Two-Minute Drill: Chino Hills at West Covina … Bulldogs’ injuries piling up, chances bleak

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  • AMAT 73

    Where in the heck are all Bulldog and Husky fans. You can’t tell me all this hype on AMAT vs CO has the valley this quiet . Injuries or not this is still a big game .

  • DQ

    Fred and Aram you guys mention, Jon Makers, Noodles and Justin Hornsby a lot, but you leave out one of West Covina’s biggest threats once he comes back from his injury. That’s this kid Josh Best. He is a BEAST. I saw him as a freshman and glimpses of him last year and this kid is amazing. He’s a Jr. and I believe he is going to be the difference maker once he’s back. Mark my words. Josh Best potential stud at West Covina this year and next.

  • Bulldog mom

    We all know anything can happen on Friday night. We believe in you bulldogs!! Play hard and smart! Your bulldog family will be there to support you as always!! GO BULLDOGS!!! šŸ™‚

  • Dan

    Bulldog are gonna kick them Huskies back to Chino Hills!!! Ha Ha just kidding, as much as I want that to happen, inside I know that this will be a tough game for our Bulldogs. Chino Hills is definately the favored team and deserving of that status. Bulldogs will have to be completely focused and play perfect team/assignment football, and keep it coming all game to have a shot against this Huskie team. With Hornsby gone it’s gonna be a challenge to get pressure on Simko but we must find a way. Our DB’s can cover well so I’m hoping they can cause a key coverage sack or two. Win or lose I love these kind of games for West Covina, gives us a measuring stick to see where we stand and where we need to improve for league and playoffs.

  • bobbradstreet

    Pro or Amatuer, you win a league title with no injuries. I’m not crying, you see, but darn it..darn it.