • The Real Huskies

    **************No Freaken Way That Amat Wins This Game*********

    Amat is small and slow. They can’t stop the run and their DBs are hurt and/or worn out. CO will come out and sling the ball and dare Amat’s back 4 to win the game. Amat can’t stop Bobo. That boy is too good! CO beat us at our house and their defense is much better this year!

    Charter Oak 42 – Amat 20. That’s right, I said it!

  • Colt74

    Pedro The Gardener for Coach Verdi Since 1995 :

    It’s karaoke

    Not kerioke

    I’m guessing you got a D in your Adult school English as a second language class?

  • Colt74

    Spadra does not have a football team. So there is no way you could have “kicked your ass on the football field this year! Snap Biaaaatch!”

    Right back at ya Biaaaatch!

    Also, sorry to nit pick..but you really need to do a better job at trimming around our sidewalks at Covina. Come on dude..what do you think we are paying you that $10 a month and all the free garbage you can carry away for?

    like your wife says when the fleet pulls in…Keep ’em coming !


  • 1st and Goal

    @Not since coach verti beat pedro in 1995,

    Now I know who you are. You an Amat parent who never had a son to play football at Keifer stadium. You pissed because you didnt make the team back in 1995 when they won the title. The reason why you know so much about Amat is because you everyday you get dropped off at Orange and Fairgrove by el patron with your paleta cart. All day long you walk around the neighborhood selling paletas to makemoney for the tuition. Then on the Friday night home games your walking into the parking lot picking up the plastic and glass bottles after our victories. Then cashing then in on Saturday morning for that can of Menudito. Hey…next home game, stop by and say hello. We’ll give you a beer. And you can keep the nickle for the Ca redemption.

    Take it easy paisa.

  • Colt74

    Last I checked my West Covina Bulldogs slapped your sorry ass Colts all over district field.

    Snap Biaaatch…and Scoreboard!!!

    Yeah, they did. That is why having that victory taken from them and given to Covina has to really suck. I mean REALLY suck. A stupid technicality gives the Colts a 2-1 lead in the series now.
    But..hey..I don’t make the rules.

    But still no matter what the Bulldogs did to the and I were not suited up so I can’t take it personally and you sure can’t take credit for it.

    You don’t mind if I lead do you?

  • NeuteredSince1995

    I had to look at last years blog to dig this out.

    The story of Notsince1995.

    He was born in the suburbs of east LA. His family spent years digging a tunnel out so that they could provide a better life for their son. It was not until 6 months after they had surfaced and moved into their 2 bedroom Charter Oaks Estates home that they realized that there was a freeway and they could have just driven.
    Now they were living the good life. Their son did well in school and always sported the latest in pocket protectors. He even prided himself with being the only kid in school with an electric abacus. Then the day came. High School. Now he was a Charter Oak freshman!
    He tried out for football but because of a bad injury to his knee at the 1980 Los Angeles Star Trek Convention he had to settle for team manager. But at least he was close to his idols, the football players. After the end of the first season the team even gave him his own jersey. Number 19. This was his favorite number because it was only 3 away from Joe Montanas number! He wore that jersey every day from that day on. He slept in it. He showered in it and after 6 months it was starting to look pretty ragged. By the start of he next football season it was being held together with so many safety pins that he looked like a punk rocker. He needed a new jersey but knew he probably would not get another one till the end of the season.
    It was during the second week of practice that his luck would would change. Or so he thought. Charter Oak had a scrimmage with Bishop Amat. He had never seen players so big when they got off the bus. Surely these must be professional players he though at the end of the first quarter with the score Bishop Amat 28 Charter Oak 0. By half-time they had to go to manually keeping score because the scoreboard did not go up that high. He was devastated.
    He just happened to be by the Amat team room when they came out after halftime. The players filed past him and one big defensive lineman could not help noticing his tattered C.O. jersey and the sad expression on his face. He took pity on him and just as in the Mean Joe Green commercial he threw the kid something and said ” Here Kid….wear this instead of that old beat up jersey, But just wait till after the game to put it on”.
    “Thanks mister!” he replied and ran back to finish his duties with the team. The final score was not pretty. Bishop Amay 109 Charter Oak 0. Even the Bishop Amat cheerleaders scored 4 times.
    Not Since did not care. He had a new Idol now. Bishop Amat. He packed up the gear and hauled it into the locker room. He then went to the coach and quit on the spot. When the coach asked him why he just ripped off his old jersey and put on what the Bishop Amat player had given him. “I’m a Bishop Amat fan now!’ he yelled with pride.
    It fit good only the neck was a little tight and the sleeves were really baggy. It took a minute before the coach busted out laughing. Not Since did not understand….what was so funny? “Come here kid” the coach said and led him over to a mirror. There he stood…looking at himself in the mirror. Wearing the Bishop Amat linemans boxers…..
    He vowed that day to get even. No matter how long it took.

  • Real talk

    @1995 I get it now!!! Your a west Covina puppy fan… That explains everything.,, I would be pissed at Amat if my team got their ass owned by Amat all those years too. Why don’t you say those things at the next home game at Amat? I forgot your a COWARD…….. Just like all racist….. You scared. That’s the last time I will address you. WC ain’t on this level never will be.. I’m out…

  • Pedro The Gardener,

    Hi, I’m Aram The Deleter. Please take your act elsewhere. I’m gonna get rid of all your stuff. Your material sucks, by the way.

  • The Witch is dead

    Finally, Osama Bin Laden is dead and Notsince95 has been finally exposed. That explains that his deep rooted hatred for Amat is a direct connection to his emotional and phychological imbalances resulting from his team’s ass kicking by Amat. It screwed him up for life. My remedy to notsince95….let it go homie it’s just a Football game! Lol.

  • jcaz

    Thank you Aram

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Heres my unofficial assessment of Amat vs Charter Oak. The primary difference and issue is play versus quality opponents.

    Quarterback: Both quarterbacks are decent, but I give the edge to Amats QB, primarily based on his play versus quality opponents. Charter Oak people will fuss about their first two games, but they know as well as everyone else, Amats three opponents were tougher than COs two. Edge Amat.

    Running Backs: Certainly Amats RB has gotten more press ink and seeing him in person has justified the coverage. Hes good. So far, the bulk of COs run yardage came in one game, from one player. In that regard, it doesnt appear hes been tested yet. Edge Amat.

    WRs: Having seen COs WRs and Amats, Amat has a decent WR core, but COs is better and more athletic. But you cant tell that from the numbers. Whether CO hasnt needed to throw the ball or they want to emphasize the run, the level of WRs are better. Edge CO.

    OLine: Amats Oline are worker bees. They just go out and move people. COs, in my opinion havent been put to the test. I know COs RB gained 220 plus yards last week, but was that because of an inferior opponent or are they that beastly? Edge Amat.

    DLine: Again the biggest knock against CO is the quality of their opponents, in comparison to Amats. Amats Dline has gone against Servite, Chino Hills and La Mirada. The concern is the volume of points the defense in general has given up and it starts up front. Given the lack of comparable scoring against CO, advantage CO.

    LBs: Both have athletic LBs, but the issue of the total quality of play by the defense, doesnt exclude anyone. Edge CO.

    DBs: Probably the most vulnerable spot on Amats D. They were exposed against the pass versus Chino Hills given CHs WRs. The WRs COs will pose a problem for them. However, were back to the ability of COs QB to air it out. Ive seen them in passing league play, but now you have people trying to knock you silly. That makes a big difference. CO hasnt thrown much (based on the numbers), so we dont know. All things even however, the edge goes to CO.

    As a result this has the makings of another exciting game involving Amat. Heres the kicker, if CO can throw, Amat will have problems. I say that because I believe CHs WR core is a better group than COs. However, Amat has been battle tested at home and on the road and that cant be ignored. Can CO rise to the occasion and bring it? Uh, maybe given theyre playing at home. My concern is that Amat has been escaping the past two games with a tie with CH and winning by 10 over La Mirada. Thats too close for a team this talented and makes them ripe to be beat. Having said that I give the edge to Amat by a FG or a touchdown, but I wont be surprised it CO gets them.

    Thoughts? (no flame outs please).

  • 12th man

    “Key to Victory”
    Charter Oak will have to establish the short or long passing game early.. The CO Quarterback is 30 for 53 & 328yds..So in two games he has passed about 25 times each game for about 164yds..By only passing roughly about 20 times a game..This tells me that Charter Oak is probably only passing on 3rd down…You are not going to beat Bishop Amat by only passing on 2nd or 3rd & long..That’s too predictable!!..You need to surprise them & perhaps open up the defense early by going deep on them…Mix it up & run a few trick plays ..This will eventually open up your run game & keep Amat’s offense off the field..Charter Oak needs to win the “Time of Possession” battle! & not have any costly turnovers deep in their own territory which could lead to quick scores for Amat…
    I Haven’t watched Charter Oak play all season or seen any video..But I can tell you they throw short passes to the running back who is the 2nd leading receiver..This means he’s coming out of the backfield & they’re running screens or a block & go route…Just look at the game stats & you can pretty much read a team!! Charter Oaks bread & butter up to this point has been the run game..They have rushed for a team total of 457yds on 67 carries..The majority of the yards coming from #22 A.Vaughns …

    I encourage “Teams” to keep posting “Stats” it saves me time from having to go out & scout you!!Right Freddie???? lol..

    I’m just giving Fred a hard time..He seems to be convinced that teams that don’t post stats cant find a volunteer! lol…That cracks me up!!..Anyways good luck to both teams!! Only the Football Gods could actually tell you who’s going to win before they play..Until then “Stay thirsty my Friends”

  • Anonymous

    12th man

    Why the talk is so highly of your Lancers?

    “You are not going to beat Bishop Amat by only passing on 2nd or 3rd & long..That’s too predictable!!..You need to surprise them & perhaps open up the defense early by going deep on them…Mix it up & run a few trick plays ..This will eventually open up your run game & keep Amat’s offense off the field”.

    Is this only directed toward CO or is this your theory all year for your Lancers? Because if so man you make it sound as if BA is the team to beat but if this is only directed toward CO then i gotta say the team you coach must be defending champions because you basically dissected CO before the game even started. IMO i dont think any Lancer fan has gotten a chance to see CO play this year and it will not surprise me if CO comes out and completely dominate Amat, who’s showed their entire hand of play in the first 3 weeks. Believe me coach Lou probably has been going over film on Amat for the past two weeks or so and when he receives the film from the La Mirada game or CH game he’ll have a pretty good idea what to prepare for and as their history shows CO is no pushover they come to play and is very well coach just as Amat is also but i think CO has been preparing for this game all year only because its a Valley Pride game not because its Amat. They also prepare just as much for CH, SH and whatever other top SGV team. I think CO defense is going to come out and shut down almost everything Amat throws at them IMO this will be a low scoring game this game will be Amat’s best defensive game so far this year but not doing much on the offensive side this match looks like a stalemate match i dont think no one is going to run away with a convincing my team is better then your team victory i think itll be one of those that game could had went anyway and completely down to the last possession. JMO

  • 12th man

    I usually follow Bishop Amat or any Pac5 team for that matter…I enjoy watching “big boy” Football..My breakdown of the game is just one man’s opinion & could have “No” bearing on the game..Charter Oak has a good program & I do feel like they have the tools to beat Amat..But only if they play a smart game..

    I did post on one of the threads that the Final score would be 31-21 either way..Meaning that both teams have a shot at winning…If you follow these threads..I usually only post a game plan for either team & give constructive criticism..

  • Lancelot

    @12th man – good break down, good post. Just a note to My Lancer Defensive Backs…in watching Charter Oak in passing league, they often try to catch their opponents biting on hitch passes, stop and go’s or out and ups. Get the DB to bite and then throw to a spot and let the receiver leg it out and beat the DB to the ball. You have been forwarned Blue, Andrews, Lozano, et al….Be ready for it and shut it down!!!! Looking forward to a good game come Friday night! Hoping that both teams play injury free football and yes, by all means, I stay thirsty my friend. 😉

  • AMAT 73

    As I said earlier I believe this will be the game you see the defense come to life . They have not really played bad as the only rough one was CH . Yes LM moved the ball but if they move it between the 20s then no harm .They got the stops when they needed them and started gelling in the second half. Also so if you think they revealed the complete offensive play book you are only kidding yourself . How could any one team play their whole offensive playbook in 3 games.Besides you almost always have plays designed to go against certain teams weaknesses on defense each week . The main difference in my opinion in the QB position is this year we have a player who is a full time football player. He had last season and all summer and spring to digest the playbook and worked very hard . This is the offense we started to see parts of last season but due to some injuries it could not be executed and we went back to the ground pounding everyone is used to seeing from AMAT . I still think it will be a slow starter and as I said if it’s a grinder , that is AMAT’s kind of football and plays into our hands .I like the progression of the types of offenses AMAT has played this season and this one should be more suited to our type of play to defend. Look for some blitzing as we need to rattle the QB right out the gate . Make him win the game for CO and not let their many great athletes such as Bobo and Vaughns take the game into their own hands.

  • Anonymous

    12TH man

    Let me get this straight are you saying that INLAND football isnt big boy football?

    From my records last time a team from california beat De La salle was from where, thats right the inland or how about last year when the inland owned the pac5 (yes i know the pac5 has a winning record this year so far against the inland but the year not over yet) But Inland football is big boy football especially when it comes to size, hitting and etc…
    Im only saying this is because i rep the Inland and you kind of disrespected us by saying you only watch big boy football, when Inland football is as big as it gets in calidornia.

  • 12th man

    I never said anything about The Inland not being big boy Football!! I said!! I follow the pac5!!..Read Carefully!!..I also don’t live in the past..So if the Inland hasn’t won a game this “year” vs the Pac5 then so be it…Make your case when they do this “SEASON”..Until then you probably don’t have a leg to stand on…..

  • Millimeter Peter


  • Anonymous

    12th man

    This is pointless to point out but Upland beat Jordan who is pac5 so get your facts right.

    And this is what you said….. I usually follow Bishop Amat or any Pac5 team for that matter…I enjoy watching “big boy” Football….

    Is that not saying that any other league outside of Amat or the pac5 isn’t considered big boy football after “i stated i dont know if any Lancer fan got a chance to see CO play this year” Am i not reading that correctly or did you mean it in a different manner.

    And please dont ever say you dont live in the past every Amat fan and i mean every Amat fan brings up their past history on Amat just like you do as well.

  • 12th man

    Sounds like you’re carrying a grudge? Could it be the breakdown of the game I posted? Are you another hater disguising you’re name? No matter how many times you change your name it seems that all your post’s are all the same..I wont put you on blast(true identity) cause if I give you enough rope you will eventually hang yourself…

    This should really upset you then!!

    Charter Oak’s best defensive players are #17 E.Ortiz who leads the team in tackles with 8!! #24 K.Choplik who has 7 tackles & #21 M Ciseneros has six tackles..The roster doesn’t show their positions but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that these Jersey #’s are of the Secondary(DB’S)..Another important statistic that stood out was none of the linemen for Charter Oak has recorded a sack this season & they have “9” total in two games..This tells me they are running corner & safety blitzes on passing downs..& look out for #21 Cisneros who is leading the team in “SACKS” with 4!!! Heres the breakdown on the sacks!!

    Number: Player: Total Sacks: Yds lost:

    E.Ortiz #17 1.0 2

    M.Ciseneros #21 4.0 25

    A.Hernandez #32 1.0 12

    J.Bonilla #34 1.0 4

    K.Brooks #45 1.0 8

    E.Prevost #47 1.0 4

    Amat Game plan should be to run to the weak side or opposite of #17 who is in on mostly every tackle or assist…Haynes when you come up to the line read the defense..If you see the corners creeping in on the line they will most likely blitz!! Always keep an eye on #21 he uses different angles when he blitzes..The proof is in the pudding!!

  • 12th man

    ********BREAKDOWN ON JERSEY NUMBERS**************

    Quarterbacks and Running Backs

    The offensive backfield consists of quarterbacks and running backs. Quarterbacks can have any number between zero and 19. Running backs can have any number between 20 and 49.


    Wide receivers and tight ends catch the ball. Wide receivers can wear any number between 10 and 19 and 80 to 89. Tight ends must wear a number between 80 and 89.

    Offensive Linemen

    The center, guards and tackles populate the offensive line. The offensive linemen wear numbers between 50 and 79.

    Defensive Linemen

    Defensive ends and defensive tackles (also known as nose tackles) comprise the defensive line. Technically, they can wear any number between 50 and 99, although very few wear numbers in the 80s.


    The defensive linebackers can be relegated to the inside (middle) or outside. Linebackers wear numbers between 50 and 59 or 90 to 99.

    Defensive Secondary

    Cornerbacks and safeties (strong and free) make up the defensive secondary, also known as the defensive backfield. They can wear any number between 20 and 49.

  • JMO

    12th man

    17, 21, 24 are LB’s, 32, 45 and 47 DL.

  • 12th man

    #21 & #17 are Linebackers for Charter Oak…Keep an eye on #21 who likes to Blitz!! ..Dis-reguard my last post on Jersey Numbers..That was supposed to go on another NFL blog we were debating about! lol..Sorry wrong thread!

  • 12th man

    you are right!!

  • Anonymous

    12th man

    On your last few post you have no idea what you are talking about just leave it alone. Your emarrssing yourself just like when you told me to know my facts that the inland hasnt beaten a pac5 team yet this year well you were wrong again just like your number situation get serious dude, your upset because you were wrong about that and wrong about the numbers, I understand if you dont like to be corrected well then here’s some advice stop typing with your ASS on your face that way it show in your post. (Basically your looking like an ASS with all the disregard this and that because you messed up constantly)

  • Anonymous

    And by the way there are no LB’s in the NFL with the number 17 21 or 24 dude STOP LYING you were just wrong get real.

  • AMAT 73

    12th Man ,
    You’re trying to hard to school everyone on the blog . Somethings are just better off left alone. Like the saying goes , you can’t tell the players without a program , I’m sure you’ve heard that pitch many times when entering a stadium . The way numbers are used these days who knows who is playing what .Since you mentioned that your post was in regards to the pro numbers do you remember these numbers in the pros 88 , 85 , 89 , 81 , and those are just from 2 teams with some of the greatest D lineman in those jerseys.

  • Margarita bill

    Big game this week Amat against CO what a game for the SGV should be fun i hope you guys do a good job on the thread thingie whatever its called. You got SF against La Mirada thats another big game for the WSGV then you got SD against Monrovia is this a revenge game And of course how can anyone forget WC against CH, WOW man we need to focus more on all the teams in the SGV instead of the constant Bickering back and forth about Amat every week.


  • Stop it

    Charter oak is not ready for this game. Just look at how optimistic the coaches where on prep extra. They looked more nervous than the players when amat coaches were relaxed with poise just like there boys . You bloggers love the comradely but fact of matter is BA is better overall team than CO. No disrespected to the kids but that’s how it is cut and dry. Bloggers tell me 2 things since you guys no so much about amat football. When has one player ever beat amat single handedly? That’s all CO has is Vaughns bobo is good player but he has been quiet against a f- team and a c+ team in Los al. And when was last time running back had over 150 yards against amat? Servite rb is better than Vaughn’s per last year he is top 5 in state and he had 50 yards against BA and LM backs were averaging 200 yards and other one was 100+ per game and they had 83 and 78 yards against BA. You guys bash our defense but guess what I bet you can’t run on this defense and charter oak qb situation is lol to me. They have two untested qbs. Not saying they aren’t good but pressure bust pipes remember that.

  • 12th man

    Stop it,
    Good post,& you bring valid points!!..To answer your question..(Q.)(When has one player ever beat amat single handedly?)(A.) In 2010-2011 when Bishop lost to Alemany 38-30..there was a lot of contributing factors like turnovers & problems in the secondary but the main reason was a kid by the name of “Vernon Adams” he single handedly torched the the Lancers for 292 total yds rushing & passing!!..I can see where you’re coming from & your reasons for concern…& we all know the CO QB is no Vernon Adams~….

    So my question to you is? Are you buying into the hype?..You seem like an intelligent guy with a good overall assessment of Charter Oak…Does Fred have everyone fooled?

  • CO’s best play on Friday might be “punt”. And I’m not kidding. The Chargers’ only chance is to let the defense win it and the offense not lose it. Is that an inspiring position to be in for the Chargers? No, but you’ve got two kids at QB who are gonna be pissing their pants when they see the environment on Friday night. No fault of their own, we all would do the same thing if we were that age and on that stage.

    CO is gonna need to play field position. Keep it simple and wait out Amat. Amat is gonna have to jump all over this team like it did Servite and put the lights out early. But that requires risk on Amat’s part. You want to come out swinging against CO’s defense?

    It seems like there are more ways for Amat to win this game. More paths to get there. But I just have a feeling that CO is somehow gonna get the pace it wants.

  • scmc

    I just can’t see Koa wide-eyed. Even as a sophomore, he played like someone well beyond their years.

  • Anonymous

    Stop it

    Are you joking did you not forget last year SM had two running backs go over 120 yards against BA in the playoffs!!!! And if im not mistaking correct me if im wrong but didnt the guy from Venice also have 100 yards against Amat, now im not sure about the venice one but i can go back and find players that did their thing against Amat defense maybe that was a bad question to ask, or you just dont know what the hell you are talking about.

  • Anonymous

    My bad you said 150 thats kind of steep.

  • Amat 75 lol

    Jared Baker from Loyola had 159 yards against Amat in 2010.

  • Pissing their pants?

    Aram, its not the PAC 5 playoffs, its a city rivalry so the QB’s will be just fine. The only person pissing their pants will be you when the Trib finally notices your lack of journalistic talent. lol. Where was your jersey during the haggerty/dom interview?


    I love how all of you are analazing everything off of maxpreps. You guys are a joke, just imagine if coaches coached based on stats on maxpreps. LOL

    CO by 3 and the CO defense punches them in the mouth all night!!!!!


  • AMAT 73

    Leave it my buddy SGV FOOTBALL ( take note sgv football, and correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t you the one who would be known as USC Football once the season started after your first year of blogging ???? ) to fire the first true “scudd” missile of the battle. Those punches will be slipped and countered with the new and improved high octane AMAT offense . Like I said if CO chooses to rumble , bring it on . If they want to light up the scoreboard , we can handle that also . Looking for a great game that the Trib is spending a lot of energy building up to be The Battle of the Ages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you at the game SGV . I’ll be the one in Blue and Gold . No prediction on the score only that AMAT WILL SHINE !!!!!! ALL NIGHT LONG !!!!!!!

  • Sgv sports fan

    I thought it was hilarious when it was said if there was a coach of year so far it would be coach rodriguez of South Hills. I have went to all 3 of the games South Hills has played because I’m an alumni. The calls on offense have been horrible, they are so predictable with their play calling. When the quarterback is in shot gun with a back right next to him I don’t believe the back got the ball once and the quarterback ran every time. It worked great the first week when no one seen it but now? The only good play was the reverse that #9 took to the house. The first series was awesome pounding the ball with the quarterback and runningbacks and maybe a pass or two but then abandoned it the rest of the game. The game against bonita was nice because they were pounding the ball 5 to 7 yards a pop and they won comfortablly in the 4th quarter. You are trying to make a kid that is a tim tebow type into tom bradey when you know that is not what he is. Quarterback is tough but holds the ball for such a long time he is not making good decisions. Parham is a huge receiver with great hands and how many catches does he have? You have to find ways to get him the ball. The defense has been really strong but gave up to huge runs down the middle last week. I hope they make the adjustments for the next game and games after. The fact is that the game against west Covina was really tight and if they did not give up those two runs, run into the kicker and running back fumble the game could of gone either way. If they shore up the turnovers they should be in every game if offense is called correctly. Please don’t give anyone a big head about coach of the year until 8 or 9 games have been played and then you should know if he is a good coach. At this point he has not proven squat!!!!

  • Stop it

    Only one back in over 40 games u can find is Jared baker loyola and if I’m not mistaken he is at university of Arizona . So what makes any one you blog heads think that Aaron vaughns will have a big day like he had on LA ? Lmao you guys are craaazie man!!!! We will start it off tommorrow with the freshman game and show CO why you don’t belong in our category .aaron Vaughn is a slot not a rb and a few hits from sal Velasquez and he might start tippy toein. I hear he has bruised they from a big hit he took against LA and there defense was wounded with no big time players try we’re all hurt . Our backs and receivers can take a hit but I can’t say the same about CO! Let’s the games begin and all you CO fans meet me here tommorrow after then freshman game


    AMAT 73,

    Whats up!!! Its been a while since we have gone toe to toe on the blog… Yes, I had to throw some bait out there so we can get some movement on the blog. It seems alot of people are blogging anonymous and not putting up their real blog name. Not to much back and fourth between the real CO & Amat bloggers.

    As far as your comment in parenthesis I really dont get that guy, he posting under my name and its pretty funny. Now he’s over on Arams blog posting over there. All I can do is laugh.

    What I really want to see is the two brains of these programs go toe to toe. This will be a major chess match and I see both teams playing it safe because none of these programs want to lose this game ESPECIALLY.

    Stop It,

    Your really worried about the Freshman game? Tell me what your previous Freshman class has done for your recently?


  • one game at a time

    Interesting to see former Amat players Andrew Hauser and Ross Barrera in CO uniforms. Hauser was a stud OLineman and Ross would have played behind Koa. I think Hauser left because he wanted to play defense and let’s say Hagerty was not amenable to his terms. Anyways it’s payday time, hope it will be a good hard hitting and exciting and injury free game!

    Amat will Shine!

  • Stop it

    @SGV amats last year freshman class has produced 3 starters on the varsity team #5 linebacker /qb/wr/mr everything whose name is Anthony camargo and #45 another lb starter Wiley and we have one shopmore lineman that starts don’t kno his well as our freshies are our future . I want to see what the do against co freshman since they are both undefeated and this is the future right? Ok then , kick back Holmes and watch amat work big baby!

  • Covina Police Department


    The Charter Oak School District and City of Covina Police Department does NOT allow “Tailgating” on the property of Charter Oak High School. Gates will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.

    Alcohol Consumption on the Campus before, during, or after the Friday night football game will lead to severe citations and including arrest.

    Fred, thank you for allowing us to make this announcement.

    Have fun at the game, everyone!

  • Please…

    @STOP IT, dude you give a new meaning to AMAT BLOWHARDS. Your tires are over inflated like your HEAD and try letting a little air out please! Remember you guys got in on a lucky coin toss last season and now your the paper tigers! Maybe you should have loss to CHINO HILLS!

    HURTS THE EYES TO READ, Freshmen Blogger…

  • sophomore starting left tackle is

    Andrew Lopez, number 68. Is a great kid with a great mind.

  • Fred Robledo

    The Covina police department warning is NOT TRUE, I spoke to Charter Oak principal Kathleen Wiard who says tailgating is permitted, but obviously there is no alcohol or smoking allowed. Also, gates will open at 6 p.m. so fans have plenty of time to find their seats before the game. If you want answers, if you want the truth, ask me 🙂

  • AMAT 73

    I noticed also that the blog is kind of quiet on this game between the AMAT and CO honks. Mutual respect, maybe , or the fear of having to eat a little crow ??? . Also the CH vs WC and Mtown vs SD threads are dead . Whole bunch of shiat talking before the season now hardly a peep .What the hell happened to GP , MTown, Ocat ?????? At least New York is still posting and pulling no punches on breaking it down on Monrovia .It seems we see this game the same way . Slow starting to get a feel for each other and try not to make the big mistake ( turnover ) early . Should be some hard hitting and smash mouth football SGV style .Good luck on Friday .

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Hey Amat73

    I’m a little surprised at you. When I posted my assessment of CH vs Amat, you shared your thoughts. Most appreciative.

    I posted one about Amat vs CO and I haven’t heard from you.

    That’s the game of the week right there.

  • AMAT 73

    Not so Fast,
    I missed it but I did see where you jousting with Frank on his take of the CH game .And I agree with in the fact of “let’s move on” game over. Now that I see your assesment let me digest it and I will get back to you . With all these threads on “THE GAME” it hard to keep track of who is where and what was written.

  • 1st and Goal

    After viewing the “Charter Oaks” Los Alamitos game last night, I really dont see anything to worry about. Los Al did not do much to prepare CO for this game. From what I watched, both teams were slow and not very physical. CO was very undisciplined with so many penalties early on. The Los Al D did not put up much of a fight in stopping RB Aaren Vaughns. I see AMAT shining come Friday night. Get ready for some In Your Face Smash Mouth Football. Regardless of who receives the ball first, AMAT will come out and start banging heads. On Offense we will drive the ball down the length of the field and just keep adding points to the score board. On defense, we’ll pound whomever has possession of the ball and put the fear in them. AMAT should not come out and allow the D or O to settle in and develope a strategy on how to play us and score or stop our offense. Get them going backwards and keep hitting them when they are down. AMAT has plenty of weapons. Watching the Men practice all week long has prepared them for another battle allowing us to come out victorious.
    This is just my approach to another W.

  • Game Time

    Just watched the Los Alamitos game too. Not your traditional powerhouse Los Al team. Very weak in my opinion, slow and poor execution. Not a good test of game strength. CO will have their hands full on Friday night if they play like they did against Los Alamitos. CO’s strength is their defense, Amat’s strength is their offense. If Amat’s D can shut out the run, it will be Amat all night long, because Amat’s Offense will certainly put up some big points. I suggest bringing your shades cuz that visiting score board will light up all night long! Hehehehe!


    Amat 34 CO 7

  • AMAT 73

    Not so Fast,
    Interesting outlook but we do differ on a few points. I really think Koa will be the difference in this game . I see him as a huge advantage for us as he has played in big games like this but now has the experience in knowing what to expect and has great field vision . I expect a few new wrinkles added in to keep CO guessing at what we will do next . Keep them on their heels instead of their toes and with the discipline and execution our line has been showing this is very possible . We have a lot more weapons to score than in previous years so you can’t key in on one aspect of our offense. As far as defense I think with who we’ve faced they are prepared for whatever CO throws their way as they have seen the run , some great passing in Simko and a well balanced attack in LM . Yes they have given up a few points but they got the stops they needed against LM and thay all seemed to be more on the same page . I think what has troubled our DB’s more that anything has been the cramping up . Hags mentioned that along with hydrating themselves all week and not just on Friday . Hope that’s fixed and if so you will see a big difference in the coverage . Really I have only read on what CO has done but they really haven’t faced anything close to what we have faced and I think that will play a major part in this game along with the QB play by both teams. As I told SGV FOOTBALL , I don’t have a score predition but AMAT WILL SHINE ALL NIGHT LONG !!!!! On another note I would like to see the CO / LA game . Do you know the website where people are viewing the game ??

  • 12th man
  • one game at a time

    Amat Frosh 28 CO Frosh 0

    Wasn’t even a contest. CO offense, not offense, but has no offense. Amat offense, good long completions for TDs by QB to some quick receivers. Amat has some studs TE #81, the whole entire Oline, the QB, RB #5 and receiver #11.

    I expect the same results tomorrow from our Varsity!

    BTW, the seating on the visitor side will only hold 30% of the fans that will be packing in tomorrow. I heard CO will not bring extra bleachers for the visitors side, thus seating is very limited, for fear that the visiting team will have a more fans than the home team. Isn’t that hilarious!

  • 1st and Goal

    AMAT JV 10-7. As I stated before, Ch.oke is very undisciplined. Lots of penalties. No real threat from the visitors at all. Not even after they scored a late TD. AMAT play calling was very limited. None the less, both frosh n JV pulled out the W. Now its time to wait for the Varsity to do the same. Less then 24 hrs to go.

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    As Koa goes, so does Amat. Which is why I noted Koa and his experience as the difference maker between the two QBs.

    It’s going to be another good one.

  • Game Time

    Go Charter Oaks, oops Charter Oak, too late Charter Choked!


  • AyalaBulldogFan

    So do #2 and #3 swap spots or does CO drop out of the Top 5?